Nite Ize - CamJam Cord Tightener - 2-Pack with Cord

Category: Tent

Easy and convenient. I feel like this was a simple way to upgrade my camp set up. great for house with hammocks, hanging up tarps, and really anything the requires para cord. The aluminum model definitely feels sturdier that the plastic version, but Im happy with both options.

Great product and it comes in plastic or aluminum. I bought the plastic because for heavier loads, I have other devices for tying down. These you simply thread through, take out the slack, tighten down on your load and you're done. Loosening them is simple too. I like them!!!

I was excited to utilized these as tie downs for my canopy, but the quality wasn't there. The cam stuck in the open position multiple times, and I had to manually close it. Even so, the supplied rope would not stay secure and tight. I took these back for a refund

I took these backpacking. I actually cut the cord in half. I clipped the hooks to my tarp and then tied the other ends to stakes, used them as tie downs over my hammock. It worked great and was easy to tighten up and then leave attached.

Yes, purists tie knots. And yes, I know how to tie the knots. BUT for quick setup and ease of use you can't beat these for guy lines, tarp ridge lines, etc. Fantastic!

I had some troubles with it slipping that I didn’t experience with figure 9s, so i’d Recommend those of this. This is easier to set up than figure 9s though.


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