Sea to Summit - Aeros Pillow Ultra Light

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I have tried many different ones and this is the best so far. Soft and sticky surface does not slide around or make noise. Internal baffles help with too much roll back and forth. Material has a bit of bounce or give to it so it does not feel like a hard mylar balloon. No toxic chemical smells. Valve works.

I bought this pillow a couple of years ago and used it for several backpacking trips. It worked fine. Then I took it on an 11-day Boundary Waters trip and, though it worked OK for the first two nights, it deflated every night after that. I would wake up after about 2 hours of sleep to a flat pillow, and would have to inflate it again and again. When I returned home, I held it under water to identify where it was leaking, and it was leaking from the inflation valve. Unless this product has been improved within the last couple of years, I would not recommend it. The lifespan is just too short for the price you pay.

I purchased this pillow for a two week backpacking trip to Philmont. This was my third trek in five years and I have taking a larger inflatable pillow to no pillow for the previous two treks. I saw this Ultralight pillow on REI and decided to give it a try. I was extremely happy with the size of the pillow! When inflated it provided very good support and the tacky side prevented it from sliding off of my sleeping bag. It deflated very easily and was extremely compact and fit into the storage bag easily. The only down side to this pillow is that it does get so small in the storage bag, it had a tendency to drop it among my gear and had to take a good look around in the tent to find it a few times. I would recommend this to anyone.

I'm a gram counter, and I try to carry as little as possible on bike tours and canoe trips. I loath the concept of "glamping". So I was skeptical of an inflatable pillow when my pile of clothes balled-up in a jacket adds no weight and costs nothing extra.

Brought this pillow on a five night western camping adventure in Utah and Colorado. I found the size to be great and it was a breeze to inflate and deflate, and really appreciated that the air opening stayed closed during inflation and allowed it to be easy capped without losing all the air. However, the comfort level of this pillow was lacking in my opinion. I woke up each night with a very sore neck and even had to slightly deflate the pillow to make it more usable for my liking. Good overall product, well made and durable, light weight and easy to pack. My three star rating is only due to the comfort.

I use this backpacking and bought it to replace another inflatable pillow that was smaller and heavier. This is an exceptional upgrade. I sleep with 4 pillows at home so I got the large size because I just love pillow space. I sleep on my back, side and stomach rotating through the night. I love how this stays inflated as you're blowing it up and you can blow it up as firm or squishy as you like. Recently backpacked on the southern AT and found the sweet spot--slightly under inflated, with my down puffy coat on top of it makes it almost feel like my down pillows from home. The only complaint is that I tried to hand wash this and the internal chambers are criss-crossy so it took days to fully dry out and worried that it'd get mildewy. Next time, I will inflate it and try not to get water inside, just washing the outside with biodegradable, fragrance free soap and a wash cloth.

I bought this in 2015 and used it on a 1500 mile hike along the international AT. Like all the other 5 star reviews, I loved the packable lightweight soft luxury and the good night's sleep it always gave. I took it out this winter after having stored it a few years and it would not hold air. Long story short, warranty services were awesome. From start to finish, they were friendly, professional, and truly listened. I just received a new one from them. They advise storing it with the fill latch open, in the future. I probably had stored it closed. Am now looking forward to using it on this year's PCT thru-hike!

I took this pillow on my 2016 Appalachian Trail thru-hike and it performed very well. Eventually, after probably 1500 miles, one of the baffles popped and it was misshapen, but it was still comfortable. These pillows pack into a tiny bag. You can't ask for much more.

I really liked this pillow. I liked how it inflated with just two breaths and was easy to deflate a little if necessary. It also deflates in about a second. I went to blow it up the first night in the mountains and it had a hole in the seam and was useless. Maybe I just got a bad one.. Returned it to REI and am hesitant to buy another one and give it another shot.

OK, i thought a pillow on the trail was extravagant. This pillow is absolutely amazing. Packs crazy small and is crazy comfortable. Amazing design to quickly inflate and deflate. blow it up to about 90% (+/- based on personal preference) and it is amazing how similar it is to a real pillow. While pricy, i wish i would have bought it long ago. Also, while i got a large, really trivial additional extra bulk - you really can't tell the difference in pack size, but you can tell the difference in the inflated size, so don't skimp if you want a little larger size, you will not know it in our pack weight or packed size.

