Hydro Flask - Coffee Flask - 16 fl. oz.

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The poor design of the lid ruins an otherwise great flask.When using the flask, a small amount of your beverage will find it's way under the open "flip" lid, the liquid will gather and eventually run down the side of the flask. This leakage will adorn your desk or table with nice beverage rings. Having the lid replaced didn't remedy the issue: it's simply a bad design. Reviews on the manufacturer's website had many postings referencing the same problem.

I bought this to replace a Klean Kanteen 16 oz mug that I had for 15 years, mostly out of curiosity. The KK was awesome right until the day I lost it in a ski lodge, never leaked, always hot. The lid on this mug has leaked since I bought it, first a few drops which were easy to ignore because they were nice and hot, but now a month later it is practically a sieve. I never bother to write bad reviews, but this product really is not worth it.

This mug is suitable and well-designed, but not without flaws. First of all, in my car - the place where I figure most people want a hot beverage mug - I found that it still managed to leak a little from the lid, in spite of the careful design. I guess it's hard to be able to sip your drink without the possibility of spilling it. Second, I compared using a food thermometer with a cheap thermos I bought 10 years ago, and the thermos actually did a slightly better job of keeping hot drinks hot. So, yes, it's attractive, but if I really want to keep my drink hot, I use a fully enclosed bottle like the thermos (Hydro Flask makes one as well).

I'm really enjoying this thermos. I've never had a good double-wall vacuum thermos before, so it still feels a bit like magic when my coffee/tea/water is still warm (or cold) 8 hours after I made it. I've been using it nearly every day for a month or so. So far, I haven't had problems with liquid collecting on the lid as some others have; I think it might just depend on whether you're a 'tidy sipper' or not.

I love my Hydroflask 16 oz the most. I own many flasks as well as some from competitors such as Yeti and Klean Kanteen. I love my 16oz for my daily coffee and tea needs. I own a 40oz larger one for water and also a few 12 oz and the tumblers, but this is my preferred drink daily carrier. It is the perfect size for both coffee and tea. If I am only drinking coffee then the 12 oz is a bit more compact but for both the 16oz is the perfect size. I like how it looks and I have no issues with the cap leaking. If you tighten it well, I have zero leakage after 2 years of daily use. It actually works too well for my needs and I end up taking the coffee off to let my coffee cool before drinking. I love these so much that I bought 3 more for gifts.

I bought this overpriced, high end flask for my coffee. I filled the flask up with hot coffee before going to work. After one hour coffee is hot, after two hours coffee is very warm, after 3 hours coffee is Luke warm, by 4hours coffee is cold. I leave for work at 4 am, it sits in my truck and it is so disappointing to have cold coffee by 8am..do not but this product for hot liquids. Use Thermos brand one..I have one now that will stay very hot for 6hrs, then warm after 10 hours.

Quickly became my go to mug for my morning commute. Keeps coffee hot for at least 3+ hours. Fits in the cup holder of my car which is important. The cap, while it does no leak, does retain the coffee smell. This is partly because the silicone O ring, while this prevents leaking, it does retain coffee smell. Other than that, the cup is incredible, I stand behind the Hydro Flask name in regards to quality. Great job!

I purchased this hydroflask for my husbnd to carry his hot coffee in. He loves it, It keeps his coffee hot the whole time he is drinking it! Approx 3-4 hours. I know it will keep food hot for 7 hours as I have one that I had made from Hydroflask and I use it to hydrate some of my backpacking dinners. I boil enough water in the morning for my coffee AND then fill it with the packaged food/boiling water and let it hydrate while I'm hiking! I have hot food for lunch or dinner! Caution! Most comercial prepared backpacking meals will be mush if left till dinner time in the hydroflask!

We have a couple Hydroflask water bottles and love them, so I bought this travel mug as a gift for my husband (and let's be real I wanted to be able to borrow it too). It's a great size, keeps coffee hot/warm for a long time – even being left out in the car for a couple hours in 20 degree Minnesota weather – and seals tight. The only thing that makes it just short of perfect, is that for some reason after opening and closing the lid flap(?) a couple times, coffee seems to make its way to the part of the lid that is behind the lid flap. Not leaking – just a design flaw. Still love it, just have to check that the lid is clean after drinking if we're carrying it around.

This bottle is great in many ways - keeps my coffee really hot for a long time when the lid is clicked closed. It also is completely leak-proof when the lid is clicked closed. However, as others have stated, when drinking, some amount of coffee always ends up in the lid and doesn't flow back into the bottle. So, I always end up having coffee drip down from the lid onto the side of the bottle and on my hands, dripping down onto my clothes, etc. I find this very annoying and have stopped using the bottle completely! If I can find another lid that doesn't do this or perhaps even find a way to stop the dripping (bead of silicone caulk?), I will gladly start using it again.

I bought this based on the good reviews and was expecting to be able to make my coffee at 5 am and drink it after my morning SUP at 7am. The coffee was lukewarm! I did not drink it all. by 3pm it was stone cold. Maybe I have a faulty cup? I will be returning my cup asap.

