BioLite - KettlePot - 1.5 Liters

Category: Camp Kitchen

I bought this item to heat up liquids on camping journeys and I love how my biolite fits perfectly inside it. It sits atop the biolite snugly and heats water to a boil in a few minutes once you get a good rhythm for how many twigs should be packed in the combustion chamber and when to refill.

i got this with the stove bundle and found that it fits the stove very well. it does what its designed to do. again the stove is heavy but i like the fact that you don't need gas.

Kettle works great. Heats up soup quick with a moderate fire going in the stove made by the same company. The stove does fit well in the kettle too. One thing we noticed is that whatever fine ash is left in stove tends to sift out and ends up in the bowl when packed and subject to motion. Not a dealer breaker for me. Just need to wipe the bowl done before using. Do as other reviews say and apply canola oil to the silicone seal on the lid to make it easier to remove. Kettle cleans up easy as well. Very happy with it.

I used this in the BWCA and was really happy with it until the plastic round top center of the cover fell out. It looks like it did not get glued well. It was not field repairable so I went the rest of the trip with the center missing. This made pouring more dangerous.

very convenient and almost perfect for the BioLite stove. I would prefer to have a stainless steel lids, but other than that it works perfectly.


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