Osprey - Ace 50 Pack - Kids'

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I got this for my 10-year old and am in the process of packing it. The hook for the reservoir is very low, such that the older model Camelback 3L reservoir we have hangs down all the way to the bottom of the pack, making it very difficult to fit an adult sleeping bag in the bottom sleeping compartment. A bag will fit, but only if you push the water reservoir up several inches such that you can't use the hook. A higher end more compressible sleeping bag will fix this, but a child is not likely to have a more expensive bag. Our reservoir is very long and narrow and sausage-like, so it separates the interior compartment into a left and right hand side, taking up half the width in the middle. Fitting both a larger bag and a full sized bear cannister would be a very big challenge. My advice: It's important to make the right choice for a reservoir if packing this bag to maximum capacity. My son will be carrying 25 lbs.

We purchased this for our eight-year-old. It didn’t really fit him very well even at the smallest setting. The mesh side pockets tore on our first backpacking trip. Major disappointment. Ended up trading it in for a Deuter Fox 40. Other than the mesh pockets it is a solid pack and I would recommend it to everyone.

This backpack worked great for my 11 year old son. He was carrying about 25 lbs. The pack fits snug. It is on the small side. That's what it is intended for, so you can't get everything in there that you want. Just what you need.

Comfortable and light weight. My 10 year old has never carried his pack 100 % of the hike before this pack. Came with a free rainfly in the very bottom pocket!

I think that this pack is super comfotoble. I recently putchased this because earlier I got the Deuter Fox 40 and then changed my mind to this. Go Osprey!



What waist size(s) does this accomodate?

​The waist belt adjusts for waist sizes from 26 inches to 42 inches.


Will the Osprey 3 liter Hydraulics Reservoir fit in this pack?

The 3 liter reservoir will fit.


Is the 26" L dimension fully packed? I'm trying to determine whether it can be used as a carry on. Thanks!

The 26 x 13 x 12 inch dimensions for this pack are when the pack is fully loaded.


Why does is the hydration pocket inside the bag instead of outside like the adult sized bags? Why do all brands of kid's sized bags have this?

Not all kid's packs have internal reservoir sleeves and not all adult packs have external reservoir sleeves. The location of the reservoir sleeve depends on the design and manufacturer.

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