The insulating properties are fantastic. The product makes no claim to be leak proof and in fact the flip top is only to keep heat/cold in. It won't prevent spills in any way. So long as I keep it upright it works great.

I have had this Hydro for about 3 weeks. I've only experienced a small amount of leaking once, and I believe it may have been due to condensation of my boiling tea. I intend to do as others suggested, which is clean the O-ring in the lid really well.

Was unsure about this flask based on reviews I'd read online. Mainly that the top would leak. Glad to report that I have not had this issue. It's a perfect size for me and keeps water relatively cold for a number of hours. Have used it for hot drinks sporadically and have found that it doesn't stay hot for as long as it's stated time. Could have been the outside conditions though too, since it was well below freezing when I tried that. I'll say that the construction feels sturdy and looks very nice. I'd recommend this flask if you're looking to carry your beverage with you.

My wife dropped it on the rubber floor at work and the latch broke. Other than that it is easy to clean and keeps her beverages warm and popes well. She always hand washed it like the directions States.

This is the fourth in my collection of Hydro Flasks, all different sizes and colors. It's a great bottle that keeps my morning coffee piping hot for a long time. It's easy to drink from during a bumpy commute and fits comfortably in my hand and in my briefcase. The vivid color adds lots of sunshine to my day, too.

This mug is fine until the seal comes out of the lid. It falls out easily and it seems like nobody every really notices when it happens. I was sipping coffee with no trouble, the next thing I know, I have coffee dribbling all over my shirt.

I've had this mug for about a year now. I use it every day at work. At first, I was having all kinds of leaking issues with the lid like other reviewers. I contacted Hydro Flask about it and they sent me a new lid no questions asked.

I got this to replace a different coffee flask I have from a different brand. I wanted this because the lid of this is able to close; so that on my commute to work, coffee won't spill out the top while on bumpy roads. Well, the lid does work, but now it doesn't fit in my cupholders in my car, which defeats the purpose of getting a separate coffee flask for me. I'll be returning it hopefully. It does, however keep my beverage hot or cold for hours... so it does measure up to the HF quality. It just won't work for what I specifically got it for.

It's a nice attractive product. Keeps coffee hot but not really any hotter than a Contigo. The cylinder shape makes it a little hard to carry when not holding it in a drinking position. The real draw back is the flip lid. It does a great job on sealing and preventing leaks but is difficult to flip open. This flask works well when either at a desk or stopping to enjoy your coffee somewhere. It does not work well as a commuter cup because of this. The size works well with a Krueig machine when you slide the bottom piece out of the way.

I was perplexed by all the negative reviews here at REI and on Amazon about the lid. First I read that the lid retains a coffee smell, then I read that the lids leak. I finally bought one of these after talking to a couple of the REI staff members who swore by theirs. The mug looks great, obviously. The lid is a really nice drinking shape, similar to may of the older Thermos brand travel tumblers before they started making them to feel like you're drinking out of a water bottle. Every morning I make a coffee and snap the lid shut and drop the mug in my bag. Every day the mug keeps the coffee safely inside and my bag is clean and dry. It works. It does not LEAK. The problem comes when drinking. Any coffee that's still around the mouth of the lid after you take you sip eventually migrates to the back of the mug and dribbles down. All day, I'm wiping my hand off from the dribbles of coffee, I'm wiping my desk off from the little coffee ring it leaves, I'm dabbing the lid to get the coffee before it dribbles. It needs a little edge on the rear of the lid and 99% of this would be fixed. I'm sure Hydroflask is delighted that they've had such success with grabbing massive new market share. I'll be surprised if REI and Whole Foods continue to carry their mugs if customer after customer comes in with a return for a "faulty" product.

There are a lot of reviews about the lid and leaking so I was a little leery but I really wanted one of these in an orange color. I've been using it for my coffee for a few weeks without any leaking or other problems. Keeps my coffee nice and warm for several hours too so long as I fill it up. If you want to keep a drink cold or warm longer, heat or cool the bottle ahead of time (use hot or cold water for example).

It was an initial expensive purchase for me, but it has paid itself off! Insulates drinks better than anything I've tried before. I have one RECOMMENDATION for people who buy this mug, and it's to handwash only! If you decide to machine wash this mug, make sure the lid is upside down. Because if you wash it right side up the O-ring on the inside of the lid falls out and gets lost in your dish washing machine. Luckily I found the O-ring when this happened to me, ever since that happened I have only hand washed this thing

I have an older Hydorflask which is still phenomenal. Bought this for the wife based on that experience and was extremely disappointed. Doesn't hold heat or cold well. Boiling water poured into this causes the outside to read 115℉ within 4 minutes. Thankfully REI has a great return policy.

just the rights size for… - cup holders - bike bottle holder - throwing in a bag - a large cup of tea.

