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Fit is good and allows for movement, but the waterproofing is minimal. For extended exposure to rain/water, the jacket "wets out" (saturates) completely, leaving you cold, wet, and soggy.

I bought this for a trip to Alaska, where it rains frequently. I ended up having to buy a poncho because this soaked through in constant rain. Great features, but absolutely not the "waterproof" that was advertised. Very disappointing.

Went to an outdoor concert. Third time using jacket. Poured rain the entire time. This jacket kept me dry for about 30 minutes, after that I was soaked and cold for the remainder of a four hour concert. The material did not prevent water from soaking through. Would not recommend.

I bought this jacket during the Memorial Day sale and was fairly pleased with it until the first big rainstorm that I wore it.

I bought this Rain Jacket a year ago and for a year it was just sitting in my cupboard. I never got a chance to use it. A few days ago I went on a day hike in Snowdonia National Park. Since it is Wales, you can imagine the kind of rain I was facing during my trek.

Purchased this jacket at my local REI, it had by far the best fit. The cut, length, pocket placement, and hood design are fantastic. It rides under my pack perfectly.

This was exactly what I was looking for and then some added bonuses mixed in. The water just "beads" off of you. I like how the jacket is more slim fitting and not a lot of extra in the torso region. The pockets are higher up than most i think, maybe its just my body, but i like it. They are more towards the front of your body also which makes it very easy to find. It is where my hand would be if i was holding my textbooks, lets say, under my arms. There is a smaller well-hidden pocket with a zipper on you left side with a small hole in the back for headphone. I like it so i can listen to music to and from class and then just put it in the same pocket when i get to class. I would call it "the crown" of the hood has a bungee chord inside that runs along the brim of the hood and then back along the side of the top of the head to the back. there is a spring clamp to hold it in place if you tighten it. I would say that it was too long for me at first, but it covers all of my pockets so Im okay with that. Probable my favorite feature is the two zippers that are under the arms. Being able to vent out more is a huge plus for sitting in lecture rooms and then going back out in the rain, and so on. I would say that would be one downside to the jacket, there is no thermal protection. That is my fault for wearing it when it is too cold outside. Great jacket!

Used it the afternoon I bought it, in the rain. It worked well-the rain didn't come through, and I didn't get soaked in my sweat. To be fair, it was about 40-45 degrees, which may have kept me cooler. I also liked the high zippers for the pockets. They were above the waist belt on my pack.

I really love this jacket, hence the 4 stars. The cut is great looking and in black it's perfect as a workday layer. I’m a huge fan of the stretch fabric as well. It’s breathable, so comfortable in warmer weather and while wearing on hikes. The jacket makes for an excellent shoulder season layer, windbreaker, or rain coat (but only in light/moderate rain or short periods - see below).

I absolutely love this jacket. I wear it all the time. The one issue I have is there is a huge design flaw. The rough velcro around the neck has completely shredded my right shoulder. If the velcro had simply been reversed, with the rough side on the left side of the jacket, it would have lasted me for years. Once I realized it, I stuck another piece of velcro on top of it to hopefully save it a little longer.

I have worn this jacket in pouring rain trail running and didn’t get wet at all.. the pit zips are awesome and long.. took it in the snow yesterday for a run same thing. Bomber

Bought this to wear while photographing sporting events. Nice 74 degree weather, a little drizzle, and I'm sweating like I'm shooting in the tropics! Get back to the media center and I am soaked through and through. Take this off and its dry inside. So much for breathability..and thats with the armpit zips open! Taking this back!!

I've worn this jacket three times in the rain, and each time (with layers) I am freezing cold. This should be called a light windbreaker. The jacket fit is great, and I loved the look of it, but it is not a jacket that will keep the water out. I attempted a return, but unfortunately was beyond my return window.

This review pertains to the jacket's design only, as I have not yet had the chance to test it in the field. The XXL fit perfectly for me (50 inch chest; 42 inch waist; 6'1''). There is enough room for a midweight layer underneath without being too baggy or relaxed. Pockets are placed in the ideal spot and the hood is fully adjustable. I'm a bioclimatologist who works predominately in coastal environments, and bought this to keep me dry during wet days in the field. The design and fit are exactly what I've been looking for, and hope it delivers as a reliable and durable piece of gear as well.

This jacket I thought would be a great replacement to a lightweight Marmot that I have had for 5+ years that began to loose it's waterproofing. That being said, I wore this maybe in 3-4 minor to moderate rain storms and by the 5th minor rain, it was soaking through in the lightest of drizzle. Will be returning to find a better rain jacket, disappointed in the price and performance of this jacket.

