Sea to Summit - X-Pot Kettle - 1.3 Liters

Category: Camp Kitchen

Super impressed by this highly collapsable kettle. Check out my in depth review below

I've had mine for about a year maybe longer. like all StS pots, the lid warped and cracked after only a handful of uses. However, unlike those other pots that technically remain useful cookware sans lid, a section of a handle on the X-Pot proceeded to also fail by melting down to the wire. I can no longer boil water in it but it continues to be of use to me by holding room temperature water for cleaning my paintbrushes. I suppose you could use it to water plants as well.

Aside from the fact that it's heavier than my regular cook set (though of course this is less bulky), this has one major drawback: While it's safe to bring water to a boil in this pot, it's NOT SAFE to handle the pot right after the water boiled. No, you're supposed to let it sit for 30 seconds after boiling before it's safe to handle the pot. So if you want true boiling water for your tea, coffee, or freeze-dried food, forget this. And by the way, though it may hold 1.3L, the amount of water or other food the manufacturer recommends to fill it with is considerably less. Don't waste your time with this.

very happy with this i use it as much as i can, and the 2 cups work so good, special when i got cold hands it warms them right up

I purchased this kettle to replace a similar capacity hard sided kettle. Although it takes a short while longer to heat water for freeze dried foods, it takes up so much less room in my pack. I'm completely satisfied with this purchase.

This tea kettle is wonderful for making small pots of coffee and tea. My only addition would be to add the lid-locking tabs that are on the collapsible pots so the lid can stay on without using both hands to pour. Having one hand free would make cooking a lot easier. Trying to hold the lid on, hold the handles and pour hot water over a spoon to make french press coffee is near impossible to do on your own. The silicone also gets quite dirty on the outside very easily. Otherwise, great product.

This pot was great until it cracked at one of the folds. Fortunately we were still able to boil a cup of water at a time. Pretty sad when you have to use duct tape to patch your pot .

Like some of these other reviewers, my lid warped, and I didn't try to get a replacement - I just took it back and REI in its usual responsive style immediately refunded my money. What a shame because I really liked the product. I had no trouble with breakdown of the silicone - the only problem was the lid. Here's a link to a pic of mine:

I bought this 2 years ago works great have had zero issues I boil water with it often for coffee and tea ,It goes In my kayak and or back pack every time wouldn’t leave home with it I never put food in it just water as I believe it’s sole intention is just that boiling water, 2 weeks on the river kayaking and never a problem

I received a new lid some time last fall. It appears the material they used for the lid has been improved. I've been using it since on a regular basis . . and for the last few months, two to three times a day. The lip hasn't warped or cracked and still looks like new.

I like the design of this kettle, but it is just too delicate for backpacking use. The lid cracked while I was loading it into my pack! REI refused to refund or replace it because I was a month too late in retuning it. Arrgh. I would not recommend this product.

Used this pot for the first time for two backpacking trip. Worked great. Held its heat. but kidnap cracked right away. Still ok to use but crack got worse by end of trip. Still usable but certainly prefer it without the crack.

I love this little pot and use it primarily for just heating water for hot drinks or to pour over oatmeal. As has been mentioned the lid design could be a bit better, though I have had no problems with it warping so far.

This is incredibly lightweight, and I can't believe how flat it is when collasped. It fits perfectly in my Go Bag. Hubby will be ordering one for his, now that he's seen it in person.

I love the simplicity and pack-ability of this pot. The aluminum bottom is lightweight and allows for good conductivity and the silicone sides are easy to clean. I love that there is a built-in spout for pouring, because spilling just boiled water when fuel availability is low is one of my biggest concerns haha. Seriously. I have used this pot quite a bit and have had no issues with it because I am very careful. However, on a camping trip I made a small windscreen out of aluminum foil and my friend decided they would improve the windscreen by extending it upward. While watching this take place, I warned the friend that they should not do that because the lid and handles could not handle that much heat. As usual, he thought he was doing great things and continued on. I did not take away the overly tall screen, but instead, I simply told him that if he ruins my pot he must replace it. He agreed. A few minutes later, the handles were melted, burnt and bubbling black. He was kind enough to admit defeat and replace my pot on our next trip to REI, and was shocked by the price. I let him keep the ruined pot. I love this pot, but come on, Sea to Summit, use a material for the handles and lid that can resist high-heat.

Fantastic purchase must have for backpacking Super lightweight

I luv this pot! Equals as water gathering, wash basin..


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