I love this brand! My husband and I have many hydro flask products, in all different sizes and shapes. These Items keep anything you put in it hot/cold for long periods for sure! I use it mostly for water, but we have others we use for hot drinks. I have had water in this item for over a day and it was still nice and cool. I wish I didn't have to always hand wash it, but other than that I have no complaints about it. I like how they also have so many different tops that I can get to use for different uses!

Used primarily for coffee this flask keeps boiling water extremely hot. Even after 30 minutes with the lid closed it will burn my mouth. After a couple of hours it will cool sufficiently to drink. Primarily use this indoors, unsure of how long it will remain hot when exposed to elements.

I bought this as an extra cup to keep my drinks hot, specifically tea since the one I use for coffee makes everything tast like coffee. Everyone raves about their hydro flask so I tried it. I like the feel and look of it and it kept the tea hot as it said it would but something about the flip cap when opening and closing made it made it leak a little each time out of it. Not out of the screw cap but out of the flip cap. Sadly, I returned it. Maybe I'll try the screw on water container next.

It retains heat well for coffee and tea for about 4 hours. My only complaint is that the gasket in the flip lid retains a coffee smell. I repeatedly tapped the lid hard on a flat surface to release the gasket. Despite using many different cleansers, the coffee smell would not go away from the gasket. (The rest of the lid was absent of a coffee smell.) As a result, I only use the flask for coffee and not for tea or other beverages. Otherwise, your beverage has a coffee smell with every sip.

I bought the 16 ounce hydro-flask to hold both hot and iced coffee during my long train-and-subway commute, and it hasn't disappointed. On my way to the station one morning, I had to brake hard, and my pack flipped onto the floor. The hydro-flask containing very hot coffee was completely dry on the outside. Plus, the coffee was still satisfyingly warm four hours later.

I bought this insulated flask to keep my coffee hot/warm before I arrive at my office from a 30 minute commute. I'll have to admit I was skeptical but it has proven to be great even with the lid popped open! It has kept my drink warm throughout the day, even under a freezing a/c vent. I love the shape, not too big to fit in my small hand and the lid doesn't leak at all. This flask/mug is a keeper! I am already recommending it to my fellow colleagues, as well as friends.

Originally I thought this size of mug would be too small to be all that useful. I got it just to avoid using disposible cups when I use the Kurig at work once a week as my other mug was too big. However, this mug is the perfect size for my morning coffee so I'm using it every day. Helps control how much coffee I'm drinking. It looks very nice and doesn't leak at all. I really like the lid design as it lets out just the right amount of hot liquid. Highly reccomend.

I own two hydro flask mugs. One 16oz and one 18oz. I have owned one for over a year and the other for a few months. Both of the mugs I own keep my iced drinks cold and my hot drinks hot for an extremely long time. As in over 10 hours and there is still ice in there cold. I have never had a problem with either of my mugs leaking. I do agree that the ring inside the lid falls out easily but this is not a problem for me. I have always been very happy with my purchases.

Perfect size and weight. Convenient and durable. Keeps things hot for the whole day.

I'm wiring a review because several people reviewed this product saying that the lid is flawed or leaky. I don't find this to be the case. I will say that the rubber gasket inside the lid (which can pop out for cleaning, or if you drop it) is essential. The lid will definitely leak like crazy if the rubber gasket isn't in place. I learned this about 2 weeks into my Hydro Flask ownership. I found the gasket and popped it back in and the problem was solved. That's the only time it has leaked. I use my coffee flask daily, and absolutely love it! It fits in my cup holder and holds the perfect amount of coffee. it is easy to clean and I trust tossing it into my backpack. It isn't cumbersome to carry (like, I think that Yeti mugs are way too large and bulky) I also enjoy the fun and durable colors. I am sure I will use this for years!

This little hydroflask is the perfect size for taking an extra cup of coffee with me on the way to work. That coffee was kept hot and ready while sipping it until noon.

Ive been using this mug for 4 months and use it about 6 days a week. I almost exclusively use it for coffee, thought sometimes I use it with water. Once washed out, the coffee flavor does not carry over to water, though you do need to wash the lid well. I have not had the leaking issues others have mentioned, though the lid could use improvements. This mug feels very good in the hand and fits well in cup holders and water bottle holders on bags.

I have the Hydro Flask 16oz in white and I have gotten so many compliments on it. It is the perfect size and shape. It looks, feels, and works very well. The lid has two pieces which was a huge selling point for me because it is a breeze to clean thoroughly. I use the mug primarily for coffee in the morning and also can count on the liquids remaining hot for several hours. I highly recommend this flask as well as all of Hydro Flask products.

The Hydro Flask is incredibly insulated. It keeps hot beverages undrinkably hot for hours. The only way to cool the beverage down is to remove the screw-on top. But then the liquid gets into the threads and leaks down the side of the flask when the cap is replaced. Finally, there is a snap-down lid that takes both hands to open prior to taking a drink. Other products have a button that can be pressed with one hand to allow taking a drink.

