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I'm 5'-9 and 147lbs. Slim. I usually where size small and the Houdini in small is a bit too snug. When I size up to medium, the arm length is just too long. So definitely a sizing issue as others have stated.

I've had an old Houdini for years and LOVE it!! I just received another one today in the same size and realized that they resized the arm girth entirely. I don't even have big arms at all, and when I bend my arm, I feel the material bind up at the elbow crease. And this is only when wearing a short sleeve T-shirt. So if I had a couple of thin layers on underneath, it would feel even worse. I'm sending it back tomorrow, because this is a total deal breaker. The old one was/is PERFECT!!!! The new sizing sucks. My money will have to go to another company for a similar type jacket.

I must say this jacket lives up to the hype. It folds into its pocket to make a small package; it blocks the wind; and it sheds rain. I live in Colorado where the weather is very changeable. In the evening, the jacket wards off a little chill, perhaps 10-15 degrees. One afternoon at 12,000 feet the weather alternated between blistering sun, clouds, rain, sleet, and wind, for a couple of hours. The Houdini was perfect.

I wear medium in most other patagonia tops but for this jacket medium was a very tight fit that restricted movement. I tried out a large and it was too big and baggy. This jacket performed well when I tested it but the sizing just didnt work for me, had to return it.

Love this wind jacket! Great for backcountry treks to sup expeditions. Perfect layer for Florida winters over a baselayer on the water or land! I also use an OR Helium 11 which is a true rain jacket but doesn't breathe as well, great rain jacket though....Both have a spot in my gear bag...

I bought this jacket on impulse because it was on sale, and initially felt a bit guilty about it because after all, how practical could a tissue-thin windbreaker really be? Well it turns out, I wear this jacket more than any other I own! It has the magical ability to be a feather weight cocoon that keeps me perfectly comfortable - and surprisingly warm when it needs to - in a variety of conditions. It's the perfect solution to a range of uses - when you need a little something to stay warm on an airplane, to needing to be comfortable during a day on the trail. It balls up to the size of an orange so easily stuffs into your messenger back or backpack - and loses its wrinkles once you put it on. One of my favorite Patagonia items ever!

Jacket was as good as advertised and is great for runners. Packs well and did a good job in a steady rain. Would highly recommend.

Wish I could be reviewing the merits of this jacket (it's a piece I've been wanting to add to my gear stash for quite some time). Unfortunately, I am returning it without having had a chance to put it through any testing. I'm a small guy, at 5'4" and 128 lbs, and I've never had an issue with a jacket being too small for me...until now.

The jacket folds into its own picket. It takes up hardly any space and is good for blocking wind and unexpected rain. It is not an insulating layer, but it will keep you warmer during those cooler than expected summer nights.

I got the jacket and liked what I saw but when I tried it on it was too tight across the shoulders and chest. I would have kept it if it fit better but I returned it. I would recommend you order one size too big.

Weighs next to nothing, easily packs in its own pocket. Perfect for an extra layer and rain protection.

I initially hesitated purchasing this because I wasn't sure I needed a wind layer. After reading reviews and being unsure how to pair my Nano Air, I pulled the trigger on it.

I was stoked that they came out with a camo print for this jacket and had to get it. I was shocked by how light AND warm it is, which is best case scenario for me. This, paired the better sweater is my favorite combo for "cold" Southern California nights at the beach even with the wind. The cord on the hood is easily best part of the jacket but jacket does not have regular pockets on the sides, only on the chest. I'm 6'2 155 and wear a medium and its perfect fit.

I found this on the clearance rack. Not sure I would pay $100+ for such a thin jacket otherwise. Size small fits comfortably and will be good for wearing in warmer Atlanta weather on runs where a traditional raincoat is just not breathable enough. I did try this in a light rain and it kept me try, which is in accordance with some gear testing I've seen on this jacket. Currently trying it out in Cameroon and it has suited me well during the hot/humid day and during the cooler night. Also great for mosquito protection.

