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This shoe is good if you have a wide foot. Big toe box. Looks good with jeans and dark pants. Feels like a gym shoe.

These shoes are pretty comfortable with my higher arches. I like the metal eyelets. What I'm most unhappy about is how the faux leather scuffed so bad. Also the toe rubber is already peeling back.

These are the most comfortable things I’ve ever had on my feet! Plenty of room in the toe box for my wide dawgs, light and flexible, yet with ample support for being comfortably on your feet all day without them being rigid, heavy, and clunky. Love, love, love ‘em! The first few days I wore them, I could hardly bring myself to take them off to go to bed! Seriously!

These shoes are super comfortable and I can't seem to stop wearing them. I usually wear a 9, but got an 8.5 in these. They're great for casual wear and have enough tread to do short and non-rigorous hikes. Even with my semi-big feet, they are still stylish enough to wear everywhere!

I had foot surgery a year ago, and it's been a chore trying to find stylish shoes that give my foot the support it needs. This shoe is perfect!! Great looking and just the right amount of support. Two thumbs up!!

I walk 3-5 miles a day in Chacos as a zoo docent and animal shelter volunteer. They're more comfortable than any shoes I've ever had. My feet never get tired. The only issue, and it's minor, is I have to double knot them because the laces sometimes loosen. It should be my worst footwear problem.

I wish the shoe had a dip at the back. My poor heals have had to deal with blisters while breaking-in the shoes. Otherwise, the fit is really good. My feet are wide with bunions. They fit in the shoe just fine. Very comfortable and good for standing for hours at a time. My heels used to bother me while standing at work, now they feel fine.

I love walking but have terrible feet (bunions, etc.). I was about to go on a two-week trip to Europe and knew I'd be walking a lot. I wanted a pair of shoes that could stand up to cobblestones, cathedrals and kilometers--comfortably. These did a great job. The vacation is over, but I still love them.

I have a fussy right foot. Construction is soft sided but supportive. Cut low enough on ankle joint so it doesn't irritate it. Good size toe box.

These shoes are great right out of the box. I work outdoors and Im on my feet all day. Great arch support.

I wore these during days I did a lot of walking when visiting Washington, D.C. and in Virginia. Great comfort. Typically, shoes when knew need to be broken in after a few wearings, NOT THESE! Purchased these for my trip to Isarel & Rome and the different types of terrain I will be walking on.

Not the usual support of Chaco brand. It feels like there is more support in the heel, and less in the arch, as other reviews have stated. Wanted to be sure, so purchased, but returning. Outer looks nice, and if you don't need that arch support, they may be great.

I want to love these shoes! The back of the shoe comes up too high on my heel. I wore them for a few weeks, hoping to wear them in, but they are still stiff. Otherwise, they are extremely comfortable. 5 mega blisters later, I'm hoping they fit a friend or I can sell them online.

I rarely buy two of something but I love my first pair so much I wanted a backup. I’m relatively new to Chacos, but this shoe is so incredibly comfortable, I could walk in them all day and feel like I’m getting a foot massage in the process. Weight feels evenly distributed across the footbed and laces are quick, secure, and comfortable. I was hesitant at first on the styling (my first pair is blue), but have grown to love them. Highly recommend as a stylish walking shoe that feels like your favorite sneaker.

Bought the brown color shoes maybe 3 weeks ago. Material rubs off the toe & it’s black underneath. Looks terrible. I have $35 mizunos that lasted longer than these $140 shoes.

The Chaco Kanarra Shoe is truly extraordinary. It is extremely comfortable. It completely supports the foot for extended hiking/walking all day. The closed toe makes the shoe totally appropriate for cathedral and church viewing in Europe. I wore the shoe all day for 3 weeks and never got a blister. I highly recommend this shoe!

I wanted to like these! I bought last week and have been wearing in the house. The arch support is NOTHING like my Chaco sandals. Also - i have having a hard time keeping them tight. I have plantar fasciitis and my Chaco sandals are the absolute best for my feet. I was hoping these would offer similar support but my heel hurts and I feel like my arches have zero support. Sadly I will return them. I am still looking for that perfect winter shoe! Was hoping it would be Chaco.

I bought these in three colors! They are super comfortable. I love them.

I really wanted to like these shoes, but I can't. They look nice (I got the black color) and the foot part is actually really comfortable compared to the last pair of shoes I got from a different company. The problem is the heel. The back part of the shoe is really tall and stiff. The first time I wore these shoes, they tore up my heels like crazy. I put on some bandages and tried to endure so I could break them in. More heel damage. I wrapped my bandaged heels in sports wrap and that helped a little, but only if the wrap was positioned perfectly. After about a week (maybe not even), I was angrily limping home in excruciating pain after walking the dog and decided I'd had enough. I shouldn't have to bandage and wrap my ankles just to wear shoes that STILL cause me pain. It looks like my quest for comfortable shoes continues. Sigh....

