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I took this tent for it's maiden 'voyage', river camping with our kayaks. The first day there were violent storms with 2"/hr rain and shearing winds. We were in town eating dinner during the storm and thought for sure we'd come back to the campsite with our tent missing, but it was still there and DRY inside! The third night into our trip another set of storms hit with tremendous rains, again tent stayed up and dry inside. For the price and lightness, you cannot beat this tent!!

I must have close to 100 nights in my Camp Dome. All of them have been car camping, mostly at designated camp sites. The ease of set-up and breakdown are my favorite part about the tent. I can set this thing up in the pitch black with a flashlight in one hand in less than five minutes. Super basic design means not a lot of stuff to break. Most of the time I don't even use a footprint and floor fabric has held up great. If you're looking for a cheap, quality, car camping tent get this.

Nice beginner tent for someone interested getting into camping and backpacking. Good balance between weight and cost. The instruction is a little bit confusing if one has never used a tent before, i reccomend checking out a youtube video for setting this up before your first trip. There is not a outside cover for gear, but its something that I'm not too concern about for my usage. Also, if there is a need for outside rain storage, I would just bring a heavy duty garbage bag.

This is probably one of the best tents for the money out there. This is the second one I've bought. its not the lightest for backpacking, but if you carry your poles on the outside of your pack and put the tent in a compression sack, it's not too bad. I use the Dash 2 for summer camping, but the camp done is great for car camping or winter camping because there isn't as much mesh on it. The only complaint I have is that the stakes that come with it are a joke- the only reason I mention it is to save you a trip going back to the store to pick up a pair of better ones.

Only had time to take this out camping once. LOVED IT. The quality is so much better than other box store tents I've had. Having door/windows on two sides made ventilation great. I could immediately notice a difference in the zippers, easy pull and no jams. I experienced no condensation while camping for two days in Florida with evening temps of 58 and daytime highs of 90. Perfect for sleeping one. As I have learned recently, Quality is more affordable than cheap. Save money and buy right the first time. This makes a great backpackers tent.

For the price, very attractive tent and easy set up. Did not experience any condensation, but it was fairly warm out (temp. in the 40's at night). The only downside for me was the size was just too small. With 2 inside, had barely enough room for shoes, not much else. No outside storage as no vestibules.

I took a look at this one for backyard camping to give my young daughter a try before committing to a higher end two person tent. It's going to fit the bill very nicely for that role. Would also make a good tent for solo or two person tent for fair weather camping.

I bought this tent two years ago and love it. I've taken it to walk-in sites (1/2 mile or less from the car) near the boundary waters twice. Various state parks and my living room (I was missing camping last winter). It can fit me, my girlfriend, our small dog and our clothes. It's a very bare-bones tent. The rain fly doesn't go to the ground but the windows zip shut and keep out the water. The rain fly is the only reason I wouldn't take this on a backpack or canoe trip into the wilderness. The base material is very sturdy and thick. I'm eventually going to replace with a nicer version of the same thing (probably a half dome or similar) for more remote backpack-in and canoe-in camping, but I feel safe taking this any site that is within a short walk to the car. This is a great tent for beginning to venture away from the car a bit and hasee a great price.

Bought this mainly for car camping, but would probably hold up to most camping duties if the weather doesn't get exterme - there are better and lighter tents for long backpacking trips. That said this is a mimimal tent, not a lot of "extra" pockets or a loft, but it's a nice tent for what it's intented to do, provide a good value for the money with easy and fast setup. The only issues I had - supplied stakes are a joke (as most are) and the center pole is a real chore to get into the two end sleeves. Getting in and out of it was a breeze which is much appreciated when it's 2 am and you've got to answer Nature's call.

We purchased this on mistake but the price was weight and so was the weight. I e gave it to our son who has taken it on three backpacking trips. It would be nice if it had some kind of vestibule but he has done fine with keeping his gear inside and his shoes covered.

I have been a Girl Scout Leader and Backpacker (with kids aged 11-18) for 27 years, I own over a dozen of these tents, and some of them have been in use going on 10 years now! As for backbacking, we use one tent for 2 people. One packs and carries the tent, the other packs and carries the rainfly and poles, therefore, weight is not an issue. I have read the few complaints that there is not enough room for gear with two people. We never store gear inside the tent anyway,.Backbacks are stored in large black trash bags, outside the tent. Animals don't bother them. EVER. These tents are sturdy, roomy, easy to set up. I will continue to purchase them!

This tent was simple to put up and kept myself and my dog dry during a rainstorm on its first voyage. At one point 2" of water had collected around the tent, but the interior remained completely dry. Great value for the cheap price. I'm not sure two people could comfortable fit for multiple nights, but it was perfect for a small girl and her medium-sized dog.

