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TLDR: All in all, these shoes held up quite well and worked out great for me after switching out the insoles, shoe laces and religiously used the "lace-lock" eyelet.

Good thing I DIDN'T read reviews before I purchased my Hedgehog Fastpack GTX's! From "Best Hiking Shoes Ever!" to "Very Disappointed" the reviews were all over the place. I went, tried them on (actually tried on other brands too) walked around the store a bit and finally decided on these. I wear a size 14 so REI having these in stock was a bonus! These fit great, great traction, lighter than most hiking shoes, durable. . I don't plan on making a trip to the Swiss Alps, or The Grand Canyon anytime soon, they're great for the local trails and hikes in New York State. So, if you want a great hiker try these out!

For years I have had a serious blister problem that I couldn't seem to solve. I tried these shoes on in the REI in Fort Collins, and my heal didn't slip so I gave them a try. I used them on a 12 mile hike and several shorter hikes and they didn't blister me. I can't vouch for durability yet, but the only problem so far is that they "pop" with every step. This is pretty annoying but I'll put up with it for the comfort. I suspect that they will split eventually at the point near the toe where they flex and pop

I use these shoes for everything every single day. It's my only pair of shoes and Im one of those who prefers to walk then to take a bus or train, whenever I can. Although I prefer the support and stability of a proper backpacking boots for backpacking, nothing beats a light weight hiking shoes, like these, for everything else.

Trekked up to Mt. Humphreys (CA) for a backpacking trip. Great support and comfort. I cannot speak to durability yet, but as far as performance? These are great boots. Water proofing was great while standing in lake side mud while fishing. Lots of grip for boldering.

Five stars for exceptional fit, form and function. Haven't tested them in the CO backcountry yet, but they've proven to be very stable on multiple surfaces including snow/ice covered rocks. Will probably shelve them for summer in favor of my Moab Ventilators because they're just plain HOT. Unlike some reviewers, I won't ding 'em a star for the Gore-Tex doing what it's supposed to do -- they're absolutely water resistant. But even in single-digit cold, my feet are warm and dry with only a pair of light hiking socks. Lacking breathability with toasty toes is a fair trade-off for me. Finally, they required some break-in. Kudos to the very knowledgeable REI salesperson for knowing her stuff -- I had some initial concern over how stiff they were in the store, but she assured me that if they didn't conform to my foot after a couple of weeks I could return them. No return necessary -- I expect to get a lot of use out of these hikers.

I have a terrible time finding shoes that fit my feet, and I often can not tell if a shoe will work for me until I have worn it for a while. This shoe fit me great from the moment I put it on and it has bee great ever sense. I especially like that at REI I can return the shoe within 1 year if it is not working. But on the good side, I won't be returning this shoe. I am also very thankful forth the excellent customer support person who suggested this shoe when it was one I was not even considering.

The outside of the shoe (upper and sole) is pretty rugged and I have zero issues with that. However, they have zero arch support and paper thin insoles that make them some of the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever owned. It is like wearing tuxedo rental shoes; flat and hard.

I've finally found my perfect winter shoe!

I have had these for a month now and wanted to give me view of them. I have a couple issues with them. The laces are already fraying towards the top of the shoe. From where the fraying is occurring it is rubbing against the metal in the eyelets This will be a simple fix for when they go completely. The insoles need more cushioning in my mind. They are waterproof so that is a great feature of the shoe. As for the construction of the shoes they are holding up good so far. No tears and still firm around the edges.

Just used these for a two week trek through Ireland. Gorgeous country, plenty wet though. They were comfortable for long stretches, grippy in wet conditions, and completely watertight even with a full submersion (below ankle line). I still have a previous version of these which have held up great for 7 years, including several prolonged treks and lots of day-hike miles.

Just got one today, very comfortable and light weight.

I am using this for the past 2.5 years, I used it in long walks/trails/rain/cold, it has a good grip, fit, and comfort. Once the treads in the front is gone it becomes sort of hard as if walking using a wooden shoe(cushion effect of the treads missing) the insole is not that much comfortable nowadays, lot of hardness and pressure is applied under the frontside of the feet. May be I should try replacing insole, I am not sure whether I will spend $100+ for this again

These are noisy shoes. They make a popping sound with every step, which I suspect has to do with the flexing of the stiff toe cap. They also come up a bit higher on the sides of my feet than I really like. I did buy them half a size larger than my last pair, and that may be causing some of the problems. I'll have to go back to the store and try on my regular size again.

