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I'm glad REI kept this out of their "approach shoes" category, even though Garmont says this is for approach. It most ways it is more like a low cut, heavy backpacking boot. It does not have the sensitivity that most approach shoes have; instead it is well cushioned and stiff. The rubber is a bit stickier than a typical backpacking boot.

I am really pleased with these approach shoes. The fit and construction quality are excellent. The lacing system provides an excellent heel and toe box fit. I read other reviews which discussed fit. I purchased a pair of US 11 and ended up changing to an 11.5. Both fit very well but my next trek is over 500 miles and I am anticipating needing a bit more room in the toe box. They were comfortable right out of the box and have improved every day. The shoes arrived right on time as promised and are a great value. I'll give you a report on how they performed for me on the Camino de Santiago when I get back.

I am a heavy guy (250#) and as such the ball of my foot spreads a little wide. The lace to toe allows for nice adjustment for break in while still cupping the heal nicely. The shank is also quite stiff for a low cut shoe and the high rand around the front and heal is a great feature.

Worth it! Worth it! Worth it!


I have ran completely through the bottom soles of my Salewa Mt Trainers, and loved every step of it, but they were terrible at marking, so I went looking for something similar and found these Garmonts.I am wearing a half a size larger than normal. I have worn these Garmont boots for 10 miles a day, on gravel and single-track only. So now after 200 miles, they are starting to become very comfortable. This break in period had me doubting these boots every time I hiked in them. I spent a lot of time looking down and thinking only of "how my feet felt" instead of enjoying the hike. I will say that the lace design is amazing. You can manipulate the way they fit and conform to your foot. The soles are very sticky on boulders and have a very solid toe. The overall construction feels and appears to be the most solid hiking shoe/boot that I've ever had. I will note that they are heavy and stiff, but are most definitely built to last. I am confident that like the Salewas; I will be wearing these boots all the way down to the bare soles. Yes I am very impressed with these boots but I am also realizing they are heavy duty and still am breaking them in, but are built to last. I expect to have these boots for years!

These are very comfortable, maybe slightly stiffer that I thought they would be. The soles grip well and there is good support across the foot. I bought the “ginger” colour and they look great at the moment but I’m not sure how well they will age as they get more scuffed and dirty. Still looking good for now though.

Had both yellow and gray 'edition'. Yellow lasted three years still in good shape - but not water resistant anymore after was replaced with gray. But this gray pair did not overcome the test of time. After two years of everyday going to work both urban and outdoor environment, roofs and masts climbing in all type of weather conditions (even some serious snow when i was too lazy to change shoes in car - but they where brand new back then :) both left and right shoe has big crack in it, right where big toe meets feet but overall, definitely good times in dragontail, highly recommendable. Retired yesterday :( Found an old stash with garmont eclipse gtx, 10 yeard old shoe but brand new, never taken out of box :) .

Well made, but the toe box and interior volume is tiny. Ordered a size 10 (normally go with a 9.5) and although the length was right, must return them due to the cramped forefoot/toe box.

I bought these a couple years ago and have worn them almost daily, both as my daily slip-ons and on adventures hiking and climbing. They still look practically new and feel great. They took a while getting used to since they have a rigid sole, but I appreciate that when I'm on the trail or rock. Also, still waterproof even after much wear!

These hiking shoes are excellent. Very sturdy, yet comfortable and flexible enough to still feel the trail. Not so flexible that you don't have protection...very sturdy. Walking through a shallow stream my feet stayed dry and warm. The lacing down to the toes gives great versatility in fit; the REI sales gal showed me how to adjust the laces just right for my cranky feet. Never been this comfortable in a hiking shoe.

The best hiking shoes ever. They have a very stiff sole so they protect your feet and let you hike all day. They run narrow, very narrow. If you are a d or e width they will not work.

These shoes are very stiff for a trail shoe; the salesperson said they are more of an approach shoe than a trail shoe. Whatever, for where I hike on my lousy deformed feet they work really well. After wearing these in my apartment for parts of 2 days, experimenting with different combinations of hiking and liner socks, I took them up one of Southern California's iconic trails yesterday: over 4700' altitude gain and loss in a little over 4 miles each way. Part of the trail is unstable scree and loose dirt. The shoes performed perfectly and my feet felt as good at the end of the hike as they did at the beginning. The lacing is great; I can keep it loose at the toes and tight at the top. When you tighten the top laces it pulls a band around the heel, I've never had hiking shoes that felt so snug and supportive at the heel. I also like that they have an old-style Vibram lug sole rather than one with fancy plugs, and they are made to be resoleable (which softens the sticker shock). When my backpacking boots need replacing I know I'll look at the high-top version of the Dragontail as a strong possibility.

