Jetboil - MiniMo Cooking System

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The Jetboil Minimo is a really good cooker for the out and about. PROS: quick boil when compared to other backpacking stoves, love the single serve (sorta double) attached cup for quick prep meals, the attached cooking cup is an awesome drinking/coffee/tea cup, and being able to use any (same style) gas canister can be a money saver. CONS: carry a lighter/matches because the push-button ignitor failed after the second attempt, and the stove/cup system is slightly bulky for the average multi-day backpacking trip, but pick your battles and decide if you want to pack an really convenient cooker or a bulky towel.

I just added this to my collection of 5 stoves, which includes a home-made alcohol stove, a wood burning Solo Stove, and MSR microrocket. Prior to this I used a MSR pocket rocket almost exclusively for 10 years and was quite content. But I also like to try new things. All my stoves have their pluses and minus but for ease of use and fast-boil, this wins hands down. The added simmer control and regulator are a big improvement over older styles, which is why I finally opted to spring for a Jetboil. Plus, I like the dimensions of the new pot. I used it for the first time on a kayaking trip this past weekend (since weight was not a big issue). Set-up and boils were so fast that I started making tea during short breaks, just because I could. Also, while cooking dinner, I used to start my stove and walk away to do other errands. You can't do that with this stove, as you barely have enough time to open your dinner packages once you get this thing going. Lastly, I found that some of the weight can be cut by leaving behind a lot of the pieces and/or substituting parts from my GSI minimalist.

I bought the first Jetboil stove when it came out (how ever many years that was). A great innovation in camp stoves then has just "taken it up a notch". Great ideas in the new design with the cup size, handle and overall compactness. I really like all of the new features.. Anxious to try it out in the cold this winter. This stove is great. I can take it on a day hike for a warm brew. I have the Sumo for larger meals, but this one is a great for personal or just heat and go use.

We have done six nights of backpacking with this stove. Pros: It is light, compact, efficient, fast, and adjustable. Cons: The igniter worked the first time but has not worked since. The pot is very hard to remove from the base, and nearly impossible to remove when it is full of water and hot. It seemed good in the store, but this quickly became a problem while camping. We had to turn the stove off and tip the whole unit to pour, and then painstakingly work the pot loose each time after it had cooled. It would be a nice stove except for this flaw in the design.

I have bee out using this and it is really easy to use, boils water in the time it takes to get the package open for the meal. I like the wide cooking pot. packs very small. lt is light weight and easy to backpack with - Love it!!

I wanted to love this system, but after a half dozen uses, I have been let down for the following reasons: - The included bowl broke while packed in my bag during a one-day hike. - The threads for the fuel canister continue to soften up and lead me to believe that they will one day fail. - The igniter continues to perform poorly. - The system does not perform well in light to moderate winds. - The flux ring connection points are also starting to soften up and I'm afraid they will one day fail.

I have owned every JetBoil system made, my friends make fun of my collection all the time. But I'm done. What is consistent with all the burners? The piezo ignition breaks in a general backcountry hiking experience.

Weight: As far as Jetboil models go in regards to weight, (in the current lineup, excluding ti models) the MiniMo comes in second, being beat by the Zip by about 3 oz, and the MiniMo is outweighed by the Flash by over half an ounce. In case you were wondering about non-Jetboil stoves, the new MSR Windboiler is about the same as the Flash, at 15.25 oz, minus the igniter. The Primus Eta Lite is a full half oz lighter than the MiniMo, but is also half the capacity, is severely lacking in features and is ridden with design flaws, and has a less than reliable piezo (I am unfortunately unable to amend my own review of this stove).

Pros: Simmers, compact (for a Jetboil), light (for a Jetboil), new bowl design.

For the minimalist this is OK. I bought one and had to bring it back after using it on one hiking trip. The self ignitor failed to work after the second time. REI replaced it and I am going to see if this one will hold up. You need to guard it from the wind after it is lit. Where minimo base connects to fuel is a weak point and need to be careful that you place the whole system on a solid foundation. IT does heat up quick and does not use a lot of fuel. in this respect, it is great for the minimalist backpacking-hiker. I give this a three and one half stars.