So I wanted to take this out on a couple of trips before I wrote a review and I'm glad I did. The first trip was at Catoctin Mountain Park and I was amazed at the ease of setup and how quickly it goes up. This was July 4th weekend so temps were in the 90s. The one thing I didn't like the first night sleeping inside was the fact that the design of the tent only allows airflow to enter the top section of the tent, so unless you sleep standing on your knees then you're not going to feel the airflow. Even adding a battery powered fan had little effect on creating more airflow.

This tent was overall easy to put up and take down. It can pack up pretty tightly except for the long poles which are about 2 feet long all folded up. So you can't really tight pack everything into one small bag because of that, but maybe I'm just complaining too much. A good tent for relaxed summer camping, but I wouldn't rely on this for anything extreme or adventurous. The pole for the rain-fly needs to be bent a lot in order to be taken in and out of the pockets and it's not very flexible. After the first time, the pole became permanently bent. I don't have a big problem with that because now it's not so hard to get in and out of the rain fly but it's annoying to pack up the tent with a bent piece. So to conclude, this is a good tent for relaxed camping. It's not awesome but it's not terrible either.

I bought the tent brand new (and thinking it came with a footprint, for some reason). We had limited space so we pitched it where there was just a little bit of gravel on the ground. My 11 year old daughter slept in it, with a sleeping pad, and generally very nice to her brand-new tent. We go to pack it up, and we found at least 3 punctures in the bottom from the gravel, which was surprising given this tent was brand new. Definitely buy the footprint. Not sure if that will actually help, but, at least REI won't give you a hard time when trying to return a tent with holes in it, on the first-time use.

Good tent with the exception that the rain fly was too small or poles were too long to assemble it. Had a couple different people try it, too. Other than that manufacturing problem, the rest of the tent was very simple & quick to assemble. Plenty of pockets, too. I exchanged it for a different style of tent.

Used this tent on a Grand Teton backpacking trip and worked great! Was probably a little cold for it, but I held up fine. Affordable, easy to set-up, not too heavy.

I just bought this tent online a couple days ago and it has already arrived on my door step! I haven’t taken it out on a trip yet but I set up to see how it looks and feels and I love it! I could see some potential issues with extreme rain, wind or cold, but I haven’t actually tested it yet. That’s just my own personal opinion from looking at it. But it’s just the right amount of room and super easy to set up. Cant beat the price!! I’m very pleased so far.

I purchased this tent in 2009 and still have not had any issues with it. I’ve taken it backpacking and car camping. It’s been in some rainy weather and still solid. All plastic clips and poles are fine. All of my friends have purchased cheaper brands and have gone through 3+ tents and I’m still good with this one. I must say this is my go to 2 person tent and I really hope it gives me another 8 years.

Just used this in Kings Canyon. Great car camping tent. Spacious. Plenty of headroom for sitting up. Nice zippered windows. No mosquito's allowed in. When zipped upped, warm. Very easy to pitch, or set up if your not old school terms! Didn't rain, but other REI tents I owned are waterproof.

I bought this tent to take on a trip to Joshua tree, I wanted something that fit me comfortably, that could endure both hot and cold temperatures, and that would also pack lightly if needed. It achieved all of those. It was a great car camping tent and I can't wait to bring it with me backpacking when the big sur trails open up again. For the 99$ I could not ask for a better quality tent.

I’ve used this tent for roughly two years as a climbing base camp and occasional backpacking tent (although it is a tad bit too large for this.) It’s plenty large to fit two people into, and three on occasion if it’s stupid cold outside and you’re all really good friends. This thing is super tough as well. So tough, in fact, that I never purchased the ground tarp that goes with it and have suffered no ill effects. The only downside to this tent is that the door zipper will leak in moderate rain and leave a good sized puddle inside. I’ve turned the doors away from the wind and have tied down every guy line available, but still haven’t managed to keep the rain out. It’s a great tent, but I would advise caution if you live in a rainy area.

Bought this tent last minute on sale for a camping trip. Not disappointed! My full sized air mattress (slightly larger than tent diameter) fit functionally, and comfortably, but tight. We got two adult women and a dog in there as well! Very easy to set up, we’re novice campers, instructions were mostly clear cut. Definitely would recommend getting the footprint with the tent! We did and we are grateful.

I bought the tent a few years ago, and have used it multiple times on cool nights. My wife and I just used it, on Jekyll Island, the other night, and the 2 bodies and heavy breathing, kept it very warm inside the tent. I am 5' 10', 190 lbs and my wife is 5' 5" and weighs much less. At $99.50, when I woke up, I ordered another one, you can't go wrong at this price. I have tons of gear already, so I didn't need the rest of the equipment, but almost wish I did at this price. I recommend couples buying one for each of them, if they will be camping in the 80's and above. That way, you can avoid the heat build up, and easily exit at night, without disturbing the other. As an added incentive, for me, a friend of mine, weighing in at 240lbs+, and I are doing the Wilderness Waterway, in the Everglades, during November. No way I was going to sleep with him in this tent. The two doors are great to have! Highly recommend this tent, very easy to put up and take down.

