AlpineAire Foods - Cinnamon Apple Crisp - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

Love this apple crisp ... it's my new favorite dessert. Adding the strudle at the end gives a good crunch, and being a hot "meal" warms you up on a cold night or morning. Taste is just like homemade apple crisp. I never head out backpacking without it!

This is just a crowd-pleaser. I have yet to meet anyone that doesn't like it. And on my last backpacking trip I met a guy who said that he cooks it up for breakfast- BRILLIANT!

This dessert is a huge hit in our camp. The flavors are well-balanced, the apple pieces are juicy with a just-out-of-the-oven texture, and the portions are very generous. We never head to the campsite without at least one of these for each day!

I was very excited about this dessert. Disappointed by the taste.

The struesel topping is more like a less crunchy granola but it was delicious on top of the sweet apples. My husband and I split a 2 serving meal then split this apple crisp and were fully satisfied.

First I should say that it's pretty soupy for Apple crisp, even after adding less water, but the taste isn't bad at all. Next time I'll try adding some of it to oatmeal for breakfast!

I wasn't super impressed, though it wasn't bad. I felt like it wasn't firm enough (as silly as that sounds) and the texture threw me off. Might have been better with more crunch.

You will need to buy and carry more than one when on the trail. This was a crowd favorite and we needed more! Quick, easy, and tasty! Perfect ending to a day on the trail.

Delicious for breakfast or dessert. I've been doing a taste test for a backpacking trip. I'm definitly bringing this with me. Way better than oatmeal.

Ended up (accidently) being breakfast. Made breakfast before my first cup of coffee. But it ended up being wonderful. Kinda like a apple oatmeal.

We really enjoyed this desert. I will say that with its really more like a 1.5 serving size package. The raisins were a nice touch.

I got the ... you know munchies. So boom bought this. It’s ok, not the best but you know something

This was extremely sweet to the point where I could not finish even 1 serving.

All I can say is... wow!

So tasty! Could be great for a hot breakfast too!!!


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