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Replaced my generic pack cover with this recently. Packs down smaller and weighs less than previous one. Has a nice little strap/buckle combo near the top to keep it tight to the pack. Logo is a little glittery looking, but I guess that's just the reflective print. Built in sack. Definite upgrade overall.

I really like this cover and the pouch it comes with. It fits my Atmos 65AG like a glove. Only problem I am having is that it is so fitted that my attached sleeping pad is giving me trouble to get under it. I think I will upgrade to the XL size cover to solve the pad issue.

This raincover did well in hours of rain. The raincover was very snug on my osprey backpack. The clasp that closes and tightens the cover works well. Overall the cover worked well for days of rain. I was able to set it down in sharp granite rocks and it didn't rip, so it sturdy as well.

This rain cover worked great with my Atmos 70 pack. I was able to slip it over the (full) pack, even with my sleeping pad strapped to the outside of the pack (vertically). At 3.5 oz, hard to beat, and it packs small enough to keep it in the hip-belt pocket of the pack-- easy to find in hurry. If you tend to strap a lot onto the outside -- like a tent -- you might want to go with the X-large.

This rain cover is light weight and easy to get on and off quickly, which is important in the event the weather turns quickly. While it will prevent things from getting soaked, like any other raincover it will not keep everything bone dry. I would recommend pairing this with a dry sack or two for anything that needs to stay dry (sleeping bag, clothes, etc.)

It fits exactly as described. It is well made and keeps the water off my pack. When I don't need it, it packs down to the size of a baseball. I don't think I could ask for much more out of this product. Maybe some other colors to match my pack would be nice, but that's not really that big of a deal. It does what it needs to do.

Used this recently on a 5 day backpacking trip in the high sierras. We encountered afternoon thunderstorms each day, and the rain fly held up perfectly each time

This rain fly has more secure clips and draw strings than I had seen on others which on the trail worked better than expected

I got this with my new Osprey pack and I couldn't be happier! I love the way it attaches to the pack and folds up when not in use! With a surprise rainstorm on my recent trip, I was excited to get to use it and it worked like a charm! Got rain? Osprey's got your back(pack)!

I just wanted to say that this rain cover worked great! The large size covered my 75L bag perfectly. It even had more room in case I had extra items hanging off if of the pack. It packs down small and it barely adds any weight.

Easy to put on the pack. Keeps everything dry. Rolls up into a small case for easy, quick access. Easy to take off. I really liked this cover.

I used this rain cover extensively last summer for hiking, biking and canoeing in upstate NY and it helped keep my pack dry.

Got it for Atmos 65 AG. The cover is in fact ultra light and hardly takes any place when not in use.

Can only say positive things about it. The only thing is I wish it was a bit more affordable.

Easy to put on your pack, small packing size, does what it's supposed to.

Used this on my 65 AG in a PacNW Rainforest, and it worked perfectly!

The rain jacket. Getting ready for rainy season. Peace

It's an Osprey I'm sure it will be great and offer lots of protection. I haven't had a wet day to give it go but will have as soon as the weather changes. I just wish it came with the pack; that would be a lot more convenient.

I received this as a gift for Christmas as I do a lot of backpacking. While I have not had to use this yet, it looks like it will provide adequate protection from the elements while hiking.

Sometimes I do think this should just come with the bag but ha ... if u hike and want to be sure your stuff stay dry cop it

Lightweight, kept gear dry. Fit however, does NOT take into account pad, tent, tarp, etc fastened to the bottom straps of the AG65, or other equivalently configured pack. Omit the extra load and the cover figs perfectly over the top and around the waist belt with the built in slots.

Not too much to say other than the product works great, fits around other gear like pads and tents just fine, and kept rain off of my gear despite rain blowing sideways.

Though I think the product is fine, it wasn't quite large enough for my needs to cover my external supplies while backpacking.

I used it for a 65 Aura Osprey. Works well and I like the strap on the back that attaches it securely in place.

The raincover is easy to put on my pack and compresses easily into itself for easy storage.

Great Light weight pack with lots of storage. Great for a weekend or full week.



Can you use the raincover for when you check in a backpack for flights? Does it have the option to cover all the shoulder straps, etc? Thanks in advance

​No, this raincover will not cover the entire pack as it's designed to be used while the pack is on the user's back. We recommend a pack duffle to protect your backpack during flights and other transportation. Pack duffels can be found here:


I have an Atmos 65 and strap a Passage 1 tent to the outside. Will this cover work for that setup?