This thing goes up in about 10 seconds, super simple. Durable material. Overall, it's a great 2-person tent (even though I camp alone, I like a little extra space), especially if you buy the footprint. My only complaint is it'a just a bit heavy. Then again, for the price point? I'll gladly take the extra pound.

Great REI quality as expected. Not a drop of water got in despite being in constant rain for almost two days. The pole for the rain fly however is pretty hard to insert and actually got bent in the process. Fortunately it straightened out on its own over time. Really wish it had a vestibule though.

I've been in the market for a 2 person tent for awhile. This one was the right price and I'm very happy with it - easy to set up and compact. I initially bought it for car camping but it's small enough to strap on to my bike rack too. Nothing fancy but for the price it's a great buy!

This is my first tent and it has been a dream, almost. It's a quick and easy setup/breakdown. I always use the included rainfly and the REI Camp Dome 2 footprint. Even though I used the footprint, on the 6th time of using it, the tent floor was quite damp including the bottom of the sleeping bag. It was heavy mist, but no rain. The upper tent was dry. It seems the tent bottom is not fully waterproof.

I've used this tent twice now and am really pleased with it. It's easy to set up and even easier to take down. It has tons of room for me, my pup, and our gear. The second time I used it, we had rain all night and all day, but everything stayed dry inside. My only complaints are the tent pegs are flimsy - I've bent one already - and I don't like the big REI logo on the rain fly. Otherwise, awesome little tent!

I bought this tent a couple years ago and it has served me well. I’ve taken it car camping and backpacking and it has held up in all kinds of inclement weather from high winds to heavy rain. I will say that the rain fly is pretty small so you won’t be able to use it to protect any gear outside the tent during rain. But for a beginner this tent is perfect. Easy set up. Hardy little tent.

Used the tent for car camping and local wilderness camping. Very good construction and protection in moderate weather (50 degrees and up). Will fit two adults 6' or less comfortably but snugly. Limited external coverage with rain cover so if the weather is bad you'll need to bring your gear inside the already tight quarters. IMO best tent you'll get at the $100 price point.

I bought this 2 person tent recently when my interest in solo adventuring was sparked. As someone who hasn't spent a lot of time in the Great Outdoors alone, I was looking for something simple to set up for a decent price. My first solo camping trip is coming up in about a month and I wanted to make sure I'd be able to put this up on my own. Verdict - with no instructions at all, it took me about 30 minutes. More experienced campers could probably take it out, look at it, and have it up in 5 minutes flat. Having never set up a tent on my own (seriously), I had to look up a video on You Tube. Once up, it seems a bit thin and the rainfly absolutely has to be on if you want any kind of privacy, since half of two sides are nothing but mesh, but it seems ok. I think it will definitely need a footprint or tarp. My one gripe, besides no instructions, is that I couldn't get the rainfly pole in completely. I absolutely believe if I had tried any harder, the rainfly would have ripped before I ever got to use the tent. Not a total bummer, as it will still work well enough with just one side up, as there are 2 doors, but still annoying.

i bought this tent and really liked the price and ease of setting up. two problems i had. 1, the middle pole was not bent to shape, making it real tricky to bend it into the other end of the rain fly. 2. i didnt think it was big enough to be called a two person tent. with gear, and trying to sit up and play cards is not gonna work.. not a bad tent, just not for me!

I bought this tent for my father as a Christmas gift six years ago and it is going strong. He uses it at least a dozen times a year, sometimes twice that, for 1-3 nights each time, sometimes in POURING Florida rain and strong winds. This thing has NEVER leaked - always dry as a bone. He ADORES this thing.

We took our tent to the olympic penninsula in April. The tarp that covers the tent barely sticks out and all of our stuff inside got damp. This is not a tent that insulates either. We had one big bag and were extremely cramped inside. this tent works better for just one person but I would not reccomend it for 2 unless your keeping literally all your stuff inside your car or elsewhere. We are a couple but sometimes you dont want to be bunched up against your partner at night. Some extra space wouldve been nice. We will be looking for a bigger tent.

We bought this tent in 2009 and have used it for everything - car camping and backpacking. It has kept us dry through major thunderstorms and snow. It has kept us well-ventilated in the desert. And we have never had to replace or repair it. You can get a lighter weight tent, but the durability of this tent makes the extra 1-1.5 pounds worth the weight.

I picked this little bugger up for a few day duo trip in the GWNF, and here is what it is: your basic two person tent. Pros: I scored it for $70, 'nuff said. The blue version is very pretty. It weighs about 4lbs packed. It fits two people (5'10" and 6'4"). Very easy to get in and out of. Freestanding, truly. It's rained, heavily, for two days with no leakage.

Great little tent for the price. Took this tent camping out west, four nights in the Utah desert. Was able to pack this easily into my luggage and was lightweight. Set up was a breeze and break down was the same. Nothing fancy about this little tent, it just did it's job and for the price, it's hard to beat. Well done REI.