Super lightweight jacket that folds down smaller than a Chipotle burrito. I use it for cycling. Great as a wind breaker and light rain jacket. Obviously it's water-resistant, not proof, so this isn't the answer for riding in pouring rain for hours. I managed to stay relatively dry on 10 mile commutes in moderate rain, so it doesn't suck either. This jacket is paper thin but for cycling I've used it at +40F with a only a long sleeve base layer and have stayed warm with the heat it holds in. Works great as an emergency rain jacket and fall jacket. Recommend purchasing on sale.

My only regret with this is that I didn't buy it sooner. I just finished a challenge to run outside for 5 miles every day in January and the experience before and after this jacket was night and day. It's very light and doesn't add much on the heat side , but stops the wind, rain and snow from making the run miserable.

Blocks zero rain beyond a light mist, barely blocks wind, doesn’t breathe at all & has no pockets for your hands. Chest pocket wont fit a “plus” size iphone.

I’m very happy with my purchase. Good quality gear weigh nothings folds to a fist can’t ask for much more. Just what I wanted. typucally if you have been looking at this jacket for a while you know that it’s not made to be used in heavy rain or your main jacket cause it’s not insulated so knowing that you can move on to enjoying your jacket. Oh one thing I had not noticed when I was looking at this jacket was that it does not have pockets except for the one on the chest so keep that in mind if you need additional pockets. Overall super happy.

I feel a bit mislead but ultimately I blame myself for buying this jacket without first reading up on it.

bought jacket from REI and trousers online from Patagonia. Both were XL ( dont make XXL) and, they run small, full size small! I would normally be an XL but since they dont make an XXL these will be returned. Too bad, rhey are a great idea but they wont fit any adult male over 180lbs, 5'10"

So this one is a replacement for my older Houdini which finally gave up the ghost while they hiking the Hayduke Trail. It had a long productive life, being used on long and short trail runs under a running vest, mountaineering trips, on my hikes of the Florida Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and the Arizona Trail, as well as being used around town and on bike rides. Over Ten years of hard abuse and packs down like a champ. One of my favorite pieces of gear which always goes along no matter how spartan my pack is.

Great for windy, cool, dry weather from 25º all the way up to 70º. I purchased Campfire Orange for hunting protection that is lightweight and won't cause me to sweat out during that time of year. Weight is 3.40 ounces, material is soft but durable and it stores in it's own pocket. I chose an XL for going over layers but hopefully under my rain/winter Marmot Pre Cip. It was the correct fit for me at 6ft 190 with longer arms. Otherwise, a Large would work for non layering and wearing only over base layer. Love the features that allow it to cinch at waist and elastic sleeves that are comfortable. I was hesitant to spend the money; however, after trying another heavier wind shirt option and knowing that it is a valuable part of my system, this purchase was well worth every penny.

The Patagonia Houdini jacket is a very effective wind shell, and can hold up in a light drizzle.

I haven't worn this jacket yet but it tests very well in the lab and friends like it. Try this or the Squamish Hoody. If you're at the upper end of "medium" or have broad shoulders, get a large.

The jacket felt very thin. It was not what I expected. It is a size large but was tight in the fit. I will be returning the jacket. It may benefit some but it does not meet my needs.

I live in the mountains of AZ and spend a lot of time in the field between work and leisure time. At first I wasn't sure about this jacket because it seemed very expensive for "jus a piece of nylon" so I thought, That being said I don't regret the investment at all!!! Since I got it it became an item I always put in my bag for work or hiking, if it is windy or rainy day.... this jacket is awesome!

I recently purchased and have had a chance to wear it in light/medium rain, in conditions that I imagine it was made for. It is very light and I didn't feel encumbered at all while wearing it. The medium fit me extremely well (I am a "small" Medium). The Jacket held up for a 30 minute rain shower. The DWR coating made the water bead up nicely and roll off. I was hoping to test the limits,but the rain tapered and ended.

What can I say about this jacket that hasn't already been said.

Love this Jacket, athletic fit, so get one size larger.

Don't know what has happened to Patagonia. Their product sizing has become bigger and bigger for the same size over the years. I feel their products are no longer designed for trim/athletic people anymore. The hood can barely stay in place when you need it to cover your head in strong wind. The arms are so huge and they are in fact wind bags in gusts. I got it last year for my daily cycling commute but I just can't use it as a wind jacket.

