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I'm a total chillbug and always freezing when camping. On our last trip, I got fed up with shivering by the fire, grabbed this blanket from the tent and FINALLY warmed up. It is wonderful!

it takes a lot to get five stars from me on anything. This blanket deserves it, super warm, great craftsmanship, great color selections and nice size as well. It is everything you envision from being rolled up on the back of a horse saddle to campfires or couches and will be passed down when your done with it. Wish I got one years ago like I wanted.

Go big and replace all those cheap fleece blankets. These are warm, heavy and well worth the upgrade. Even better they are made in the USA. Great purchase.

Received this as a wedding gift, which was perfect in timing since we were going on a several night river expedition with inflatable kayaks after our wedding. We brought this along for extra bedding in the tent. Our dogs probably got more effective use out of the blanket which is good, it kept their dirt, and claws from our down sleeping bags, and subsequently kept us warm. The wool is soft enough it doesn't feel too bad to have bear skin against it, but I would certainly not sleep naked with the thing, it is wool after all.

I originally bought this to teach a class and needed the 90x90 size, much to my disappointment the mineral umber blanket that showed up was the smaller twin vs the queen as described. The blanket itself is still quality and warm, going to make a great blanket roll for a scout probably because it's a little too small for my frame for what I intend to use it for. Otherwise the name Pendleton should say it all, quality is still top notch, just a little smarted by the REI gods that be.

Its a great blanket, it holds good warmth since im cold natured and is also heavy enough to make a nice pillow if its hot. Its well constructed never has frayed, had it now for almost a year

This blanket, like every Pendleton I have ever purchased, is warm, soft, strong, and the first choice on cold nights or days inside my home, waiting in my vehicle, or around camp.

We've had this blanket for a little over a year now. Originally registered for it thinking it would be good for an extra layer of warmth while camping (which it would be, if I didn't love it so much that I won't let anyone take it outside) but ended up using it every night all winter long on the bed last year & broke it out as soon as temps got near freezing this fall. Thick, warm, good weight (I like heavy blankets), not scratchy, and so far durable.

I was very happy with everything about this blanket. The size, soft feel, color, and weight (not too heavy, not too light) were all on point. Great for camping trips, lounging around the house or even as an extra layer for the bed.

This is the best blanket I've ever owned. I use it everywhere and it's my go-to blanket. Not itchy for wool. Warm and comfortable. I constantly get compliments on it. Would recommend and buy more for sure

Pendleton has very good products appealing both visually and with quality. I use this one primarily at home. Quality is just perfect, very warm and beautiful.

Best blanket I ever bought. 86% wool & 14% cotton--right amt of cotton where wool is not itchy. So warm yet breathes.

Pendalton blankets are 'da boss'! Warm, colorful, backwoods charm. Love it.

Just got this blanket after wanting it for a while, was super impressed, soft and warm, the colors are perfect, definitely gonna buy more from this brand.

Very nice Pendleton blanket but not one to keep you warm on a winter night. I doubled it up and then was warmer but of course it didn't cover well for one person. I put it in my car in case of an emergency situation. It would make a very nice throw for a couch or recliner in a rural/cabin setting. The umber color is fantastic and won't show dirt like some of the other lighter colors. I always wanted a Pendleton made product and now I'm happy. Would I buy another ? Probably not.

This camp blanket is awesome for rugging up outside , both camping and sitting outside having a cup of tea. It's also useful for kids sleepover .

These Pendleton wool blankets are equally at home on the couch or on a bunk in the North woods. Comfy, snuggly, not too prickly. Just right.

Much softer than I expected. A great heavier weight. I always take it car camping and use it just sitting around. My go to cover

I bought this blanket for my brother as a birthday gift. He absolutely loves it. Highly recommended!

Thick wool blanket, soft not scratchy and nice colors (Mineral Umber).

Fit and finish is excellent. Will be used for many years to come.

Purr, excellence for a wool blanket, Large and good for two!

Unexpectedly soft for a 100% wool blanket. Solid and well stitched at the ends. And classy pattern to boot. No regrets. Never surrender.

Nice blanket and warm, nice looking and works great in a sleeping bag.

I have been known to take long naps on the jumpseat of my truck when I've been on the road too long. In street clothes, on a foam pad and under two of these, I've been toasty warm when it's in the low 30s outside. I'm actually wondering if a third blanket will mean I can leave the sleeping bag at home on camping trips.

I really like this blanket. I use it inside the car for sleeping while traveling once stopped.

I got this for the couch (winter evening tv viewing) but put it on my bed this fall and it has also been perfect for transitioning from summer sheets to winter down. It isn't scratchy, and the colors are beautiful.

These are excellent for use on top of the bed instead of an afghan. The 66 x 84 fits the top of a Western King as well as fits the top of a Standard Queen. We have bought for five couples with this purchase.

I bought this blanket around a year ago and have since used it both around my house and on camping trips, and it's held up quite well. It's warm, a nice weight, and has beautiful patterns.

I love this blanket! It's soft and fits on my queen sized bed. It keeps me nice and cozy in the winter, and I use it for camping in the summer. Absolutely love it!

Very warm and comfortable, despite being thin and lightweight. Covers two large people easily. Mostly wool but not itchy or scratchy. Happy with blanky!

Worth the money if willing to spend. This blanket has a extremely high quality, and doesn’t have the itchy feel like most wool blankets. Super warm!

Haven't had a blanket like this since I was a kid. Thick, very warm, not itchy -- we fight over this thing. Highly recommend.

I purchased this blanket not knowing if I would even like it or use it much for that matter. When I received it,

This is my third Pendleton blanket this one I took camping to Yosemite kept me warm and comfortable

I bought it for my adult son and he loves it! He hikes and camps it will get plenty use

A very soft wool blanket that's perfect for cold weather camping.



Will the queen size be back in stock at some point?

As of December 2016, we are out of stock of the queen size blanket and do not know when it will become available again.


Is this product organic?  Does it have flame retardant/formaldehyde or other chemicals?

The Yakima blanket is not organic nor does it contain any flame-retardant, formaldehyde or other chemicals.

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