I have had this product since 2017 and have taken it on several smaller camping trips. I love how it always packs bag into the bag easily, my kids can help set up and tear down, and the footprint fits perfectly. Worth the purchase. I am looking forward to using this for many more years to come.

I own a variety of tents, but none suited for a two week summer backpacking trip in Yellowstone and the Tetons. This tent totally met and exceeded my expectations. It's light weight was perfect for backpacking. It held up well in wind and rain. It has an incredibly easy and quick set up-our set up/tear down took much less time than all of our other trekkers. My son and I had no problem with space and slept very comfortably in the footprint of this tent.

This is the best tent I've ever owned (I've owned it for at least 5 years, maybe closer to 8). I only use it three or four times a year, but when I do, it gets put through the paces; rocky terrain, heavy rain, gale-force winds. Aside from the new-fad tents that you basically toss out of a bag and they self-inflate, this is without a doubt the fastest and easiest tent to not only set up, but also to take down. Why? Because it doesn't have sleeves to feed poles through. You lay it out, extend the poles, secure the corners, lift the poles, snap the hooks on, add the fly. (Two people makes it marginally easier, but I usually do it on my own and I'm not a tall guy.) Voila; you can have this up in under a minute. And take down is just as fast. pole sleeves...isn't that a design weakness? No! It doesn't sacrifice strength or durability at all. Like any lightweight setup, you need to be careful with it, but once every piece is in its place and is sharing its portion of the load, this thing is durable AF. When assembled, if you don't like where it's at, just pick it up and move it, it'll handle it just fine ("move it" doesn't mean sling it around). A solid feature of this tent is the weatherproof base, which wraps a good 4" up the sides. What this means is that unless you pitch this in a dry riverbed that suddenly floods, your stuff inside is going to stay dry as a bone, even in torrential downpours - without a footprint tarp. (I've never used one - who has the room to carry it? - and my stuff has never gotten wet - even in day-long downpours.) I saw some comments about the poles breaking. Look, they're ultra-thin aluminum tubes meant to balance strength and weight reduction. You hafta be smart with them. I've had poles break twice but it was my fault, and it was never out on excursion. They broke when I was home and drying out the tent; I'd set it up but I hadn't hooked all the hooks on. I'd hooked only one or two, just enough to keep the tent lifted up so it could air out. But that defeated the design. This thing is meant to have every hook in place so the tension is spread out equally. By only hooking half the hooks, it put undue pressure on certain points of the poles, and they failed. (It took me twice to figure out what was happening.) The poles were easily repaired by the company in Washington that REI recommends, and I soon had them back good as new. Something I discovered which strengthens the poles; wrap the female ends in electrical tape (many of you are probably smarter than me and already knew that). If I had to pick something I wasn't crazy about, it's the footprint size, but all tent manufacturers are guilty of that. This tent is listed as a 2-person...but those two people better not be large. If they are, they'd better be comfortable spooning all night long. ;-) In summation; best tent I've ever owned. It's never let me down, always kept my stuff dry, and packs lightly and tightly. I highly recommend it.

I wish like others for setup instructions. It is intuitive but this is a beginners tent. Sew them into the stuff sack with the warning label. That being said, what is the 5" long aluminum tube for? I could rate it higher but I've only used it once.

This tent is too short for me and i am 6ft. In order for my head to clear top wall my bag and feet make contact with bottom wall.... even when i arrange myself kaddycorner. Id say if you are 5 10 or shorter u are good.

I bought this for a compact tent for car camping on a road trip between BnB's and motels. Not bad for the money and it really is free standing. It came with 4 cheap steel stakes which will be replaced immediately. Although it has four extra tie down loops on the fly for windy weather, it came with only two guy lines, which was either a mistake or incredibly cheap on REI's part. I would add two more guy lines and get 9 good stakes like MSR Groundhogs ( 4 for the corners, 4 for the guy lines, 1 to lose).

I purchased this tent for a Rim-to-Rim hike across the Grand Canyon and if their are any folks reading this that are concerned about using it for backpacking, have no fear. I read reviews and spoke to REI representatives in-person at the store about why this product was not considered for "backpacking". The only reason I could find, was that it does not have overhangs to leave your boots or pack outside the tent. Personally, my boots come in the tent if they are not on my feet because of past experiences with spiders, and snakes. My pack goes either in the tent with me or hangs from a tree away from rodents and other creatures. So if you would like to save $70 and a bit of weight, I have no problem recommending this tent for two people to backpack with.

