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I am a 6'2" 200lb man and opted for the large, which fits perfectly (exactly as seen on the dude in the stock photo)

I read a lot of gushing reviews of this jacket on the Arc'teryx website and couldn't help be skeptical. How wrong. It performs superbly for everything (and more) as advertised. I wear it for early-morning dog walks and bike commutes, over a baselayer while snowshoeing, and on cold airplanes, among other scenarios. The side panels breath well (though do let in a bit of draft, if that is of concern), the hood is a revelation managed with only one pull, and the fit seems great over everything from just a t-shirt to a shirt, fleece, and Atom. (I'm male, 6'2", 170lbs and the Medium fits great).

Even though the one I got off the discount rack was 'burnt orange' (read: safety orange) I wear this er'y day. I mean, imagine waking up everyday and being able to put on a piece of clothing with the softness and warmth akin to being dipped in Velveeta fondue, without all the stickiness or funny looks from your foodie friends. It's only because I wear it er'y day that I get the funny looks. But I mean c'mon, the water just beads right off! What do they make this out of anyway. I wouldn't wear to Denali, maybe under several other layers (including one of bear repellent), but still. Plus, I bet I could crush this thing down to the size of a grapefruit. Seriously, I bet you I could. Not that I would ever do such a thing to my er'y day jacket, but still I bet you I could

This will become your favorite jacket. Period. From fit and finish to cut and performance, this jacket does everything and does it well. As with most Arc'teryx products, it's the thoughtful details that make it phenomenal. For example, the main body of the jacket is insulated, but the underarms are a stretch fabric that allows a huge amount of breathability during high-output activities. The thin torso and trim fit allow it to make an excelled mid-layer beneath a shell, and the hood is comfortable and snug without getting in the way, even when zipped fully.

I received this jacket as a gift about a year ago and it has become my go-to jacket in any situation (ok maybe not in the pouring rain). My biggest issue with jackets is their lack of breath-ability because it always leaves me sweaty and uncomfortable. I could talk forever about this jacket but I'll keep this straightforward. I've never experienced a jacket like this before. When I first held it up I laughed because I though about how incredibly light it was and how thin it seemed - I feel ashamed for underestimating this jacket. I love cold weather, but I hate wearing multiple layers and this jacket allows me to reduce my layers to a simple t-shirt (long or short sleeves). I truly think this jacket is made of magic because it's incredibly breathable, while providing the perfect amount of warmth and wind protection.

Light jacket, great for temperatures about 30-50 degrees. There's no insulation on the sides, and not that thick, so not great for colder temps unless you're wearing thermals or are used to cold climates.

Full disclosure, I work for REI. I spend most of my days learning about, understanding, and advising people on which outerwear to buy. With that said, I have no idea what this bad boy is made out of. Sure, it *says* 60g of Primaloft. But, after doing everything from walking my dog in a breezy 50 degrees to running in 8 degrees (before windchill), I'm going to say it's insulated with a premium mixture of Unicorn mane, 1960's Burt Reynolds moustache essence, and Gandalf high-fives. Seriously, I'm that impressed.

I love this’s warm, light and super comfortable to wear!! I wore this with temps of 32 degrees with 30 mph winds as my outter layer skiing with only a T-shirt under and was perfectly comfortable..I couldn’t believe how windproof this thing is...the hood is very nice and the materials are just amazing..! I also wore it as a jacket with temps of 45 and felt just as comfortable. I think this is the best all around must have jacket for winter, Fall, spring, and even summer nights that may get cool. Highly recommend this.

I’ve had people stop me in the airport and tell me how this jacket is the best thing they’ve ever bought.

I bought this jacket on a whim, having done little to no research at all. I was looking for something slim fitting, generally warm, stylish for the office, and capable of breathing well for bike commuting. It has exceeded expectations. I have found that this alone, or with a shell, has proven to be enough for biking 30 minutes stretches at a time in temps ranging from 20-40 degrees. Be mindful that it is NOT BEARD FRIENDLY! And do not wash it with other gear that has a Velcro straps—it could prove deadly for the fabric, as in snag city. Great piece overall and highly recommend.

The Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoodie so far fits great. Not to long so right around the waist line. I'm 5'10" 145 lbs and I purchased the medium it fits just great. I previously purchased it in a size small and it felt a bit young and without a shell looked young so returned it for the medium, perfect. Arc'teryx one of the best would recommend and buy again.

Love it. Warm and light and stylish. I usually wear it in the city more than my hikes and really good product

I love this jacket. I first wore one that I borrowed from a friend and ever since then I have wanted one. I picked one up and I am very satisfied. Arcteryx is a very technical company and they hit a home run with this hoodie. It's very light, regulates my body temp, keeps me feeling fresh outside, and it looks great. The only thing I would critique is a tech pocket for headphones (unless you get a new iPhone HAHA).

I think the quality of Arc'teryx is second to none. I love the way this jacket fits. It does run a little on the snug side, but I would say it's form-fitting, not tight. I was wearing this in Utah in 40 degree weather with just a thin t-shirt underneath, and I was warm. The hood is great too - nicely adjustable and kept my head warm. One thing I did notice - we were in the house cooking, and my jacket was hanging on a chair in the dining room. Somehow this jacket absorbed all of the cooking smells into it. I had to wash it to get rid of the smell.

Read the reviews and buy this jacket! It lives up to all the hype. This is my favorite jacket ever! I just ordered a second one just in case they stop making them.

The line you get from any employee in any store that sells these (REI and beyond) is "everyone on our staff loves these".

I bought an Atom LT in medium for my middle-aged husband who is 5'7", 175 lbs. He has wide shoulders and a belly (all above his 33" waist). He prefers loose fitting clothes so I wasn't sure if I should order a large or medium. My husband does not shop, so he would not go to a local REI to try on the jacket to see which size fits him the best! So I had to take a guess and decided on the medium because I was afraid that the sleeves would be way too long on the large. To my relief the medium fits just right around the shoulders and arms. It's a bit snug around his belly but he can zip up fine if he wants to (although he doesn't zip up the jacket unless it's cold). He likes the jacket because it's really light but quite warm while not restricting his movement and it has a hood!

I have a hard time finding clothes that fit. I am short, stocky, but don't have a huge gut. I've found that many times, clothes that fit my shoulders, are too long in the arms/body, or the body must be cut wide, to cover a wide range of body types.

Used this recently in NYC. On the days where it was ~17 degrees F. i held up against the wind chill very well, my body/torso barely felt anything against the biting winds.

Lightweight, warm enough for cold weather, comfortable hood over a cap, sleeves are comfortable and stretch cuffs, which I really miss in the newer North Face jackets.

Yeah Arc'teryx is expensive.... But i like to buy once and not worry about it and i'm glad i did! My Favorite go-to jacket.

I love it. Is nice, light and easy to carry. Also it doesn’t need to much space in your backpack

My only complaint is the odd shaped hood. Otherwise this is a very nice mid layer.

I bought this for my boyfriend as a holiday gift since we were moving to Oregon, so I thought it would be good for being outside in the cold or as a midlayer under a heavier coat when it freezes. He LOVES this jacket, and he wore it in 21 degree (F) weather on a walk in the snow with just a long-sleeve shirt underneath. I kept telling him to put a heavier coat on over it, but he said the jacket was fine as is since we were walking briskly. Awesome purchase!

I lost my Atom LT jacket but saw that the hoodie version was on sale so I decided to get another one. The outer fabric isn't as soft as the previous version (purchased fall 2014) but this is still my go to jacket given its light weight. Perfect for cool LA evenings. I'm still comfortable in this as an outer layer when the temps drop into the upper 50s. I'm 6'2" 190 and the large fits well. Wish other brands would make trim fit apparel.

Got mine and my wife in the mail today and tried it on; oh boy, it's feel great! I owned some of insulating jackets n this one is standout from the rest. Very warm as soon as you put it on and you don't feel that you're wearing it (very light).

I am 5'6 and I have been wearing this product for over a week now and i notice the Large size is a too big for me, and i'm sure before I purchased this i have tried the medium size and it's snug for me, i think they measured Large size as XL. But other than that it's light and great product.