I've been very impressed with the insulation of other hydro flask products. For example, the large one kept ice ICE overnight on a beach camping trip. However, this thing BARELY manages to keep my coffee hot for three hours on a warm fall day (20 degrees Celcius). I was expecting something more like my friend's mug that we used for a winter hike. After a 5 hour hike on a really cold and windy winter day, the coffee was still piping hot.

My wife bought this for me for Xmas, and after tolerating coffee dripping down on my shirt in meetings one too many times, I am kicking it to the curb. The others in these reviews must not use the mug that often, because all of them leak. Buy this mug if you want a ring of coffee on the table every time you set it down, or when someone is washing it and the silly gasket falls out, and you get the drip down your chest. Avoid.

Prior to the Hydro Flask, I tried two other companies/designs - both terrible. One had a stupid straw-sucking attempt to get the liquids and the other a flawed mouthpiece that no matter which way I tried, the liquids would get all over me. With the Hydro Flask, drinking was easy and natural - the way it should be. Thank you. And the colors are great, the material is nice, and it fits right in your hand. LOVE this product!!

The good: It keeps coffee very hot for a long time. It is attractive and has a good grip. It fits in the auto cup holder and holds a good amount of liquid. It doesn't leak when fully closed. The meh: The closure tab hits you in the nose when you drink out of it. Somehow, after extended use, liquid escapes and gets on the outside of the container and on your hands. Its too expensive to have these design problems.

I bought this flask as a means of keeping drinks hot and cold on long hikes or doing days of field work (geologist). It worked spectacularly. After 4 hours my coffee was still almost too hot to drink and after 8 hours was still hot. It also works well for cold drinks although I haven't had a chance to try it out in summer heat. The top is leak proof and sturdy. This is a great buy!! Next time I'm going for a larger size.

I bought this to bring my 2nd cup of coffee to work with me, and it does its job perfectly. I just throw it in my bag haphazardly and the only time it leaked was the morning I didn't close the lid all the way.... (beware: the lid closed LOOKS pretty much the same as the lid open!) The coffee stays at the perfect drinking temperature until lunchtime. I have also used it one time with cold beer, and it worked great!

I bought a hydro flask 6 months ago to have coffee on my hour long drive to work. I also own a couple more from starbucks and klean kanteen. I rotate between the three. the hydro flask is the newest of the three but is the only one that I cannot use anymore since the cap has started to leak and it messes up my car, I have to be careful not to get it on my clothes. Luckily I bought it at REI so it can be returned.

I was looking for a resusable water/coffee container that would hold up to various external temperature conditions. Being in Arizona, I did not like leaving plastic water bottles in the car for any period of time. The Hydro flask fits that need. It keep my water cold enough for periods of time and it still taste fresh. I have not yet tried it with coffee but I assume it will perform just as well. I use it daily.

I saw the reviews that said this mug leaks, but bought it anyway. Bad call - it really does leak a huge amount. Coffee somehow comes out the top, accumulates under the flip-back cap, and then runs down the back of the mug (and all over my hand and coat this morning). For those who have already purchased this unfortunate product, it seems to leak less when it's only half full, so may be partially salvageable.

LOVE this Hydro Flask! My daughter is actually using this as a water bottle, instead of a coffee flask. We love the 16oz size (10oz, typical “child size” requires frequent refills) We wanted something durable, that was going to keep her water cold all day, at school. Also, love that we were able to purchase an interchangeable lid. The boot we purchased protects the bottom of the bottle from dings/dents.

I am using this for cold, not hot, so can only speak to that. But it will keep your water ice cold for at least 4hrs, even if left in a hot car (tested this today in the CO heat). I love that it has a flip top sip spout instead of the rubber nozzle. I am recommending this one to all my friends will probably have to end up buying more myself. Maybe try coffee next. Or see if they have a 20oz option.

The couple times I've stored this flask in my backpack on my way to work, it's leaked. When I try to pour liquid out of it, the liquid seems to get caught on the lid and then drip in an unexpected way. I really like the other Hydroflask products I own, so I'm definitely a bit disappointed. I'll be returning to try to find something that doesn't result in any more puddles in my backpack.

I use my Hydro Flask daily for hot beverages. Its the only mug that keeps my beverages hot for over six hours. I love my beverages either super hot or cold. This product does exactly that and its very nice to have. The cap can be changed out for water caps, anyone hiking may want to upgrade to a larger size, but this size works for me. A great product which comes in multiple colors.

I ordered the bright blue color and it is such an amazing color. It makes me so happy to drink my coffee out of it! The other day I filled it with a chai latte and then ended up being a belayer for the youth competition at our gym. Not only did it stay really really hot the whole day, it also survived being kicked all over the gym floor multiple times with no spilling! So awesome!

I feel I'm addicted to the Hydroflask products. I now have 4 of them. Mainly I just like cold water and these keep ice easily all day. They are also well made,clean easily and look good in different colors. I bought one the 32 oz models for my vacation in Hawaii where it was so nice to have cold water while lounging on the beach. Even in hot tropical sun, it kept my drinks cold.