I bought this to use on an adventure cruise this summer. My neck is very fussy and I have a hard time with the flat pillows usually provided when you travel. I can't take my memory foam pillow with me and this came in such a small package I decided to try it. I used it last night to test, and am extremely surprised at how comfortable I was when I woke up this morning! I was afraid I'd wake up cramped and sore after just a few hours, but slept the whole night through! It's only been one night, so I'll have to try a few more times before being absolutely confident it will work out. At this point, no reason to think it won't. And no joke, it packs up SMALL! I love that! But, it's almost impossible to get all the air out when you deflate it so putting it back in the little bag can be a challenge. It also did lose a little air during the night but no more than any other inflatable sleeping equipment. It was a little pricey in my opinion, but as long as it works out I won't whine about that ;)

This looked like a slick product for thirty nights in the tent over the course of three summer months. The first one lasted until the third night on a nine night stint. When I exchanged it for another one, hoping it was a one-time thing, the second one only lasted the first night of a two week trip. While it's compact size and the comfort it gives is alluring, it's durability just doesn't do it. For the purpose of this rating I had to choose at least one star, but I wouldn't even give it that if I had a choice.

I bought this pillow and was super excited about how compact and light weight it was. However, I came home and was testing it out on the carpet in my home and the pillow literally fell apart at the seams with medium pressure trying to close the valve.

Super small, lightweight, good shape for resting. But a bit too slippery to sleep on - moves under your head and slides all over the tent floor. Then the air seal ripped off on night #4 and it was useless. Trying the Premium version next to see if it performs better.

I've owned a number of inflatable pillows over the years, and this has by far the best comfort to weight ratio. The fabric has enough grab that it mostly stays put under your head, which is not true for a lot of other UL pillows. It's super easy to inflate and deflate. The major downside is that it's not the most reliable. As you can see from the other reviews, people tend to either love it (when it works) or hate it (when it breaks). I've gone through two of these so far. Both suffered from total failure along the seems, one after a year and another after 6 months. I camp about 30 nights a year, to put that in perspective.

If you are a dedicated side sleeper, pass this by. It is not thick enough to give proper head support. I tried half inflalation and folding it over but it doesn't hold it's shape. The surface treatment while very good at keeping clean is too slick for buying two and stacking. Packs very small though, good valve design and construction quality. Just not designed with my special needs.

I bought this pillow for backpacking and I am very impressed with it so far. It weighs mere ounces, is easy to blow up and packs very small. I do not feel guilty about the weight or packed size when putting this in my pack. I pack light but I am not an ultra light backpacker. I used to use as my pillow clothes stuffed into a stuff sack, not anymore. I love the design for blowing it up and releasing all the air. It packs so small you can stuff it inside other things going in your pack. No guilt pillow. Can customize the feel/loft of the pillow. Brilliant.

I have tried many a backpacking pillow over the years, but have found most of them just not quite right.

The pillow compacts into its on compression bag that is small enough to drop in my sleeping bag kit. Easy to inflate and deflate, provided excellent comfort and offered just the right height for myself as a side sleeper.

Seemed like a good pillow... very lightweight. We bought it for my son to take to Philmont. It was expensive. It lasted for... 1 night. No apparent hole, but it doesn't hold air. For two weeks he just had to fold it and scrunch it up to get any kind of support. Not worth the money!

I travel a lot internationally, and most European hotels come with one pathetic little pillow that has very little loft (to be fair, I tend to stay in inexpensive hotels). On a whim I brought this on my most recent trip, and it was WONDERFUL. It is incredibly tiny and lightweight but expands to perfect pillow size, so I put it under the lame hotel pillow and it made all the difference. I am going to buy another one for my significant other since he kept stealing mine. It also came in handy when our rental car broke down in the middle of *nowhere*, and we took a roadside nap for a few hours while waiting for the rental agency to come rescue us. Roadside naps are better with this pillow. This is for sleeping - not a lumbar pillow - and not a sit pad.

i initially balked at the price tag on this. i have a much cheaper one that doesn't pack down as tight, isn't all that comfortable, and smells of plastic, so i was kind of down on inflatable pillows in general. i could never get the clothes bag to work though, so i gave this a try.

