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I just bought the small version for a backpacking trip through Rocky Mountain NP. I like the weight savings compared to other pads and to the full length version. After falling asleep on it on the first night out, I woke up a few hours later and it was completely deflated. Same thing every night thereafter. I double checked the valve, couldn't find any punctures, and couldn't hear any air leaking (must have been a slow leak). I was essentially sleeping on the ground. Perhaps it is a defective pad, because otherwise I really liked it. Well designed, my sleeping bag didn't slip off the top of it, light weight, insulated well enough for alpine summer nights, and (when inflated) very comfortable.

I bought this to replace the RidgeRest closed cell pad I had used form many years to reduce the volume/bulk in my pack. The pad insulates and cushions surprisingly well for something so small and light, but you have to be very careful with punctures or leaks with anything inflatable. The pad is not really self-inflating. It fills about half the way on its own, but is easy to top off by mouth. for camping at temperatures well below freezing, I put a closed cell pad under this.

I used this for 7 nights in a row hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc. I found it comfortable but it is a bit bulky in the pack. My regular size measures 11 x 6 inches when stuffed in the sack, NOT 11 x 5 as advertised here.

I spent four nights in the Emigrant Wilderness and only slept well one of the nights.

I love this thing. I'm 6'2" and have the longest one. Before getting this I had never been able to get a decent night's sleep camping. Now I sleep just as well I do at home.

My title may be a bit deceiving - no my pad did not pop. It propped up my 400 lb frame with grace and brawn. The pad does all you need with just an inch of foam and 12 lung fulls of air - with maybe a little bit of light headed-ness when it’s all said and done. You can’t go wrong with the color and you surely won’t lose it in your car, backpack, gym locker, or fanny pack.

Not the lightest sleeping pad out there, but certainly one of the most comfortable and practical for serious backpacking. Offers excellent support at a mere pound (short). This may seem like a lot to a thru-hiker but for the rest of us a perfectly acceptable weight, especially considering all the “uberlite” models out there that are noisy, fragile, thin as saranwrap and offer zero insulation and I might add expensive as heck.. This self-inflating pad is soft and cushy. Perfect 3 Season insulation. Nice and grippy with a substantially thick surface. No slipping or sliding and very quiet for a good nights sleep. Love the foam and the thick cloth-like feel of surface.

Thermarrest sleeping pad.

Pad has a good balance of warmth, convenience, cushion, weight, and packability. I got it with the idea that it seemed like a good jack of all trades, and now having used it, I think I was right.

I bought this to replace an older pad. I'm not backpacking, so I don't really need the compact form factor, but I needed a pad in a pinch and picked this one up locally. I got the Large version as I wanted a bit more space on the tent floor. In short, it's a quality piece of gear but it is too thin for me. I sleep on my side and kept having to move around to stay comfortable (hip bone kept bumping the ground). Lots of waking all night. Also, "self" inflating meant I had to do it my"self", it didn't inflate even after I let it sit a couple of nights fully inflated. If you're looking for a spartan type pad, this is a good, high quality product. But I'll be looking for something a bit more comfortable.

This pad is pretty good for the average hiker that sleeps on their back. It is fairly light, condenses small, easy to blow up, and I had zero issues with how it works or it's durability. However, I sleep on my side and would find my hip and shoulder hurting the next morning pretty much every time I used it. Overall it was a good reliable product but just not for me so I will be returning it for a thicker air mattress type pad that caters more towards side sleepers.

I got this sleeping pad about 3 years ago and I have taken it on many trips, from car camping to backpacking and it has yet to disappoint me. It is light enough that I can take it backpacking, but still thick and comfortable enough that I don't bother bringing an air mattress when I car camp.