The most comfortable and durable (for its type) shoe I have ever purchase. I do lots of walking and hiking through rocky and woody terrain without trails as a part of work and these shoes are excellent for the summer. When they get wet they dry quickly and are very rugid. My only complaint with one pair I purchased (now own a second pair) is that there was a burr on the last eyelet that shredded shoe laces. REI gave me free replacement laces (now on my third pair).

I bought two pairs of these shoes (1 green, 1 blue) about 2 years ago and found then very comfortable and long lasting. I wear them every day to work and switch back and forth between them. I liked them enough to buy two new replacement pairs now. The old ones are still very serviceable and I’ll probably be using them for some time to come as weekend/ gardening shoes.

Bought a pair and wore them for a couple days. They felt very uncomfortable. I've bought plenty of the north face shoes and these were the least comfortable. Can only give a couple of stars as the inadequate comfort kept me off any trails.

I bought these shoes with the intention of wearing them for a summer internship on a golf course and using them for a summer trip to Glacier national. I read some reviews that questioned the build quality, but let me assure you these shoes are built as good as any Merrell, Keens, Salomon, etc.

I took a big chance and bought these about a week before my Inca Trail trip (bad idea, I know). I wanted lightweight hikers that were also waterproof. They surpassed my expectations. Comfortable, supportive, and kept my feet dry when it rained for 2 days. I'd still recommend getting shoes for a big hike a little earlier than 1 week out, but the fact they worked so well for me is amazing!

The soft sides make them comfortable right out of the box, but the materials broke down very quickly under normal daily use. I would expect a $120 low rise hiker to last more than six months of wear (two to three times a week running around town...we're not talking rocky trails and 40 pound back packs here!) without the heel cup collapsing and the ankle padding fraying to pieces.

This would have been my third pair of Hedgehogs. The shoe has new material but basically the same design. I typically wear a 12 but these seemed to run a bit big. I wore them around the house for a couple of days but they were not comfortable. I have some knee problems and theses seem to make them act up sooner. Besides not being as comfortable as my other Hedgehog purchases the most annoying complaint is that I couldn’t keep them tied without double knotting the laces. I would have to tie them a half dozen times a day. Hate that. Just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Sizing is similar to other brands, nothing out of the ordinary.

I bought these to have something that was lighter than my regular hiking boots. They were mostly comfortable out of the box (with a purchase of some insoles they ended up fitting perfectly). The insole provided is basically useless and was the biggest culprit of them not being perfect out of the box. The fit I'd say is slightly on the roomier side which allows me to wear my liners. This was a big plus for me as I prefer wearing liners no matter the hike. The material seems of high quality; no failures as of yet. I love these shoes and to get them on a sale was even better.

I purchased this pair to replace the Keen above ankle hiking shoes that I have had for the past 5 years - I don't use these shoes too often, typically only for a couple of weeks each year when I walk around the tea and coffee plantations in India.

Comfortable, but super disappointing durability coming from the North Face. We have their outdoor gear from 2 decades ago that is still rock solid. These shoes failed after a few hikes. The sole peeled off.

great light shoe. good ventilation. not too stiff. used as my traveling shoe for several years. lasted through a summer of traveling through Europe and treks in Peru and the Canary Islands.

This is the best hiking shoe I’ve ever owned. They fit perfectly and keep my feet dry and stable. These are my second pair. I’m glad Northface didn’t change models.

I didn’t even know TNF made shoes the day I went in to try pairs out, had a few other brands in mind. These fit my wider foot incredible. After 2 years of wearing them for literally everything short of my job, they’ve been amazing. Wish they were a little lighter but I’m sure they’d not be so durable if that were the case. Will definitely buy another pair whenever these finally die!

This is my second pair of Hedgehog's. Generation two is even better. It seems like the shoe is a bit wider in the toe area (nice for me). So far it seems like a great fit.