I'm just back from three weeks of camping with the large Aeros pillow.. This pillow is great! It's rounded shape allows it to stay in a sleeping bag when the top of the bag is cinched a little. It's big enough, and inflates high enough that I woke without a crick in the neck once--a recurrent problem for me. The sleeping surface is satiny enough that it's very comfortable. It has a clever inflation system that keeps air from seeping out as it is being inflated allowing the pillow to be exactly inflated. It's durable (I accidentally sat on it a number of times in the tent without any problem). Not only is it very light but it rolls up into a tiny tube that takes very little backpack space. To top it all off--it can be machine washed at the end of the trip.

For backpacking, this pillow is great because it is tiny, ultra light, and has an awesome valve system that makes airing up and deflating easier that older pillows and inflatables. Cons are it slides around on me in my sleeping bag and it's not quite as comfortable as my cocoon pillow. But still awesome. If I am just doing car camping, I usually use my cocoon pillow and then throw this one in my gear as well in case someone else forgot a pillow, which happens at least 50% of the time. I love Sea to Summit Products.

When you spend 1/3 of your trail time asleep and rest is vital this is a must. Mine developed a very slow leak about half way through 18 days on JMT (had to put a single breathe or two in every 2-3 hours ) and i have yet to trouble shoot it but it still rocks and gets a strong recommend

I bought this because I'm fairly picky about pillows (I dislike using clothes as a pillow) and also wanted something more packable than a filled travel pillow. This packs incredibly well, blows up in a single breath (I recommend letting it dry out after deflation just to make sure there's no moisture build-up). The dual-capped valve with sensitive pressure adjuster is fantastic. I mostly bought this pillow because it advertised how easily you can adjust it to any fill pressure--which is indeed easy to do. However, unless you have it full it is not comfortable to sleep on. If it is less than full, your head pushes the air to the back of the pillow which means you're now sleeping at a very uncomfortable angle. Fully, filled, though, the pillow is quite comfortable. If I were going on a short, lightly packed trip, I think I could make do fine with this, but I think more than a night or two would make me wish for a different pillow. It would definitely be a perfect option for a backup or extra pillow if you don't mind the price.

Super light and compact. I love the dual blow up nozzle. I liked the fabric. Almost everything I was looking for in a pillow. The one drawback was it kept moving and sliding around. I wish it had gripper strips on the bottom (like other pillows).

Very comfy and light, but first one started losing air after a few nights. Exchanged it for another, it's holding air so far, but some stitching on a seam has come loose after a few nights. Hoping for the best.

The pros of this product are it is very lightweight and if you're traveling light, it's great because it packs down small and doesn't take up a lot of space. If you fall asleep easily, naturally sleep on your back without moving through the night, and want to travel light this would be good for you. Both my boyfriend and I tried this in store and thought it would be comfortable for our camping nights. We were wrong. Everything about our camping situation was comfortable except for this pillow, which made falling asleep really difficult for both of us. We ended up waking up in the middle of the night having to cover this in puffy jackets and sweaters to make it more comfortable. Both my boyfriend and I ended up returning these. If you move around in your sleep or are a side sleeper definitely do not buy this.

Best. Backcountry. Purchase. Ever.

I’ve had two of these pillows and they both developed leaks after about 2 months of field use (I just finished 6 months on the PCT). I always used a pillow case, packed them carefully, was careful not to overinflate, never sat on it, and always had it on top of my thermarest. Multiple leaks developed at the seams. In comparison, I’ve had my Thermarest NeoAir sleeping pad for 5 years and never a leak. Great design, but unacceptably poor workmanship.

Bought this pillow (large size) for my recent camping trip. I am not exactly a true backpacker but like everything to be ultra light which make this a perfect.pillow for me. I had it tested at home on several occasion just to see what my comfort level is when it come to softness/firm. This is still an inflatable pillow so cannot be as comfortable as a goose down regular pillow. Great features for this pillow: ultra light, space saver (tiny once pack it), contour shape which curve around the neck, and super quick & easy to inflate/deflate. Individual will have to play around with the amt of air being put in inorder to achieve your ultimate comfort for your neck. I find that it is hard on my neck when it is too firm so I only inflate it half way (work best for me). I do recommend to use a pillow case to put it in though so that it won't move around so much.