I'm 6'2", 56YO, and sleep OK on the short pad with the pad just under my torso and upper legs with a thin quilt top for 3 seasons of backpacking in the Pac NW. That includes temps down to 30F and lower. Since I'm wearing all my clothes at night I also carry a blow up pillow for a head rest. The pad fits into the quilt straps and I don't slip off of the pad at night. I stow the pad inside my frameless pack while hiking using it as a liner against the pack fabric to help form the pack shape. It's done 5 or so years of multi day BP trips without issue and I think it's more rugged than a blow up. I store it expanded, valve open, on it's side behind a chest of drawers, with the valve up so breath moisture can slowly dissipate. My partner; however, doesn't like a pad this thin and also needs a higher R-value so she carries a heavier blow up pad. But she's had a blow up fail after 2 years of use. I'd group this pad between bomb-proof foam pads and cushy/warm blowups for functionality and reliability.

A good, comfortable pad that is relatively small in size when packed. I'm sure there are lighter, more easily packed, and more comfortable pads out there, but this is a good value for the money. The only reason I gave it 4 stars in stead of 5 was that the memory foam wouldn't self inflate very much and I ended up having to inflate nearly the whole thing myself.

A must for any light weight camping. I purchased this for my girlfriend. She had been borrowing a friends for a few years. Our primary camping is local St Parks, but do a Boundry Waters self guided, light weight, single portages trip every year. So the light weight and durability is a must. I have had a Therm-a rest for years, and this was a no brainer add for her. Many try to copy, but Therm-a Rest was one of the 1st and the best. Well worth the money. She has used it 2 times and loves it. The thickness of the ProLite Plus an easy trade off for the minimal weight add vs the non plus option. The size and shape allows her to put it inside of her bag. I would recommend this pad to anyone.

I used this Therm-a-Rest ProLite in my hammock for a 3-day outing at the Piedmont Earthskills gathering in Pittsboro, NC last month. The temperatures dropped to just above freezing 2 of the three nights I was there. The last night of the event temperatures dropped to about 34 degrees; winds blew constantly at 15 mph with sporadic 20 mph gusts; sleet came down after about midnight. Through it all the ProLite more than did its job as part of my hammock bedding. It softened the sleep surface; did not shift around; and helped keep me snug and warm below. No cold-butt syndrome here!

Really glad I finally bought this. I haven't had a chance to camp with it yet, but this past weekend, I set it up and used it with my sleeping bag at home. Although it's thin, I found it very comfortable. I could even sleep on my side and my hip bone didn't push through.

I loved this mat. I do not normally sleep well on my back in the woods but this is much better than something like a standard z-fold. I used it in 20-30 degree weather and I had no issues with the cold from the ground seeping through. The biggest knock is that it takes a fair amount of time to fully inflate. Some people have mentioned that it was hard to repack but by taking my time, I was able to get it just as small as it was when it came in the packaging. I am happy with my purchase.

My wife and I both have these pads and for what they are, they're great. I have had mine out in upper 20, lower 30 degree weather and and I did not feel the cold ground at all. My only gripe about this pad is that I am a side sleeper and this is a little on the thin side for that. Mind you I am a bit overweight and I'm sure that plays into the support level. I am still giving this pad 5 stars because it really is a durable product and my issue with it is more of a personal preference. My wife and I plan on upgrading to the Big Agnes Q Core pad as it is about the same weight ( a little lighter) but is over 3 inches thick which is perfect for sleeping on your side. If you're a stomach or back sleeper this is your pad!

This is a great pad for backpacking. It does a great job of insulating your body heat from the ground and it rolls up to a very small, lightweight roll. It's even fairly comfortable when you lay flat on your back but not so much if you sleep on your side. Overall though, great pad.

This pad is very sturdy, will not pop easily like some pads and although it doesnt have the lowest rating for temperature, this pad will hold up. If the rest of your gear is good for low termperatures, you should be happy with this pad.

I hiked a majority of the Appalachian Trail with this pad, and I had no problems with it. While it's only rated for the weight of one adult it definitely held the weight of two.