I hiked the AT for 30 days with this stove. Long story short it fell apart on me. The burner is held together with plastic. This causes a lot of flex in the stove when boiling a liter of water and the plastic will eventually fail. On the plus side it boils water faster than anything I have ever seen. If they just mad the burner out of aluminum I would rate it 5 stars.

Great performing stove with solid functionality, but: - The top lid falls off during transport and needs to be secured with a ranger band. - The stove and fuel tank tend to scratch the inside of the pot. - The pot support does not pack in to the stove nest and must be modified to fit in nest. - I feel like the fuel tank can too easily be over cranked into this stove, and seems like it might be a sign of poor coupling construction and/or materials.

I bought this when REI had it on sale. This cooking system is a great option for beginners and the experienced. With the simmer control you can do more than just boil water. You can adjust the flame to avoid burning your food and making a mess. Great for pastas, couscous, rice, freeze dried meals, sauces, etc. Make sure you get the correct coffee press, the coffee press grande, due to it's size. With the pot attachment you can use various pots and pans to expand cooking options. There are DIY stoves out there, but for a solid cooking system with simmer control I am very pleased with this product.

I have been exploring making my own trail food so buying this was a no-brainer. It works great, both the unbelievable simmer control and the boiling speed, but there is no pot support included. Moron that I am I hadn't remembered so we ended up piling rocks around it to support the pot. Luckily the ring is the same size as other Jet Boil products so I can use the support from my Titanium stove, but it seems an odd exclusion.

I carried this stove for the duration of my recent Appalachian Trail thru hike. It performed flawlessly. When I started using the mini mo I wondered whether the igniter would wear out during my hike. It did not. I used the plastic bottom cover as a bowl for eating breakfast daily. The stove worked especially quickly with a fresh fuel cartridge, boiling two cups of water in about 90 seconds. As the fuel level got lower, it seemed to take longer to boil. The cartridges lasted a long time. I actually used a medium sized one all the way from Front Royal, VA into Connecticut. You could extend the life of the cartridge by steeping meals in the pot for part of the meal’s required simmer time. I cooked a lot of Knorr rice sides which called for 7 minutes of simmer time. I usually simmered for like two or three minutes, then let the meal finish itself with no flame. This saved gas for sure. While this stove kit is a little bulky in the backpack, its performance far outweighed any packing concerns. I would keep the burner, a small bottle of Dr. Bronners, and a small sponge and scrubby in the pot while packed and still had room to carry a bottle of Mio in there as well. I packed the fuel cartridge separately. I never had any trouble with the stove in cold weather although the coldest I dealt with was temps in the high teens. I would highly recommend this stove to anyone considering a long distance hike.

I have the MiniMo Jetboil and love it. Having said that, you need to pick the right stove for the right application. If two people are backpacking, one can carry this and all you need for rehydrated meals and hot beverages would be to add two cups for beverages, since one person can eat out of the cooking pot and the other out of the attached bowl that protects the bottom. With this stove, you can boil water VERY quickly for two meals + two hot beverages. Therefore, it's overkill for one person (I only fill it with water less than halfway for myself). The temp control can't be beat, and I bought the Jetboil universal pot adapter for using an MSR skillet (which I also adore). For solo backpacking, I have the MSR pocket rocket II (make sure you get the "II" for temp control) with a MSR minimalist or soloist (both are great). Just know what application you want to use the stove for (how many people, what you cook, etc).

Since I recently decided to get back into camping, I felt it was necessary to get a jetboil. I am amazed at how quickly it boils water - as a test I made a pouch of soup for my daughter, and three cups of water were boiling in less than 90 seconds. It's very easy to light and designed to pack together very efficiently and not take up a lot of room in the pack. One caveat - make sure to turn the temperature down once things are boiling. I boiled some milk while camping and I didn't get it simmering quickly enough, so it boiled over and unfortunately burned the bottom of the pot. I'm still working on getting it cleaned up (baking soda + water, boiling it with lemons, etc). I can't say that it's a design flaw, since you're not supposed to use it for cooking. Live and learn! Still, these jet boils should be an essential part of a backpacker's gear!