I bought this pillow as a luxury item for backpacking, since I'm a side-sleeper with painful shoulders due to an old injury. I found, however, that when fully-inflated the pillow becomes like a kid's pool toy and bounces away from my head. When deflated slightly to make it softer, it does not support my head enough to help my shoulders. I'll hold onto it and use for car camping, but not for lightweight backpacking.

I bought this for my first backpacking trip after years of car-camping without a pillow (or bringing a real pillow from home.) I curl up on my side when I sleep, and I found that this inflatable pillow was too tall and too firm to be comfortable. I ended the night with my usual bundle of extra clothes under my head. I would not recommend this product for side sleepers, though it's probably fine for back sleepers.

I'm picky about my hiking pillows. I need a thick pillow, and only am willing to carry light weight/very packable items. This is the best I've found, in that it's very packable, light weight, and can be inflated to various thicknesses (it "stretches," with increased air pressure). It is also firm, and it doesn't feel like I'm laying on a squishy zip-lock bag. Rooms for improvement- it's so light that every time I change positions it slides away. It would be awesome if they would add small side tabs (like the Exped pillows) to add cord to secure in place. Secondly, it isn't the most durable. Just like the Exped ground pads, it blows baffles. I'm about to return my first one to REI, as I just blew one of the two baffles on it (rendering it useless), and will pick up an identical one. Hopefully, this next one lasts longer. I probably got 30 or 40 nights out of this first one.

I bought this pillow for my son to use in his dorm when his bedding got lost for a week in transit. He loved it. The shape makes it more comfortable and effective than rectangular inflatable pillows. I'm going to get one to keep in my travel gear. I'm allergic to down and can't always get non-allergenic pillows from the hotel. This one folds/rolls up small enough to take anywhere. Definitely worth the price.

So light and so comfy. Your head will not slip off this amazing pillow. I compared this to the Cacoon pillow which is notorious for being super slippery under the head and this sea to summit pillow blows the competition away. It's just as small packed away; however is a bit bigger in and much more comfortable. I'd recommend this product to people that like ultra light backpacking or even car camping.

Great durable pillow. I weigh 180 lbs, I have spent over 80 nights in the past 5 months sleeping on this pillow. I also lay on the pillow as i am on my side, head resting on my hand as I talk to people. It holds my weight just fine. Very easy to inflate and then push a valve to let air out slowly until it's to your liking. Weighs nothing and takes up practically no space when packed away.

Loved this pillow. I wasn't sure if I needed it or if the price was worth it. It worked great and was I thankful that I have support under by head. It is a bit on the smaller side. That is what makes is great as it stays inside my kelty down sleeping bag and does not slip outside. It is very easy to inflate and deflate, and valves are well-designed. So far, I have used it for 3 nights only.

My daughter and I both bought one of these. We found them to be uncomfortable and unable to serve their purpose. While lightweight and the material seems strong, it will not remain in place on a typical mat. I have read make shift attempts on how to deal with the issue however, it is definitely not worth the effort. I wanted to like. It was not worth the effort or price. I do not recommend.

We initially really enjoyed the light-weight nature of this pillow, but after some use, the pillow wasn't able to retain air overnight. We returned one pillow and received a new one, but the same thing occurred. No obvious holes are noted, and it appears to be a very slow leak as it takes several hours to occur. Enough to be annoying when you are trying to sleep after a long day of hiking!

This pillow is a great add to my camping stuff. It's super lightweight, very packable, and easy to inflate, adjust, and deflate. I would rate it a 5 but the material of the pillow is kind of sticky / staticky to my very fine hair so I have to cover it with a t-shirt, and it's not super great for a side sleeper like me. But overall I like it a lot and would recommend to others.

I gave it a 4 for being small and lightweight. I used it on a backpacking trip recently. It kept popping out from under me when I moved and probably should have bought the larger one but I'll keep it since is small and maybe I can use it to sit on when hiking. I probably wouldn't take it backpacking again since it seems to want to slight out from under me all the time.

I love the fact that it's super lightweight, packs down small, is easy to inflate and deflate, and is comfy. I bought the regular size and I thought it was the perfect size and shape. My buff made a great pillow case in order to keep it clean. If you're on the fence due to the price, I'd say splurge, it's well worth it if it helps you get a better night's sleep!

