ENO - ProFly XL Hammock Rain Tarp

Category: Sleeping Pads, Cots and Hammocks

This is a good tarp, in that it kept me and all my stuff dry in a rain storm. But it took way to long to set up, the guy lines were short, and it was hard to find space to set up up right. I have gone to hammock camping instead of tent and one big reason is it is so much faster and easier to set up, but not with this tarp, I'm returning mine and looking for a better and easier set up.

We had a tent but we wanted a place to hangout under during the bad weather. This thing was the best investment we made. We set it up so as soon as we walked out of the tent we were under the tarp. Plenty of room for our flex lites and our friends. It also helped tunnel a draft into our tent for more air flow.

Purchased in Colorado to use at summer camp because rain was in forecast and I left my Kelty Noah at home. One of the two main lines snapped before I could finish tying the tarp the first time I used it. Appeared the line was seared when the fly was manufactured. Fortunately, I had some para cord with me.

Hammock camping in a thunderstorm is no big deal with this tarp. The cordage included with the product is stiff and entirely too short. I picked up 6 x 15 ft reflective cordage to allow for better setup.

It took just a few minutes to put up the much needed shelter in the storm

I love this thing, it kept me and my gear dry, even in a driving storm.


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