We have 24 oz, 21 oz, and 18 oz standard mouth water bottles and two 16 oz coffee flasks. Hydro Flask claims that the water bottles stay hot for 6 hours and stay cold for 24 hours. For the standard mouth bottles, that's probably under estimating their insulating power. But the wide mouth bottles (such as the coffee flasks), don't stay hot/cold quite as long as the standard mouth bottles and may be over estimating their heating/cooling capabilities a little bit. I love my Hydro Flask bottles, but my coffee flasks can be annoying because of the lid. You have to be careful when screwing on the lid and drinking out of it, the lid tends to drip. If you get the lid on just right, it probably won't drip, but if you don't, you'll end up with little dribbles of coffee everywhere. -- The lid is also easy to break if you drop it, but REI sells replacement lids - so if you are as careless as I am, REI has you covered.

The cap flips back and creates a nice little pocket for liquid to settle in that's left over after you take a sip. It builds up and eventually runs down the back of the flask and suddenly you're wondering why your fingers have coffee all over them.

It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. The leak-resistant lid works reasonably well - I wouldn't toss it someplace where it won't remain upright. After regular use and cleaning, I have not experienced the issue others described about the silicon ring falling out. The powder coating is colorful and pretty durable. Overall, an excellent coffee flask and quality product.

Pros: Bright color is fun Cap doesn't leak Texture of paint helps with grip Keeps hot stuff hot for a long time (16oz of coffee will be pleasantly warm after 5hrs) Shorter than most 16oz mugs I've seen Fits standard cup holder without flopping about

We have several of the Hydro Flask containers, including different sized water bottles and the rocks cup. This one, like all HF, keeps things hot or cold for a long time. I, like others experienced dribbling, but, as a scientist, did a little testing to figure it out. Bottom line: 1.Make sure there are no drops in the threads or on the lip where the inner & outer flasks meet. Just wipe it down, and nothing will drip out. 2. Keep the flask upright or slightly tipped forward when sipping; otherwise, drips will sneak out the back of the flip top. 3. When the flip top is open, keep it slightly above the backstop, to prevent condensation. 4. When closed, evrything seems tight. I know, we should not have to baby these things, but, with most flasks losing heat quickly, taking extra care with the lid keeps this a winner. I for one am hoping that Hydro Flask puts out an updated lid that will take care of the (minor) issues.

I've had two of these. I returned the 1st one because it leaked. The 2nd one leaks too. It's a design flaw. The edge around the lid does not extend around the flip top. As soon as a few slurps of coffee collect on the lid, it eventually finds the missing part of the edge and drips over the side. Very annoying for such an expensive item made of quality materials.

This coffee flask has been my favorite purchase and I've been carrying it with me everywhere I go. I love that it's spillproof, and easy to clean. It's great for packing coffee for early morning ski trips, cocoa on night hikes, and the liquid stays hot for hours. The 16oz size is the perfect size and it fits nicely in a car cup holder or a backpack side cup holder.

Bought two of these for Christmas '16. Not even a month old, never put in the dishwasher and used a handful of times. The lid is so leaky I can't even drink coffee through it. I now have coffee all over my work bag and it didn't even tip horizontally. This is horribly designed. I have a number of Hydro Flask bottles and really expected more out of this mug.

I definitely have to agree with the other reviews about this product leaking...

I am very happy with this flask I can now make coffee or tea and take it with me I put it in my back pack on side pockets because of its shape it fits perfectly other coffee cups are shaped like a vase they slip out to much I am very happy with mine used my dividend and It brought down the price a good bit with rei guarantee I am happy with my purchase

I've used this mug this winter and spring, it works great and is the perfect size for my coffee. Anyone writing a leaking review probably lost the rubber seal. The only downside to the lid is this seal which can occasionally come out. I'd take the simple and effective design over the small potential of the seal coming off any day. Just put it back in!

I love my hydro flask flask! I make my tea in the morning, commute a half an hour to work, and it's the perfect temperature when I arrive and stays warm until at least noon. It would probably stay warm longer if I had the lid closed. Once the tea is done, I switch to water. Great size to carry in my purse and no spilling on myself with this lid type.

We have several different kinds of Hydro Flask products. While the O-ring does pop out when cleaning, it isn't a deal breaker. And, it reminds me to clean the ring. I like that various tops fit so you can repurpose the flask. Haven't experienced the pooling in the lid others mentioned. Have converted my mother-in-law with the Hydro Coffee Flask.

This is my 4th Hydro Flask product. They all exceeded my expectations. Love this company and their customer support. I had a 32 oz. Jug that fell off my fire engine and broke the lid. A call to the company got me a replacement lid with no problems. They stand behind their product and made sure I was satisfied with my product and service.

I'm puzzled by the reviews that say this flask doesn't keep their beverages hot. I have two of them that I bring to work with tea in them every day. The first one I have to leave the lid off for an hour before the tea is cool enough to even drink. The other one I don't touch until four hours after I've made tea and it's still nice and warm.