If you get an ultralight inflated pillow, and you do not like a thick pillow cranking your neck, get yourself a smaller version. I tried the large size first, and I was fine side-sleeping, but not on my back. The regular-size still is not great on your back. A flatter/lower pillow that can also be folded in the middle for side sleeping would be an improvement.

I’ve tried other pillows, rolled up clothes/jacket, etc. - but none of those worked well or provided a consistent fit. This pillow is also quiet, and the curved design and air valve functionality is well thought out. The only thing better than hiking is getting a good sleep so as to be able to get up and hike again the next day - and this pillow really helps!

This pillow is way better than nothing and better than stuffing clothes in a stuff sack. Just pull it out of its sack and give it 4 or 5 full breaths and it is ready to go. Fit nicely into my sleeping bag and didnt move around to much. Next time I may go with the other version of this that isint Ultra Light. It has a little bit more padding which is nice.

The pillow was very comfortable and I liked how easy it was to inflate/deflate. However, the inflation nozzle broke after I had been using it for less than a week under very mild conditions (testing it out on planes and trains). It is basically useless now, and I am in a location where returning it for a replacement will take weeks. Bummer.

I bought this inflatable pillow 2 years ago, and it's one of the best things I've ever purchased! It folds up into a tiny almost weightless bag (so it's great for backpacking trips and long flights), and blows up into a very comfortable pillow. That and a new sleeping pad have revolutionized my comfort on backpacking trips!

I got this pillow for when I was sleeping in a van for 2 days and it's the best thing I took on my trip. I have all kinds of back and neck issues and was concerned about traveling without my contour pillow, but this gave me a great sleep without any pain in the morning. I highly recommended this for any traveling or camping.

I love the size of it. It's smaller than my tube of sunscreen or bug spray. Really easy to inflate and I like that you can inflate it and not worry about deflating it because you aren't quick enough to plug it up. You can also inflate it to whatever size you feel to be pillow comfy, instead of just inflating it all the way.

I was having a hard time finding a pillow that supported my neck and kept my head at a comfortable height - this is the one. I got the size Large and it weighs nearly nothing, takes up almost no space when packed, fits perfectly into the hood of my sleeping bag, and helps me get great sleep, even when sleeping on my side.

I hate spending money on an item like this. Just roll your clothes up into a stuff sack or jacket and use it as a pillow. However, I did buy this and now I can’t live without it. It’s easy to fill, too light to notice, and it didn’t slide all around. If you pack as often as I do, this should be part of your kit.

I try to keep my gear to a minimum weight, and, for many years I used as pillow my puffy stuffed in the sleeping compression sack. I changed my mind because the couple of oz. of this pillow are totally worth the additional comfort and free my down jacket to be an additional layer at night.

I bought this pillow treating myself to something smaller and lighter than the bean bag pillow and / or stuff sack options I have used for years. I liked this a lot; however, it was bigger than I needed, and it doesn't fit into the hood of my I returned it for the smaller size!

This is a nice pillow, but as a side sleeper I could not just get comfortable. Liked that there was an indentation to keep your head from rolling off of the pillow. Packs down nice and is light.

Fits head area of mummy bag like a glove, comfortable and light. This is my second one in 3 years however. I may have been overinflating it as the internal baffles pulled apart. It was my go-to when buying a replacement. Ive tried others and prefer this one.

I loved this pillow and recommended it to many fellow campers. I might have used it half a dozen times until this past weekend when on the trail. I noticed a slow leak coming from the pump. The pillow would deflate after an hour of use. Not a happy camper!

Small to add to pack but made a big difference in my sleep comfort. It's expensive at list price, I waited for coupon/REI dividend. I was concerned that this ultralight weight would relate to durability, but it's held up to initial use.

I like the shape and the weight of the pillow so it got two stars. Unfortunately, no matter how much or little air I put into it, I had the feeling that I was trying to rest my head on a balloon. It just did not work. Sorry

Great addition after sleeping with nothing for years. A little pricey, but if taken care of, I'm sure it will last for years. I've used the same self inflating 3/4 length Therm-a-rest for 15+ years with zero pin holes.

This little pillow is perfect for traveling. I just don't understand why there isn't a way to attach the bag to the pillow while you're using the pillow (am I missing something?) Anyway, I'm juryrigging something.

