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This jacket is great. It's lightweight, stylish, and packable which is a really nice feature when I want to toss it into a carry on or a day pack if I'm expecting rain on a fairly low-intensity day hike. It's stood the test of Pacific Northwest rainforest hikes and torrential midwestern thunderstorms, and I haven't had it soak through once.

Zipper completely failed literally the third time I used the jacket. Cheap construction and overpriced. Brand new jacket is completely ruined now. Spend your money elsewhere, you’ll only be paying for the patagonia tag on this one.

This peice of gear is your go to for a decently lightweight rain/wind layer great for over a puffy in the rain and am added outside layer in the cold or just to toss on over a t shirt in warmer weather to keep the chill off while resting. It is an essential part of my upper wear system and is always in my packs no matter what trip I'm going on. Packs down small and for the price and durability it can't be beat. Patogonias always a great way to go.

yes its waterproof. the only drawback is everything in the pockets gets wet. water pools in the bottom of the side pockets.

Picked this jacket up last week before heading over to watch my wife run the Boston Marathon. Experienced Heavy Rain and Wind all day non-stop and stayed completely dry with this jacket! Folds up nice for packing as well.. Great lightweight jacket and reasonably priced!

I was in the market for a new rain coat. The salesman recommend this particular one. After a few months after my purchase I had an opportunity to test this new purchase out. I was in a medium to high winds on a 50 degree ish day with a pretty consistent light steady rain. I hiked about 7 miles up and down two small mountians. All I can say is that the coat preformed very well. I didn't really over heat. I did not open the side vents either. The coat packs up very nice into itself. The only two small querks was the draw string that pulls the hood tight it a bit hard to figure out once you have it on. The other quirk was once you pull the hood really tight it was over my eyes. On a driving rain you could potentially take on a bit of water. On that note if it's raining that hard , that would be the least of your problems.

Waterproof/breathable fabrics are a tradeoff between those two factors. The torrentshell leans into the “waterproof” end of the equation. If you sweat a lot, this jacket will get clammy and feel like it’s “leaking.” It is definitely waterproof if you’re willing to sacrifice some breathability. It is windproof. For hiking, walking around town, sledding, light backpacking, etc. this is a good value. But it isn’t a jacket built for hard effort.

I wore it about 10 minutes in light rain on my way home from a store. I took it off and hanged it. The jacket absorbed all the water and it started to sip through the inside layer. The jacket felt like a wet rag.

Looks even cooler in person. Nice to have the pockets and arm pit vents, hood is sturdy enough to stay in place and not get blown off your head like some lighter rain shells. The jacket is slightly loud, sort of a crinkly sound so don't use it for any stealth purposes heh.

I really liked this jacket except... Anything I put in the pockets got wet when it rained.

Jacket looks great and works for light rain, although I haven't worn it in a heavy rain. The worst quality about this jacket and I wish Patagonia would fix it would be the terrible zipper design. Please for the love of God fix it. Immediately.

The main reasons you should buy this: price, packability, performance and look.

I’m surprise that Patagonia put their name on this jacket. The zipper is absolutely terrible. I can’t speak to the waterproof aspects of the jacket and I won’t get a chance because I’m going to send it back. I’m a loyal Patagonia customer and this jacket probably won’t change that. However I won’t be buying one online without trying it on first. Had I done that with this jacket I never would’ve purchased it.

I loved this jacket until I was out in the rain for most of a day. I got soaked. The jacket is not waterproof after several hours of rain.

I have owned two and my wife one. All three have had the same wet out issues. The jacket sets out in minutes making it a very in effective product.

Amazing jacket, haven't had any leaks like some other reviews state. Sleeve cuffs seal great, only wish that it has an inside breast pocket. Rain just slides off.

I have had this jacket for about three years and I have been through a number of different conditions. I have to say this jacket has disappointed me. Within the 1st year the left pocket came apart causing me to lose my truck keys in a rain storm. The jacket doesn’t repeal water it just tends to get saturated when exposed to the rain.

As others have mentioned, this jacket is not waterproof. I bought mine back in ~April 2018, and as of the first good rain of the wet season here in Seattle, I can say that this jacket's weatherproofing has failed. It worked great when I first bought it, but has quickly deteriorated. Fantastic fit though, looks good city slicking and on the trails.

Preface: I've had this jacket for a month and worn it through a couple of storms, nothing torrential. With that in mind...

I've worn this in snow, rain and wind. it has become an essential to my pack. in Colorado we don't have constant drizzle when it comes to rain. Our rain comes in torrential downpours with severe wind. Our snow also usually comes with ferocity. This jacket has stood up to it all. what some may think is rain getting through is usually sweat and condensation build up. we don't need to go into the science here but this jacket does its job and does it well.