I purchased this jacket for a recent trip to Alaska and it performed perfectly. Waterproof for the brief rain showers and warm enough and layered well.

This jacket is one of the best fitting jackets I've ever owned. It not only looks great but it feels amazing when you put it on. I get complements all the time on it while out on the trail. When compared to jackets twice the price this jacket stacks up very well. The inner hidden pocket by the zipper tends to budge out the jacket a bit near the chest, but its nothing to write home about. Great jacket!

I purchased this jacket for a trip to Iceland and it performed OK. For light rain it's great. I wore it in high winds and passing showers and I stayed perfectly dry. This jacket falls a little short when in heavy rain. I was on a hike with very heavy rain and the jacket kept me relatively dry but there were areas where the waterproofing failed. Water started to soak in to the jacket over the course of 3 hours. Notably, the ends of the sleeves were pretty wet and also there was leaking through the zippers in the armpits. Overall, I

I bought this jacket a couple weeks ago and have used it non-stop since. I live in Jacksonville North Carolina and the weather is always crazy I carry this around with me everywhere I go and it works awesome repelling water and it's extremely comfortable. I like that the material is stretchy so I don't feel like I'm going to rip it when I bend or Flex anything and I also have more Mobility

Climbed Galdhøpiggen in Norway with this jacket. It protected me from the crazy wind, rain and snow we encountered in July. I was warm and dry the entire time. The material has excellent breathability along with zippers under the arms for more ventilation if needed. Highly recommend!

Bought this for two outdoor concerts at the Kettlehouse Amphitheater. It rained!! I stayed completely dry. It's light and breathable and has plenty of vents to keep you cool. The water beeds off it and did a great job while others got wet after some time. I would buy this again.

This jacket fits well (I got a large - I am 6'2", 185lb - ~trim build) and is indeed quiet compared to other rain jackets that sound of plastic. I like the length, being long enough to cover most clothing I'd wear under it. However, the material used in the forearms is worthless for waterproofing. Ten minute walk with an umbrella in a rainstorm, and the mist that hit the forearm wetted it out with little hesitation. No beading...just immediate absorption. Leads to a very clammy feeling when in the rain.

Had a weekend camp out where 10 of the 14 troops packed up and went home because of the rain. Our troop stayed and I was nice and dry in this coat. I bought it a little big so I could wear a sweatshirt under and it was perfect.

This jacket has it all, strechy, stylish, well made, water proof, durable, and it has a collar so the hood doesn't hit you in the back of the head while wearing it with hood down. Also has a chest pocket (essential). However, the inside is a little clammy feeling when wearing a short sleeve shirt underneath, and also the sleeves really are too long. Those two setbacks add up to 4 starts. Definitly a top tier jacket if you need a collar, chest pocket, and style in a performance garment.

I was caught in severe severe thunder storm up on Franconia ridge, this bad boy kept me as dry as I would hope something other than rubber rain gear would! Super lightweight so easy to stow

I got this as a light duty rain jacket just in case and it came to be my only jacket. I recently did a month long backing trip and it never let me down. With a solid base layer and gloves a was able to be comfortable in 25 degree weather with the help of its wind resistances. I roll it up,(sometimes along with cheap rain pants) store it in the water bottle spot of my backpack every time and it lives there so I know I'm ready. I've been bike riding, snowboarding, hiking, walking and just standing in rain and have been dry. The sleeve cuff are great with or without gloves. The hood is awesome because it has a small brim to keep you face unexposed, the bungees clips are nice, you can snug it on to your face to keep your peripheral vision, (crucial for me while bike riding) inside at the top of the hood it has a slim lip that I put my baseball cap brim on so I have more protection and I don't have to take my hat off if I'm wearing one all day. On a hot muggy rainy day the vents really help keep you cool. I'm 5'11 and bought a large size because i knew i would be layering up if cold and wearing a medium size t-shirt. For its price, versatility and performance I would really recommend it.

Just picked one up and while the quality seems decent upon my initial impression, the sizing seems like it's a tall size rather than regular. The arm length is much too long,quite a bit longer than other brands such as North Face or Arcteryx. If you have arms that hang to your knees, this just might be the ticket, but for normal people or those with short arms, you'll likely want to try another brand. For me, probably going to send it back for a refund.

My wife and I both bought this jacket to meet our hiking needs as well as for a technical layer we needed for a trip to Iceland. In Iceland is where this jacket really shined. It stood up to howling winds with penetrating rain and the jacket never wet out. It was the perfect wind block over a mid layer. It was also far more durable than I would have thought. I scrabbled up and down hills and slid through gravel, without any sign of rips or tears.