I poured hours and hours of research into finding the perfect jacket for both winter and fall/spring weather, and I eventually settled on this jacket. It did not disappoint. It is insulated enough to keep you warm in the winter (with layering once it is below freezing), but it is light enough that it can be worn on a cool fall or spring day. Additionally, this jacket is fairly competitively priced with similar jackets from other brands, a rarity for Arc'teryx. Although this jacket is not waterproof, it takes quite a bit of rain to soak through, and the synthetic insulation does not lose its warmth when that happens.

So far I just love the Atom LT hoodie as it provides adequate warmth to about 20 degrees with wind. The cut is definitely athletic and allows movement to perform most activities in the wild. I am thinking about buying a second jacket as the comfort and utility are great. If the weather is much worse, I can easily throw over a goretex shell and have a bullet proof solution.

I realized that I've worn this consistently for 5 years, so I should probably give it some praise. I've climbed hundreds of pitches and hiked many hundreds of miles in mine, and it's still in great condition. It is comfortable from 30 to 60 degrees without other layers, and water resistant in a light rain. Truly a do it all piece of equipment.

Bought this jacket for a backcountry mid-layer, and so glad that I did. I was somewhat skeptical about the ability to keep warm considering how light it is, but this jacket definitely does the job. Excellent at blocking the wind, and keeps dry in a light rain. I want another one in a more neutral color as well (I got the vermillion red).

It's light and stylish and enough to keep you warm in 40F temperatures. You will need to wear a full sleeve shirt underneath for below freezing temperatures. I noticed that the jacket absorbed smell from the cooking in the house. I left it out and the smell kind of went away on its own. So keep this jacket out of the kitchen.

I just got my Atom LT Hoodie and I love it! It will be excellent for all 4 seasons. In the spring, summer and fall it will be perfect as an outer layer, and in winter as a mid-layer. It fits great, especially the hood. I doubt it needed a bottom hem drawcord though, as it has a very slim, form fitting shape. I may remove it.

This is an awesome jacket. Works great on its own or under a shell. Trim but still able to layer a vest or light sweater or fleece underneath. Very warm yet also vents well during activities. Super light weight and packs down small. Not totally wind proof but if it’s cold and windy wear a shell over it. Highly recommended.

Really impressed with jacket, I overheat easily and this one keeps me comfortable from 30-60 degrees, rain just beads off, cokd wind resistance is amazing, super light but feels tough, and never restricts movement. My favorite jacket! Also tried Solano jacket but found it too puffy and didn't feel as durable to my hand.

I'm 5'10" and M size fits perfectly. Very warm and easy to move around when I wear it. It is so light and comfortable. You don't even need heater if you wear it all the time indoor. Perfect for fall and winter indoor and outdoors. I bought one for me and women's one for my wife; we both love this hoodie!

I wanted a jacket/Mid Layer that I could put on and wear from the truck to the store/destination and not sweat and not be bulky. This is the jacket to buy. This jacket is extremely light and versatile. I also purchased the Beta AR to pair with this and I could not be more happier. Great Combo.

The Atom LT is one of my new favorite jackets. The Patagonia nano air used to be my go to jacket, but the atom looks better with its fitted sleeves and torso. Overall I think the atom looks better than my other jackets. I've been impressed with the performance as well, especially in the wind.

Couldn't be happier with this jacket. I wear this around town in the fall/winter in Alaska and it keeps me comfortable. Works great as a mid-layer for ski-touring or trekking - dries quickly, light weight, packs well. Worth every penny.



is there a way to route headset cords through the pocket?

The internal pocket inside of this jacket does not have a dedicated media port for routing headphones.


how do you measure sleeve length?

Start at the base of the neck, measure over the shoulder and down to the wrist.


What is the cold temperature rating for this jacket?

We do not provide temperature ratings on clothing because warmth depends on so many different variables including activity level, metabolism, perspiration as well as the other clothing layers you are wearing.


Can you wear the hood without a helmet or do you wind up with a lot of extra fabric?

The hood can be worn without a helmet.

Amir A

Is this jacket is waterproof?

The Atom LT Hoodie is water-resistant, not waterproof.


is the hoodie detachable???

The hood on the Atom LT Hoodie cannot be detached.


is this jacket packable? If so, into which pocket?

The Atom LT is very packable. You can Store the jacket inside its own pocket (left), or tuck it into a sleeve or inside the hood if you are not restricted by space. A quick shake restores the original loft, time and again.

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