I bought these shoes for use on a month-long trip to the American Southwest. They worked flawlessly. I was especially happy with the way they performed while I was hiking in the slick rock areas of Canyonlands National Park - no slips or slides and they were very comfortable.

I ordered these because they were on sale. Held up pretty well on several hikes including Maroon Bells Loop. Not the most comfortable. I would add an insole of your choice. They have held up well, no separating at the toe like some

I bought this in May 2019 and so far so good. Only complaint would be the fit. Initially got 8.5 instead my regular shoe size 9, but returned for my true size because my toes were at the very tip and felt “small”. Still to this day feels a bit “big” so it’s an unusual fit for me.

May be the best pair of shoes I've owned. a running shoe and waterproof. Tough..have worn them in lots of weather. I have the ultra fast pak gtx...they're awesome.

Really nice shoe for walking around or hitting the trail. I took them in some snow and rain and they stayed dry. They look really good as well! I would buy them again.

4.5 stars. Finally found the shoe for my multiple purposes. Only quibble is they don't make them in B-width for my narrow foot. Used them for years.

Excellent protection and stability. I use these shoes for light trails, greenways, etc. Water resistance is outstanding.

I've used this pair of shoes on two very rugged, rocky, and lengthy trails and am completely satisfied with them so far. This is my first pair of hiking shoes, so I am unable to compare them to other brands. I noticed a marked increase in support and traction compared to standard athletic sneakers. I did a very physically demanding hike with these shoes out of the box and did 7 miles without any blisters or sore feet. As of now, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Comfy and waterproof. Stylish without being gawdy. Excellent construction

Did a 5 mike hike in them to break them in, then did a 25 2 day trip and they were great. It’s a very stable shoe and they do great on the rocks in PA on the AT but there is no cushion, so my feet got very sore. For my second backpacking trip, I did 35 miles 3 days and about 8 miles in, my right foot was numb and tingly, shooting pains from my the outside of my ankle down to my pinky toe. They are cut very awkwardly with not enough cushion at the top so they were sharply pressing my ligament against my ankle bone. I thought it was going to give me nerve damage. Another hiker said I should cut them down, but they were fairly new so I didn’t want to. I started to Change the way I walked instead- big mistake. Now I had a messed up foot and knee. So I decided to cut the shoe much lower to give my ankle some space, that definitely helped but did not fully solve the problem. I will be returning and getting something lower with more cushion.

I bought these shoes for my son who needed a pair of hiking shoes for a backpacking trip and he is not a fan of heavy hiking boots and doesn't like the look of traditional hiking shoes. He wears athletic shoes 24/7. He loves these shoes!! They are lightweight, waterproof, comfortable right out of the box, aggressive tread offers great traction on all surfaces. Perfect for light and medium terrain. They have become his go-to outdoor activity shoe.

I have been wearing different/various iterations of the North Face Hedgehog for the past 5 years. I am an active individual who needs a shoe for hiking as well as just doing things around my property. I need the convenience of a waterproof membrane because I do not have the time to always switch shoes when the weather changes.

I worked outside, I just retired. But before I retired I worked outside in all weather. I live in Seattle and guess what it rains in Seattle. Wet feet suck especially if you have them all day or night depending on what shift you work. Anyway I have a new spare pair in the closet just Incase these wear out. They are great if you’re on your feet all day and even in the rain. Get some you won’t be disappointed.

I tried several pairs of shoes on at REI and I was not finding a comfortable pair. Many hiking shoes/boots are narrow or don't allow a lot of space at the toe. It was immediately clear these were the shoe for me when I put them on. There is plenty of space in the toe of the shoe and overall it is wider which is what I needed. It seems many shoes are designed for a wearer who is 150lbs or so. I'm larger at 280lbs and these shoes were immediately comfortable without any question or concern. I bought these along with a pair of Balega no-blister socks. I wore them both for 2 days prior to setting out on a 13 mile round trip backpacking hike. The shoes were extremely comfortable from trail walking to climbing steep trails in the Smoky Mountains. This is more of a trail running shoe and fits that like. It is comfortable and holds up well. This is definitely a shoe I would recommend trying.