Should have read the other review again. The shoe runs a little tight for me so I ordered a 1/2 size up.

Day 1: I wore the shoes around the house to get a feel for the product. Day 2: Running errands throughout the day. Garmont's felt great. Day 3: Hiked in the foothills for three hours. No issues. Day 4: I ordered a second pair! I believe that summarizes my experience. Great shoes. Lastly, I did take the advice of past reviewers of this product and ordered the shoes 1/2 size larger than my foot measurement. Great advice and it worked for me as well.

Really they are a mountaineering boot, cut ankle high.

So I have been wearing my Dragontail MNTs almost daily for a year now, so I can definitely say it is a well-built, rugged shoe that lasts. It also fits true-to-size for me--I wear a 9.5, and it fits great. I still have over half the tread on the bottom despite hundreds of miles of light trails now so it is a strong rubber, but beware that it doesn't handle great on wet rock (which is typical for hard rubber soles) but all other terrain it handles awesome. I see no major signs of degradation, and they are now my favorite shoe. With that said, initially I was almost going to return them because I didn't feel they had the lateral stability I needed; I had rolled my foot a few times, but thankfully not bad. I clearly have gotten used to them, and possibly they have helped me be more sure-footed now too! No complaints on this shoe, just wish they had more color options.

After researching through many reviews of "light" weight hiking shoes I decided on the Garmont Dragontail GTX. When they arrived and I tried them on I was worried that I had made a big mistake . . . they were like trying to walk with a 2x4 strapped to your foot. Never-the-less I gave them a try, after the first 3 days I had shin splints but I continued to wear them almost daily, taking 2-4 mile walks around the neighborhood. I put about 40 miles on them before actually wearing them on a hike. Now with approximately 75 miles on them I am glad I stayed with them. They feel great! They handled wet, slippery rocks crossing seasonal streams, tree roots on the trail, scree, you name it and they performed exceptionally well. They have become my go to pair of hiking shoes. Buy them with a commitment of sticking it out through the break-in period and you will not be disappointed.

First, to the extent it matters to you, these shoes are beautiful. They are immaculately and ruggedly constructed. I received these today but I am reviewing now because there is no way I can add meaningfully to the excellent substantive reviews previously submitted by professional mountain guides and serious experienced long distance trekkers who have used these shoes extensively in the field. I'll try to help regarding sizing, which is an issue based on the reviews and questions. Based on my on line ordering experience with dress shoes, tennis shoes, biking shoes, hiking shoes and boxing shoes I recommend using either one measure or the other. In other words, as mentioned by another reviewer, avoid trying to convert between US and EU sizing. If you get the best results with US sizing ordering online, do order a half size up from your normal US size taking into consideration the socks you use for hiking and if applicable your use of aftermarket orthotics. If you get the best results using EU sizing again considering your preferred socks and orthotics if you use them, order your normal EU size. If in doubt in either case consider going another half size up. The fit of these shoes seems very precisely designed to maximize hiking performance. The sole is quite stiff, but so well designed that walking in them is completely natural. I almost always use some sort of orthotic insole in all shoes, but these feel so good I may use them without any aftermarket insoles. Finally, as the headline notes, in terms of construction, support and weight these are more like low cut hiking boots rather than shoes. Can't wait to hike to the South Rim of Big Bend in December.

I've worn these shoes for several months now and they just haven't gotten any better. They're very stiff and uncomfortable. I can wear pretty much any shoe - these are the most uncomfortable ever. I only continue wearing them because I usually only walk short distances and I paid so much for these, that I want to get my money's worth. Only good part is they are very water proof.

Not waterproof. Leaks water as soon as the lowest laces get wet. Make sure you test your new pair at home before you take them on the trail.

I got this a couple of weeks ago and walk at least 7 miles a day. They are stiffer than other shoes and I had some trouble adjusting to it, but they are working out great.