I've been a faithful user of MSR's WhisperLite for nearly a decade, but now that I'm doing solo trips I needed something more compact and quick. The MiniMo boiled my 14oz of water in about 45 seconds at 4,200 feet. The design is simple and elegant. The connection to the fuel is sturdy and is overall very well built. The simmer control was impressive too, and the lower wider bowl makes eating out of a breeze!

Probably the best integrated backpacking stove design at the moment. Convenient to use, fuel efficient, built-in igniter, works reasonably well at lower temperatures, good selection of accessories. The only downside - relatively poor wind resistance, MSR WindBurner is much better in that respect (but worse in every other).

This is an awesome product. It lights very easy and regulates heat precisely. I use single serving Mountain House dinners which use 3/4 cup of water. This stove heats that water in less than 1 minute. It takes a little over 2 minutes to boil 2 cups of water. The weight and pack size is great for how efficient this stove operates. With lid and handle, you can easily grip and pour hot water. The only downside is cleaning stove if you burn food in it. If you cook food in this stove, bring a flexible scraper to help clean.

This is my second jet boil and just as with the first, it's a "Steady Eddie" work horse. Boils water so fast and easily cooks rice and pasta dishes. Although it has a simmer feature, I routinely cooked to high and caused it to boil over. That was operator error vs design flaw but thought I should pass along the warning. I like to backpack with two jetboil pots and one stove. One pot to cook food and one to boil water. This new one fits the old pots too.

Were do I start. I had a pot and a pocket rocket before the mini mojo. Everything fits in the pot and its ready to go, it don't fall over or apart as soon as someone bumps the table. No more rocks on the stand to keep it together. fast boil. Easier to clean and I can reach the bottom of the pot with a short spoon/fork. Less to contend with in my pack and fast to deploy.

I love this little guy! I bought this for when I go to the field, since hot water is a commodity. A hot shave in the cold desert will do wonders for morale! I did a lot of asking around before I bought it, it being my first Jetboil, and it doesn't disappoint. The corrugated metal underneath prevents heat loss that other stoves suffer, which means it retains heat and boils twice as fast—critical when you've got deadlines and only a few minutes allocated for eating and grooming. I saw three of these at the REI Garage Sale, and I'm a moron for not buying all of them: one for the Army, one for my wife's Bug-Out-Bag, and one for backpacking. The MiniMo's altitude feature is going to come in handy, since I can't say where I'll be sent for missions. Some may worry about the quantity reduction compared to other models', but it's more than enough.

I have used the Jetboil MiniMo a few times now and find the stove to boil water quickly and the larger pot size easier to use than the smaller previous versions. The only down side is it takes up a little more room in my backpack where every inch and ounce is a consideration. Very good stove.

Awesome stove. Makes great pancakes. Will simmer as advertised. Very easy and safe to use.

It does everything that you would expect it to. Packs tight & light, boils water quickly, easy setup, strainer for water if you're making noodles... The only drawback is the price and the need for only jetboil products. That said, I totally recognize that that keeps this product running at its most efficient so I'm kind of OK with the price.

I had it for less than two years and the igniter failed. One of the reasons I purchased this model was for it's performance in cold weather. And using lighters in cold weather stinks. I was disappointed by this failure.

Lightweight & cooks fast! This is the solo standard for mountaineers. Light is right when going on alpine trips & this stove is tops.

My review follows my first winter camp of the season.

I’ve had a jet boil for about ten years and the original has worked well for that long. I heard the new version has a better temp control and can confirm it works well. Because of great adjustability you have to turn the valve more but it is easier to control. Only thing I don’t like about the mini-mo is the pot is too short to put the fuel and stove inside the pot. If using this for backpacking for a couple of days the flash works well for boiling water and stove and small fuel canister fits inside the pot. Great update for the stove portion and partner with a pan for cooking this is a great set.

