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I bought these shoes with some trepidation, since hiking shoes often rub one of my feet wrong. I found these Grand Traverse comfortable right out of the box. I wore them out on the roads and light trails for a few weeks, and then took them on an (REI) hiking trip around the southern Ireland Coast for a week in 2015. They were wonderful in the hills and the muck and the slippery rock. Good ankle support despite being low. I wish they changed the color because I am ready for another pair!

When I go climbing outdoors, I usually used regular tennis shoes. I thought I was happy with those until I tried the Grand Traverse shoes. The are perfect for climbing over rocks and despite having mesh sides (which is great when it's super hot outside), the are surprisingly water proof. I stepped in a huge mud puddle and my socks didn't get wet. I'd definitely get these again.

These are just what I wanted and needed. They are my first pair if Vasques and I went for them because my husband always speaks highly of his old Vasques. Great hiking shoe for my purposes- trail hiking in the mountains of Hawai'i. They are so comfortable and supportive and I love them so much, I don't want to wear them and get them dirty Hahahahaha

I never review products, but I had to make an exception for these approach shoes because they're just THAT good. I've had trouble finding a perfect all-around shoe for ages - that is, finding a shoe that is comfortable, stylish, grippy, and works for hiking, backpacking, and/or climbing. This shoe totally fits the bill! The grip on it is outstanding - I no longer worry about slipping rocks while scrambling or hiking over rocky terrain. I get compliments on these shoes all the time (I have the orangish/tan color) because they're so vibrant and fun. Plus, they're the first shoes I've worn in 10 years in which I DON'T have to use my insoles to make them comfortable. All in all - these shoes rock! Five stars.

I’ve been buying the Vasque grand traverse for years. I use it as my approach shoe and as a trail runner. Two in one, I love these things! I was concerned when this new model came out and they phased out the old one. I was actually able to find a pair of the old model online when I bought this pair as well, just in case this one didn’t perform or fit like the last model. You never know when companies “upgrade” or change their perfectly good product, whether it’s gonna take a plunge or stay solid and reliable. These shoes are definitely the latter. Vasque did a great job with their upgrade. This shoe fits and performs even better. It’s also nice to have a different color on my foot. They’ve been purple for at least 4 years. I found myself on a rad trail in the White Mountains just East of the Sierras. There was an unexpected amount of snow on the trail and despite my efforts to keep my feet above the snow they’d inevitably sink into deep places unexpectedly. By the end of that 6 miles I had given up trying to keep my feet from getting wet. But to my surprise, they weren’t wet! I got back to my truck and pulled off my shoes and my socks were barely damp, probably from sweat. In fact, the friend that was with me had an old pair of high top gortex hiking shoes but since hers were pretty old and the gortex was worn out SHE actually had wet feet. Solid performance from Vasque! The sticky rubber on bottom and around the toe makes approaches and descents much easier. Scrambling and toe jamming is solid. I’ve worn these on multi day backpacking trips and on multi mile trail runs. And now I’ve even worn them through deep snow and can attest to their great performance. Highly recommend.

Very happy with this purchase. These hiking shoes are not only pretty, they are well made and I bet they are very durable. They even look fairly easy to clean. I am glad I chose 11, I am a 10.5. They fit just right as 11. Not too snug, but snug enough to not allow my foot to move in shoe and cause injury. Haven't hiked with them yet. Will update this summer after I have.

I've been hiking in these for about a month now, and they're fantastic. Great fit on my wide feet, my toes don't bump the front, and I have yet to get a blister. My new favorites!

I have owned these shoes for 2 years and have hiked miles and miles of diverse trails in them. They handed all conditions well and are extremely comfortable. Great shoes!!

Bought these for hiking/scrambling up to the top of the Grand Tetons via Exum route. I am very impressed with these shoes! I would say they are decent approach shoes with fairly good traction; probably not the most technical shoe but did well for low grade climbing. The selling point for me is the comfort! These shoes fit me perfectly and I can go down hill without pain/sores forming. One of the best hiking shoes I have. Glad I got these:)

I have several different Vasque shoes to include hiking boots and approach shoes. I have purchased 4 pairs of this model and LOVE them so much. I am hard on shoes. I work in healthcare and am on my feet all day so shoes do matter. This show is liking wearing a glove, it is comfortable right off the hop and remains so. It is durable and withstands the punishment I place on shoes while working. I only wish they had more colors!

