AlpineAire Foods - Himalayan Lentils & Rice - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

In an effort to reduce backpack weight we switched from home prepared one pot meals to dehydrated. This product was our unfortunate first choice, we forced ourselves to eat some. Hopefully things can only get better. On a positive note, there were two decent sized servings.

Granted, I am a wimp when it comes to spicy foods. But this was spicier than I had expected. There was some flavor - it wasn't all heat. But there wasn't a LOT of flavor. I do not plan to purchase this meal again.

I’ve bought this meal a couple times and enjoyed it each time. It’s flavorful and filling. Make sure you stir enough to get all the spices mixed in. The only thing I could consider a complaint is that the turmeric has stained my camp spoon yellow LOL

Sometimes you get good dried food and sometimes not. This did not have much flavor and when you are out backpacking, the one nice thing is to have a good meal. The answer to this, whether it was or not has been answered.

This is my all time favorite backpacking meal from any brand I have tried so far and to top is off it is low on sodium when compared to the average backpacking meal. Love the sweetness of the apples and mango.

Good texture, easy to "cook". Thankfully not overly salty like my hiking partner's dinner packet from another brand, but unfortunately, a little lacking in flavor (needed more spices or spiciness!)

This was pretty good. It tasted o.k., was very easy to make, and made plenty. Making it in the resealable pouch meant I could eat it for dinner and then have the rest for lunch the next day.

This was average and I did not enjoy enough to want to buy this product again. I agree with many that it did have some spiciness to it.

One of the best backpacking meals I've ever had! Super yummy and really great flavor. I'll try making it at home, too :)

This was ok. Would consider buying again but not at the top of my list. The flavor was good.

This backpacking meal was filling and delicious. Very satisfying!


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