I bought the silver coffee flask but within a week of my purchase the color is chipping off or it looks like there are permanent water stains... I can’t tell what is causing the discoloration. I will be exchanging but maybe this is a design flaw? knocking off 1 star for this

Why would you make such an awesome mug and then put such an awful lid on it. Like you can't just have a great complete package? "Let's make an amazing mug - super durable and keeps coffee hot for hours, and an amazing lid!"

I bought this as a gift for my husband, to replace his old travel mug which he used on his 100+ mile commute to work every morning. I asked him how he like it, and I guess when he went to drink the coffee a few minutes into his commute as he normally did, he said that that coffee was "too hot". LOL...I would call that a success! :)

I love the Hydro Flask. The 16oz is a perfect size for me. I really like that it fits in the cup holder of my truck without being too tall like other bottles.

I bought these for me and my husband for Christmas. They are the perfect coffee tumblers: keeps our coffee hot or cold for HOURS; never leaks; perfect shape for pockets when they're empty and our hands are full; and, most important, the lid fits over not into the flask, so I can fill it all the way up with coffee.

So far this flask has been leak-proof. Filled with hot coffee, then tossed around in a purse, and the thing doesn't leak a drop. That strong snap you feel when locking the lid down really boosts your confidence it won't spill.

Bought this on impulse before my first winter hike to keep tea in there. It happened to be about 8 degrees that day and it kept it warm for maybe an hour, but it was so freezing I’ll give it a pass. Use it for my morning coffee now, it’ll drop occasionally but still the best thermos I own. It’s my go-to

Im a product designer and am really impressed how well it kept my coffee or tea hot so long. It's just amazing. Great item. Only thing since the out side finish is textured with a bead blasted finish for durability it can be little hard to grip with wool gloves on. Or if your hands are smaller.

Holds heat well, but there's a silicone o-ring in the lid that easily falls out during cleaning, and if you don't notice it missing, you're in for a drippy mess (which always happens on one's way to work, of course). HydroFlask is good about sending you a replacement, but the design flaw remains.

I've had 2 of these. Only hand washed them and used them only when teaching classes! After several months, they both started leaking when I drank from them. Both products leaked black coffee onto white dress shirts. Avoid this product unless you are OK getting liquids spilled on your chest!

I want one thing from a coffee mug - don't leak. This thing leaks like crazy. I even went into REI to return it, and they replaced what they said was a defective lid, and the new lid leaked just as much. Stay away from this product unless you want coffee spilled down your shirt every morning.

Works Great! I bought this product because I was looking for a good water bottle that keeps my water cold long and this was perfect. The bottle isn't too big or too heavy, and it looks very nice too. The only downside is that it dents relatively easily so you should make sure not to drop it.

I got this on sale in mango. I filled it with coffee, drove an hour and a half, and the coffee still burnt the roof of my mouth. Another six hours later and it was a drinkable warm but no longer great. The only thing I feel it's missing is an easy way to attach a carabiner of some sort.

I went backpacking in Desolation Wilderness in September 2017. I went with a very experienced friend and at our first breakfast I brought out my Hydroflask to get my coffee. She took one look at it and said I want what you have so I got her one for her birthday. She loves it! Me too(:

I use the 16 oz for coffee. I work as a teacher and can’t drink the swill at school. So I make my own and it stays warm for 3-4 hours. Really good product. Oh, and I am usually schlepping a bunch of stuff into the building with full hands, and I have never had a spill or a leak.

I couldn't use this without it dropping coffee on me. I'm not 100% why, but I think I didn't clear all of the hot coffee from the lid each time I sipped and cofffee collected there and dribbled out. I really wanted it to work because it keeps drinks at the preferred temp.

Really liked the thermos but replaced the lid twice due to poor design causing leaks on the flip portion of the cap. Leaking coffee on my work clothes will not work. Sending it back. Hope hydro flask will redesign the cap for what could otherwise be an awesome bottle.

These are good. They're NOT great. VERY expensive and yet they are not dishwasher safe?! What is this, 1967? This is the fifth Hydro Flask we've had. Two of the three had to be returned. One wouldn't seal and the other simply fell apart.Jury is still out on the others.

I didn't believe all the negative reviews regarding the lid, and I went ahead and purchased this. Well they are true; the lid is bad! . Coffee accumulates around the flip mechanism and drips on you when drinking making. This is product is suitable as a commuter mug.

I use thi for my coffee in the morning. I will pack it up while the coffe is fresh first thing in the morning and it will be piping hot when I get to work. I also take it hiking and camping, fill it with hot water or coffee, and have something to warm me up later.

Love the hydro flask bottles for water but struggling w this one my wife uses for hot tea. First one just would not hold tight without some sweating / dripping. Of course REI exchanged it for a new one. If the same happens, the flask design will lose all my stars.