This stove is simple to set up, use and packs well. Have friend who bought original model several years ago and watched him use it on at least 5 backpack trips of 4-6 day each. Thought my MSR stove was just fine - and it is - but loaned it to a friend and needed another for recent hike with my wife so stopped by REI on way out. Wasn't sure which of 2-3 models to get, but liked size and weight of this one so bought it. Used it several times over 2 day/night hike. Initial set up straight forward and worked exactly as expected. Heats water faster than any pack stove I've ever used. Simplicity and reliability expected and realized. Needed to get used to fuel supply valve (have to open up number of turns) but no biggie once familiar with it. Great product. But isn't just about everything MSR makes!

i have owned many stoves in over 50 years of backpacking and this is my favorite. Light weight, fast boil times, easy to use and fairly compact. This a great stove for solo and two person trips. Can't think of anything I would change. The fuel canister support does clip into the lid so remember to clean the support so you don't get the pot or lid dirty.

This system may weight a little more then some other cooking systems but because it boils water in 2 minutes or less you save on weight by carrying lest full. I was able to use the stove 14 times on one small canister of full. And in addition to the fuel savings it fires up first time every time.

Having used many stoves including an extremely reliable mini - I decided to get the Jetboil MIniMo as we were planning a Shasta trip and all we needed was a RELIABLE stove at HIGH ALTITUDE. These were the 2 key considerations given there are many light stoves - that specialize in boiling water including the MSR.

Absolutely love this little cook system! Works like a charm and breaks down relatively small!

I have not been able to use this product in the field yet. I have made a test run at home. This unit seems to be well built, an easy to use. I was able to heat .5 liters of water to full boil in less than 3 min. So far to me, the only shortcoming is you cant store fuel canister with buner unit in cup as is designed with the cap on fuel canister or with the cloth protective cover provided for that purpose. Without cover and cap the parts stow as designed. Make for a compact unit.

The MiniMo Jetboil is my new best friend! It is light weight, packs up small, and is incredibly compact and portable. I love a well designed object that is as clever as it is downright functional. The system goes together quickly, heats up/cools down fast, and is a breeze to disassemble. Some of the parts do feel a bit delicate, so I just try to use a light hand. We've used ours several times on car camping trips (sometimes for 3 meals a day), and we have not had any issues with parts breaking. The MiniMo rocks!

Recently used our miniMo on a 3 day hike. We only used it to boil water; after reading some of the reviews we decided not to cook in it in case it was hard to clean. It ignites easily and boils enough water for two very quickly. It is stable and very simple to use. My only complaint is that it is often difficult to remove the pot from the stove. I do like the handles and padded cover. I am happy with this purchase.

It's freaky how fast this machine boils just over half a liter in approx 2 mins. Great weight and compact; my top choice for backcountry treks.

Like this one better than the flash, the pot is shorter and wider, you can also control the flame and it will work in lower temps.

I am an avid backpacker that wants to reduce the weight of my pack but not quite at the ultralight level. I chose the MiniMo for the pot volume and also the shape of the pot. I do not cook in the pot, but rather boil water and put that into pre packaged dehydrated meals. 1 MiniMo good for 1-3 people with this method.

I bought this in February and used few days later in Death Valley. I loved it for its simplicity, easy design, and particularly the igniter. Made my "cooking" for backpacking/car camping a total game changer.

Seriously, if you are going to backpack into country where you can't have a fire or if you are camping and just want to be a minimalist, don't wrap yourself around the axle about the cost. You have to eat, right??? This stove is worth every penny; it will save your bacon, and if it breaks REI or JetBoil will do right by you. Enough said??

Usage tips: never lock the pot onto the burner, just set it down. Go with 8oz fuel canisters to reduce headache of partially-used canisters

Boils water faster than one can imagine. That's great. Unfortunately, the burner head and pot assembly wobbles so much that I think I'd be lucky not to have spilled half of the contents before cooking is done. I'll be returning this. Great item with a fatal and unnecessary design flaw. Too bad.

this a product you can trust ive used this product for over three months now and is worth every penny

I got this after I bought a mini backpacking stove that didn't have the ability to lock your pot in place, I was constantly worried it would tip over.

I have used a jetboil stove for over 9 years now and love how convenient it is. Fill the cook cup with water and click to ignite! The only disappointment was how hard it was to eat right from the cook cup, it's too tall and skinny. It is even more difficult to clean.

The igniter does not spark. Turning the regulator apparently does not release gas that can be ignited with a lighter or match. Reviews I've seen say the regulator controller should turn up to 2.5 revolutions, but mine goes 4.25 revolutions; no idea if that's part of the problem. I simply cannot make it work. The instructions and support website are not helpful.

