HydraPak - Shape-Shift 3L Reservoir - 3 Liters

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Let's start with the bad -- this bag doesn't hold 3l unless you unzip the center zipper, which is one of the reasons to buy it in the first place. So call it a 2.25-2.5L reservoir instead.

New backpacking staple

I purchased this hydration bladder allured by the ability to turn it inside out for cleaning and drying. As well as the wide mouth top filling feature. Both of these features are awesome and I would give it 5 stars EXCEPT that it doesn't hold 3 liters as you would expect! With the center part zipped the bladder only holds 2.5 liters. I never would have thought otherwise if I had not read about it in another review. I was curious so I measured the water in liters as I filled it with the center zippered and it only took 2.5 liters. I unzipped it and presto it took the other half liter for a total of 3. Now you might think no big deal just leave it unzipped when you want 3 liters, but the bladder is so bulbils when filled this way that it fits into the pack very awkwardly and made it hard to pack my gear. I will be returning this product and looking at other bladders with the same fill opening. Oh, the hose is also a tad short.

I bought this last year to replace an old hydration bladder. I love the wide mouth which makes it easy to refill. I also like the how easy it is to invert and clean it. Putting the baffle back together is tricky at first but after a few attempts I manage to get pinch it together. I noticed that the baffle does not hold well when I put my legs on the backpack which I used to raise my legs when sleeping, no leaks. I am returning it because it is to tall for my Gossamer backpack. I am going to replace it with the 2L sized.

The overall look and feel is great. But this isn't a 3L reservoir with the baffle connected. It's more like 2-2.5L. And if you unhook the baffle you will NEVER get it re-attached. I tried for over 20 minutes before giving up. It's supposed to zip right back after you attach the top but it doesn't with ANY amount of pressure (I laid it flat and used considerable force and it still wouldn't re-attach.

The wide opening makes filling up super easy. The fold over closure guarantees no leaks. Best of all the tougher material (compared to other brands) makes me less worried when I’m cramming my other gear in my pack. The bite valve isn’t compatible with my filter, so I had to pull the bladder out anytime I wanted to fill it up. But, that’s an easy fix to swap the valve out with one that does work.

I have a 2L hydraPak that has worked just fine. I purchased this 3L bag for a three day backpacking trip in Fl, where there would not be a water source. At the end of the first day I was taking out my sleeping bag and it was covered with water on the outside. The reservoir was slowly leaking where the tubing connects to the bladder. I will be returning this reservoir.

Used this on a recent canyon hike where I needed to carry a lot of water. It was perfect! Easy to fill, durable and not too plastic-y. I did wash it really well prior to use to limit the plastic-y flavor. Easy to clean as well.

This reservoir was easy to fill and easy to clean. It has a strut in the center the prevents it from collapsing when it is empty. That seems to work well. The clip-on top prevents leaks and is intuitive.

We went on a ten mile hike and I loved using my HydraPak. I never got thirsty! I was also impressed on how it didn't leak or pop when pressure was put on it throughout the trip. I wasn't gentle either.

what can i say, its a bladder. that being said, the wide opening makes filling awesome and the internal divider thingy stops it from being too thick. great design that works well.

I love how easy this reservoir is to use. Much easier to fill than the Camelbak reservoir. And cleaning it is way easier as well. Love it!

This is a good product. I own several water filters and bags and I like the way this one performs. No hassles and no complications.

Works great, no problems. Easy to fill, doesn’t leak.

I bought this HydraPak as a replacement to the CamelBak Antidote (which was making me crazy with its non-detachable hose and fussy screw cap), and I am SO SATISFIED with this product!



Will this product fit in an Osprey Ace 75 Pack - Kids'?

Yes, this reservoir will fit in the Ace 75 pack.


Will the 3-L fit in the bladder sleeve of the Osprey stratos 24 (2017 edition)

​The 3 liter reservoir will fit in the Stratos 24 pack.


i bit too hard and cracked the bite valve .. i don't see anywhere to purchase replacement.. do i have to buy the whole tube & bite valve as 1 part to replace ?

The Osprey Hydraulics Bite Valve will work perfectly in place of the Hydrapak cracked valve.


Will this fit into an REI traverse 28 pack?

Yes, this reservoir fits into the REI Traverse 28 Pack.


Can the Sawyer Squeeze be used in-line with this bladder?

Yes, the Sawyer Squeeze can be attached to this reservoir with the in-line adapters.


How does the Quantum Clip magnetic tube fastener set work?  There is a magnet on the tube and two clips that come in a bag, but i can't figure out how it works

​This reservoir does not include a magnetic tube fastener.


Would the 2 liter or the 3 liter fit in the Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier?

​A 2 liter reservoir fits best in the Poco series.


Is a cover for the bite valve included?

​This reservoir does not come with a bite valve cover.


Several reviewers mentioned that the tube is too short for them. What is the length of the tube between connection points? Our local REI doesn't have this in stock.

The included hose is 36 inches long.

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