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I purchased this bag to accommodate two adult backpackers and one spoiled dog who likes to sleep under the covers. It's hard to see in the pictures, but the system includes a slipcover that couples the sleeping pads and the actual "bag" (more of a top quilt) that snaps onto the slipcover. As other reviews have suggested, it's not the warmest of systems and can be a bit drafty, so we usually pack an extra blanket. The bag is very lightweight and packs down smaller than my normal one-person sleeping bag.

When used with insulated pads like the ones from Nemo and the slip cover which snaps to the sleeping bag itself, this thing traps a lot of body heat. Especially if you are using it with another person which it is designed for. This system is cheaper and lighter than two individual bags of similar quality.

After spending multiple camping trips sleeping with my S.O. between two drafty, unzipped bags, it was time for an upgrade. Though I looked at a lot of options, I landed on the Tango Duo because of it's design, warmth rating and packability. Though it took me a long time to figure this out through internet research, the design of this bag is very unique. A separate slipcover (which you should definitely purchase if it's not included) fits over two sleeping pads to create one cohesive mattress. Then theres a hood piece that fits over the head of the sleeping pads. The hood then snaps to the top of the sleeping bag, which lays over and tucks under the foot of your sleeping pads. Though there's no bottom layer to the bag, the slipcover provides good insulation. Having just tested it out in 40-degree nighttime temps, I'm happy to report that it's exceptionally warm and comfortable. This thing gave me some of the best sleep of my life. Thanks to its 700-fill down stuffing, this thing is warm, but light and lofty. I also love the satin-y material. It also stuffs down super well - but note that you'll need to buy a separate compression sack. This bag couldn't be cozier. I highly recommend and can't wait to use it again soon.

We used this on the AT when it got down to 35 degrees. No problems. Actually it worked great. Light, warm, comfortable, and easy to set up. Not sure what else we would have needed or wanted.

Have used this for over 2 years. It's survived two-week trips to glacier, and yellow stone and over a dozen weekend trips. We love it.

I returned this immediately after I received it. A recent article in Sunset Magazine mentioned this sleeping bag with a double sleeping pad. It would not accommodate a double pad, only two single pads. Also, the slipcover is basically a fitted sheet that goes over your pad. The sleeping bag just goes over the top of the slipcover like a comforter, which accounts for how small and light the whole thing is.

Just got mine today and realized why it is so compact and light. It's not actually a sleeping bag but more of a blanket with slots to hold air mattress'. While we haven't used it yet, it's obvious that the sides will not hold in any heat. Basically I could have bought a rectangular bag for a fraction of the cost, cut off the zipper and used it as a blanket.



Can this sleeping bag be used for backpacking? If not, is there a double sleeping bag that can be or are they all too big?

This bag can absolutely be used for backpacking.


Will this work with a pair of 4.25" thick sleeping pads (ie: 2x Big Agnes Q-Core SLX 20" x 72" pads)?

​A 4.25 inch sleeping pad is too thick for this sleeping bag and slipcover combo. NEMO recommends a sleeping pad that is no thicker than 3.5 inches.


Would this work on top of a bed without pads? Our cabin has no heat but has beds

Yes, the Tango duo would work on a bed without adding sleeping pads.


can i just use one 40 inch sleeping pad ? If possible is there any recommendations for any.

​As of August 2017, our duo sleeping pads have a minimum of 41.3 inches in width which is too large for this sleeping bag. We recommend using 2, 20 inch wide sleeping pads.


I would like to buy just one 50 inch pad I would think that would make it more comfy definitely after the slip cover. Also would one 50 inch pad fit after I cut the seam between the space where the two pads meet,also curious on recommended 50 inch pads.

​This sleeping bag will not fit a double wide sleeping pad.


Would this work well as a quilt when camping solo? 

​Although this is not this bag's design, it can be used for solo camping.