When I slipped these shoes onto my feet, they felt like they had come home. Like Chacos sandals, these shoes have a wonderful interior contour that perfectly matches my neutral foot. I have a regular-medium arch and neutral pronation and these shoes fit my foot snugly without putting pressure in unwanted places. THe larger toe box creates breathability while walking several miles over. They are completely water-resistant. I have splashed through puddles while walking my dog and come back with dry feet and socks. They are sporty enough to wear to the gym or an outdoors event and they are classy enough to wear with dress pants (depending on where you work). The grey/tan colors match most clothing choices and I have gotten numerous compliments by a variety of people. I would recommend these to anyone who "feels at home" in Chaco-brand products.

I love these shoes so much! I wear custom orthotics in my shoes except when I wear Chaco sandals. These shoes are supportive enough that I don't need my custom orthotics. They have a wide toe box and really comfortable padding on the inside to prevent blisters. They are great for walking long distances in the city. I bought these to wear when traveling abroad and they are perfect because they don't make you look like a tourist.

I just bought these shoes and was able to wear them all day the first time I put them on. I have a narrow foot and often have to break-in new shoes. I like the vibrant blue color too.

I bought these for work (I do a lot of walking) and they are very comfortable. They allow my feet to breath and give the cushion / support that I require.

I've been wearing Chaco flips for years and this was my first purchase of their shoes. I bought these as a cool-weather sneaker/light hiker for a 5 day trip to Maine in October. These were the ONLY shoes I took on my trip. We were spending most of our time doing in-town walking so I didn't want the look or the weight of my full hikers. Rain was expected on only one day of our trip so I didn't even consider if these were waterproof or not. It ended up raining (and we walked in it) for two days and these held up great! They're not advertised as waterproof but I think they're at least water resistant so I wouldn't go walking through streams in them. They also proved to be decent light hiking shoes, keeping good traction on the wet rocks surrounding Maine's lighthouses. I thought they were much more comfortable worn with thick wool socks or light hiking socks. The first day I wore them with thin casual socks and my feet got really sore. Also, the shoe strings tended to come untied so I had to double-knot them. Not really gripes just worth noting. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and look forward to wearing these as my casual winter sneakers.

I have narrow feet and high arches. These shoes are pretty wide, but lacing them tighter has done the trick if I'm really having an issue. For the most part I'm using these shoes in a casual context so if they are a tiny bit loose that's fine. They are extremely comfortable and supportive. I've stepped in puddles and been walking in the rain for an extended period and my feet stayed dry.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable. I can wear them for miles of walking and the balls of my feet, which are prone to intense pain after about 3 miles, stay pain-free

I’ve had these shoe before and they were perfect. However my feet have changed with my getting older. I do wear them walking on the trails in Moniment and Palmer Lake but the fit is not as comfortable & my right foot will hurt by the time I get home. It’s not the shoe, it’s my foot change. I’ll have to find a different shoe.

I really wanted to love these, as they had a very comfortable foot bed, plenty of room in the toebox, and were extremely cute! However, the way that the heel is formed the very back of the shoe forms a point that drives into my Achilles tendon with every step! I am so sorry to have to send them back for such a simple, but terrible, design flaw.

I purchased the black color recently and it is a great shoe for walking around. Very comfortable, great support and cuter than athletic shoes. I did get a 1/2 size smaller than my typical running shoe size, so I think they run a little big. Tried on in store but ordered my color/size online. Can't wait to take these on my next trip!

These shoes are extremely comfortable to wear for very long periods of time. I did change the insole to one that has more arch support, but I do that with most walking shoes I purchase. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a lightweight walking/hiking shoe.

I found these on the REI sale items, with the khaki color but like the grey for winter tones. Nice comfort for every day with jeans. Not waterproof but that's ok. Removable insole which is key for me with custom full length orthotics. Nice top architecture for the laces.

I love Chaco and wear their sandals all summer. I also have a pair of slip on moccasins from Chaco—all size 9 women’s. However, my (narrow) foot was swimming in them and had to go down a size to 8.5, which fit perfectly. Other than that, no complaints!

These are comfortable. The toe base is wide enough to be comfortable with a variety of sock thicknesses. I, like other reviewers, have picky feet and these shoes are great. I've been wearing around town for weeks without foot fatigue or pain. Wow!