I've been eyeing this jacket since it was advertised a few months ago and when I saw it on sale I went ahead and got it. No regrets. Water resistant, lightweight, functional and great design. Only thing I wish it had were side pockets but I think the point of the jacket is to have one functional chest pocket to keep it minimal. I love this jacket. It's a slim fit but fits true to that size.

This has been my summer rain jacket for commuting to work, weekend cycling, hiking, camping.. Super light weight and compresses into small ball that can be stashed in a work bag / saddlebag.

The Patagonia Houdini jacket has proven to be the perfect lightweight summer rain jacket for me. Have used it on several runs including a 4 hr trail run with steady rain and it kept me dry without suffocating me. When the rain stops it conveniently folds up into the chest pocket . Although it seems pricey to me, it's cheaper then any other similar quality jacket I could find.

My wife got this for me a year ago and since then I’ve worn it for short runs as well as a 20k and my first 50k. Paper thin but a great waterproof shell to keep rain and sleet out. The only ding I’d give it is that rain can get in from the wrists and pond inside the sleeves. As long as you can avoid that, this is a great shell—especially for the price.

Got a few runs in with it before the weather got too warm, but I can see it getting a lot of use in the fall.

I picked up a Houdini about a month ago. I have worn it on a half dozen early morning runs. It's an excellent jacket as its weight and size are ideal to tuck away in my pack after the day warms up. All in all, I love the jacket. I do find I heat up really quickly, and build up a good sweat, when running in it on though.

Paper thin, thinly trimmed and impossibly rugged. I really couldn't believe this near-weightless jacket was going to provide the kind of wind breaking shell and mid layer I need, but it's impressed so much! Cycling, climbing/belaying and around the misty, breezy coast, this has quickly become a must-have layer.

This extremely lightweight rain jacket collapses into its own little chest pocket for easy stowage. The jacket performs perfectly so far, I wear it over a hoodie no problem. It's so thin I'm a bit worried about durability but so far so good. This would be perfect for long biking trips, camping, etc.

I bought this to take on multipitch climbs so I could add a quick wind protection layer and even escape a bit of precipitation. I love it because it weighs nothing and packs down to the size of a small, albeit slightly chunky banana. It attaches under my Mammut multipitch chalk bag. Stoked.

I purchased this as a summer rain jacket (I live in an urban setting and go canoeing/kayaking and biking on the weekends) and I bring this jacket with me everywhere so far. It cuts the wind really well and provides good rain protection, except in a downpour, so don't have that expectation.

I've been searching for a thin, no-liner, wind breaker for a long time. I happily discovered in REI recently. Stops the wind making a stroll across Golden Gate Bridge in short and a t-shirt no problem. And when it warms up, it compresses to easily go into your bag or even a pocket.

I absolutely love this jacket. Its packs up so darn small that I lost the first one I owned. I loved it so much I bought another. So comfortable, feels so nice. Keeps you surprisingly warm but not too hot when its not really cold out. Great, great wind breaker.

This jacket goes everywhere I go. It takes very little space packed down and is perfect to keep dry & warm in light rain, wind, and cool temperatures. It fits slim through the body, which I like, but you may need to size up if you want room to layer much.

This jacket keeps water out. It also keeps moisture in.

Very happy with the jacket. Great for PNW fall and spring running. Won't keep you dry in downpours but good enough for light rain and wind. It's crazy light and the hood is excellent. Good jacket to throw in your pack on trail runs.

As others have mentioned, the Houdini provides lightweight protection from wind and rain. When zipped into its chest pocket it's about the size of a paperback book and so easy to keep tucked in a bag for when the weather changes.

Ever sense I read the reviews on this jacket I’ve wanted one. Living in Florida you never know when it will rain. This jacket folds into nothing and can easily fit into a back pack, or brefcase. It’s my emergency rain gear.

The jacket serves it’s purpose for being light, wind resistant and packable.

I am a big fan of Patagonia as a brand. I love this jacket and it’s so light! It’s perfect for outdoors on days where there is light rain. I highly recommend this for people who are planning to bike or run in the rain.

Used this jacket on a 50K ultra and just loved it. Easy off/ on and it doesn’t take up much space to store. Definitely recommend this jacket for your outdoor runs that require a bit of protection from the elements.