Overall, great pad. Very light, holds warmth exceptionally well, comfy sleeper. Only issue I have is the "self inflating" feature, in short, is not a feature. Thermalite makes a great product, but do yourself a favor and go with the regular version. It does inflate itself to an extent, over time, but no matter how long you let it sit, you're going to have to blow air into it to get it comfortably inflated for sleeping.

I bought this for RAGBRAI, the bike ride across Iowa. I didn't have to carry my own pack, so I'm not sure why I went so rustic and bought the smallest mat. It is VERY thin and noisy. We slept in small quarters in tents, so the size was good, but was like sleeping on almost nothing. I returned it for something thicker for next year. This mat would be great if you have to carry it around yourself for your trip on a hike or a bike ride, but if you don't have to do that, I recommend going with a thicker mat for comfort!

I recently went on an expedition trip to the Arctic. It was warm, light, and so comfortable

I will up front say that I hate air pad. They are prone to holes and I have not had one that ever gave more than a years service. I do a lot of hiking but also car camping. Firstly it is a nice pad and is comfortable when it works but, you know the bag that it comes with it.... I DARE any human being to roll the thing up and put it back into the sac that it came with! One can barely pry it out of the bag when it is new. Bags offer protection. Not going to happen with the one they send with it. $100.00 and the bag that it comes in is GARBAGE!

I bought this for my AT through-hike. It's comfortable enough I guess (not the best for side sleeping) and it was warm enough on really cold nights. The big issue is it isn't water proof. Water got in my tent and the foam inside the pad soaked up the water like a sponge. So my sleeping pad was a wet sponge, my down quilt got wet from the pad (as did I), and then it started to snow. Yay...

Purchased for use in my hammock. Replacing a 4 year old Exped. Let it inflate, lay down, open valve to let some air out and I slept 9 hours. Perfect! After about a week a bubble developed right where I lay my head. Got as big as a softball! I was so disappointed. But, REI replaced it. I haven't used it since but it is awesome. Will update review after my next trip, 30 nights at the lake.

We bought two, one large and one regular (I'm 6'3 / 200, she's 5'10 / 165), and they worked very well for a few nights. We returned hers after it stopped holding air but my large worked well the entire trip. Returned hers, but very happy with the purchase and experience overall and will repurchase another when they go on sale.

When I was in my area REI store, I wasn't sure a pad that felt so thin (even when inflated with a few extra puffs of air) would be comfortable. However, I decided to trust the person helping me, since he had used such a pad on his own outings. After purchasing the pad, I tested it several times and was pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable it was. While it costs significantly more than conventional open or closed cell pads, the comfort and vast size savings have made me pleased with my purchase.

Great product very comfortable not much to blow up salesman told me to leave it blown up for a couple of days and when we go to use it it will pretty much inflate itself and it did about five or six more blows and it was all set and very compact thumbs up

This Prolite Plus, the foam seemed to have taken a permanent set in a compressed (flat state). It never got much thicker even after being stored unrolled. I checked this against store samples which were much thicker. The second time it was used it would not hold pressure. I was able to return it and get a different pad. I must have gotten a defective pad.

I bought this sleep pad a year ago and while I do like it I find myself being jealous of my boyfriends REI sleep pad which is a bit thicker. Don’t get me wrong I sleep great on it but I do like my beds a bit more cushiony. I bought it for backpacking so the small size is convenient for that and for my hammock so I’ll be keeping it but I think I’ll be buying one like my boyfriends for car camping! Also the folding up isn’t great, kinda hard to get all the air out but doable after a couple tries!

I mainly use the pro-lite for motorcycle camping trips. It is warm, comfortable, and quiet. I'm 6' 190 lbs.and sleep on my side and it's still comfortable.

This pad is comfortable and very easy to inflate. However, it is a real pain to deflate all the way in order to roll up and put back in the storage bag.