Sturdy !!! Spill proof (when sip stopper is snapped in place)! I dont usually leave home without it. Rubber o ring washer thing occasionally wears out, so you may have to buy a new top because that oring thing is hard to find. What doesn"t wear out , though!

I bought two as a gift because I have the 40 oz. I think its important to come ready and handy. I bought two as a gift for my close friends. I am sure they will love it because I love mine. I figured this would be the perfect size for them.

I make my coffee in this mug at about 6:45 am and it's still HOT when I get to work at 7:30, and still hot enough to enjoy until lunchtime if I don't finish it by then. After years of using cheap mugs I think this will be my go to from now on.

This little guy is perfect for the office. Keeps hot drinks very well insulated. I can rest assure that a long meeting doesn't mean I'll return to a lukewarm coffee at my desk or vice versa with a cold refreshing drink. Definitely recommended

Radiates heat! Will not keep drinks warm - I could feel the heat escaping the bottle through my backpack! Wish I had a thermal camera to demonstrate how horrible this insulates. Have not tried Yetti but FiftyFifty is a far better product.

This is a great mug to use for coffee of tea while camping or even backpacking! It does a tremendous job of keeping things hot for a long time. The lid keeps it from leaking, but the o-ring on the inside can come loose and is easy to lose.

I use this everyday, multiple times a day. It does not leak, you can throw it in backpacks. Your beverage will stay hot for the entire day. And I use it when I'm camping and too lazy to bring coffee making supplies for the next day :)

I bought this flask about a month and a half ago, because I could never finish a cup of coffee before it got cold. Well now I fill my flask at 8: 00 am and by the time I finish the last drop (around 10:30 ish) it is still piping hot.

This hydro flask is an excellent product. The lid closes tightly and keeps hot drinks hot for 2-4 hours. Cold drinks stay colder even longer. Great quality, solid design. No issues whatsoever to report. A little pricey but worth it.

I don't understand folks' complaints about the tops. I use one every day for coffee at work, so got another one for the road and a couple smaller 12 oz ones for the camping box. Great insulating properties and I like the flip top.

I bought this Tumblr and returned it the next day. It didn't even keep my coffee warm just sitting in the house before I left for work. However it is really light weight. I guess that's what happens when you don't insulate it.

I love Hydro Flask products and have purchased many. Not too thrilled about this one. I find that it releases heat quickly and my coffee is only sorta warm by the time I get to work. Not worth the Hydro Flask sticker price.

I love this mug especially as it fits both my car's cup wells. Sixteen ounces of daily coffee, hot until finished. It is well made and the interior imparts no unwanted tastes to the "eighth sacrament", i.e., coffee.

I'm disappointed with the Hydro Flask coffee flask. It only kept my coffee warm for about 3 hours. It's lid ends up getting wet from moisture every time you open it, and then splashes coffee drips when you close it.

We bought the 8oz flasks last year and I came back for the larger size. If there is a fault in these - it should come with a warning on the rim that you can burn your mouth. :-) It really keeps my tea warm for hours.

I had no trouble with leakage or dripping. Be sure to snap the lid back while drinking, and snap shut when you want it closed. I had mine full of tea and tipped it upside down and shook it and not a drop came out.

The size is great - not too big. Love the colors. And it really keeps my drinks hot for many hours. I haven't had any issues with leaking or dripping from the top. I would buy more of these for friends.

When Hydro Flask first came out, they were the best out there. My coffee would stay hot in my flask all morning. Not the case any longer. Super disappointed that the quality has gone downhill rapidly.

I Love this little thermos, only problem, a few times I have thrown it in my bag without realizing the top was not shut. That is a major problem! But when I remember to close the lid, it is leakproof

I used this this morning for a 4 1/2 hour training session and it kept my coffee warm and tasty. I am very pleased with it. Don't know about how long it keeps things cold yet, but I will find soon.

I have this for a month and been using it everyday, no leaks so far. My only con is that it does not keep my coffee hot as I expected. Same con with my wife when she gave it a try for her hot tea.

Several friends and I are loving our Hydro Flasks! I had the larger one but really wanted something that would fit in my purse easily. This one is the perfect size - for hot or cold drinks.

Keep my coffee warm for 6+ hours. And Hydro Flask stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty. Mine was dropped,damaged and replaced, as suggested by Hydro Flask Customer Care.

Used to think these were too expensive. Now I know better - they are phenomenal Keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, are durable, attractive, don't leak. We now own 4 and want more!

A good size, kept drinks hot or cold, no sweating.

I love the container itself, but the lid is INCREDIBLY leaky! I had to order a Kleen Kanteen lid to replace Hydro Flask's. I hope they address this soon and improve the lid!

This 16 oz bottle is perfect for coffee or tea. I also have several of these in larger size for water. The bottle keeps the coffee HOT for hours. The water stays cold all day!