I bought this tent with very low expectations. My intended purpose was to use it as my throw down. The tent I sleep in the first night of the elusive perfect campsite before I get up at 0430 and drive home to get to work on time Friday. I know the tent will be on it’s on for at least 34 hours before I get back to the campsite. That said it has proven to be much better than expendable. Not to heavy. Small for a true two person tent. Better be friends or family for the size to work out. Ventilation is lacking. A few more stakes than provided are needed. Comes with cord for extra stakes but no stakes! Netting is so fine as to inhibit flow thru venting. Figure out how to anchor stakes /poles to tighten fly and therefore gain more clearance between fly and netting should help venting. Side walls tall enough to prevent blow in sand/ dirt. All in all for the price not a bad tent. Moderate temps/ and a lack of heavy weather and this thing is a Win .

I am overall really impressed with this tent for the price, but if you are set on having a rainfly large enough to keep packs or shoes dry this isn't the one. That isn't really a complaint, just an observation.

Bought one of these for me / husband, used it a few times and was very satisfied. Have since bought one for each of my three kids (and SO). Fits two nicely. If you are very tall or broad, it may be cramped. Light enough to hike in without adding significantly to pack weight. Good venting. Goes up easily. Can't beat the price.

Great tent and can pack down smaller than listed, especially with a stuff sack. Sturdy tent, two person comfortably. Water proof suggested though, leaked a little bit in down pouring rain near the top of the tub style liner. Overall I was pleased

I bought this tent because I like to have a view when I am sitting out a storm. It makes all the difference in the world to be able to look outside during a long storm, and be able to view wildlife. This is a great tent for viewing wildlife!

This tent was such a pleasure to set up. Really done in a couple minutes. Built and designed so well. Close fit for 2 but comfortable for 1. The aluminum frame is sooooo light. I will never go back to buying affordable tents at big 5.

I got this so I could set it up easily when I was camping with my 7 year old daughter. Set up was easy, it's too small for two adults or at least it would be a tight squeeze but it was perfect for and adult and a kid.

It sets up easy, looks great. Staked out it doesn't move. But man, it's small in 6' And barely fit. And it better be 2 very friendly ppl in the tent. Cause it's small in there.

Easy to set up for an 11 year old Boy Scout. Fits him and his gear. Rain fly could extend down over entire tent for extra protection. It has a cross bar that forms a peak to shield tent.

Took on one trip. High wind. Bent two poles. Thankfully REI stands behind their products and gave full refund. Did give me a suspicious look but took it back nonetheless

Excellent tent and slept comfortably in it near Glacier National Park on June 23, 2017. However, it should come with directions and/or a user manual.

It is a wonderful lightweight roomy tent that keeps the insects and rain out. It is very clean tent which gives privacy.

I recently bought this tent at REI in Bend. When I went to set it up, there were no assembly instructions. Upon further inspection, I could tell that this tent was either a floor model or one that had been returned--the poles, stakes, etc. were clearly not in their original packaging. A quick search online found the Setup Instructions, which said "CHECK INSIDE THE TENT BAG," clearly showing that it should have been in the tent when I bought it.

I purchased this in a bundle a couple years ago (first REI purchase ever). One of the corner grommets pushed through the first time I used it. I was able to make due by using the rain fly which also has a grommet. This isn't a good fit for me. I'm 6'5" and this tent feels too short for me. My head/feet touch when I am fully extended. Be sure to check the specs before you buy and be gentle with the grommets. I thought the bundle price was fair.

I’ve had an REI ½ Dome 2 tent for a number of years and like it a lot. One problem for me with this tent is the fact that the sides (below the netting) are too low when dealing with windy, sandy areas. Too much fine sand comes into the tent, especially if the rain fly is not brought in close to the tent and secured. I bought the Camp Dome 2 because it is about the same size as my ½ Dome 2 and it has higher sides.

I got this tent for my 14 year son it is his first tent it was very easy for him to set up it seems like a great tent he's used a few times the only thing I don't like is the rain fly it don't come down far enough I guess I didn't pay attention when buying but for his first tent and for the price I will stick with it and let him anise the heck out of it

i have used this tent for a few years now it is a bit small but you can fit 2 people in it with out your gear (i.e.bag boots and such) but i normally use it for my self and thats it i have had issues with the rainfly pole does seem wider than it needs to be but i have gotten used to it by now. i would recommend this tent for someone new to camping/hiking because its low cost to get quality tent

This tent is great for everything. My boyfriend & I can comfortably sleep in this tent. We took it backpacking and I didn't find it too bulky at all; in fact it was connected to my pack. I was just at a 4night festival that was very windy. This baby tent didn't budge while all others were flapping around! People who've had their collapse didn't have the fly tight enough I'm guessing.

While I love taking my Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 tent on backpacking trips, it is a bit claustrophobic for car-camping trips, where weight and bulk isn't an issue. So when REI dividends and discount coupons came out, I decided on this tent from REI. A post-Easter trip to Yosemite provided an excellent opportunity to test it.

We've been using this tent for car camping, about four two and three night trips, and it gets the job done. My partner is 6"4 and I'm 5"4 and it fits us snuggly. However, when we took this on a trip south in late August, we definitely needed more ventilation. After our first hike-in camping trip, it's time for an upgrade. We definitely need a rainfly.