This jacket worked well on a recent trip, although I used it as a light shell, had no rain, just some short showers. It's not a winter shell, so it doesn't feel as harsh and packs down much better, plus the hood should work with a cap. Too many jackets are designed to fit around a helmet and flop down over your face without one.

My work requires me to be outside in any weather and I have had bad experiences with most other rain jackets except for mamut. The Patagonia Torrentshell is good for light drizzle and on/off heavy rain but does not remain waterproof through more than 1 hour of solid rain. Recommended for light precipitation or as a wind breaker.

I had this jacket for about a year. In that time I wrote it in the snow once and the rain maybe 8 times. I found if you are going to be out in precipitation for longer than 30ish minutes, the jacket will become saturated. I followed the care instructions and the water repellency degraded after each use.

If you want to do anything outside when its raining harder than a light mist to sprinkle, you won't as this coat will have you soaked within minutes. NOT A RAIN COAT!

I live in Italy in the dolomites area and bought this jacket for outdoor hiking in case of rain. It looks sharp and I also got talked into believing all the hype about the special material that it's made of. Well, every time I use it I end up getting soaked ! I strongly recommend not to buy this jacket. Better save the money and to go back to the old poncho which costs a fraction.

First trip was on Grand Teton rain and snow two days no leaks at all. Second trip kayaking in rain also kept me dry. Light and compact.

This is a great jacket for the price. It’s reliable in moderate rain when going about town. You will stay dry. However, it is not a technical piece. It is not designed to sustain a heavy onslaught of rain in hiking/outdoors pursuits for long periods of times. Many of the negative reviews seem to expect it to perform like Goretex Proshell. When going out in awful conditions, I take my Arc’teryx Beta AR. For routine trips out in the rain this jacket fits the bill well without being overkill.

I have used Patagonia products for over 25 years; their sizes have changed in the past couple of years. They design clothing for active people and then make sack shaped garments! I always have been a Patagonia medium, but I find that the medium is tight in the chest, OK elsewhere. The Large is OK in the chest, but way too large in the waist. I checked the Measurements of the two sizes against my micro puff jacket which fits beautifully in medium and found that even the Large size torrent shell was not as large as

This jacket will keep you dry and block wind to keep you warm. However, this is not a winter parka. I layer up with a hoodie or sweater underneath if it is frosty and cold out. On my 6 foot frame, the XL works well in fit at allowing room to layer up and good long sleeve length with Velcro tabs at wrist.

I’ve worn this jacket while working outside at an airport, on trail hikes, and casually around town. This jacket has gone through torrential rain and it seems as though it soaks up water around the wrist area and pocket area. The extremities on the arms feel as though they get mildly wet when I’m getting poured on. On other days when it’s light rain I don’t get wet at all. This jacket gets a lot of mixed reviews, and I say that Patagonia should’ve made this jacket perform better. The Torrentshell pants, however, work very well in torrential rain over a long period of time.

Don't buy this jacket if you are a serious hiker who would like to be able to hike in rainy weather without getting wet. I bought an H2NO light shell rain jacket (Torrentshell) at REI not too long ago. I wore it during two recent 3 to 5 mile hikes in moderate to light rain. It utterly failed to deliver. Rain seeped through and soaked the light jacket that I was wearing underneath. Not just one spot -- the entire jacket. I paid $120 for something that is falsely advertised as waterproof. Patagonia should be ashamed of themselves for selling such an inferior product.

I got this jacket about a month ago as a replacement for a Marmot PreCip I’d had for about five years. I read some favorable rankings online and decided to trust them- I wish I hadn’t. I loved the jacket when I first got it, but it just doesn’t perform well.

I bought this as a gift and my sone loves it. He visited for the holidays and work it twice. He only brought home his backpack and the jacket fit perfectly in one of the outside compartments.

This looks nice, but I read reviews only after purchase.

This jacket in the bright colors I wanted was not in stock in my size, but REI ordered it and I was able to pick it up within a few days. It proved very useful during my bike trip in the Canadian Rockies, shutting out the chill while remaining visible. So far no actual torrents, but it's obviously waterproof and should work out fine.

Reasonably priced. But a little shorter length than I prefer. Zipper get stuck on flaps and is the flimsiest zipper I've encountered on a jacket or coat. Hope it holds up for a couple of years. Not what I'd call a high quality product, but it does keep me far.

I own several Patagonia items, this is my first shell and I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations. It is lightweight, perfect for backpacking, and waterproof. Went hiking for a week and this was my go to shell each day on the trail.