I am very happy with the Talusphere. The material is soft and stretchy. Breatheability is excellent for a jacket at this price point. Fit is roomy. I'm 5'10" 185 lb and the medium fits well. Plenty of room to layer and long enough to wear while biking without riding up. I really like the hip belt compatible pockets. I highly recommend this jacket for hiking and even backpacking. Not the lightest jacket out there, but worth the weight.

Bought this jacket after owning an REI Elements shell jacket for 4+ years that was the best jacket money could buy so I bought this Element jacket hoping for the best. I've worn it twice now, once in town and second this last weekend in the southern california desert. It looks great, has a lot of pocket space, and the fold up into a pouch feature is always nice. When it came to the desert, it was windy and cold and this jacket did not hold up. When putting it on, it had a "cold" feel to it. The material made a cold feel internally and did not hold up to the high winds in the cold desert like my previous Element jacket did. I am hoping that when the rains come this winter this jacket will shine.

The lightweight, stretchy fabric of this jacket quickly made it a favorite of mine. It has great breathability and has ventilated pockets as well as pit zips.

I had a similar REI men's S jacket I bought about 15 years ago which fit pretty well. I still have it, but wanted a replacement. I'm a woman. About 5'4", 130 lbs. This S jacket was way too big and the fit was just off. It was surprisingly thin too and didn't seem as well made as my other parka. Sadly, I had to return it. The search continues.

I have been looking for a good shell that is both breathable and water proof for awhile. I got this coat on sale for just over $100 and for the money it is an amazing deal. Other coats that are generally GoreTex cost 2-5 times this price. The coat is very comfortable and is both breathable and water proof in very wet conditions. Very happy with this purchase.

I like that this is a happy middle ground of the Rhyolite and the Motility jacket, it has the standard zipper, as opposed to the fine zipper, which may be more waterproof, but breaks quicker. The material is not as loud as the Rhyolite, but not as "stretch soft" as the Motility. It also has a nice hood zip, and pit zips.

I picked this up a couple months ago to replace an aging (and leaking) Northface. I love it! Its stretch material has a really nice feel, and doesn't have the "swishing" nylon sound of my old jacket. It's weathered the rainy Norcal weather nicely. Also love the external zippered breast pocket--very handy.

I've had this jacket for almost four years and it has been great... until recently. I wear this jacket regularly during wet and cold months (2/3rds of the year in upstate NY) and it is very comfortable for hiking, bicycling, and working outdoors. When layered properly, it is warm enough for snowy, wet, and blustery days, but I can vent it when I turn into a human sauna. Until recently, it was also water proof, but, it seems the layers of fabric at the shoulders and upper torso are separating, and water quickly saturates the material turning me into a wet and miserable person. Granted, I've had this jacket for several years and wear it regularly (so it might be in old age) but I expected an REI product to have a longer life. I'll still wear it on cold dry days, just because I can't muster the courage to get rid of it (or wouldn't be comfortable with donating a defective rain jacket), but inevitable I'll get caught out in the rain with it on and rue my decision not to replace it.

I've only had this jacket for two months, so I can't say much about its durability, but it has performed very well so far. I've worn it every day for bicycle commuting, walking around town and hiking in the woods, and I have no complaints yet. It quickly became my go-to jacket for moderate weather.

Two kids and two grandkids moved up to Bellingham, WA area. I don't need this in Las Vegas! Easy to fold up and pack for flights to BLI. Easy to layer for different seasons. Nice pocket for glasses up high. Works like it should, fair price. Staffers gave really helpful advice. 'Nuff said.

This is a nice jacket. It works very well in the rain and keeps me dry. It is a bit warm though and it would be great if it was a little more breathable. If you do any outdoor activities you get pretty warm with this coat. Other than that I really like the length, pockets, and flexibility.

Used on open lake in Ontario Canada - kept my torso dry. Went in/out of pockets during storm - expected them to have some accumulated water... none. Chest area separate zipper pocket worked great - kept my I-phone in there - was easy to get grab for photos of catches...

I was headed to Kauai and the weather was supposed to be horrendous for a week. I could have bought a no frills rain shell for $100 but for just a little more dough I bought this shell which looks better and has more features. It worked great. I haven't been wet yet.

I really like the jacket. With the cold we've experienced here in the south I wanted something that I could wear as wind block that was also waterproof and this fit the bill; especially at this price point. The sleeves are a bit long for the torso size though.