We've used ours several times now including in windy and rainy conditions. I just love it. Easy to set up. Comfy for two. The aesthetics should count for something as well. Ours is a pretty apple green with orange accents and it just makes me happy to come home to it. I do wish there was even a little add-on shelter we could buy for over the door.

Wanted to like this product so much. Not PNW approved. Only for dry places.

Stayed dry on the inside through long rainstorms, and is great for ventilation. Plus, love the unusual look among a sea of orange and green tents. Staking is definitely needed - so light it blows away easily, but otherwise does the job great during warmer months.

The tent is very easy to set up, the rain fly works great. The best feature is that it has two doors ans windows. It is advertised as a two person tent but it would have to be two small people. It is perfect for one person and still have room for back pack.

The tent was fine but took some time to set up. Definetely would need another person which I didn't think I would. the rain guard is a super tight fit with the pole and super hard to get in slot but other than that, it's fine for a smaller tent.

Strong material and simple design. Great value for $99! Would recommend buying a smaller stuff sack for it because the included sack is over-sized and bulky. The only other con is lack of ceiling net for gear storage.

Light weight, easy to carry and super easy to set up. I put it up in less than 5mins and i have never set up a tent by myself before. It's not very roomy inside but its perfect for backpacking and i simply love it.

This is a sweet little tent. Hard to imagine how 2 people and 2 backpacks would fit in it, but for car camping it's great. Set up is easy with none of those annoying tent pole sleeves to thread through.

I just got this the other day in there camping bundle the tent sleeping bag and sleep pad and I'll tell you what this tent goes up in literally 5 min not even. I think they did a fantastic job ....

I finally took this little guy out on a two day camp. It help up great, even in the rain and wind. It fit me and a friend, who is much bigger than I, as well as two small bags. Highly recommend!

Takes five minutes to set up. Fits me. It's cheap. It's built tough. I'll have this for a long time. Perfect for a weekend at Mt Rainier or under the bridge adjacent to the Seattle ferry.

Very nice tent, very easy to set up, zippers all work smoothly, stitching and materials all seem excellent! One of the nicest tents out there for this price. Would highly recommend it!

I haven’t camped in years and don’t think I’ve ever set up a tent before, but this tent was so easy to set up! I had it up in 20 minutes and taken down even quicker! Great buy!

Very cozy for one but probably a little tight for two plus gear. Quick to pitch and even faster to strike. Loops stitched inside provide handy anchors for hanging a light.

A nice small tent. Only down side was no instructions where provided.

It's got a lot of room for a tent to take hiking. It's light enough though without all the excess bags for everything but all in all, it's a great two person tent.

Iit was not too expensive and my oldest loved her REI brand tent, and I really needed a new one. It looks cool, easy setup. Good choice.

easy to set up works great had no issues, had enough room for myself and gear im 6' access pockets useful and tent is very light

Super roomy and fairly easy to set up! We used ours in 100 degree heat in Joshua Tree. Great ventilation kept us cool!

Perfect tent for those weekend adventures in the summer, simple to put up and take down, I would highly reccommend.

Good little tent for the money! I needed a small tent for a Wildland fire assignment.

Pretty nice small tent. Works very well and the price is right! No complaints

Great tent ! Easy to set up. Has held up to 55 mph winds.

Though I bought this a couple of years ago as part of the bundle, more for car camping, I used this tent for the first time recently this spring on my first ever backpacking trip. I had bought a lighter 1 person tent before my trip but decided to take this two person tent instead, just to see if I could deal with the extra pound and a half (I could, just fine, and I'm a petite person) and I liked the thought of storing my pack inside the tent with me since I had plenty of room as a single. This tent is really well constructed with quality materials and is super quick and easy for one person to set up. It did not rain on me so I'm not sure how it does in rain. I did buy the footprint on clearance, in a previous season's colors. I also bought two cheap $2 clips to attach to the longer sides of the fly so I could stake the fly out away from the tent, in case it did rain, and those worked wonderfully, with no damage to fly. I also replaced the stakes. As others mentioned the fly pole is very tough to get in and you have to slightly bend it to do so. Stayed warm despite temps close to freezing in the night at 5000'. Now I'm wondering if I should just return my one-person lighter weight tent with a full coverage fly.



Does this tent have the fire retardant with the cancer warning label?

Flame retardant chemicals are applied to meet mandatory flammability requirements for camping tents. We are unable to share specific information about the flame retardant chemicals applied to the Camp Dome. However, you can read more about our work on flame retardant chemicals and ways to reduce potential exposure in our blog post, Understanding Flame Retardants in Camping and Backpacking Tents.


Will a queen air mattress fit inside?

No, the average queen size bed is 80" x 60". The Camp Dome 2 is 84", but only 54" wide.


