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I bought this bag for hiking on the PCT, and I wanted to love it. I loved that the pad went into the bottom and I wanted to believe I would be warm. I wasn't, it was in the 40s F at night I wore every item of clothing I had. Also, when it rained, I had to put the bag onto of the sleeping pad which then made it more cold.

I was so excited to try my Big Agnes bag, so also bought the inflatable air pad that goes with it. I found the air pad didn't retain my body heat, so I went back to my Therm-a-Rest. Then realized that this sleeping bag has NO insulation on the bottom side. The air pad is supposed to be the insulation. This bag has some great features, but I'll be returning it and have already bought the Nemo bag with insulation top AND bottom.

I'm short - 5'2'' and I wiggle a lot when I sleep. So the roominess is awesome. It's also really light which is great. I've stayed pretty darn warm, but I haven't been in temperatures below 40 degrees yet. When I took it out last, I was camping by the ocean in high winds so everything was soaked when I got up. Although the lower half of the bag was soaked from the elements, I was still warm and the bag dried out during the hike and car ride home (even in it's stuff sack). Pretty convenient. I love it, can't wait to get in it again!

For anyone who feels too confined by a traditional "mummy" bag, this is wonderful and comfortable sleeping bag. There is plenty of room to sleep on your side, turn around, and move as needed. It works really well with the Big Agnes Q-core insulated pad.

At first I loved this bag. I stayed warm when noone else did. I took it out on another trip (I sleep in a hammock now) First its way to big and bulky like 3 lbs compressed to take hiking and It only got down in the low 30's I believe last time I checked it was like 32 -36 I froze .. I had my nemo sleeping pad slightly deflated stuffed in the pocket of the bag plus a underquilt and another down quilt and froze.Not sure as to what degree it got down to but that morning but at 9am there was still frost on the grounds The bag itself if very comfy but I don't think it rated for the cold weather like it claims to be. So if your looking for a warm lightweight bag this is not it, now if you want it for car camping or just camping out with other blankets accessible go for it it is a great bag just not one to take hiking...

I nabbed this on sale. I've slept in it twice, but not in very cold conditions (50's?). Seems like a good bag, for the price. Lightweight & warm. There is NO INSULATION in the back of the bag. That's my only hesitation with this bag. I would say you're almost REQUIRED to have an insulated sleeping pad in order to use this in cold conditions. So add on another $100-150 if you don't already have a sleeping pad. Will update when I use it in colder conditions.

I ordered this bag in the 0 degree version that REI no longer carries. I used it on a backpacking trip through the saw tooth mountain range where the temps dropped to 20 degrees. I never felt even remotely cold. We got pretty wet a couple of times and the bag inside was dry and the outside dried very quickly. I am going to order the 15 degree for the John muir trail to save on the extra pound in weight! I did use a thermarest pad underneath which kept me super warm. I love the hood for when it is cold and the material inside is so soft. It is wide at the legs so on colder nights I would stuff my down jacket around my legs which generally I wouldn't need. The sleeping pad won't move with you which is awesome! I absolutely love big agnes sleeping bags they changed my view on sleeping outside and made it so much more comfortable than I could ever imagine!

Used this bag on the John Muir Trail. It was comfortable and I liked the extra room in the legs. The zipper pocket was great for my chapstick. I also liked that I couldn't roll off my pad. Only downside, my legs got cold. And yes, I did have a Big Agnes blow up sleeping pad. I had to put a foam Thermarest on top of the blow up one then shove it in the pocket. That kept me warm

I purchased this bag two years ago because I wanted a petite size that was not a mummy. I do like the size (both the length and width). I am 5'2" and medium build.

I purchased this bag along with the q core insulated pad and together they make a super comfy sleep set up. I'll admit it's a steep price for the both, but after slipping off pads and waking up at the bottom of my tent for years it's worth every penny to me. Please research this bag before purchasing!!! BA purposely didn't put any insulation on the underside to cut weight and bulk that would normally be crushed by your body anyways. To put it simply, if you do not have the correct pad you will be cold. Now with that said, I've used this for backpacking the A.T. and it's been great. It's dipped into the low 30's at about 2300 ft and I've been super warm without any extra layers or anything. I'm 5' 4" 135 lbs and I fit fine in the petite, plenty of room but not to much and I've never gotten cold spots. The zipper snags a lot, that's my only complaint so far. I'm a cold sleeper, and just always cold in general and this sleep system has exceeded my expectations in warmth and comfort.

I have only used this once in temps around 50 degrees and it was hot for me. I am very hot sleeper. I would like the sleeping bag better if it could fit a 25 inch sleeping pad, the 20 inch is just not wide enough for a side sleeper.

This is a great bag. Love the room at the foot area. Lightweight but keeps you warm while not being constricting. I like that I can put my sleeping pad "in the bag" to prevent slipping.

Purchased this bag for multi overnights at scout camps in tents. Tried it out in my backyard using a Big Agnes insulated 15° pad with overnight temps in 40°s. I was cold. Returned.

I'm crashing at a friend's house and have gone through a series of sleep situations (we convinced ourselves that a mattress had bed bugs and dragged it to the curb when it was perfectly fine, convinced ourselves that an inflatable mattress would last for months of hard wear which it did not (!) and finally to Big Agnes. I don't remember how I was led to the Big Agnes video ad online but there it was and when the guy said "We can't name a company Big Agnes, can we? Well we did." I was hooked. I laughed out loud and went to REI the next day and asked for Big Agnes. The salesman was skeptical and tried to steer me towards a far inferior less insulated bag since I'd be using it indoors (for now). I explained that the floor in the room where I am staying has no insulation and it gets freaking freezing in there, so he understood. I paired the bag with a self-inflating pad and I am happy as a clam. In all honestly I would be perfectly happy if I never went back to comforter and sheets again. This sleeping bag is super comfortable and lightweight, but it has kept me warm and has held up to a teething puppy just fine. Miraculously.


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