I purchased this to use on the Camino and wanted to break it in to make sure it was worth bringing and have been sleeping on it exclusively for 2 weeks. Easy to inflate, sturdy, and very comfortable.

Had tried to stuff clothes in a sack and made it work as a pillow - this is the only way to go. Fit nicely in the mommy head pocket on my bag so I wasn't chasing it all over the tent. Worth the price

After about 10 nights of use I still find this pillow comfortable.

Really nice and compact. I like it ok. Only thing is, it has to hit the wall of a tent, otherwise it would slide out of under my head. It is comfy. I keep it little under flated just for my taste.

Only used on a few trips so far but it works well for me. I don't inflate all the way as it's more comfortable for me that way. Quick to inflate, easy to pack back up once you get the hang of it

I have used this for three nights. It deflated every night. Brought home and put it under water, it leaked form 20 or so spots. One of the spots was a stream of air the others were slow leaks

Plus... Its very light. Its better than nothing. Its very easy to inflate, and deflate Negatives... Its only 3 inches thick so not good for side sleepers. Value for the buck, you decide.

This is a great light weight, small packing, and comfortable pillow. The Inflation/deflation valve is a solid design and it’s easy to adjust the pillow for comfort. I’m with my purchase!

I love this pillow. The size is perfect, it's easy to inflate and doesn't bounce around everywhere. I took it on an 8 day, 80 mile trek to Patagonia. Finally, a great lightweight pillow!

Really liked this over a stuffed foam or other travel pillows. The small finer push adjust to just let a little air out in the middle of the night was great to get just the right feel.

So happy I bought this, extreamly light weight and comfy. Stays inflated all night. Super easy to use. My boyfriend bought one after seeing how great it is. Defiantly worth the money.

Used this pillow on a flight to Europe and it was comfortable and easy to use. The best thing is that it folded up so small, so it didn't take up much needed space on my carry on.

Pillow blows up easily with minimal effort. Very comfortable to sleep on. No moisture and doesn't slide around tent floor/sleeping bag/foam pad. Worth the money, highly recommend.

stuffing clothes into a stuff sack or putting my shoes under my sleeping pad weren't cutting it for me. This is well worth the weight and pack space it takes up

This pillow packs easily and down to a very small size so it wouldn't take up any more room than a tennis ball! Blow it up in 5 seconds and repacks very easily.

I love the roll up size of this pillow it fits in the palm of your hand. Blows up quickly and provides perfect amount of head support for comfy night sleep.

fits great into the top of a mummy bag, good texture and just the right lift and size to sleep great in the wild. I'm buying 4 more for all the family.

I was sceptical that an inflatable pillow would work as advertised. Scepticism is gone, this is one soft, comfy, ultra light pillow. No regrets.

Worked great the first few times. now has leaks along the entire seam. maybe used 6 times before it got so many leaks it was completely useless

Used this three nights in Acadia - small and lightweight, easy to inflate, and deflated in a snap. Fit nicely in my bag and gave great support.

Love this pillow. So easy to inflate and deflate with the best valves ever. Every comfy and compressed down to almost nothing in size.

Have used this pillow 5 months everyday. Super lightweight and compacts down to nothing. I love this pillow. Perfect for backpacking.

I like that this pillow is tiny and ultralight for backpacking. It fits pretty snugly into the mummy hood of my sleeping bag too.

I've used this pillow when sleeping on a pad as well as in a hammock. Very comfortable when inflated, and packs down very small.

Love it. Took it hiking/backpacking. It is super light weight and comfortable. Made a difference in my quality of sleep.

Incredibly light but super comfortable. The material does not stick to my face even after a few days on the trail.

Bought this for my wife and she totally enjoyed it. It was recommended by REI Adventures guide in Grand Canyon.

Packs down small enough to fit in my hand. Very easy and fast inflate and deflation. Very comfortable.

Very disappointed in this product. It lost all its air early in the night for three consecutive nights

I've only used it once so far but it was super comfortable and is ultralight!!! Great purchase

It hard to me and not like a real pillow. I prefer using a folded up fleece jacket over this.

Works like it’s supposed to, it’s small but it gets the job done

Quite light, easy to clean and comfortable for a side sleeper.

Happy as always great place to shop for camping gear

This is probably one of the best investments in backpacking equipment I've made. I love this pillow so much that I often take it car camping rather than my regular camping pillow.


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