AlpineAire Foods - Spicy Sausage Pasta - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

I bought this I the store with high expectations. With a 5 day trek ahead of me I planned to ear this on day 3 as a great. This was a huge disappointment. From what I have been told by others is that the entire alpine aire line is bad. Don't by this!

I have recently started to try AlpineAire meals to see how they...fair. This was my first one. It was better than I expected and therefore I will purchase it on multiple other occasions. Thumbs up, very decent. Can't go wrong with this one.

Very tasty. It is pretty much as its description states...spicy sausage and pasta in a creamy sauce. If you're a fan of good ol' Chili-Mac and Beef, this is a good alternative to mix it up a bit.

Compared to other Alpineaire offerings like chicken gumbo, black bart chili, or hurry curry chicken, spicy sausage pasta is bland and tasteless. Has a little heat, but no flavor. Disappointing.

This meal was delicious. It was a little soupy, I would suggest letting it sit 15-20 minutes instead of the 12-15 it says on the package. It did taste like pizza, which was perfect actually :)

maybe needs a little salt, or some parmesan, depending on your preference. but the flavor is great! i used 1 1/4 cup of water, and left it for an extra minute, sausage and pasta were perfect.

Went on a 4 day backpacking trip in Canada and needed something more then just snacks. Tried this and actually turned out to be pretty tasty, almost close to a hike meal!

This product was recommended to me by an REI member. I taste tested it at home and repurchased it for a backpacking trip. The sausage has a nice flavor.

This was ok and found it to be a little bland. Had to add some extra spice to give it better flavor. Very filling though. Probably won't buy again.

I like it a lot it had a great taste I will buy it again. I simmered it in the pot after it was ready I think that was the trick

Enjoyed combination of pasta & pork. Shared with my two sons & they ere complimentary of this product.

Very tasty and satisfying. I will definitely buy this again for my next trip.

Very good and good level of spice. Great at the end of a long hike.

This meal tastes better than most options. It is actually spicy.

Good flavor. This is going to be one that I buy every time now!


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