These are very comfortable, they feel well made and look nice. I haven’t owned them long enough to say anything about long term durability. Hopefully they will be similar to my last pair of North Face hiking shoes that lasted many years. The right shoe felt a little narrower than the left when I first started wearing them. But they’ve stretched out enough that I don’t have that sensation anymore.

I have never worn a worse hiking shoe in my life. I have constant foot pain when I wear these shoes, only when I wear these, even after switching to orthotics. I feel like there is absolutely no heel support at all.

I was looking for a light weight hiking shoe to replace a heavier full hiking boot. Having tried on multiple items, these items fit the best. Snug in the heal but plenty of room for the toes. On the trail these preformed great. Enough protection and great traction. The great fit becomes evident after the first 10 miles. I suggest you try on many shows and if these do fit, buy them.

These shoes caused the worst blisters I’ve ever experienced. After a break-in period I used these shoes on a 50 mile section of the PCT in Oregon. I had to quit my hike after 30 miles due to the large blisters these shoes caused. I’ve been a hiker and backpacker for 40 years and these shoes are the worst.

I have fallen in love with these shoes in the last few years for all my hiking and backpacking trips. They fit great and I have only gotten one small blister in about 3 years of using a succession of these shoes. They are sturdy, provide good traction, and feel great on my feet. I like the rubber toe guard. It's strong enough to protect my toes when I smash them into rocks or logs across the trail. They drain and dry well when I'm in a wet environment or I'm doing lots of stream crossings.

After wearing Merrell, Salomen & others - and almost 4 full years of regular trail use throughout the year - I highly recommend these to you! The Vibram soles STILL have tread and they "stick" well to all trail conditions. I use Superfeet insoles in all my shoes, including these. Comfort, durability, stability, waterproof (Nikwax helps) and even the laces are still usable.

I bought these for my high school son who has to walk between three high schools each and everyday. The pathways are covered in snow and slush this time of year and these work perfect! They still give that tennis shoe feel without the bulkiness of boots. His feet stay dry throughout the school day making for a more pleasant experience. I have a pair as well. Fantastic!!

I have hiked with this shoe for many years, but my recent trip to Norway in February confirmed my view that this is a terrific all round hiker. I wore it with a warm sock on ice and compact snow everywhere. My feet stayed warm and traction was solid. I only used my insulated boots for 2 short excursions over a two week period. I’m staying with Hedgehog!

I hiked a couple of days in the Adirondaks with these shoes and they did great. Even with my pack on (about 30lb) they stood up well to the tough rocky terrain.

I bought my first pair 18 months ago. They did survive a lab puppy and have been my primary pair of shoes outside of my dress shoes for work. They are extremely comfortable -- at least for me -- and I did not experience any break-in concerns. I bought another pair with the REI Annv discount and my annual dividend payment.

I wear hiking boots every day at work, I bought these because they looked a bit more professional than some others. They wore out very quickly, with the cloth on the inside of the heel completely wearing away. I still wear the Obos I bought a year before these. These shoes are not close to the quality of a brand like Obos.

I've been wearing these fairly consistently since I purchased them and they're pretty comfortable, no break in time needed. Recently, I did the Misery Ridge Trail hike at Smith Rock and these held up really well. And while a lot of people around me we're slipping and sliding on some of the loose rock, I never had an issue.

I purchased these as my new backpacking shoes. I prefer low-top shoes with enough support for backpacking. Although I have not yet used these for backpacking, I have used them on quite a few 3-4 mile walks on our greenbelt trail. Excellent fit and comfort. I am looking forward to using them on my summer backpacking trip.

I wanted to like these boots. They were indeed waterproof and breathable. But I could never get them to fit just right. The balls of my feet were usually sore after short hikes of 2 miles, and my toes crammed together on descents no matter how tightly I tied the shoes.

Purchased these hiking shoes before a trip to Costa Rica. Internal flights require a max of 30 lbs in the hold and Rain/ Cloud Forest visits suggested the need for waterproof gear. The shoes performed perfectly, - no blisters or break-in required and adequate ankle support for hiking and occasional boulder-jumping.

I love these shoes. So comfortable and great in the PNW. However as many have mentioned the laces are horrible. They break apart after a few months and there’s no option to replace the same ones. I bought another colored pair and the same thing happened to them. Otherwise they are a really nice shoe.