Bought it primarily for a weeks long river rafting/hiking/fishing/camping trip on the Rogue River in Oregon. Kept me dry in the raft while riding the rapids and from rain at camp/hiking. I liked that it packed small for my daypack and had an athletic fit.

Very hot, material feel like a slightly more rubbery arcteryx jacket good look inside and out, keeps me dry but even with the zip pits I was hot at room temperature just moseying about my apt can’t imagine actually hiking with it unless it is cold out

I have a longer torso and arms (typically wear long cut shirts) and this jacket fits really well. I haven’t had a chance to really wear it in a downpour yet (maybe this weekend camping), but the jacket has worked really well in light showers.

Haven't worn it yet, i bike year round in colorado, but it is a quality built piece of clothing that will give me piece of mind in the next few months when the weather does change, so thanks to rei and the climate deniers.....

I wear an XXL in Patigonia so I ordered an XXL in this coat. It fit me like a 5 year old in his daddy’s coat. I had to return it. It seemed like a pretty nice coat. I ended up with a Marmot Minimalist for $80.00 on sale.

This is not waterproof, plain and simple. I am also annoyed that the store sales people pushed me so hard to pick this jacket. Dont buy this if you are looking for a reliable rain jacket. I will be returning it.

I have had this jacket for about 3 weeks now and have been using it in the downpour of Northern California and the jacket works good. I would recommend. The size of the jacket is true to the labeled size.

This jacket has a fantastic design! Nothing flashy or over the top just truly functional and great looking. Great zippers (always a plus) length weight everything excellent!!

I bought this for my husband and he loves it! He kept commenting on how dry he was in the rain on our hike.

Loving in the pnw its great to have this jacket i can use for commuting to work, hiking and walk in the park. Has great ventalation you can zip down to keep things cool

This thing feels and fits great! The jacket repelled the light rain for a five mile hike. The only spots that started to absorb water were near the elbow creases.

A great raincoat. Love the length: drapes over the butt, unlike backpacking styles. Fits a bit baggy as a large, by have received a number of compliments on it.

This jacket has a chest pocket which touts its headphone cable hole, but there's no way to put a phone into that pocket because it's sewn shut on all 4 sides.

Purchased for my son and he LOVES this jacket! He even stood out in the pouring rain just to show me how well the water repels and beads off the jacket!!

Rain jackets are incredibly subjective to the situation, and I almost never put one on and immediately enjoy it. This jacket is soft to the touch, quiet, and made of a light and stretchy material. I put this jacket on and immediately noticed how comfortable I was in it. Normally I put on rain shells and make a couple range of motion movements before I'm ready to take them off and breath again. That was not the case with this jacket. I will point out that the athletic/slim cut to this jacket does make it a bit form fitting. I put a fleece under this jacket to test the fit and barely even noticed the additional layer, but my armpits were close to the limits of what I would consider comfortable. The high pockets and long torso of this jacket make it great for waist protection while hiking with a pack. I'm 5'11" and near 185 sporty pounds, and the medium fits without inhibiting movement. I will try a Large just for comparison and update this review.

I bought this jacket because I wanted a midweight rain jacket for slightly chillier conditions with a internal or external chest pocket and pit zips that didnt cost $200

The coat works well, it keeps me dry during the rain. the extra pockets give me a bunch of options when it comes to holding my items.

Light weight. Good wind protection. Wore through rain and waterfalls in Iceland. Soaked through a bit after a few hours.

I bought this item just a week before we were called out in a hard rain for an hour or more. The product was super.

So far so good , light easy to maneuver in , use it a few times so far. Ok for the price.

Finally received this and after wearing for a week the shoulder began to show wear. Need to exchange or refund.

Bought this so I could walk even it's raining. It's working great. Love it. Keeps me dry and happy on the road.

Good for downtown or walking on the Burke-Gilman. Easy to pack small. Fairly quiet fabric.

Bought it for layering on a trip to Europe. Worked fine, but I wish it had an extra pocket.

Nice utility jacket, seems effective in a variety of conditions with appropriate layering.

My husband purchased this jacket. He liked the high color with the hood.

Lightweight and sturdy, not too heavy, also good on cool spring days

For those who dislike this jacket, what did you buy that was better?

I picked up this jacket to go hiking but now wear it all the time.

I bought it for a present and it has been very well liked



how does this compare with event or goretex fabric?

The REI Elements waterproof/breathable membrane inside this jacket will provide the same amount of water protection as Gore-Tex or eVent. REI Elements is slightly less breathable than eVent.


Does this jacket have a 2-way zipper?

No, the Talusphere Rain Jacket does not have a 2-way front zipper.

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