Well constructed. Very compact and light. Well thought out with all the right components. I tested it last night and it boiled water in 2 min 15 sec!

This is like having a microwave in the woods. Have used it hike-in camping for four weekends now. It boils so fast that I can't really do anything around camp cause it can so easily boil over. That was in 35 degree weather. So far, I have only boiled water so I can't speak to sticking of food. No problems with the Realtree cup. Also have the pot support and fry pan, just haven't used them yet.

It really does boil water in less than 3 minutes, and it simmers really well. I've used it several times solo backpacking and tho I have lighter combos (read titanium), this one is very convenient and easy to pack. The only con (for me) is that the pot is a little tricky to get off the burner when it's hot (you have to rotate slightly counterclockwise) and hard to find a leverage point.

Used about 10 times over a year period, loved it until this last trip when the auto ignitor stopped working in the middle of a trip. Hasn't been abused or dropped. Wish I could return it

As I purchased with the help of the rei employee. I asked a few times “does the kit come with every thing ; including fuel?”... and it does not. Mthe functionality of the product Ian good. I think I should have purchased the smaller (.8L) . Other than the system not actually being a complete system.. the product works and gets to a boil just under 2 minutes.

I just upgraded my old stoves. I used to carry an old Coleman backpacking stove and this year decided to upgrade after 30 years. The old Coleman works great still. Why didn't I upgrade sooner? The Mini Mo is amazing. I just took it out, along with a new MSR Whisperlite. The Mini Mo was our favorite of the two. We cooked trout, and of course used it to make everything from freeze dried meals to coffee. What an exceptional little stove. For the trout, I brought along a small cookie sheet and used it as our frying pan. It fit very nicely in my backpack and was light weight. As long as you adjust the flame control, your trout will come out perfect every time. What set this apart from the MSR Whisperlite was that you simply turn the Mini Mo on and hit the igniter button. The Whisperlite was annoying, every 3-4 minutes we had to pump it up. I'm still going to keep my Whisperlite. I'd give it 4 stars. Its a great stove too.

I bought an older model of the minimo at an REI Garage Sale that did not have auto-ignition and it's the only thing I'd change about mine - I see that this model does have auto-ignition. The plastic cup at the bottom has enough room to hold a lighter or matches or something. Boils water very quickly and I love that you can drink right from the vessel.

Love this stove. I've used JetBoil Flash type stoves for many years and they are awesome at boiling water, but they had always lacked at turning down the heat to simmer a meal or just keep something warm. This new valve allows turning down the flame a long ways and it is a great change. This is my new stove going forward for backpacking trips.

I live in a van and use my Minimo EVERY MORNING to boil water to make coffee because it's so much faster and easier than setting up the whole cook stove to just heat water. And it's SO FAST. Now, whenever I'm in a house and using a normal stove, I get really impatient because it's so slow compared to the jetboil haha

I need my morning Joe. It doesn't matter if it's instant coffee or a venti from Starbucks. I'm not picky. While I'm camping this device boils water quickly. Add a little instant coffee and this combination fits the need quite nicely. It's easy to assemble and packs back up into a compact size without frustration.

Awesome stove, great for boiling water for Macaroni and Cheese, as well as dehydrated meals. The additional coffee press is a dream! Waking up and having delicious french pressed coffee is much needed on the trail. My only complaint that it takes longer to boil in the wind, not the end of the world just not ideal.

I really, really like my minimo. I even take it when I'm hiking so I can have cup of coffee or hot chocolate (or starbucks via peppermint mocha. yum.) It packs up well, too. After more than a year, I broke the skirt cover. Totally my fault. Jetboil sent me a replacement at no cost. Great stove, great sevice.

I’ve only used it once but as far as I can see. It’s ferfect. The fact that it’s not a tall pot I don’t have to use one of those extra long spoon. The handle is solid for full control. I can store the stove as well as the smaller of the gas canister right inside. It makes for a Very compact cook system.

It literally only takes several seconds to start water boiling. You cook and reheat food with minimal fuel. I was skeptical at first, bought it on sale, and boy am I glad I did! Variable heat makes it super easy to use. Cools just as fast as it heats up so you can clean up and be moving in no time.