Just finished a section of the AT. I was surprised how much better I slept with this pad instead of my old Thermarest pad

Bought this after exchanging REI brand due to REI brand having a faulty valve. This is much superior in every aspect

Purchased this item for a backcountry hike last weekend. Figured I would try it and see how it faired to different pad I had. I couldn't get comfortable. This item is not for someone who had wide shoulders. I adjusted the amount of air and still couldn't get comfortable. I ended up sleeping more comfortably with out it and just using the pillow I bought. Not for me personally.

Did I get a dud? I moved to this after my REI Trekker had a slow leak after 4 uses. The Prolite Plus didn't even survive one night. I woke up multiple times throughout the night with a flat sleeping pad. I must have the worst luck. Thank goodness for REI's awesome return/exchange policy!

Got this in Fairbanks, AK as a replacement for a recently purchased Trail Pro that had failed, would not hold air, no holes found, REI personnel suspected a valve or seam leak. Walked out paying more for this one, hoping for more durability, but same result a couple of weeks later, I was only car camping, using a yoga pad underneath the pad inside a tent! Again, no traceable leak so took back to REI back home in NM, now wondering what to buy.

I love my Therm-a-Rest sleep pad. I upgraded from a cheaper plain inflatable pad and it makes a huge difference. It blows up easily, the foam stays stable and even all night, and is quiet when moving around at night. Only down side is that it does pack up about 50% bigger than my previous pad, but still slips into a day pack easily with my other gear for an overnight hike. For the price and weight, I think this is a great value.

Not that impressed. Got it for compact, light weight, friendly usability but did not get those. Yes it is more compact than the form pads in your packs but you have to store opened up--takes space. Also when packing it up its a process to get the air out & kept it out when rolling it up--not very easy. But it is an air mattress for comfort provided you don't puncture it.

There are lighter pads on the market, but you give up comfort or quietness or thermal shielding. this bad seems to excel in all of those areas. I have experienced some slipping when the tent is not on a flat surface. I hear a couple drops of gum or rubber adhesive patches with be an easy solution, but I wish the manufacturer has addressed it.

I have always used a basic foam pad and have never considered a good night's rest a part of backpacking. I slept like a beagle all night, on my side, back, and belly. I didn't notice the pressure points hitting the ground or the rolling effect I get with my camping air mattress. I have read reviews about it being cold, but it was perfect for me March through November here in the Carolinas. It's easy to inflate and deflate, and though I haven't had it long I rolled around on a sweet gum ball one night and it survived that without a blemish so it seems pretty tough. It's well worth the $80 difference between it and my foam pad, and I can't imagine a $200 air pad sleeping that much better. A word of caution: follow the instructions for first use and storage. It takes forever to inflate the first time and after it's been packed for more than a few days. If you do it right it inflates plenty quick with no effort and packs down much smaller than a foam pad.

This sleeping pad is only $100, and it is worth every penny!! Camping can be so wonderful, but without a good night's rest, your trip can be ruined. I used mine for 8 days in the Colorado mountains, and it didn't pop or anything. They are a little hard to roll up into the bag they come in, but aside from that, these pads are AMAZING!

I want to love this pad. But after the second time using it, it started deflating overnight. I would wake up super sore and stiff on the ground in the middle of the night. Couldn't find any leaks and the valve seemed ok. I'll have to try putting it in a tub to find the leak but it also shouldn't have busted after one good night

I have used this pad roughly a dozen nights in temperature ranges from 40 degrees to 90 degrees. As far as comfort and warmth I have only good things to say. My only complaint is that I have a terrible time in the morning getting it back in my stuff sack. Maybe it is user error? It is like wrestling with an alligator.

Finally got to test it out. Turns out it is horrible for side sleepers. I tried sleeping on my back but couldn't get comfy. Ended up having to roll over every 30 minutes because my side would go numb. It got really cold that night, other campers had ice forming under their bags. I was warm and it did its job

Hubby returned this one for being too thin. Kneeling or side sleeping will have you touching the ground even when it's as inflated as humanly possible. It's also too wide for using in his 20+ year old Therm-a-Rest camp chair frame.

