The New Primal - Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Category: Camp Kitchen

This is my favorite jerky brand! It's so flavorful and has the best consistency. Not too chewy, but also not too soft. If you've been on the hunt to find the perfect brand... look no more!

Has terrible texture and tastes like dog food so I gave them to my Pit Bull, Special Ed as treats. Do not buy if your looking for beef jerky....

I bought this as it was 50% off. It was almost expired. It was inedible and soooooo dry. I’m sure it may have been good fresh, but it wasn’t.

I ate it so fast I didnt really taste it. Not as good as my own deer jerky...... One of those impuse vuys at the store (revenue boosters)

I bought the classic bag. I love the idea of how it's made and the actual beef taste but it was way too dry. Way too much effort to chew.

Don't know if this package had been on shelf too long? Flavor was off and jerky much drier than others I have tried

Can vinegar be made into a powder? If so, this is it.


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