I remember trying a Jetboil years ago when I was backpacking with my friends. I am glad I decided to grab the MiniMo when it was on sale. I like that the MiniMo is wider, which makes it easy to cook in. On our last trip, I ended up making spaghetti that night, which couldn't have been easier. 10/10

Packs great. Its light and last a long time, the quality is perfect beside one feature I have been waiting years for. This needs a NON STICK pot!! It would be so much easier to clean out and so many more uses. Love the company and the product but this would be one thing to make it so much better.

I returned it without even using it in the field. It is very bulky. I'm going on a backpacking trip and the weight and size did not make sense for me. It looks cute, but the function didn't make sense for me. There are cheaper, lighter, more compact options on the market.

The first one I purchased did not work. I exchanged it for another one and it only worked for two meals. The fuel line stopped letting fuel through. I tested the canister on my friend's jetboil Classic and it worked fine. I will be returning my mini-mo

Super easy to set up and use. Lightweight and compact. Boils water in a flash. Several times, this thing saved my sanity for early morning coffee and hot cereal. If you're creative, you can cook a variety of things in it. Excellent purchase.

Great camping stove. Jetboil is the best. I have not used this in the field yet, but have tested it. Works as advertised. I have used other models of Jetboil and they are great. Not cheap, but the best isn't cheap. Great product and design!!

I love this stove. Wider top than most, boils really fast, and above all, it simmers very nicely. Pot is sometimes hard to remove after boiling. Also really like the attachment for a frying pan. The only stove you'll need for backpacking!!!

great system. a little too bulky for my taste but yet an effective stove. heated water in very short time there by saving fuel. I will carry it again this winter and spring on AT trip for its reliability.

A breeze to set up, boils water unbelievably fast. The mechanism to lock the cup in place works a little to well, like many others say it is difficult to remove from the stand to pour your water out.

Product seems sturdy, well-engineered and does what it says it does. Will update my review when I get to use it on a trip, but a trial run in my kitchen went very well. This thing boils water FAST.

I just tried the stove for the first time, and it didn't ignite! I took it out of the box, followed the instructions, assembled it, pushed the igniter button and no spark.

We purchased this item in preparation for a Grand Canyon backpacking trip. It was incredibly easy to set up and use and it worked flawlessly. Can't believe it's so easy.

Pros: - easy to use, monkeys could figure this out - perfect for 1-2 person meals - great for backpacking and car camping. -the orange stabilizer is great, especially for muddy or uneven surfaces - beware it will cook your food and boil your water faster than you anticipated! - ignition button is great (no matches/lighter needed) - the plastic measuring cup can be used as a secondary bowl -no windscreen needed -measurement lines inside pot are a nice plus

Bought the MiniMo last month and it hasn't yet gone on any real backpacking adventures. Hope to give it a workout in the Wind Rivers soon and will update my review as needed. I did conduct a couple of bench tests and can confirm the new gas valve/regulator is very controllable from a slow simmer to full roar. Granted most of the time the stove will only be used for boiling water so simmer control is a luxury. However, the low setting does help to conserve gas when keeping a bit of water barely hot while your freeze dried dinner "regenerates". Just stand the foil package in the pot for the required time and the contents are always served hot.

I have tried in at my home first and found the simmer control to be outstanding. Used it once since then and like the pack ability and function.

My Jetboil is awesome, I’ve used it 2-3 a week for the last 7 months and it’s never let me down. I loved mine so much I got one for my lady!

Quickly got my water boiling with absolutely no problems. Plus the built in ignitor is so handy for starting, especially during windy times.

Bought for my son, he was totally blown away. absolutely loves it! Is looking forward to using while camping with his girlfriend.

This little item is better then i had hoped. Very east to use. glad i gave one a try. wish these were available 40 years ago.

Bought this for hot coffee/tea while in the it's mandatory on my packing list. Worth it's weight in gold.

What a great buy! This Jetboil is lightweight and very easy to use. Would recommend this to anyone for purchase.

This boils water extremely fast and works well even in the gale force December winds of Death Valley. Love it.

The minimo is everything you need to cook with for a hiking trip, small, light weight, adjustable flame.