I bought the small size of this versus the women's version to save some weight and smaller pack length. Here's what I like about it - not super slippery and the fabric/self inflating design makes it less prone to puncture. -not noisy (thank you !) -plenty warm for three seasons -no hips or shoulders touching the ground, this is true at varied levels of inflation. Very cushy for its size and weight -self inflation works just fine with a few extra puffs for whatever level of firmness you want. Of course it needs more the first time out of the package, not a big deal and totally expected. Store it open not rolled to avoid ever having to do the extras again. -I'm a 5'1" female and when I sleep on my side the small is just long enough to support my ankles, for some reason this is very important to me -key distinguishing factor.... for a self inflating it quickly rolls/packs down to a small size with minimal effort.... Easily fits into the stuff sack for a fast exit !

The pad is small compact and easy to use. I found it to be comfortable. I let it auto-inflate when I set up the tent, then I would add a little more air. I slept well on the pad each night of the trip. I liked the fact it was small and light. It was easy to add to my portage gear and didn't weigh me down.

Bought this mat for a 2 day trip out to Granite Tors AK. It worked great! Super comfortable and with the temp dropping to the mid 30s and 40s at night, I felt fine in my summer bag. It could be a little bigger, as I did roll off the mat a couple times but I suppose it was designed to be inserted in a bivy.

I have hiked four 4 years using my Exped Synmat 7. It finally delaminated. No longer availabe so I got this. First impressions, as comfy as my exped, (on my floor). Will be taking on 3 week kayak expedition and hammock camping. Will updat after. Also, I am impressed with the "Lifetime" warranty.

Great lightweight year round pad. Comfortable (remember you're backpacking, not at the Ritz) and keeps me warm in freezing temps. I'm able to sleep on my side and I weigh 190. Been used monthly, sometimes weekly all over the U.S. and hasn't failed. Even if punctured it will still be insulated.

Pad does not self inflate as described in product description. Pad is easy to blow up manually though. I am returning the pad because it does not work as described . Not worth the money if it does not work as described

I bought this pad because I needed an upgrade over an old 3/4 length foam pad for shoulder season camping. It was barely an improvement.

Great mattress if you don't mind rolling out of your sleeping bag every hour to reinflate

Have had this pad for a few years and it's quite comfy and durable. I've slept on it for weeks at a time and consider it the next best thing to a real bed. Because it's inflated you can adjust the firmness easily and it packs pretty small (although remember to store it flat).

Bought this for a 4 day trip but switched to Nemo Tensor at last minute to save a few more ounces and cc. Will certainly use it family camping. Extremely durable, quiet and warm. Appreciate the self-inflating valve. Thermarests are like Toyotas. They last forever.

Bought this for a camping trip out west, sleeping on the desert floor type of camping. Overall, I was very pleased with this product. To start, it is small enough that it fits easily into my carry on luggage or day pack, making it ideal for packing into the bottom of either of these bags. Set up wise, I am unsure just how 'self-inflating' this product is. However, I must admit, I am not the most patient of person either, and ended up giving it a few big puffs from the old lungs to finish the job. I have no doubt that if i had set the sleeping pad out and let it rest for a while, that it would have filled to a sufficient level all on its own. My only complaint about this product is the process that is involved in deflating it and putting it back in its bag. That being said, the product definitely exceeded my expectations. It sleeps well and I never once woke up with a sore back, which frequently happens even on my memory foam mattress at home. I would highly recommend this product to the casual camper and back country pro.

Bought this for the second night of camping, after a restless night of sleeping on the ground. What a difference. I slept as well as in my bed at home. I'm 230lbs and this pad was thick enough to provide plenty of cushion. My only regret is not buying one sooner!

This works awesome it replaced a different pad that continually lost air. I’ve used this backpacking deep into the Rockies and no issues. Also I sleep on a hammock and last time it was mid 30’s and windy. It was excellent at helping me stay warm!

