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I purchased the Weehoo after trying a "buggy" style trailer for my little girl; my daughter and I have fallen in love with this product! With the seat and harness, I never worried about her falling out. I would highly recommend to any family who loves to cycle.

We've been using the Weehoo Igo with our daughter for almost two years (we got it when she was two, she's three and a half now, she's been riding pedal bikes without training wheels for over six months now). It's a mixed blessing. It's our go-to trailer for riding around town and we hope to do some touring on it soon. We like it despite the drawbacks. Some of these I list might be considered nit-picks, but as nice as the trailer is it definitely has room for improvement.

We have the older IGo and if the new version is anything close to similar it rocks too!

I've taken my toddler (she's a little under 2yo and a big kid) on three rides so far. She seems to enjoy it, although she slides forward in the seat and ends up in a slouched position. I'm going to try using some pillows to make the seat more comfortable for her until she grows into it. The trailer handles beautifully, it's super maneuverable. I enjoyed the ride a lot. Also want to say thanks to the great staff at REI for helping me put the trailer together.

I am an avid cyclist and have shared my enthusiasm with my children from an early age. Along the way, I’ve owned several attachments/trailers and have gotten many miles out of each product. The seats that affix to the handlebars are excellent – both my boys thoroughly enjoyed those, but by the age of 2 – 2.5, they each outgrew that seat. Next, I purchased a standard enclosed one-seat child trailer and eventually a two-seater, but my big gripes with this type of bike trailer are (1) that my kids had limited visibility and would often fall asleep early into a ride and (2) their small voices were so muffled due to the enclosed nature of the trailer that I would often have to stop to hear their questions/comments along the way…and anyone who has ridden a bike with a trailer in tow knows how difficult it is to get it started from a stop. A lesser issue is the width of a two-seater – I experienced difficulty navigating such a wide load and sometimes the width of the trailer would prevent me from going on certain paths.

This is absolutely as fun and cool as it looks! Love the fact that I can buckle a kid in, as they grow, very easy to adjust. (Should have bought a double...) I use it on a 29er with high end Shimano/Fox shocks, and I have no worries. Sometimes part of growing up is exchanging the Hans Dampf craziness for the Big Apple cush - which kicks up fewer stones and stuff when towing. Omit the bags, add a bell, bright tail light, strap in and have fun! It's amazing how much "help" you can get back there!

Very easy to ride with since my daughter can pedal and help out. Hills are easier than before when we had a trailer she couldn't pedal. Now that she's 55 pounds, her pedaling is a huge help. Nice that the trailer is narrow too, I'm able to ride singletrack. She hasn't slept once on a ride and we talk a lot of the time. I feel like I've gotten to know her more on our rides. Words in the instructions along with the pictures would be helpful to assemble the seat.

We really love our Weehoo and think it's worth every penny. It allows us to go on longer bike rides again, something I thought was going to have to be put off for several more years. My daughter (4 yrs) loves it too. She loves the fact that she can contribute to the ride and reminds me every half mile or so that "we're going faster than the other bikes because we have two people peddling and the others only have one". Highly recommended.

We got the trailer, second hand, to replace a two wheeled trailer. My 3 year old great grandson loves it. He can help pedal and gets the wind in his face like real bikers. The only problem I have is when he naps. With his helmet on, his head droops and bobs. The seat should have an adjustment to recline a little bit so that his head will rest against the back. Otherwise it is perfect. I am not allowed to mention customer service here but they are great. They gave me two quick releases for free when I asked about a missing part on mine.

We spent quite a bit of time looking for the right solution for our very heavy 3 year old who had outgrown all of the rear mount bike seats, but who wasn't quite ready to balance on a trail-a-bike. The Weehoo is a spectacular solution for us. I had stopped taking our son on my bike because his weight threw off my balance, so I was a bit nervous for the first ride--but the center of mass is low to the ground, and even his pedaling doesn't throw me off. When he pedals, I can really feel the help, but even when he doesn't pedal at all, I can still manage the extra load pretty easily.

I had the iBert front seat but my son who is 3 1/2 out grew it. I was so bummed because we enjoyed riding so much. I did not want to give that up. Then my dividend came in and the 20% off. The reviews helped me pick this. REI has a policy that they have to build it for you before you can take it. At first I was annoyed because I wanted it the day it came in but I'm glad that they put it together for me. They spent the time to go over a few things and answered a few questions. I now understand why they do this and was happy that they have this policy. I feel like it maximizes the customer experience. I picked this trailer because of the reviews and the videos. My son was so happy when I brought it home. He wanted to sit in it before I hooked it up to the bike. I took him around the block a few times and he loved it. We are going to continue to ride together for a while because the weight capacity is 80 lbs. Great quality product!