Whats the trick to take this tent down. I put it up in my yard per instructions but when it came to taking the tent down I had a xxxx of a time getting the tent poles out of the grommets. Almost broke the poles. I did figure out the rain fly.

To take the tent down, remove all clips from the poles. With one hand on the grommet webbing and the other on the pole, lift the the pole out of the grommet.

Lol Joe dr650

Does this still come in the strata color?

No, sorry, we aren't expecting more of the Strata color.


Just where does the rain fly pole suppose to be positioned in the center of the tent ? Over the two tent poles and the attach the pole clip to it ? Under the poles and on the bottom of the pole clip ?

To properly set up the rainfly on the tent, you will want to attach the rainfly pole to the rainfly before putting the rainfly on the tent. Then the rainfly and pole will lay over the top of the tent body and poles. For further instructions, please refer to the printed instructions located on the tags on the inside of the tent storage sack.


Is there a Prop 65 warning for this tent? If so, for which chemical(s)?

To meet the flammability standard in California (CPAI-84), this tent is treated with a flame retardant chemical additive. The warning label is added to comply with California's Proposition 65. This proposition requires that any products that contain a chemical known to the state of California to potentially cause cancer or reproductive harm are required to be labeled with a warning to consumers.

Catherine 2567

The instructions for tying down the rain fly said to use 4 tie down cords, but only 2 cords were included. Should there have been 4 cords, or do I need to buy them separately?

This tent comes with 2 guylines. For guying every point on this tent, additional guyline must be purchased separately.


Are there replacement poles?  I have an older model and would like to upgrade the the shorter collapsible poles to use this for bikepacking. 

We use Tent Pole Technologies to make replacement poles. They should be able to make a replacement pole that will fit your tent properly. They can be contacted at (800) 266-9527 or at the following link :


Hello. I need the rainfly of the tent camp dome 2, can you help me?

I'm sorry, we do not have replacement rainflies for REI tents. If you still have the rainfly and it is damaged, Rainy Pass Repair may be able to restore it. We suggest contacting them for an estimate on repair services. Their phone number is 888-747-7867 (888-RIP STOP) and their website can be viewed at the following link:


What color scheme is the overhang forest floor?

The overhang forest floor has a rainfly with a forest green, orange, beige and bronze colored print. Stay tuned, pictures will be posted shortly!


Can you tell me if a queen size air matress would fit or not. Also; it has two big doors. Any other windows or ventilation? Obviously with the fly tent off. Thanks.

The floor of this tent is too small to accommodate a queen size air bed. There are mesh panels on the sides and the ceiling for additional ventilation.


How do your put the rain fly on my camp done 2 tent?

For assistance setting up your tent, we recommend giving us a call at 1-800-426-4840 or stopping by your local REI store where one of our experts can guide you through the setup process.


 Is this tent big enough to put in regular size air mattress in it and is it good for cold weather ?

​This is a 3-season tent intended for moderate weather conditions. The tent has following floor dimensions: 84" x 54".


Will this fit a qeensize air mattress?

​No, a queen size mattresses will be too wide.


I understand it is a 2 person tent, but I am looking for a tent with a little more space for myself. Would this be an efficient tent for backpacking?

Although designed for car camping, this can be used for backpacking in some cases.


Any hints for keeping the rainfly from flapping and making tons of noise in the wind?  Last weekend the noise kept me awake as I camped on the side of South Sister.

​Good question! You can learn more about using guylines to reduce sound in high winds here:

Marvelous max

Is the netting noseeum proof?

​Yes, the mesh is no-seeum netting.


So I just got this for backpacking solo I know it doesn't have a vestibule but I am on a budget and kinda like the open rain fly, my question is if I put this tent (minus the stakes and poles obviously) in a compression sack will I damage the tent at all?

​The tent body & rainfly will be fine in a compression stuff sack. We do not recommend putting the tent in a compression stuff sack for long term storage.


Hi. Is this tent coated with flame retardants?

Yes. As of June 2018, California requires tents sold in their state to be fire retardant. All the tents we sell meet this condition.


Am I able to buy a pouch for the inside roof of the tent to place a light over?

​The MSR Universal Gear Loft is a great choice for hanging a headlamp/light for the ceiling of this tent.


I think I have poison oak oil inside the tent. What is the recommended way to wash camp dome 2?

Tecnu Oak-N-Ivy Cleanser can help rid your tent of poison oak:

happy camper

does a rain fly need to be bought separately?

​A rain fly comes standard with this tent.


I purchased the Camp Dome 2 in 2013. I love that it offers a fly-footprint pitch option for lightweight and warm weather camping. Has the design of the tent changed since 2013? Is a fly-footprint pitch option still possible with the 2017 model? Thanks.

​This version was launched in 2015 and does not have the "quick pitch" option.


Is there a fly that I can buy that will give me a vestibule like a backpacking tent? It doesn't have to be an REI brand.

​We do not offer a substitute rainfly for this tent.