Rain slowly seeps through factory waterproofing. Not worth the purchase

Folds up beautifully and is light, but it is not waterproof. Within a short time (sometimes less than half an hour, depending on the rain, I will get wet through it). I am looking for an alternative now

This thing is advertised to be able to withstand much more then it actually can and it was disappointing that it couldn’t perform as good as it cost. Go with something else that has gore Tex

I like the fit and waterproof part of the jacket. Could use a couple more pockets. The fabric gets wedged in the zipper almost every time I try to zip the jacket, very poor design there.

Got a great test the day after I bought it with a downpour at Red Rocks. Since then it has handled rain well and vents well. Only gripe would be that I wished it had a chest pocket.

Nice looking jacket, great color, fits true to size. But wore it 20 minutes in a light drizzle and was soaked through. NOT waterproof in the least! Returned to Patagonia.

Great jacket! Lightweight, sheds water, and very functional.

Great fit, love the underarm vents. Super light!!!

Love the way the XL fits - I'm 6'6 and 245lbs. Sleeves are long enough for biking and tail is long enough too. Pockets are a good size for bulky mittens. Cons: all zippers are poorly designed and constantly snag on surrounding material requiring two hands - it is especially awkward to close the pit zips. The hood draw strings don't have cord locks, which is inconvenient. All in all a good deal for the $95 sale price. Maybe not worth full price

Purchased this jacket for the warmer spring skiing days. Went skiing at Squaw Valley at the end of May and it was great. The pit zips really help keep you cool. Could only ski the top of the mountain where it was cooler. Helped keep me warm enough at the higher elevation but also cool enough at the base. Have not had a chance to wear it in the rain.

I have spent a lot of money on name brand clothing in the past. Often I am dissatisfied with quality that most companies provide. Hands down, Patagonia is a well ran company and delivers top of the line clothing for a fair price. You can tell that they are passionate about their products. I am more than happy with every Patagonia product that I own including this jacket. My wife is bugging me to get her one now.

Any time I wear the Torrentshell during a storm I am either annoyingly wet or drenched depending on how hard it rained. I took it hiking today when it suddenly started raining. I was able to put on the jacket before it got too bad (I was still fairly dry). Then it started pouring rain and within 5 minutes my head and arms were soaked under the fully zipped up jacket.

Just perfect for cooler weather with only a shirt. I expect it to perform well in colder situations with a Nano jacket underneath. I got this for walking/hiking rather than spectator sitting. It does the job with little to no inside moisture issues due to the fabric's breathability. I had first tried a North Face jacket but breathability issues caused it to be returned. I am very happy with this!

I purchased this a few years ago. The waterproof ability is good, but the membrane peels awsy quickly rendering it not so waterproof. I used silicone spray several times. It is not the most breathable either. Used for biking, hiking, around town, Euro travel... It gets clammy and sticks to skin. I don't regret it for the price but will try something else when replacing it next spring.

Was shopping for a 3 in 1 and didn't like the way they fit. Decided to build my own and chose the Torrentshell as the outer and the REI Activator for the liner. They are a great combination. The shell cuts the wind and rain and retains the heat. It also folds to a very small and packable size. The hood doesn't come off but it is adjustable so it can fit snug on any type of hat.

Used this coat in Iceland where it performed admirably. Keep me dry and the light down coat underneath dry as well. Did not notice the adjustable hood until a few days into the trip, audit now fits like a glove. It does run a little big which was good for this trip but not so good for everyday wear without a heavier piece of clothing underneath. Great at repelling water.

Used this Jacket on a 7 mile hike on the AT in PA in heavy rain. It kept me dry for most of the day but was not able to manage the interior moisture from my sweating. It did keep me warm with the wool blend sweater I was wearing on the cool day. Not sure any Jacket would have kept me dry in these conditions.

got drawn by what I thought was a deal. looks like a nice jacket but definitely not going to keep you dry. in light rain for 30 minutes or so you might get away, but if you're out in the wilderness this isnt going to hold out too well water easily leaks in from the pockets and gets any layers below super wet

Purchased this for my husband and he is happy with quality and looks of the jacket.

This torrentshell jacket is very versatile, as it can be worn alone or as a shell. My favorite part of the jacket is the hood, as it fits very well and does not impede my vision, as some hoods do. The waterproofing seems to hold up well, and the jacket looks good to boot.

Spend a few more bucks unless you want to have pockets full of water.

I returned an REI rain shell because of the wrong size and ended up with the Torrentshell. I haven’t used it on an extended hike, but I have worn it around the town a bit. It fits well, comfortable and so far I am pleased. The true test will come this fall.

I owned the North Face Venture 2 jacket for two years before purchasing this- This one is a lot more sturdy and water repellent. Very comfortable and the pit zips are great.

The zipper gets caught every single time and this jacket feels clammy. Although there is waterproofing, the inside gets so warm that it feels like there isn't. I would recommend buying a rain jacket from another manufacturer, you will get a cheaper price.