Beyond it being a fun ride for the kiddos, I was impressed with their customer support. We needed to change bikes, but didn't have the right bushing anymore. We dropped them an email, and they were quickly able to hook us up with the proper fit for our new bike! Thanks so much!

Their product might be great (I wouldn’t know yet), but their customer service is awful. The chain was really loose and I had to take it to my local bike shop to fix (even they said it was attached oddly), the hitch arm doesn’t fit and it jammed halfway on, and the saddle bags won’t strap on to the rack. In the last eight days I’ve emailed them at least half a dozen times (with videos and pictures), left several voice mails (because they don’t pick up the phone) and texts, and they’ve only responded a couple times to send me the video that’s on the website of how to assemble it. The video doesn’t show the problems I’m having. I’m very frustrated. Having problems with the product is bad enough, but also being ignored by customer service has made me very unhappy with their company.

I have had a weehoo for a number of years. At one point I switched bikes and had misplaced my extra bushings for different sized seat posts. I went on the weehoo website and requested assistance. They sent me a free set of bushings and requested that I give an honest review of the product. Seemed fair.

This is our second Weehoo. Needed 2 for towing our kids. trailers are super nice and easy to ride with. Worked with customer service on stuff for our older one and even questions on the this new one 2015 model (latest). service was A++.

I bought this for my 4 year old daughter, as she had outgrown her Thule RideAlong Mini (which was a sad day because we loved that seat!). Let me just say this thing is awesome! It's balanced incredibly well, such that I can't even feel the trailer behind me (I ride a Novara Ponderosa 27.5 - not sure this matters, but thought I'd share). So far we've ridden on dirt roads, blacktop, and grass and the bike trailer has handled well on them all. I wouldn't hesitate to try it on dirt trails and I'm sure we'll do that soon. Exploring together is just so fun!

Now that we have older kids who can bike longer distances, we needed a way for our 4 year old to keep up. She yells “wee hoo!” and laughs from the back the entire time we ride. It handles great on gravel and tough terrain, and maneuvers well around obstacles. A much better ride than our Thule trailer for older kids. I wish we’d gotten this a year ago! As others have mentioned, some safety glasses or goggles of some sort are definitely a necessity as far as safety goes.

I purchased the Weehoo Trailer for my 7-year-old son who is more the size of a 3 year old. He is too small for a tagalong, and I didn't want him to be in a Burley as I wanted him to cycle like the rest of his family. He has Down Syndrome and is just learning to pedal so this was great for him to learn to do some pedaling and yet rest when he needed to. By pedaling in the Weehoo trailer, he learned to pedal well enough that by the end of the summer he was able to pedal a bicycle all by himself. I think it gave him the proper feeling and opportunity to learn what to do...and it gave him the self confidence to do it! With the seat and harness, I never worried about him falling out or losing his balance and falling off. My son just loved it and loved being a part of our family rides. He could see all around him and have conversations with all of us during the ride. He liked having his own pockets on the seat for his stuff. I would highly recommend this, particularly for children who have disabilities as it's a great way to be full included in the cycling experience!

This thing is great! I love that my 1 year old will get many years of use out of it rather than growing out of it in 2 years. Weehoo is a local company (Golden, CO) and their customer service is top notch. Last weekend I stopped by their office to pickup a part on my way to the trailhead and they took great care of me. The customer service alone is reason enough to buy this trailer!

I just wanted to write how great this company is to work with. They are quick to respond to questions, especially via email. We have the Weehoo WeRide Trailer for our 2 1/2 year old. We absolutely love it. We can get out and enjoy the outdoors again. We haven't been riding since before our son was born. The bike attachment makes attaching and detaching the trailer really easy.

We purchased this trailer for our 2 year old and she absolutely loves it. It was very simple to install, and we used it immediately. She doesn't quite understand what her pedals are for, but when she does, I'm so glad that she'll be able to pedal on her own. Way more awesome for kids than just passively sitting in a trailer. I can also hear every word she says behind me.

Excellent trailer and far better customer service! Bought the tandem iGo 2 directly from WeeHoo and very happy with with the purchase top to bottom. I would definatly would tell others to buy this product. I have two small children and they love going for rides. We came from a classic trailer where the the kids sat side by side and now that's going up for sale.

I very recently pick up the Igo for my 4 year old, she rides her own pedal bike, without trainers, but on little 12" wheels, we can't travel far. She was all over the trailer the first day, go daddy go! Then when we were done, she jumped on her own bike and rode around in the street yelling Weehoo!

