Snow Peak - Personal Cooker 3 Cookset

Category: Camp Kitchen

I bought this to go with my white gas backpacking stove (MSR Whisperlite) that I was given, in prep for a 5-day backpacking trip. I packed a combination of self-made meals and Mountain House ready-made meals. By day 3, I realized I really only needed one pot, and mostly just to boil water. Another backpacker gave me this pro tip: if you use only dehydrated meals, empty your Mountain House packets into ziplock bags and use the MH packets (which are thermal) as your mixing pouches for any meal.

A fantastic price for this durable set of cookware. The right size for a weekend camping trip, maybe more if the food you want to cook is the right size. For the price it doesn't get too much more durable or well made than this set.

I think this was the cheapest option in store. Was very happy with, they stack and store in an included sack. Handles are attached and easy to use. However, the bottoms of the most-used pans are starting to show wear (discolored, heat spots). Still usable and still happy with purchase because we don't use too often, so will imagine they will last awhile yet.

Purchased without inspecting contents, found that there are no handles/knobs on the lids, returned for refund. However, have not found anything better near the same price, so going to go back and re-purchase and make my own lid knob/ handle. The pots did seem well made, but perhaps a little heavy for back packing, use Jetboil system for that, believe this will be good for the truck.

I've used this set a few times now. Its a great mess kit. I did take someones suggestion and tweaked it a bit. If you get the SnowPeak Kettle, you can replace the smaller pot with the kettle and you now have a complete camping set in a nice small light weight package! I bought the Stainless Steel set to beable to cook directly on the fire just bring a fire pit glove.

I bought this cookset to use on some long-distance river trips, it's very compact and a great collection of items for the price. The lids are a little awkward to take on and off as they don't have any handle, but happy overall and would highly recommend.

Used this for car camping, so easy to fold up and pack and various sizes. Only thing was I should have brought a pot holder but otherwise these were versatile and awesome


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