6'2 265 lbs.. Went with the regular to save on size and couldn't be happier. Kept my big frame off the ground and comfortable. Did feel a little sore the 3rd day but I think that was more from the hiking than the matt. Can't go back to a mat now.

Extremely comfortable, much better than the air mattress I previously used. Only owned it a few days and have yet to take it camping, but am extremely impressed with the level of comfort and ease of set-up just using it inside. Made in USA too.

Maybe I just got a bad one but, purchased yesterday got it home and wont inflate. Really annoying to have to drive all the way back to REI to return this. I guess from now on ill be testing everything in the store before I leave.

I have bought this sleeping pad about a year ago and recently went back to REI and bought another one for my son. I have used it many times on my hunting trips and never a problem, very comfortable and keeps you warm at night.

The first one I got did not stay inflated, unfortunately I discovered this on a long weekend of backpacking. I exchanged for the same one and it's been great! Stays firm all night long. Pretty thin but you don't feel the ground

This is a great item worth the money. It is very compact and comfortable. You should get the smaller version of this item (S or XS), because it is easier to transport and just enough to keep your torso off the ground.

It is a great sleeping pad, it is comfortable and doesn't let the cold from the floor pass or transfer to your sleeping bag, it is light and easy to pack. My only complaint is that I wish it was a little bit thicker.

It is 5 Oz heavier than my REI flash sleeping pad but much more quieter! Love the REI flash btw but my gf and friends kept complaining that it was too noisyoung and would wake them up. Now no more complaints :)

I brought this pad in a few camping trips and, so far, it has been a great add to my camping gear! Comfortable at night, good insulator, fast to inflate and deflate. Just a good product, worth the money.

Purchased 2 of these (med and large) a while back and. Very pleased that I did.

This pad was bought to fit into a quilt system from another brand and it fits perfectly. It’s not the widest or the thickest, but that’s what you trade for compact and lightweight. Great pad.

I've used this once so far on a weekend backpacking trip up to Tamarack Lake 9,800ft elevation. My tent was on a bed of pine comes but this sleeping pad made my tent a 5 star resort.

I hate this mat with a passion. The air leaks out while I screw the cap in, unless i hold my lips tightly on the cap, resulting in my teeth cutting into my lips.

I do enjoy this pad, had zero issues with it so far. but it definitely does not weigh 14 ounces. just pulled mine off the scale, regular size prolite plus weighs in at 1.5 lbs.

Bought my first one a year ago and it works great. Just bought a second one this year and it will not hold air thru the night. Very disappointed considering the price.

This is the most comfortable pad I've ever slept on. It's super light, packs small and is really comfortable to sleep or rest on. Loved it.

I've used this pad 3 nights so far and love it! I wake up fully rested and don't have sore shoulders like I have in the past with other pads

While the pad is easy to inflate it does not offer enough padding for my needs. My wife really likes it but I plan to return mine.

Used it in the mountains in February. Was warm and comfortable. Only downside is that it's a little bulky in the pack.

Hard to blow up the first time but after letting it stay blown up for a few weeks. It worked great. Very comfortable.

Fast to fill up, comfortable, durable, I slept on it over some rough terrain and it wasn't even noticeable underneath

This therm-a-rest was so easy to blow up and deflate. Packable and light Warm and great on the back

Excellent for traveling light/backpacking ... but a little narrow and thin for me. I'm old :-)

Glad I got a longer one even though I am 5' 4". Slept well. it is a great cushion in a tent!

A must in camping. I use it with my hammock. It's easy to setup.

Warm, comfortable and plenty of thickness to stay of the ground.

This is our second therm-a-rest. Very pleased with them both.

Very comfortable product. Recommended easy use. Set up is easy

It is a decent product but it doesn't pack down very small.

This pad is great to sleep on. And very compact-able.