Changed out my Merell Moab for these and hiked hard for 3 days, including up and down a mountain. These shoes wee perfect! Took a beating and my feet never bothered me. That’s quite the statement coming from me since I have dead flat feet. I’m sold on this brand of shoe from here on out.

Still breaking them in, but so far so good. I have wide size 13-14 feet, so my choices are limited. These have a bit of a toe box which I like for those steep down hills. The heel could cup a little more, hope there is no heel lift. Not hot, and breathes well while keeping feet dry.

The shoe is lightweight which makes sporadic runs up and/or down hills easier. The only problem I had was a defect in the tongue, which was to much rubber causing it to dig into the top of my foot. I started feeling in the 6th mile of my hike. REI was great about replacing them.

These hiking shoes are comfortable right out of the box. I have enjoyed many hikes with them. My only complaint is they are quite slippery on wet wood.

I've got these in size 11.5. They fit great, they feel great, i've had them for a month and wear them daily. Great grip in the rain and seem very well constructed. I highly recommend these and have had great experiences with The North Face shoes in general.

This is my second pair of these and I couldn't be happier. Very comfy fit extremely well and true to size. Great for an afternoon walk or a 15mile hike. I wore these on a long gorge hike and they have great traction even on steep terrain or in rain.

Love these shoes, have had several pairs in the past years. Have worn Solomon’s for several years off and on, but for my feet the Hedgehogs are the best bang for the buck. I wear them daily, on the job and off hiking biking etc. No disappointments !!

I don’t have enough time in this shoe to comment on durability, but construction appears comparable to other high profile brands. I put about 1500 annual miles on winter and summer shoes, most recently wearing through Salewa Firetails, La Sportiva Wildcats, Salomon XA Pro 7’s and Topo MT-2’s. I backed off the latest Salomon offerings (X Ultras and XA Pros) since they seem too snug in the 10 and too roomy in the 10.5 this year. For my foot, a true 10 (43.5) that doesn’t run narrow gets it right. The last on the old Montrail Mountain Masochists was perfect, as is the Topo Athletic. The Hedgehog joins that group as a comfortable fit for me. I’ve seen reviewers comment that the shoe is narrow, pinched at the top of the toe box, and also wide in the toe box. I’ve found the Hedgehog to be none of those-just a true to size shoe for a medium width foot that doesn’t like to be cramped up top. First impressions are good. I expect it to be a rugged and reasonably durable winter mud and snow shoe with TNF’s classic middle of the road fit.

I bought these the day before my first climbing trip to Red River Gorge. It was wet and muddy everywhere, and I slipped WAY less than the others I was with. They fit great, kept my feet dry, and traction was on point! I'm so glad I bought these!

I found that hiking shoes in general run small. I take a 9.5 normally, ended up with the size 10 and with good hiking socks they fit extremely well. If there was a break in period I wasn't aware of it. They were comfortable from the get go.

I wasn't looking for shoes that provided both comfort and Gore-Tex liking while working. This shoe provides exactly that while not being bulky looking like other shoe brands in it class. This shoe fits my feet and requirements perfectly!

I am on my 2nd pair and I love them. My first pair lasted 1-1/2 years and considering I wear them everyday day for work is amazing. They breath well, repel water well and are extremely durable. Good traction on the trail as well.

Overall I like the shoe. It fits nice and is comfortable to walk in. The only reason I gave it an average is about 3 weeks after getting them and wearing them daily they started to squeak when I walk. I find it annoying.

Didn’t have anytime to break them in, but turns out they were comfortable and ready to go right out of the box. I’m using them in a tropical environment, the Amazon and Mexico and my feet stay cool. Love them!

I got these shoes thinking they would be decent hiking shoes, they are! Just when I add a 40lb plus pack my toes compacted and my heal rubbed just enough to cause a major pain. With a 20lb pack they are great

These have been incredible for light hiking, disc golf, and anything I've put them up against. Comfortable, and they fit very well even though I have a hard time finding shoes that fit. Great so far.

I bought a pair of these in 2014 as lightweight hikers. Loved them. I bought this pair to replace the old ones. My only beef is that the tread is soft and wears down relatively quickly.