We love this trailer as it allows our whole family to enjoy bike rides together. My youngest child loves riding in the Weehoo Trailer because we get to "race" with my oldest child.

We have now had our Weehoo for two summers while our daughter was 4 yo and 5yo. All of us love it. If biking is an option over the car, we use the WeeHoo and can get everywhere! My daughter pedals and it certainly helps move us along. Miles and miles. The price turned me off before buying but it was worth every single penny. 10 miles is no problem for us. I wish we had purchased this for the summer of 3 yo. We are going to keep using this for our 6 yo upcoming summer for the long rides.

We bought a Weehoo last year for our special needs child. He loves it! We have used it with 3 different bicycles and it has performed well with each of them. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend it to others.

We had been looking at several trailer options for our five year old. We had considered the more upright style trailer bikes but felt that he may lose focus and forget to hold on. Then he broke his arm which limited the options if we wanted to bike with him this summer.

Still working out the kinks of loading child while balancing everything. The 5 year old is also getting used to being 'balanced'. Should be great once we all get comfortable.

We bought the Weehoo iGo six years ago from REI when our son was 3 years old. He enjoyed it from the start and now that he is getting too big for it, he's disappointed. We liked the idea of our son accompanying us on rides but didn't like the idea of an enclosed trailer. The iGo seemed perfect and turned out to be well-used because of my son's more interactive experience on the ride. Not only is the child able to have a great view but they are able to pedal. My son loved helping daddy climb those hills!

so we purchased this model for my son to ride behind either my wife's commuter bike or my mountain bike. sadly this trailer has to flaws, the first and most important is be prepared for your child to eat a lot of your dust, sand, rocks and whatever else you kick up. even if you have large fenders which i installed on my bike , the front little fender on the weehoo isn't large enough to block debris when you turn or aren't going completely strait. during our first ride my son had a small rock hit him in the face! thank god it didn't hit him in the eye. I even went so far as to replace the small flap with a much bigger one and my son still complained ever time we went around a turn on a gravel/dirt road. by the end of our second ride in whiuch he was wearing sunglasses and i had installed the extra wide made flap on the WEEHOO and one over my back tire he was covered in sand and road dirt. The second issue the poor design of how the trailer mounts to your bike doesn't allow for a rack on the back of your bike over the rear wheel. the aluminum tube has no way to adjust the length or angel of the tube that connects to your bike. The small amount of extra plastic fittings don't account/ cover long seat posts.

I have owned the igo trailer since its introduction at REI. I cannot speak highly enough of it. All three of my boys have been on rides around the neighborhood and my older two have each ridden over 40 miles. Sometimes they would pedal to help sometimes they would nap for a bit, but we always had fun and never had to worry about them falling off like on a traditional trail a bike since they are in a seat with a three point harness and foot straps. I demoed an Adams trail-a-bike, but the center of gravity was so high that it altered the handling of my bike and I was very fearful of my son being tired, distracted or taken off guard by a bump in the road and falling off. I have also owned a three different Burley trailers and two chariot trailers, one of which still is in service for the baby. The kids have a much more enjoyable time in the igo, especially on a hot day since it is fully open.

I bought this trailer last spring for my 2 year old. I've also used it with my 7 year old a couple times. They both LOVE it! Her little legs are long enough to be safely secured to the peddles but not quite long enough to effectively peddle. She seems to enjoy trying though. I chose this after long deliberation over child seats/traditional trailers/etc. I felt this was the best balance between involving the child in the experience while still attending to safety and comfort. It is easy to adjust, easy to pull. The learning curve for getting a child in and out wasn't bad at all. I highly recommend having a kick stand on your bike. I wouldn't trust it with my child in the seat, but for when you're not on your bike it works to keep both upright. Also it provides a little extra help with stability while loading/unloading. I feel like the maneuverability and stability is good and the quality is excellent. Also the customer service is extremely attentive. The product itself hasn't had any problems but before purchasing I had some questions regarding the security of the bolt attaching the seat to the trailer. I not only reached a real person right away but also he was knowledgable and went above and beyond to take/send me pictures and a video to give me a close up explanation for my question. They also took some specific measurements for me and helped me troubleshoot a height adjustment issue getting it to have the right amount of clearance on my unique hybrid bike. If there could be said there is a down side, the only thing I could say is if you tip your bike, your child will tip as well. But really I don't know how you could get around that and still enjoy the other design aspects that make it such a pleasant experience. All in all, with the seat being low to the ground, the added support of a good frame and the arm rests, I think safety was well attended to and I would highly recommend this to anyone!