The short time it can boil a full container of water is crazy, and fully packade it is really tiny!

I bought the MiniMo and enjoy the wider mouth and ability to store larger fuel source.

This product worked great. I was able to heat up water for coffee and meals

Very lightweight and worked well. Boiled water very quickly at 13000 feet

This is a great product! fires up hot water in 2 minutes as advertised.

Flimsy, piezo lighter broke in days. Will try MSR instead.

Great little stove. Works awesome. Boils water super fast.

The title says it all. Light weight, and does the job.

I am really happy they decided to make a jet boil that does more than boil water. This is a super handy stove. You can use it as a little sauteer and do veggies or whatever you want before boiling water for rice or beans or whatever. It is small and compact and the simmer control works well. But it still flash boils water like nobody's business. Unfortunately I think on the first version of newer products it takes a little trial and error before the ideal product comes out. The first time I took it on a backpacking trip, the bowl that goes over the bottom of the pot part cracked, smashing up against the metal bottom of the pot, because it was packed tight in my backpack (but it's a backpacking stove! that shouldn't happen!). I exchanged it (yay good return policy REI!) for a new one and am being a little more careful about how I pack it now. It would be nice if that bowl were more durable like the other versions of jetboils, but I suppose it does make it a little lighter weight. I haven't had any issues with the lighter button like others have mentioned, but this is another thing I try to be careful with. I'd recommend the product for a good backcountry stove that allows you to do a lot more creative dinners than just boil water.

I've had this stove for a while, and it is great. Perfect for boiling water, definitely doesn't feel like 4.5 minutes! I mainly purchased this because it felt like the easiest way to get what I want: turn my dehydrated food into a hot dinner. I was apprehensive about stoves you needed to light yourself, and I like how this is a nice bundle: stove, pot, bowl, fuel attachment all built into one product. In that sense, I think it is perfect for beginners (it was my very first stove). I have never used this is freezing temps, so cannot attest to its function there, I have also never used the "simmer" setting or used a pan/pot with the separate attachment, so also cannot attest to that. I do really like the handles that flip out, and the amount of water it holds is good for 2 people backpacking. However, I will be "upgrading" to the Flash Lite for a couple of reasons: 1. weight 2. I only need to boil water, therefore the simmer function is useless to me 3. shape: I have found that with the way I pack my pack, this stove is just too bulky and I'd like something more slim 4. size: I never need to boil a liter of water, so its just extra space and weight I don't want to carry for this stove. But, if you don't care about weight, and you'd like simmer control, and you're backpacking with 2+ people, this is a great choice, I have loved it so far.



Are boiling how long should I wait to reattach the plastic cover? It is meant to be put on right away to protect from burns or will it melt?

​The lid is designed to be used when boiling water and will not melt.


What's the highest elevation this has been tested at? Will this work well at elevations around 13,000ft?

​It is not the elevation that affects isobutane stoves as it is temperature. In cold weather, canisters can depressurize and produce a weak flame. This stove has a built-in regulator that ensures consistent performance down to 20°F. So if you are 13,000 feet and the temperature is above 20°F, this stove will work just fine.


Will the older model cups fit on the stove? Have to replace an earlier generation stove, but the cups are still good.

​Yes, older model Jetboil cups are compatible with this cooking system.


Can I use my mini mo cup with the mini joule system?

The manufacturer states only Joule cooking vessels are compatible with the Joule systems due to its unique design and inverted fuel canister. The MiniMo cup will not work with the Mini Joule.


Description mentions a "sip through lid", I'm wondering if this lid could be used to drain pasta, etc?

​The sip through lid can be used to drain pasta depending on the size and shape.


What are the upper and lower temperature ranges for storing the fuel canisters?

​Jetboil isobutane canister should not be stored in temperatures that exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Jetboil does not list a minimum storage temperature for their canisters.


Is .5 liters the maximum recommended level of water for boiling? I would want to boil closer to .8L or full liter. Knowing well enough to turn it off before lifting it.

We do not have a recommended amount of water you can boil. However, this system has a capacity of just less than 1 liter and the average boil time represents the time required to do 2 separate boils of .5 liters of water.

Texas Dan

Why is the MiniMO more expensive that a full size JetBoil?