Good question! Based on the information you've provided we recommend the XL size pack cover to allow for additional items to be secured outside of your pack.


I have an Osprey 65 AG m. Will this cover still fit if on the outside sleeping bag area there's a thermarest SOLite sleeping pad?

This cover will work with that pad on the outside of your pack.


I have a Aether 70, but I lash a REI Half Dome 2 Plus (2017) to the bottom of it. What size Rain Cover do you recommend?

For your pack and tent we advise using the XL size pack cover.


Is there a snap to hold it in place in addition to the cord lock, like the older version of this cover?

​This pack cover uses a traditional buckle near the top of the pack to give it a secure fit.


What size best fits over the Eja 48?  Is the large too large for that?

This pack cover is for 50 to 70 liter packs. If you don't plan on adding gear to the outside of your pack, a medium pack cover will work. However, this is a good choice if you want the option of having additional items fixed to the pack exterior.

Deborah Davis

I'm going to need to check my backpack on a flight. Does this rain cover provide protection when flying -- or is there another type of "bag" I should be looking at?

​This rain cover will protect the main compartment of your pack. It will not protect the shoulder harness or prevent straps and buckles from being caught in conveyor belts. The large Osprey Airporter LZ Pack Duffel is a better choice for checking a pack on an airplane.


I recently bought an REI 58 Liter backpack. I will be carrying a sleeping bag outside of the pack. Will a large rain pack be sufficient since it fits up to 70 liter? 

​Depending on the size of your sleeping bag, this could provide sufficient coverage for your backpack and sleeping bag.


Will the Large fit the Farpoint 70?

​Yes, the size large will fit the Farpoint 70.


Will this fit a CamelBack? I do not like their cover but have the CamelBack backpack.

More than likely this rain cover is too big for your CamelBak pack. This cover is ideal for a 50 to 75 liter backpack.


I have the Ariel 65 in a small (not AG) and my husband has the Atmos 65 AG in large. What rain cover sizes do you recommend? I usually lash my thermarest zpad on the bottom but he usually has everything contained in the pack. Thanks -

​This large rain cover is the best choice for both the Atmos 65 and the Ariel 65.


Do these have clips? My pack has clips, can these attach to the pack via clips?

​This raincover does not have clips. It has a cord lock to cinch down shockcord that rings the perimeter of the cover to tighten it down.


I have an Atmos 65 AG and i usually have my thermarest z lite sol strapped on the outer bottom of my pack. Whats a good size since I've read that the Large rain cover fits perfect and im thinking I'm going to need a bigger size..

If you have a sleeping pad lashed to the outside of your Atmos 65, the XL rain cover is going to be the best choice.


What size of this rain cover will fit an Osprey Daylite Plus pack? 

​The Osprey High Visibility Raincover in a size small fits the Daylite Plus Pack.


What size rain cover is recommended for Osprey Ariel 55, size XS -- which is actually 49 liters (not 55). I place water bottles in the side pockets and keep the top on, but otherwise don't typically attach anything to the outside.

​The Osprey UltraLight Pack Raincover will fit the Osprey Ariel 55 in a size XS.


Last week I got a osprey aether 70 at LA Rei Store. Does the Large size fits well with this backpack?

​This large pack cover works just fine for your Aether 70L pack.


I have an Osprey Atmos 50 pack- you anyone suggest the medium or large size? 

​We recommend the large raincover for the Osprey Atmos 50.


Will this fit an Osprey Aether 70L, size XL, or should I go up to a Large cover? Apparently the XL size is 76L.

The large cover will fit the Aether 70L pack. However, if you typically carry excess gear on the outside of your pack, we suggest going up one size.


Should I buy a large or medium for a Osprey 50?

Choosing the large is the better option, particularly if you like to fill your pack to the brim or attach things to the outer face of the pack.


I have a Granite Gear Blaze (60L). Think this cover will fit my pack?

​This rain cover is a great choice for your Granite Gear Blaze pack.


If I don't have anything outside of an Exos 58, will the large cover be too big?

The large raincover will fit the Exos 58 with or without items strapped to the outside of the pack.


What size do you recommend for the Exos 48?  Will be using the top section as well.  Thx!

​The medium UltraLight Pack Raincover is the best choice for the Exos 48.


Hello. Will this cover work with a Jansport Katadhin 70 liter pack? Thanks.

This pack raincover fits packs up to 75 liters, so it does fit your 70 liter JanSport pack.