Didn't want to really believe the other reviewers about sizing of this shoe. After waiting for my true size 9-1/2 to arrive my hiking trip to the North Shore had come and gone still no shoe. So, they finally arrived and sure shooting they were too small. If it was just a scrambling approach shoe my feet would have survived. But as a hiking shoe no way. So I needed to go up a 1/2 size to a 10. I did and my feet just love them. Comfortable right out of the box. The footbed liner is comfortable and formed to my foot. Not too sure if I'll need to replace them down the line and time will tell. The shoe laces up wonderfully and they feel secure on my foot. The shoe is sturdy and rigid where is needs to be and flexible is the forefoot area due the laces going all the way to the toe. Looking forward for this to be my go to winter shoe. I sprayed them with NeverWet from Rustoleum waterproofer just to keep them looking as good as new. Just a reminder- as mentioned by other reviewers and me of GO UP A 1/2 SIZE. I am will definitely look at the boot version for more serious hiking / mountain climbing as the next spring approaches.

Very comfy and sturdy overall. solid construction...toe box a bit narrow. Replace insoles with Sole thins and you are ready to rock.

I've always had trouble finding shoes for my narrow-heel feet. REI recommended Garmont Dragontail shoes. I am 110% satisfied!

Really nice fit, kind of half approach shoe half hiking shoe; a bit more on the hiking side because of the tread design.

I came across the Dragontail GTX from a write up on I've had several spinal fusions and surgeries from a broken back courtesy of IED's. As a SOF soldier I've worn every high-speed boot of shoe available. I can honestly say the Dragontail GTX is my #1 pick for a shoe. I wear them nearly everyday whether on the mountains in the woods or downtown. On the waterproof side they have worked perfectly and kept my feet nice and dry. The GTX is on the heavier side but you get use to it. The tacky soles and insane heel locking system along with the the stability of the shoe easily outweigh the weight. Wet or dry the soles have superb traction and grip and the laces and the lace to toe are top notch as well. Stitching and materials are top notch as well. Teamed with Darn Tuff socks the GTX is possibly the most comfortable shoe I've worn excluding slip-on or Gold Cup Sperrys. The whole design if the shoe is well thought out and functional. Boots aren't always needed and when they are they are cumbersome. The GTX teamed with Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain High Gaiters is the answer to an extremely mobile, comfortable, light and capable outdoor footwear system. When you get back you can throw on some Khul Rydr pants Trout Bum Shirt with the GTX and hit the town without feeling like you're wearing massive hiking boots. I am definitely buying another pair or two.

I work for a company that supports the PGA Tour. Projects demand our crews to work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week...for 3-4 months on end. Needless to say, I spend a great deal of my life in my work shoes and I command comfort, support and legit durability from my work footwear. Additionally, I need light weight waterproof types that promote nimble movement with confidence in traction. The Garmont Dragontail GTX has been my recent selection from the approach category. This shoe is an outlier! I have been through MANY different brands in the $180-300.00 range and found several that I found to fit the bill over the short term of abuse. The Dragontail exceeds previous selections with enhanced comfort, support, traction and longevity. For those curious about specifics on fitment, sizing is fairly accurate for my feet. I typically wear a size 10 and do not require additional width in any shoe/boot. Moreover, I faithfully wear Darn Tough Micro Crew socks and all things factored, I jumped to a 10.5 for a snug proper fit with these Garmonts. Detailed performance? I can hustle in these shoes. The lace to toe design really secures my feet in these shoes...stable with 0 issues on unwanted internal slip or movement. The toe box seemed a little tight at first but the shoes opened up just enough to allow legit comfort. I found the heel cup is deep and quite comfortable. As expected, the shoes are a bit firm through and promote great vertical scrambling stability...however, they are just flexible enough when bending or kneeling down to not hamper comfort. In summary, they have become my new standard for work, hike and casual footwear. Hit up your local REI and try a pair on!



Hello! I usually wear a size 11 but I have to buy them in E or EE width depending on the shoe. Sometimes it's a 11EE or 11.5E.. Comments say the design is narrow so what size would YOU recommend for ME? Thanks!

These shoes do run narrow so we would not recommend them for someone with wide feet. We recommend looking for a shoe that you can purchase in a wide size.

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