I purchased two of these about six months ago, one for me and one for my husband, and we both love them. I use mine everyday. In fact it is my daily "cup" as I just refill this throughout the day with cold water (sometimes wine, but shhhh). I love that I always have cold water now and without any condensation getting everything wet. I throw this in my medium purse and that too stays dry. I do use this occassionally for hot beverages on the go - it does actually keep them hot for a loooooong time. I can make tea in the am and then consume after luch and it's perfect. That said, a word of caution, if you have a coffee maker that makes incredibly hot drinks like we do and you want to consume said drink in this flask on the go immediately after brewing then you should let it cool off a bit before putting the lid on. If you use a Keurig which generally only brews to 192 degrees then you should be fine putting the lid on right away and consuming. This does what it says it does. It keeps my hot drinks hot, my cold drinks cold, and I have NOT have any issues with the lid leaking in the six months I've owned. Seriously.

This is my second hydro flask and I absolutely love it. I only use it for cold drinks, mostly water. But it keeps my water cold all day and is a great size to travel with

Great size for a 16 oz. I like Hydro Flask. However, without the extra layer of stainless steel on the bottom like Klean Kanteen, it’s does not hold the heat as long.

Best mug I own. Keeps liquids nice and hot for a long period of time. This is a great size with great insulation. I always spill my coffee but this has a great lid.

Comfortable in the hand and on the lips, holds temp well, fits drink holders fine; I really hope the bright yellow color helps me remember not to leave it behind.

Keeps liquids hot or cold for a long time. Always wanted one but the price is so high. Got it when REI had them on sale during the holidays, wish I bought two.

I bought this for traveling. It fits very well in the side pocket of my cross-body purse. I've tested it with my morning coffee and it keeps it warm for hours.

brought it home and filled with boiling water to sanitize.It leaks if you tip it over. It will be ok for keeping your coffee warm in the cup holder of your car.

Got this during the sale and it works great for keeping my warm beverages warm for a long time. I have at least 6 other hydro flasks and they all are great!

This flask is not holding much heat. My coffee gets cold in about 2 hours. It really does not hold the temp very long like what it says about the product.

Once you lose, it starts leaking and then you need to buy a new flask/cup. Hydro Flask should sell these gaskets, which they don't; not environment friendly

I bought two of these for a long driving trip and they worked out great. Kept our coffee and tea hot. They’re a good size, fit nicely in the cars cupholdes.

Wife loves it. Nice size mug. Perfect for travel. Onky complaint is that the pop up lid sometimes a drop of coffee on my wife's nose. Would buy again

This is a well-made flask that does a good job keeping my coffee hot. I haven't had any issue with the lid. Whether or not it's worth $25 is debatable.

This thing is amazing. I make coffee or tea to take to work and it stays hot for hours and hours. It has definitely cut down on my Starbucks spending.

We love hydroflasks! Their double wall insulation does a great job keeping our hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold all day! AND it’s easy to clean!

Great product, the cap is secure and does not leak. Also, a big deal for me is the fact that it is short enough to fit under my Keurig coffee maker.

Put in 2 tea bags, 2 cups of hot water and tea is ready when I get to work! I love the size and it stays hot as long as I want to take to drink it!!

I ride my bike to and from school every day and it is AWESOME to throw this hydro flask in my pack without worrying about it spilling or leaking!

Bought this for the low profile. Very few travel cups fit under a Kurig type coffeemaker. This one does it so no more extra cup in the morning.

A very good product, coffee stays hot for hours. Outer coating keeps it from sweating when you put cold beverages in it. Durable construction.

Love this coffee flask. It literally keeps the coffee hot for hours. Like the size and the top closes securely for a no spill experience.

I love when my beverage decanter is as sturdy and steadfast as my desire to drink the contents within. this very item is one such decanter.

I have a coffee flask for myself and got this one for my mom. We both love our flask. I nurse my coffee and it’s still warm 5 hours later!

I bought the yellow and purple versions of this flask to use as water containers in my car. So far so good. Easy to use and very nice.

I have two cups, they are very nice. They keep hot the coffe for a long time. I like them and I would buy another one.

This is the third one I bought! Michigan winters are cold and these HydroFlask keep any beverage hot for a long time!

Unfortunately, this mug wasn't very good. Barely kept coffee hot longer than a cheap plastic coffee mug. Disappointed.

The smaller 12 oz hydro is perfect for all keurig start-to-day and general purpose. Fits all vehicle holders. Love it

Great product. It's durable and keeps my drink cold for an entire day, even when I leave it In the car on a hot day.

Very pleased with the build quality. Very pleased with its' ability to hold temperature for hot and cold beverages.

My only complaint would be is the coffee stays so hot I almost can't drink it. Not a bad problem to have though.

I bought this flask to carry coffee. I can put this container in my messenger bag knowing that it will not leak!

Great product and will take a beating. Keeps my morning coffee hot for a while. It's a bit pricy though.



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Can this mug as well as the 20oz fit in a standard size car cup holder?

Yes, the 12 oz, 16 oz and 20 oz with the flip top lid will fit in MOST standard size car cup holder. The 18 oz wide mouth with the flat cap will also fit.

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