Backpacker's Pantry - Creme Brulee - 2 Servings

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Split this dessert among three of us along with some dark chocolate. It was really a hit.

This is the favorite desert for my wife and I. We schedule it for after dinner on the hardest day of a trek. Simple too make and always brings a sweet smile after a difficult day on the trail.

My fiance and I LOVE this dessert! My friend and her boyfriend actually turned us onto it. They were brave enough to try this. We love taking this backpacking and having it after a meal. I am the designated mixer. In order to thoroughly enjoy this, you must first make sure to mix the water and powder in really well. Be sure to scrape the bottom and give it a good stir for about 3 minutes. Then add the sugar, seal it up and wait for it to do its thing.

What a treat after a day of backpacking! We seldom carry desserts because of the added weight. This was worth the sacrifice for a special day. Only used one fork to stir in spite if the directions, and it rehydrated great while we are entree. Sprinkle-on topping was devine!

Four of us on a seven day backpack agreed that this was the best dessert we had. The flavor is pretty good, but adding rum before mixing really helps. Basically it is pudding with toasted caramel sprinkles on top. Lots of sugar. Lots of calories.

I had my doubts about this product's taste, but was pleasantly surprised. More like cheesecake with a creme brulee topping, but it is pretty delicious and I sure wouldn't pass it up after a long day on the trail!

I bought this because creme brulee is one of my favorite desserts, this does not taste like the real thing. I would agree that it taste like vanilla pudding, which is great if you just want something sweet. The texture was a little off for me. I don't think I would buy this again. We ate less than half and ended up throwing it out.

It tastes just like creme brûlée as long as you’ve never tasted creme brûlée. In reality, it turned out more like a warm tapioca pudding with a consistency akin to runny mayonnaise with some crunch bits sprinkled on top. The bag makes it incredibly difficult to “mix vigorously for 2 minutes” as the instructions require, so you’re very likely to end up with clumps of unincorporated powder and smaller bits that feel like gritty tapioca. Making this with filtered creek water also gave the added benefit of a nice warm mouthfeel that elevated the whole experience. I’m sure in ideal “kitchen-like” conditions where you can properly incorporate the mix and achieve a uniform smooth consistency, this would be a decent vanilla pudding with some pizzazz, but in the wilderness, you may be better served with an option that achieves more consistent results.

Like I said. I've never had creme brulee before so I really don't know what it's SUPPOSE to taste like. But...... I really enjoyed this. I bought it to take kayak camping but used it on a ski trip that I car camped in the parking lot. Perfect food for dirt bagging in the back of a Subaru after a day of skiing. Not too much effort to prepare it. Didn't have to turn on the jet boil at all. I will buy again

For what it is, it's just ok. Tastes decent at first, but then has a fake dairy aftertaste. Warning, it's messy! The white powder gets on everything including my multi tool that I had to use to cut open the bag of topping. Whatever spoon you use to mix it with will have caked on food that is hard to scrub off. Threw it away after the first few bites. Maybe if I'd needed the calories I would have finished it.

Ate this for breakfast at Ribbon Falls while backpacking in the Grand Canyon and it could not have tasted better. Just slightly reframe your expectations of what creme brûlée should be, and this will hit the spot. It’s basically a rich pudding with sugar sprinkled on top. It worked great as a meal for 2, but if you’re having it as dessert it could probably feed 3-4.

My fiance and I tried to avoid sweets the entire trip out to Havasu, but by the second night, we had a craving and this hit the spot. Prep was simple enough, just add water, stir and shake and top it off with sugar. The first few bites were heaven after eating some curry. You get a lot of dessert in this packet, it was enough for 3 people.

So good to have a delicious desert at the end of the day. Really good.

My 10 year old loves creme brulee and backpacking. Match made in heaven. It's very simple to make with cold or hot water, and the crunchy sugar topping is delish. The flavor and texture is ok, but great in the backcountry.

This is a MUST for any backpacking trip, car camping, or even just your pantry. It is so good you'll think you're at a 5 star restaurant. I keep some in my pantry for 'anytime' dessert

Isn't exactly like creme brulee in texture, but the taste is excellent. Ad some fresh or rehydrated fruit on top and you have seriously good desert for 2 people, or one hungry hiker.

Missing the crispy burned sugar on top but it was very good. It includes brown sugar sprinkles but would be better suited if it was dished out first. I ate it strait from the pouch.

I got this Creme Brulee package for a backpacking friend. She took it on a multi-day trip, and said that it was the best thing ever on the trip!!!

This reminds me of a jello cheesecake with crunchy burnt sugar. Just one big serving for me, and a favorite when I can’t seem to eat anything else.

Yes I can. Excellent taste. The sugar crystals were stuck together, but I would eat this at home.

An easy to prepare and good flavor option for dessert after among day on the trail.

don't buy, doesn't even come close to tasting like creme bruele.


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