I do a long-distance walk/hike every year (100 to 500 miles), and over the years have completed two different routes of the Camino de Santiago, and various long walks/hikes in the UK and the Alps. (For tougher hikes, like the PCT, I use heavier hiking boots). I searched a long time for a shoe that I could wear every day, day after day, for sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day, that would give my feet the support they needed and still be comfortable on all different types of terrain (rocks, pavement, dirt track, etc.). After trying several different brands, I'm on my third pair of these shoes and about to buy a new pair for this coming year. They do wear out after about 500 to 750 miles, depending on how and where you hike. I start my annual walk/hike with a new pair as they don't take any time to break in. I use my old pair for training for my next walk. They have kept me dry in downpours, secure on mountainsides, and comfortable on city streets. I buy a half-size larger than I normally wear for the inevitable foot swelling. I have never had a blister or any problems with my feet using these shoes.

Very comfortable. Used them in Europe to walk to Christmas Markets in varying weather conditions, from snow to slush to dry pavement. Added Superfeet to make the shoe even better.

Have had 7 pairs of Hedgehogs over the years, and will keep buying them as long as they make them. I wear these for my daily "around town" shoes, and they've stood up well.

A very good hiking shoe. It is a solid platform, yet very comfortable. The lacing system is a little too stiff, but it is so easy to hike in that makes up for it.

Have had worn the same hiking shoe which wears very well and is the best fit fo me-so glad to find them availbale again at REI-plus a great price at REI

Has a very good fit & feel, breathable dry hiker. So far only used for some short woods walks, can't wait to get then on some more challenging trails.

3rd pair of Hedgehog’s I’ve owned and I’m sure there will be a 4th. I have Fred Flinstone feet with and extra wide toe box and these just work for me.

I've really enjoyed the North Face shoes. They offer sufficient ankle support for rocky terrain. I have wide feet and they fit perfect.

I like them. Will use for day hikes and around town. Already spend some days in the rain and they were very nice and waterproof.

These shoes felt right the first time I put them on. They're light, but have sturdy soles, have great support and traction.

Had the shoes for 2 weeks and so far been hiking, biking and worn daily. They are comfortable and show no signs of wear.

Could not be more pleased. Well made, great fit. Tried many different brands, but this is by far the best for the $

I’m now on my third pair of these! Great light hiking shoes! I’ve tried others, but keep coming back to these!

Got these for Christmas and really like the fit and feel. The she has great traction in snow and on ice.

Not as good of a fit as my previous North Face hiking shoes, which began to show wear after 4 1/2 years..

Comfortable enough for hiking, walking and general every day wear. Good price too when on sale

These shoes were comfortable right off the rack. Bought a half size large and they fit great.

With amazing grip on the sole. Excellent in the canyons and on the trail

Great shoes, they are comfortable and fit with just abiut any activity!

Happy that I got these shoes They work for me.Smooth walking for me.

Outstanding!! Great shoes for every day wear. Thus my second pair.

Highly recommend. Very versatile. Good for just about every hike.

Very happy with how they feel. They breathe well. Not too heavy

I bought these shoes last month. I enjoy wearing the shoes.

Love this shoe for every day walking Last for over a year.

I like that the Vibram heel lasts longer than others.

Bought these for carrying a 30 pounder, 210 combined.



Can I use these as my 'water hiking shoes' for the Zion Narrows?

​These boots can be used for hiking the Zion Narrows.


What is the difference between the Northface Hedgehog and the 110 hiking shoe? 

Both of these shoes are very similar. The Hedgehog Fastpack uses a Vibram outsole where the Ultra 110 uses an UltrATAC outsole. The Hedgehog Fastpack also uses Cradle heel-stability technology for great heel support.


Why will your web site not allow me to enter shoe size

​If you are having an issue placing an order, please give us a call at (800) 426-4840.


How wide are these shoes? I don't see any width sizing specs.

This shoe is a D width.


Where can I get replacement laces for these shoes (New Taupe Green/Moon Mist Grey)? I know I need 60" laces but I haven't found any close to this color and one of the original laces broke.

We suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if shoe laces that are color matched to these shoes are available.

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