Will the Large fit the Xenith 75 pack?

​The large rain cover is a good fit for the Xenith 75 pack.


I just ordered the Osprey Exos Medium, which is 58 liters. I'm picking it up on Saturday at REI along with the medium rain cover and other items. Based on the specs, should I order the Medium or Large Osprey rain cover?

​You need to have the large size pack cover for a 58 liter pack.


I have an Ariel 55, should I go with the medium or large?

​The large rain cover is recommended for your Ariel 55 pack.


Will this work with an Osprey Meridian 28, or should I go with the XL? I understand it is 75 L including the daypack

We recommend the large size for the Osprey Meridian Wheeled Convertible Luggage 28".


Will this size work well with the Ariel 65?

This size large raincover fits the Ariel 65.


What size raincover fits the large atmos 65 ag pack? Is it medium or large?

​The large raincover fits the Atmos 65 pack.


I have an Osprey Aether 70. I attach my Thermarest Z-Lite Sol ( the accordion pad) horizontally to the lower back of the pack. Dop you have any idea how this cover would work with that arrangement? Thanks!

This raincover may not be large enough to fit over a 70 liter pack and a sleeping pad. We recommend ordering the extra-large to ensure you have enough space. You can find it online here:


I have an Ariel 75L womens osprey pack, what size cover do you recommend? 

This raincover would work great for your Ariel 75L.


Will this size fit the porter 46 pack?

​This cover fits packs in the 50 – 75 liter range. It can also fit smaller packs such as the Porter 46 but it will be slightly baggy.


I have the Deuter ACT Lite 60+10 SL Women's pack. Would you recommend the large or the x-large if I were to carry my sleeping bag on the exterior of the pack?  Thanks!

We recommend the large size will fit your pack and sleeping bag but it may be a little snug depending on how big your sleeping bag is. If your sleeping bag is quite a bit larger than 5 liters or so when compressed down completely, you may want to consider purchasing a size extra-large raincover.


I just got the Osprey Atmos 65, what size cover should I buy?

​The size large is correct for the Osprey Atmos 65 pack.


Will this protect gear against waist to chest deep submersion in a body of water?

A pack raincover will not protect a pack when submerged.


I purchased the Aether 70 in a medium through REI online. Will this large raincover fit my pack?

The large UltraLight Pack Raincover is a great choice for the Aether 70 pack.


I just purchased the Aura 50. Should I get the large or the medium raincover?

The large UltraLight Pack Raincover is the best choice for the Aura 50 pack.


For th sake of saving weight would this fit on rei Yosemite 75L?

The large UltraLight Pack Raincover is compatible with the REI Yosemite 75 pack.


Would this fit on the rei Yosemite? Or on any other bag that is about 75L in that case?

The large UltraLight Pack Raincover is compatible with the REI Yosemite 75 pack as well as other 75 liter packs.


What size do I need for an Osprey Volt 60? Thinking large but not sure

The large UltraLight Pack Raincover is the best choice for your Osprey Volt 60 pack.


Will this cover fit a small Osprey Luna 75 pack? I see people talking about sizing, but there is only one size. Please advise.

The Ultralight Pack Raincover-Large fits backpacks with volumes between 50-75 liters. This is the appropriate size for your Osprey Luna 75.


I am getting a ariel 75 womens pack. Should I get a large or x-large pack cover?

The large UltraLight Pack Raincover should fit the Ariel 75 well unless you plan to attach gear to the exterior of the pack.


Will this fit on a non-Osprey brand pack? I have a North Face Banchee 65 L pack

The Osprey UltraLight Pack Raincover will fit other branded packs.


What size do I need for the Osprey Atmos 50 pack?

The large will work. It will cover packs from 50 to 75 liters.


I have a Osprey Aether 70 and was wondering if this Large Pack Cover would fit that pack?(I try not to hang anything of the side of my pack)

Yes, the large Osprey UltraLight Pack Raincover will work with your Aether 70 pack.


I have the Osprey Ariel 65 and I attach the Osprey Daylite Daypack to it. Do I still need a large rain cover or would I need an x-large because of the daypack? Thanks

We would recommend the Osprey UltraLight Pack Raincover - X Large for use with the Ariel 65 and Daylite pack.

Scrappy Malloy

Why is the weight unavailable? Doe anyone know the weight? It would be very useful for me to know. Thanks!

The UltraLight Pack Raincover in size large weighs 3 ounces.

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