Will this bag work with the Therm-a-Rest Pro-Lite and Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro tapered pads that I already own, or should I plan to buy a more compatible pad? The measurements are 66 x 20 x 1.5 inches and 72 x 20 x 2 inches.

​For optimal thermal efficiency, NEMO recommends using two rectangular pads measuring 72 x 20 inches with this sleeping bag.


The "holder" for the sleeping bags can be taken out. My question is can a double-pad be used? For example, could I use a double-pad with a width of 40-50"?

This sleeping bag and slipcover combo will not work with a double wide sleeping pad.


are there flame retardants or any toxic chemicals in this sleeping bag?

​No, NEMO does not use flame retardant or toxic chemicals in this product.

jay cee

how much does just the slipcover weigh? and would this system work with two 20"x72" mummy shaped pads? 

​The slipcover weighs 6.8 ounces and fits most 20 x 72 inch pads.


Do you know if REI plans on getting the regular sized bag in stock?  Thank you!

As of April 2017, we do not have any plans to restock this bag in the regular size.

Joe in Nooga

Is this basically a big down blanket with elastic sides to accommodate sleeping pads? Seems to me a large rectangular sleeping bag with a zipper on the side and bottom would be almost the same thing.

This is a double down sleeping bag that is designed to be used with two sleeping pads.


I understand that this system works with 20" wide pads, but what length should they be? I want to make sure i find the best fitting sleeping pads to go with it. An REI link to the proper Nemo pads would be extremely helpful! Thanks in advance!

The sleeve will fit a 20" x 72" sleeping pad. Here's a link to our selection:


Will these become available soon?

As of October 2016, this sleeping bag is in stock and ready to ship.


Does this double bag have no zippers at all?

The Tango Duo Sleeping Bag and Slipcover Combo does not use zippers. Elastic is used to wrap the components around the sleeping pads.


Can you wash the bag?

The Tango Duo Sleeping Bag can be washed by hand or in a washing machine without an agitator using Nikwax Down Wash.


How well would this fit in an REI half dome 2 plus? Thanks!

The Tango Duo Sleeping Bag and Slipcover Combo will just barely fit inside of the Half Dome 2 Plus.


I'm really expecting to buy the regular one. Will it arrive the REI soon? (NEMO website has regular one for sale.)

As of June 2016, we are sold out of the regular Tango Duo Sleeping Bag and Slipcover Combo and do not have any deliveries in the near future.


Will REI be carrying the regular again? Looks like NEMO has them back in stock.

At this time (June 2016) REI does not plan on carrying the regular size.


The length of this bag is only 72 inches. My husband is 6'1". Do you make a long version?

The sleeping bag is designed to fit people up to 72" tall. The actual length is in the 80" range. At 6'1", your husband could still fit into this bag, especially since it has the extra width.

4 Red Stars

What would be a good upgraded stuff sack for this bag?

The 11 liter REI Lightweight Compression Stuff Sack would be a good choice for the Tango Duo Sleeping Bag.


Will the larger size be available through REI?  Our sleeping pads are the 25L ones by Nemo.  Thanks!

At the moment we are not sure when we will be receiving stock in the regular Tango Duo Sleeping Bag and Slipcover Combo as NEMO is also out of stock.

HLC - Red

I bought the Nemo Tango Duo this summer, like the idea, but my wife and I were cold, had to wear full clothing tho stay warm. I would like to buy another bag to put over existing bag. Can I bay a bag only?

Nemo does not make a bag that is desinged to slip over the Tango.


Does this bag have foot vents or any other way to keep cool in warmer weather?

The Tango Duo does not have any zippers or vents. To allow cool air in, you would have to peel back the comforter.


Does this bag have 2 side zippers or just one? also, how long is the backorder? Thanks

There are no zippers on this bag. The flap folds down like a comforter so that each individual can exit/enter on either side of the bag. Once you are in the bag the hood snaps to the lower part to keep it all together.

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