​The MiniMo features a wider cooking cup making it easier to eat directly from the cup. The MiniMo also has a built-in regulator that allows the stove to perform in colder temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The regulator is not found on models such as the Flash or Zip.


I have one of the original jetboils with the 1 liter cup. Will the cup from that fit the burner on this? Thank you.

Yes, the cups from other models of the Jetboil stoves fit onto this burner.


Does the Jetboil Pot Support accessory fit inside of the MiniMo pot when the rest of it's accessories are stowed along with a fuel canister?

​The Jetboil Pot Support is compatible with the MiniMo stove.


How do I determine how many jetboil canisters of fuel to bring for a 6.5 day trip for 2 people? We are only using the stove for boiling water for coffee and oatmeal in the morning and freeze dried dinners at night. Thanks!

We're sorry, that information is not available. Deciding how many fuel canisters to bring depends on many different variables including outside temperature, how much water you are boiling and how much wind there might be.


Is there a difference between the MicroMo and MiniMo stoves? Or is it just the size of the cup that is different?

The MiniMo and MicroMo have the same burner and specifications with the exception of the cup size.


Replaceable auto ignition unit?

​The Piezo ignition system cannot be replaced on this stove.


What material is the included pot made of? It appears to be teflon coated in the video is this correct? thanks

The MiniMo is made from aluminum.


Why is this kit so much more expensive than its competitors? 

Compared to Jetboil systems such as the Flash, the MiniMo has wider cooking cup that makes eating directly from the cup easier. The MiniMo also has a regulator that helps the stove perform better in cold temperatures.


Will the cup from my other Jetboil (the original model). fit on the burner unit of this model?

​Cups from other models of Jetboil stoves do fit on this burner.


Can a small pot other than JETBOIL be used with the stove?

The MiniMo burner is compatible with non-Jetboil pots using the accessory Jetboil Pot Support:


Will Sumo Cup fit on the Minimo burner? Thanks in advance!

​Yes, the Sumo cup will fit on the MinoMo burner.


I am having trouble with my igniter. Is there a replacement igniter for the MiniMo? 

Replacement igniters can be purchased through Jetboil directly.


Is there a recommend fuel brand type/size that will pack inside the kit?

The Jetboil Jetpower Fuel 100 g fits in the cup without the fuel canister stabilizer.


How well insulated is the pot? That is, if I want to rehydrate foods by boiling, then letting sit off the heat for 10 minutes, will the pot retain enough heat for thorough cooking/rehydration, or should I pack a separate pot cozy?

This pot is fairly well insulated and does retain enough heat to cook rehydrated foods for 10 minutes.


i just received this stove in the mail. I love coffee. is there a way to brew coffee with this system??

REI does not currently stock a coffee accessory for the Minimo but Jetboil does have a few dedicated accessories specifically for coffee. Please visit their site for more options.


Does a fuel canister fit into the mini mo like the micro ?

​A small fuel canister will fit inside the pot with the stove.


Is it possible to get a replacement lid for the MiniMo? Doesn't have to be the specific MiniMo lid, just one that fits. 

Replacement lids for the MiniMo Cooking System can be ordered directly from Jetboil.


can the plastic cup that stores on the bottom handle hot foods? i.e. mxing instant oatmeal with boiling water.

We would not recommend using boiling water inside the plastic cup that comes with the MiniMo.


Does the pot have a non-stick coating?

No, this pot does not have a non-stick coating.

Backpacking Daniel

will an MSR butane canister work with this?

Yes, canisters with Lindal valves, like MSR, Snow Peak, Jetboil, etc. will work on this type of stove.

Outback Jack

Can I use my old jetboil flash cup on this burner? 

A cup from a Flash can be used on this burner.


Will the mini mo cup fit on other jet boil stoves?

Jetboil uses the same size and design for their attachment ring for the MiniMo cup as previous versions, so they should be compatible.

Sherpa Dad

What's the cooking vessel liquid capacity please?

The Jetboil MiniMo Stove holds up to one liter of fluid.


What kind of material is the pot made of on the JetBoil Mini Mo made out of?  Alum?? The weight seems to high to be Ti. 

The MiniMo is made from aluminum.

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