Great windbreaker, it packs so small you can take it anywhere. It wont keep you dry in a downpour but it does well in high winds and light rain. If it kept me a bit more dry during rain I'd give it 5 stars

My second Houdini. It took a long time, but I wore the first one out. Perfect for short encounters with light rain in cold temps. It wets through eventually, but that's why they say "water-resistant."

I like to travel to Thailand and Vietnam with just carryon luggage. So I have to be very careful with the weight and bulk of my gear. The Houdini is 3.3-4 ounces and I can fold it to fit a 1 quart Ziploc plastic pouch. For summer trips it keeps me warm at the terminal for midnight departures when the terminal is cooler, and on the flight itself. On the flight the hood pulls down over my eyes in lieu of eyeshades for sleeping. On the ground I always carry it in case or an unexpected torrential downpour. It also keeps me warm enough in over air-conditioned restaurants and other over air-conditioned spots. Be careful of sizing and try on first. I buy one size up so I can layer a fleece underneath for winter departures and cold destinations. There is a small chest pocket that should be deeper for improved functionality.

I'm 5'8", 128lbs and the small fits perfectly. The jacket is lightweight, breathable, and packs away easily. It's perfect for those cooler evenings when you want to keep the wind off of you.

Have only worn this a couple of times so far. Cuts the wind well and does shed water in a light rain. Have not had it in a prolonged wind, but seems to do a good so far and I was happy.

This is the best jacket I will ever own. Support light and nicely folds back into its own pocket. Held up pretty well in heavy Alaskan rains...I will look to buy this in one more color.

As a trail/ultra runner, I cannot recommend this jacket enough! Fits nice and snug but not so that it is constricting. Just what you look for in a trail running jacket.

This is my second Houdini I use it for everyday as well as hiking and biking. I wish the chest pocket was a little bigger. Overall a great grab and go jacket

Have been using this for a year now. Still looks like new. extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Protects me from the snow and chilly winds in New York.

I live in Colorado Springs where the weather can change on a dime. The Houdini is my savoir. One of the best all round garments on the market...

Size is true to all my other Patagonia tops. I've worn it I. The rain and it beads off surprisingly well. Patagonia makes a point to label it as only having some DWR quality but it out performed this expectation. A steady rain ran right off. It kept me dry for 30 minutes in moderate rain without wetting through. Not sure how much longer it will go. It's super breathable and not clammy at all. I've worn it now into the 80's. It keeps a silky feel next to the skin. The chest pocket shrinks it down very small but I highly recommend small aluminum d ring to give it some weight or it's easy to lose. Mine fell out of the back of the truck light as a feather and nobody heard it hit the concrete. The 1.5" d ring weighs more than the jacket. The pocket could be just a touch bigger to accommodate most smart phones. iPhone barely fits. Also it's the only jacket I have that doesn't have hand pockets and that takes some getting used to. Hood is plenty big and adjustable. This will be a definite Spring/Summer staple. The price is a bit much but on any of the 20% sales it's worth it. I was pleased enough at 30% to go buy my wife one too.

awesome windbreaker that can be used for anything. I bring it everywhere and layer it. Great product would buy again and again

This super light weight jacket still does a great job with light rain. I totally recommend for your day packing activities!

I bought this jacket as a gift. It looked great. Super light weight with great protection from the wind and light rain.

I love love love, but it ended up being a little snug. Opt for a bigger size if you're not trying on before you buy.

These are fantastic...! Great for traveling, or sitting in a plane or just needing a little warmth.

This item was very small my wife said it looked produced in the far east... I am sending it back.

Not worth what they asking for it.

It's a great windbreaker and very light weight for packing. It goes with me every where.

Really great fit and quality, saves so m uch weight for backpacking or travel.

This hoodie is virtually weightless, wind & rain resistant—& it looks good!

Great Jacket...Light weight..Folds up very small and portable.

Pros: Light weight, portable, warm, durable, comfortable.



How breathable is this jacket? Can I run in the rain with it and stay dry from rain and sweat? 

The Houdini is very breathable and with its DWR (Durable Water Repellant) it will shed light rain while you run.

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