I love my chaco sandals enough that I wear them in the rain (once in light snow). They help my low arch and bunions and other issues from pronation. I have looked at the other chaco shoes and finally got a chance to buy some on a sale. I tested some of the features on my chaco x2, sol flip flop, Kanarra, Outcross Evo 3 hiking shoe, and Outcross Mary Jane. X/2 sandals have a lot more vigorous arch than the others, however the torisonal stability is similar in all but the flip flops. Kanarra has a removable insole so might be able to take a half orthotic to add to arch support. Kanarra runs a little wide throughout but has lacing that might allow people with a wide toe area to lace an otherwise narrow foot and instep. I felt the least support in the Mary Jane (but they are so cute). Size wise, I get X/2 in a 7 but ordered Kanarra in an 8 to be able to wear socks. 7.5 in outcross. I would recommend adding 0.5 to 1 size up from your sandal size for socks and/or half orthotics. In my quick walking test, Kanarra and the Outcross Evo 3 seemed good for pronation but I did think my arches want a little more. I'm hoping that they work. I dream of chaco making non sandals with the exact footbead of x/2 and a model with a leather sole for dancing (pretty please). They would help so many people with long term foot pain. I walk a lot and stand a lot for teaching and haven't found other shoes with the chaco arch, yet need closed toed shoes sometimes and something prettier than brooks.

These shoes are my new favorites. They are cute, go with lots of things, and are extremely comfortable. The arch support is good, the same as I get from my Chaco sandals. They run true to size but I tried them on in the store to make sure.

I bought these for travel in SE Asia in the summer. I didn't wear them much, as the wet weather made sandals more reasonable. They are super comfortable and did not require breaking in. They are my go-to day-to-day walking shoe now.

I purchased the Chaco women's shoes with my REI VISA refund. I buy all of my walking/hiking shoes at REI but have never owned Chacos before. Although they are comfortable, their are not as light weight as I would have preferred.

These are a great looking alternative to sneakers but for the price I expected better support in the arch and a more comfortable foot bed. The are quite rigid all over. A hiker might like them more than I did for everyday wear

I could use these for hiking but love them for everyday - very comfortable for me, I get lots of complements! I went to buy another brand, that didn't work out and the sales clerk recommended these - so glad.

I bought this shoe in Woodbine, which shows up as a taupe/greyish/green in the picture. The real shoe was REAL green. I mean GREEN. I'm keeping them because the shoe was very comfortable and supportive, but I wish REI would get their colors closer in the pics. This happens frequently.

Bought omw to SeaTac bound for AK. Fit like an old friend from that moment on. Wore 1000s of miles/two years since then. Ive had NO issues mentioned in reviews. Just ordered/will receive new pair half price/free shipping with a week. Happy Dance !!

Up and down narrow steps in ancient castles, sometimes slick stones and long walks through gardens and walks, these shoes were comfortable, sturdy and still look fresh and new.

I went in to get a new. Pair of another brand I had bought before. The REI person gave me those and these. These fit perfectly, are light weight and are great for walking!

I’m happy with my Chacos. Bought a pair in store, then ordered these. Treated with water repellant spray as rainy season. Very pleased with fit, looks and support.

I love this shoe. Looking to buy a second pair. I use them for summer hiking in Southern CA. They still look new even after being soaking wet and muddy many time.

Needed more support and as my foot is narrow this show was not for me. Was bummed it didn’t fit my foot better becuase it’s a fashionable shoe!

These are so Comfortable! Good for street and trail which is what I wanted. Very stylish. I’m taking them to New Mexico this spring.

Love them, comfortable, great arch support, wear them for every day. I have many pairs of Chaco shoes and sandals, my favorite to wear.

I was hoping the sole would feel like my Chaco flip flop but it didn’t. A bit wide for my narrow feet and just a bad fit.

Good looking shoe, but too narrow for my feet and no arch support for my high arches. Have to return them!

I like the shoes. However the material that they are made of snags fairly easily.

A little wonky to walk in. They look cuter on the rack than on the foot.

I love these shoes! My feet don't hurt when I wear them.



Do these have the same arch support as the sandals?

​This shoe has similar arch support to that found in Chaco sandals.


What is the heel-to-toe drop of the Chaco Kanarra shoes? Thanks!

​The Kanarra has a heel to toe drop of approximately 5mm.


Do these fit like the sandals? Especially as regards width across toe box?

​The manufacturer states that the toe-box width is the same with the Kanarra shoes as you have experienced with your Chaco sandals.


I've looked at pics of these shoes on different computers and those labeled Black look brown and the Fudge looks pink/purple. Can anyone say if they are more true to color in person?

The photos on our site are consistent with the colors on Chaco's web site and are accurate.

Chaco Kanarra Shoes Woman

What is the weight of the shoes in a woman's 7

These shoes weigh 20 ounces per pair.


Is the sizing of these the same as women's rafting style sandals? I love the support of my sandals and hate having to switch to shoes every fall. I can never find any athletic shoes that offer the same support, but just the right flexibility.

These fit similarly to how Chaco sandals fit. We recommend ordering the same size in these shoes that you would order in sandals.

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