Smartwool - Corbet 120 Jacket - Men's

Category: Men's Jackets

Purchased for a light jacket while biking leisure. But I find I wear it daily around the house and out and about. It’s so comfortable and has zipper pockets so you won’t lose your things. I don’t use the thumb holes so much but I guess if you ski? So far I’m wearing it outside in the high 40s to mid 50s Fahrenheit . Extra layer in the forty’s

I have always told my wife that we should make a coat for backpacking that has more insulation in the front and a little less in back so your back doesn't get sweaty and you front side stays warm. This jacket does both. I love it! Very stretchy and comfy and good looking. Gotta love smartwool

The Jacket is made of a wool layer all across with a Wind protective front of durable material. Its a cozy, snug fitting layer which will be useful in multiple occasions, the color choices are pleasing and look nice.

I really like the jacket. It's comfortable over a pretty wide range of temperatures as we get here in New England when seasons change, it looks good and is very comfortable.

Have had this a couple of weeks and love how versatile it is. It's a great looking jacket, but it's perfect for a little outdoor recreation

I bought this as a light jacket or an good under layer for the really cold days. I couldn’t be happier. Lightweight, easy to move in!

Bought two weeks ago and with this very changeable March weather it has comes in handy already. Love it


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