YETI - Rambler Lowball Vacuum Tumbler - 10 fl. oz.

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i have been looking for something like this for a while. Have come across some junk, then saw this at REI. $25 is a bit steep for a mug, but it really works. Keeps my coffee hot MUCH longer than a ceramic mug. Can't wait to break it out on camping trips

It's a great product, keeps all my cold drinks cold; the ice stays for hours. Hot drinks don't stay hot/warm as long as I would like, but I can deal with it. The lid is great for it too! Great for taking anywhere. Easy to clean.

I got this in a holiday gift exchange at work. I couldn't have been more pleased. I am familiar with YETI's products but never had the guts to pony up for one of their higher priced items. This product may change my mind. Keeps my coffee hot for hours in the morning and keeps my eggnog ice cold for long walks after dinner. Would definitely recommend to anybody on the fence about purchasing this product.

I have never had a YETI product before and bought this for my wife thinking she could use it to carry a bit of oatmeal to work. Very nicely made and I thought it would be a perfect size. Maybe my mistake as it is a "tumbler" but I did not notice when buying it that the lid has a straw hole that can not be closed. I went back to REI hoping to find an accessory lid without a hole but I guess YETI doesn't make them. If one is looking solely for a tumbler to sit on your car counsel this would be a nice one. My wife was a bit disappointed however that even with liquids she could not just toss it into her purse and go with it. This aspect of the product greatly limits what can be put into it and how it can be carried.

Love this little cup. We have the whole line of yet Ramblers and this is a perfect addition. Works great for bottled beverages that won't fit in the colster or a glass of wine in the hot summer by the pool.

I drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day. This doesn’t spill in my car even when it’s filled to the brim with hot coffee. AeroPress fits great in it and it’s good for pour-overs too. Will keep hot for 3+ hours depending on how hot the drink was initially. DO NOT GET THE MUG VERSION. I thought about getting the mug vs. this. Getting the mug instantly disables you from cup holders, drinking, water, whiskey, or any other drink that isn’t coffee tea or hot cocoa. Buy this!!

I had purchased at REI a larger sized Yeti for my husband and one for my son who both raved about how well their beverages stayed hot and cold. I decided to get the smaller lowball version for myself. I should have done more research.

I love this mug. I use it every day for my coffee at my desk. Would not be great for on the go. But it keeps my coffee hot for the right amount of time for me. It is annoying that this one doesn't come with the lid though

I bought these 12 oz. Yeti cups when the lids were sold separate. Glad to see you can get the cup / lid together. This is a beautiful cup--I use mine everyday as a water cup, but it's great for tea and cocoa as well. Really retains the heat and the lid is great for 'spill--proof' protection if you are going from house to car or room to room. You may be saying that this is a little pricey for a 'mug' but it's a stainless steel investment which will last for years. Give that hard to gift person this Yeti cup. And don't forget to gift yourself one too.

It really does keep coffee and tea warm longer.



Does the lid have a slide top to it on the sipping part

​This rambler does not have a slide top.


Does the YETI Rambler Lowball stack?

​The Yeti Rambler Lowballs are not designed to stack.


How does the color hold up to wear and tear of camping use? Does the paint chip off?

The DuraCoat colors on these ramblers are dishwasher safe and can stand up to the wear and tear of camping use.


do you have the ability to engrave a company logo on them? If so how do I find the cost?

Please contact our Corporate and Group Sales department with personalization questions:


Is YETI spill proof? Will it leak if I turn it upside down?

This lid is splash resistant but not spill proof, so if you turn the cup upside down it will leak.


Does the Yeti 10oz fit in a vehicle cup holder?

Cup holders come in a number of different sizes so it is difficult to say if it will fit your cup holder. The cup's diameter is 3.4 inches which you can compare to your cup holder diameter.


When the mug has a hot drink in it, does the outer wall that you are holding get hot?

The outside surface of the Rambler Lowball Vacuum Tumbler does not get hot when pour a hot beverage in it.


Can you put the cup (without the lid) on a camp stove to heat liquids?

This double-wall insulated tumbler should never be put onto any heat source to heat up liquids. This will ruin the insulating properties of the tumbler.


Does the Yeti Lowball come with the lid as pictured?

​Yes, a clear lid is included with the Lowball.

Chris Ackerman

Is the Yeti Rambler dishwasher safe?

The Rambler is dishwasher safe.


Any lid available?

The link below will lead you to the proper lid for the Rambler Lowball Mug.

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