Can I buy a rain fly with vestibule that will fit the camp dome 2, the one that came with doesn't cover to the ground?

​An accessory full-coverage rainfly is not available for this tent.

Auntie Sue

Hello Adventures! I have an 8-year old friend who loves to build tents indoors with blankets (Remember that?) I'd like to share the outdoor adventure with her and a friend or two in the safe backyard, would this tent be a good choice for her? TY!

We consider this tent to be a great choice for the backyard adventures you described.


What is the hydrostatic head of the fly sheet and ground sheet of this tent, ie its ranking regarding water resistance. ?

​The rainfly, floor and canopy of this tent all have a 1,500mm hydrostatic rating.


How about the canopy print sunrise? Will in be back in stock this year?

As of August 2017, we do not plan to stock the canopy print sunrise color. All available colors are on our website.


What is the height inside the tent when set up?

​This tent has a peak height of 43 inches.


Would a full size air mattress fit in this tent?

Although a full sized mattress will fit the floor dimensions of this tent, the angled walls will not allow the mattress to fit properly.


When is the canopy print twilight color anticipated to be available in stores?

This color may not be (or become) available in your local REI. Store stock can be checked with the Find in store button above. has stock as of July 2017; you can order online and have the tent shipped to the store nearest you if you like.


Are you able to buy just the rainfly anywhere? Or is my only option to buy the new tent completely?

​Unfortunately, we do not stock a replacement rainfly for this tent.


This tent has two doors as well as two vents adjacent to the doors? And decent for summer camping?

This tent does have 2 doors. The tent does not have any vents on the rainfly. There are two windows on the doors that can be opened/closed for ventilation in hot weather. This tent is a great choice for summer camping.


I just recently bought this was setting it up for the first time and I cannot get the rain fly pole in! It's just too long for the rainfly and I'm worried i'll just rip it. What's the trick?

The fly/ridge pole has to be slightly bent to fit into the pole tip pocket on the rainfly.


Does anyone know where this tent is made?? And how has your luck been with the aluminum poles (as in, should I trade out for another material)?

This tent is made in China. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries. Aluminum poles tend to be more durable than graphite/fiberglass poles.


Does this come with a footprint? If not, what footprint do you recommend? 

The Camp Dome does not come with a footprint. Here is the link for the footprint:


My boyfriend and I are over 6'0. Will the camp dome be able to fit the both of us comfortably ?

The floor dimensions of this tent are 84 x 54 inches. This tent will accommodate you and your boyfriend.


I lost the rainfly for this tent and need to replace it. Are there replacement options somewhere?

Replacement rainflies are not available for this tent.


I will be camping in a large group (500 other campers) and it's recommended I find a way to lock the tent. I can't tell what I would need in order to secure the two doors on the Camp Dome 2?

I would use a small luggage lock to lock the two zipper pull tabs togethet


are the standard poles for this tent anodized? thanks!

The poleset is not anodized.


Just received this tent and look forward to trying it out. Wondering if I need to waterproof it before first use or has the fabric already treated?

The rainfly is factory seam taped and is fully waterproof. No need to do anything starting out.


We lost a stake for this tent. How long are the stakes? Is this the appropriate replacement?

You are welcome to choose whatever stakes you prefer, but the stake you are referring to, item # 693153, is what was provided with this tent.


My 2 boy scout teenagers are going snow camping with their troop.  Will the Camp Dome 2 be warm enough for around 20F degree weather? Thanks!

The tent itself may not retain much heat, but with proper sleeping bags and insulated sleeping pads, the tent can be used in 20 degree weather.


I am 70 and not very strong anymore. Will there be any problem in folding this down?

Most people find this tent very easy to set up and take down, even when done by only one person. It does not require much strength to set up or take down.


I bought this wonderful tent in April of 2013 (I don't know if there are any differences in the "Camp Dome 2" sold today). Anyway, my rainfly has a sizeable tear in it and I was wondering if REI carries a replacement for it. The color isn't important

Unfortunately, we do not have replacement rainflys available for our tents. If your rainfly is torn, we recommend sending it to Rainy Pass Repair to be assessed. They may be able to fix it for you:


I have a Camp Dome 2 and was wondering if it could be cold washed in a washing machine?

We recommend spot cleaning or hand washing with a mild soap, rinsing thoroughly and air drying. It is not advised to machine wash your tent.


Does this tent allow the fly/footprint option (set up with fly, footprint and poles, but not tent body)?

The Camp Dome 2 does not offer the fly/footprint pitch option.

Faker's Dozen

Is there a footprint that can be purchased for this tent? I recently used a footprint for the first vs. putting a tarp under my tent and it is so much better!!!


I need to replace a lost rainfly pole for this tent.  How can I find the length of that pole?

You can get replacement tent poles (and sections) from Tent Poles Technology. Their phone number is 800-266-9527. They have the specifications for REI tents, calling them may be the most efficient way to get results:

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