I was in Alaska for vacation and my old pair of hiking shoes started to cause some foot pain. I ended up purchasing these Vasques from REI in Anchorage and took them for a hike that same day. They were super comfortable right out of the box. I did use my own insoles though.

I previously bought a 9.5 Medium in the women's but had to exchange it for a 10 Medium Women's. I normally wear a 9.5 Narrow with an orthotic. The 10 fit like a glove. My heel did not slip out and the shoe fit snuggly with normal weight socks. I did have to add a small foam pad under the toe area to fill in the gap. Very comfortable shoe for snowy weather as well as hiking.

Wore these for Half Dome in September. I felt very secure on the dome when I was hiking up the cables. The soles have a good grip which was my number one priority. I did slip once walking back down the John Muir trail on the sandy granite. Can't really blame the shoes though. I was super happy with my shoes and thanked them for assisting me on this 23 miles trek.

This was my first hiking shoe/boot of any kind. Didn't need a break-in period and went straight to Zion National Park hiking the Narrows, Angel's Landing, and a few other difficult trails. These performed well helping me balance on all of the slippery wet rocks in the river without hiking poles! I'm a size 10 and had ample room for my toes to wiggle around.

My very first pair of hiking shoes were leather Vasque boots, which I still own. I had hoped to use these for light hiking/walks, but even with very thin "dress" socks, they are extremely small, especially in width. I ordered 7.5 M, which is my normal size in all sorts of shoes, but these do not fit.

I use ankle support hiking boots for most trails but I wanted a hiking shoe for other trails as they are lighter. I hit the jackpot. These are perfect and fit to perfection. Could not be happier with this purchase. Vasque is my hiking shoes for ever!!!!!

Great grippy sole. The laces tie down to near the toe. The toe box is narrow but my feet are normal width and I’m playing with different tie strategies. I like the customized feature.

Incredibly comfortable, supportive, and lightweight. They served me very well during an intense hike the very first time I used them. No blisters either!

I've tried them all — Sportiva, FiveTen, Scarpa — and I keep coming back to the Grand Traverse. They're the best approach shoe on the market.



Would these shoes work for distance trail running (50-100k)? I am looking for shoes with great grip on a variety of surfaces, particularly wet rock. When I run trails, I spend a lot of time power hiking too.

​These shoes can be used for both trail running and light hiking.


I have wide feet. Is this brand recomened for that? If so, I wear a size 9, should I size up for these like I would for hiking shoes?

Based on reviews, these shoes run true to size if not a little small. The are not recommended for wide feet.


I have another question about sizing. I just lost a toenail due to inadequate room in the toebox and am wondering if I should go up a full size if the shoe runs small. I normally wear a 9.5 but am considering a 10.5?

Most customer find that half a size up is appropriate to provide enough room for your toes.


Can these be used for Spartan or Mud related races?

We do not recommend these for mud related races. A trail running shoe is an excellent choice for running with high traction.


The top down view of this shoe appears to show a relatively wide heal.  Is this the case?  If so, is there another women's hiking shoe that has a narrow heal?  I actually need a women's AA heal and a B or C ball of the foot.

​These shoes are narrow throughout the length of the shoe. If you need a shoe that is narrower at the heel than at the toes, you may want to consider a pair of Keens.


I normally wear a size 8 shoe. According to several reviews, customers ordered a 1/2 size larger. Do you recommend I order a size 8 or 8.5. Also, does this show have a arch support...I have weak arches. Thank you.

The Grand Traverse Hiking Shoes run a half size small. Based on your US shoe size, we recommend going with an 8.5. The shoes will provide arch support. Aftermarket insoles can also be added if needed.


What is the drop on this traverse trail shoe? Thank you.

The Grand Traverse Hiking Shoes have a 6mm heal to toe drop.

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