I am a 66 year old who has not been camping in 40 years. I want to take the comfort of my bed at home to the woods with me. Being cold and/or uncomfortable will seriously degrade the experience. My expectations for sleeping pads were low. At the store it seemed to provide good support. Out of the package it would never self-inflate. I blew it up and left it for a couple days. Stored uncompressed it inflates without assistance. I began an overnight test fully inflated but quickly released some air for a more medium firmness feel. Very satisfied and surprised at the overnight comfort level and complete lack of ‘pressure points’. It doesn’t compress down like an air pad but compresses in size as well and a foam pad. I definitely recommend trying these pads out. I am a 66 year old who has not been camping in 40 years. I want to take the comfort of my bed at home to the woods with me. Being cold and/or uncomfortable will seriously degrade the experience. My expectations for sleeping pads were low. At the store it seemed to provide good support. Out of the package it would never self-inflate. I blew it up and left it for a couple days. Stored uncompressed it inflates without assistance. I began an overnight test fully inflated but quickly released some air for a more medium firmness feel. Very satisfied and surprised at the overnight comfort level and complete lack of ‘pressure points’. It doesn’t compress down like an air pad but compresses in size as well and a foam pad. I definitely recommend trying these pads out.



Does this pad come with a stuff sack?

​Yes, a stuff sack is included with this sleeping pad.

Just Curious

The ProLite Plus and the Women's ProLite Plus are both made of Atmos foam and are 1.5 inches thick. Why is the ProLite Plus rated R-value 3.4 and the Women's ProLite Plus rated R-value 4.2. Same foam, same thickness.

​The women's ProLite Plus has more foam inside of the pad giving it more insulation and a higher R-value.

Tim F

what's the difference between the new Proline Plus and the regular Proline?

​The ProLite Plus is a half thicker with slightly more insulation and approximately 4 ounces heavier.


I bought 2 of these pads from a private party but they did not have the therma rest stuff sacks. What would be the recommended size of the therma rest stuff sack to get? The ones that they came with narrowly fit the pads and want a better size.

The 9 liter Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Stuff Sack is a good choice.


What is the surface of this pad like? Is it slippery?

​The surface is smooth to the hand, but slippery to a nylon shelled sleeping bag.


does this come with a repair kit?

​Yes, a repair kit is included with this sleeping pad.


How should I store my Prolite Plus when it is not in use?

We recommend storing with the valve open and laid flat if possible or folded loosely in a cool dry area.


What temperature is this rated to?

​The manufacturer suggests this pad is designed for four season warmth.


Does this sleeping bad come with a stuff sack?

​The ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad does come with a stuff sack.


I just bought my wife a prolite plus WR. We unrolled it last night with the valve open as directed...and it still has not self-inflated. I know the instructions say that the inflate time is a function of storage position and time. But it seems odd.

Self inflating air pads such as the ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad are very tightly rolled when they leave the factory. Manually inflating the pad is typically required when using the pad for the first time. Once the open-cell foam core has expanded, the pad should inflate on it's own moving forward.


The previous Prolite Plus had a hard surface on the bottom. The new one does not and is more prone to punctures. Why? And is there a mat by Thermarest that offers the same puncture protection as the initial Prolite Plus?

There was a previous version of the ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad that used a heavier denier of polyester fabric than the current model. This is Therm-a-Rest's fast and light line of pads, so it was changed to reduce the weight. For a pad with a heavier fabric you may consider an option from their Trek and Travel line of pads (Green) or Camp and Comfort line (Blue).


What is the difference between the Plus version and the non-Plus version? i.e., Therm-a-Rest ProLite Sleeping Pad vs. the Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad.

The ProLite Plus pad is 1/2 inch thicker.

Sir Parsifal

I´d like to know the size and weight of this product whe it´s packed to put it into the backpack, please. Thanks!

The pack size and weight for each length pad are found under the Specs tab on the item's page. They are as-follows:

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