Backpacker's Pantry - Cuban Coconut Beans and Rice - 2 Servings

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..definitely want to add a few things to spice it up. #1: I have been hiking with FD bananas, and I recommend adding extra to this. #2: Also, hot sauce helps a lot. Or try FD jalapenos. #3: I may try roasted coconut next time too

This has lots of calories in comparison to other meals, and is nice and satisfying. I did find it a bit bland, but it would make a good side dish, or plan on adding some hot sauce when you make it!

We decided to make this for our lunch and dang! It was tasty! Be forewarned in that it makes a lot of food. I think it would do well for lunch - maybe divide it up into 2 or 3 servings. Great flavor and filling. We both decided that adding some Sriracha Pork Jerky from Trader Joe's would make this a killer dinner. Definitely keeping this one on my list for the future!

All the members of our group liked this meal. It has a nice flavor. We ate it with corn tortillas heated over the fire. I would not say I loved it, but I would get it again because it is healthy, and has a good latin/sweet flavor that is a nice change of pace. This would be great with fresh caught trout in fish tacos!

This is a very filling and tasy meal from my favorite backpacking food company, Backpackers Pantry. Suprisingly, we did not have any trouble reconstituting this at 11,200 ft (barretts lakes). This meal offers a good amount of calories, but the net weight of the package is over a half pound.

The banana is overpowering and unpleasant. This would be amazing if it wasn't for the banana, tons of calories in a single package for the price compared to other brands. Barely able to finish due to the flavor but I'll definitely be checking out their other meals.

This is my go to meal and what I look forward to at the end of the day after hiking with a heavy pack on my back all day. It's my favorite meal that Backpacker's Pantry offers. I eat the entire pouch by myself as a single serving and it's perfect.

This had just enough fat to be described as 'rich', is well seasoned, and easy enough to 'cook' to be described as foolproof. My wife and I eat ours with beef sticks or whatever dry sausage we bring with us as a compliment. Recommended!

I was really looking forward to this one and was sorely disappointed. The bean to rice ratio was skewed towards rice and I couldn't taste either the coconut or the banana. It just tasted like plain beans and rice to me.

This was actually very good. A bit heavy on the coconut flavor. Make sure to leave it long enough otherwise the rice will be a bit crunchy. Of several meals we bought from Backpackers Pantry this was by far the best.

This was surprisingly good. Beans and rice but w a little bit of spice counterbalanced with coconut and banana. Very different taste and worth having in your stack of options. I thought it was yummy.

Personally, I like to prepare my own food. But sometimes you just crave the easy way.. and this one is delicious as well!! A good amount of spices with the beans and rice hit the spot just right.

My best friend and I are this for dinner on a mountain top and it was great! We thought the banana were a great addition to the coconut rice and beans!

I really enjoyed this and will buy again. It had more flavor than I was expecting. I couldn't finish the two servings pack (probably ate 1 1/2 of it).

I travel often for work and pack these to go with me. This helps me ensure I have tasty, nutritious food wherever I go. Great for hiking, as well.

Good taste, portions are large. Ate half for dinner and was stuffed, ate the other half for lunch the next day cold, still good and was also full.

The "Wolfgang Puck" of backpacking meals, it was a tremendous treat after a tough day of hiking through Avalanche Pass in Adirondack State Park.

Rice and beans were ok, but they were flavored with banana and I wasn't into that. Would like this if it didn't have the banana flavor

I will not pack with Backpacker's Pantry any longer. Way too many different types of overwhelming flavors in their meals.

I used this on a backpacking trip and the rice and beans tasted awful. I swear it wasn't even real food.

I was surprised how much food this actually made. Goes really well with smokey campfire chicken!

We made burritos with this, with a little sriracha and avacoda while car camping. It was bomb.

Pretty good. Suggest add a little hot sauce and seasonings, maybe cilantro and/or salt

This meal was super tasty! Would definitely recommend if you like Cuban flavors.

Great idea mixing rice with coconut. Tastes great and the portion size is good

This was delicious and deserves 5 stars for flavor- but a bit expensive.

Always popular. Have yet to share with someone who didn't enjoy it.


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