What Model Year is this product?

​We have received stock for the TURBO Bike Trailer from 2016 through 2019.


Can this be used with Kuat NV Base 2.0 or Thule T2 hitch racks? If not, what are the recommended racks for transport?

​This trailer is not designed to fit on either the Kuat NV Base 2.0 or Thule T2 hitch racks. As of November 2018, we do not carry a car rack that is designed to carry this trailer. You may consider a larger roof box to best transport this trailer.


Can I pull a second trailer from this? I have three kids I want to take, and I can’t find a trailer to accommodate three kids.

​No, this bike trailer is not designed to pull a secondary trailer.


My 7 year old is in need to tow along with us. He's about 55lbs but getting taller. Does this accommodate only Toddlers?

The cycling trailer is designed to hold a child up to 80lbs., but the size and height position of the seat is for toddler-sized kids.


Can I use this and also have an infant seat on the bike? Second child is not old enough to ride on the weehoo 

You will not be able to attach most infant bike seats to this bike. However this will vary on the other bike seat you plan on using.


I have a rad city electric bike with the rear rack that is welded to the frame. Would the weehoo trailer work with my bike?

It is possible that this trailer can fit your bike. Without knowing the make and model of your bike it is tough to say for sure. You are more than welcome to purchase the bike and return it should it not meet your needs.


What if you have a seat dropper on the adult mountain bike, does that mean it can't be utilized. ? I have a Juliana. 

This trailer can be used with a bike that has an internally routed dropper post. The cable connected to dropper post must be disengaged prior to installation.


Will this fit in the trunk of a Honda CRV 2015?!

We're sorry that information is not available, the dimensions of this trailer are in the Details section of this page. We encourage you to measure your trunk and compare to those specs.


I have a 2017 Salsa Marrakesh. Do I need to buy an additional hitch accessory kit?

​This trailer is not compatible with bikes that have rear racks attached. For it to be compatible with the Salsa Marrakesh, you have to remove the rear rack.


Can I mount this to a mountain bike with a 29" tire? Specifically, a Trek Superfly. Second question. Can you use this with a carbon fiber bike frame?

This trailer is compatible with the Trek Superfly and many carbon bikes. However, we do not suggest attaching it to carbon seat posts.


I am wondering if mud/water will spray on a child in wet conditions? Do I need to add mud flaps to my bike to use this in rain?

It is possible that mud can be spray onto the passenger of this bike trailer even with the small integrated fender. Attaching rear fenders to your bike is recommended.


Does this trailer easily fit on a sedan's trunk-mounted bike rack? Does it come with instructions on how to put it on the bike rack?

​We do not recommend using this on a trunk-mounted bike rack.


do the kids pedals come with it?Can you confirm what comes with this?

Pedals are included with this trailer. The trailer comes with the seat, pedals, the frame and safety flag.


Can this be attached to a cruiser style bike?

​This bike trailer is designed to fit a wide variety of bike styles. However, without knowing the specific cruiser bike we cannot definitely say this will fit your bike.


Hi! Do you ship to Sweden in northen Europe? /Karl

As of March 2017, we are able to ship this bike trailer to Sweden. The links below will provide you with more information regarding international shipping.


What are you hitching your WeeHoo to? I attached it to an older road bike and find the ride a bit twitchy when my kid shifts their weight side to side. I was wondering if is significantly better with a mountain bike or one of the newish fat tire bikes?

The type of bike should not make a significant difference to the stability of the trailer. Make sure you are using the correct size black hitch spacer for your seat tube and that it is oriented the right way around.


Is it compatible with specialized command post dropper post?

This trailer is compatible with the Specialized Command Dropper seatpost. However, the cable will have to be removed from the seatpost in this situation.

k r

Can this attach to a Thule Apex bike rack?

The iGo Turbo Bicycle Trailer cannot attach to a Thule Apex hitch rack.


How far is it to the child pedals?  How tall does a child need to be to use the pedals?

The seat on the iGo Turbo Bicycle Trailer is fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of different rider heights. The trailer is intended for children ages 2 to 9 and has a maximum weight capacity of 80 pounds.


For city riding, how is the stability of the weehoo for stop and go traffic?

The iGo Turbo Bicycle Trailer is designed to attach securely to your bike's seat tube and keeps your child secured with a 3-point harness. It should perform well in stop and go traffic or cruising through the country side.


Is this the 2015 igo turbo?turbo? Or is the older model?

The Weehoo iGo Bicycle Trailer (item #886190) is the 2015 model. The first shipment we received of this model arrived in January of 2015.

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