Good piece of gear, light weight, sheds water, has nice under arm ventilation. Best to hand wash and air dry (the lining will peel if it sees a too hot clothes dryer), from my experience with the one, I replaced with this one. I like the 2 tone colors.

I’ve had jackets, coats and hoodies but I never owned a rain jacket. This was a great buy. I enjoy how I can stow it in its own pocket when not in use. Wish it had an inside pocket. Love the under arm zipper opening because on humid days it helps

Lightweight but extremely waterproof and very easy to wear layers underneath. It folds up into it's pocket and takes up a small amount of pack space. The venting is good and overall this is durable for even thorny bushwhacking. Great jacket.

Just got this jacket today and the package was much smaller then i thought. Although i dont think this jacket is packable it does compress down to a very small size. I chose the xl and it fits great on top of a warm fleece or multiple layers.

Patagonia's Torentshell fabric is absolutely, unequivocally not breathable. Works for standing around in the rain -- for a while -- but even minor exertion will leave you about as dry as a clam at high tide. Avoid.

I’m 6’1” , 175 lbs medium fits perfect. Room enough to use as she’ll and small enough to wear casually. Compliments already. Does the job, nice and dry. Packable inside pocket is a plus.

I own a Torrent shell circa 1996. My son wanted one for his Yosemite week-long trip last week (Feb 2017). He said it kept him 100% dry. Bravo Patagonia!!

A great shell for the price. Several hours of hiking in steady rain. no leaks. Only drawback is no interior pockets. Look and fit is good

nice fit not too loose or too tight. nice pockets and zippers. cute little bells and whistles...function to wear when not too cold

Bought this for Grand Teton backcountry hike and we ended up with rain/snow. Worked like a charm. Kept me dry the whole time.

I bought this for my husband as a Christmas present to use in rainy Seattle and he loves it! What a beautiful color too.

I like this jacket although the zipper gets caught on the material every time. It’s not great if you’re in a hurry.

Bought these to replace the 15 year old Helly Hansons. Weight is great. Have not tried in the pouring rain yet.

Good construction, not as breathable as i expected, but still gets the job done. Lightweight, with armpit vents

Perfect wet weather jacket for Hawaii. Where i fish. Lightweight. Keeps me dry. Not overheating!! Great gear.

I bought this and absolutely love the light weight yet great water protection it offers. Great looking also.

I love this jacket it is so comfortable and light and perfect for Oregon weather.

Stayed dry in a one hour torrent while in a boat on a fishing trip

this is the first rain the Jacket had seen - but it kept me dry!!

Wrong jacket, I returned it. Went with a rei jacket



Where is it made?

This item is made in Vietnam. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.


I cant figure out how you stowe this jacket into one of its own pockets. Do you have any instructions on how to do this?

Turn hand warmer pocket with the interior carabiner loop inside out and begin stuffing the jacket from there. After the jacket is stuffed into the pocket, zip the two-way zipper closed.


Can I Wear this jacket as an "every day" jacket? A casual go to work jacket? Thanks

Yes, this jacket is a great choice for both urban and trail adventures. Keep in mind that it is not insulated, so you'll need insulation layers in colder weather.


Do you have the Coat in the Blue and Khaki available at the store in size large? 

We recommend contacting your local store for specific inventory information:


Is the hood helmet compatible?

​Yes, this hood is helmet compatible.


What is the back length/overall length of this jacket? I'm 6' 7'' and worry it will be too short or "boxy". Thank you!

The back length measures 31 inches in size medium.


I am interested in this jacket: Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket: I am looking for size Large - In this color: Navy Blue/Ramble Red. Are you planning on carrying this size or can I order it? Thanks.

​As of March, 2017 we do not have plans to re-stock that color/size combination.


I am very interested in this jacket, but I cannot seem to find the color I wanted ANYWHERE! The video (on this page) shows the model wearing exactly the style I want- Dark blue body and a lighter blue arms. I can't even find it on Patagonia's website!

​The color combination you are referring to is Underwater Blue/Navy Blue. Unfortunately, it is sold out and we do not have any plans to restock it as of February 2017.


If I have a xl nano air, will a large shell fit over it, or should I get the xl?  The nano is slim fit... Thank you, Jim

This jacket can be used over a Nano Air. The Torrentshell is a regular fit which is designed to accommodate layering underneath. We recommend ordering your usual size from Patagonia.


Hi, what material is inside the two hand pockets? Are they lined with some sort of soft cloth/microfiber? Or is the external shell/internal membrane materials? Thanks for your insight!

Inside the pockets is the exposed membrane material; there is no lining.​


When will the black color be available again?

We expect the black colored Torrentshell Jacket back in early 2017.


Do you have these available in xxx or any jackets?

We do not carry the Torrentshell Jacket in XXXL. You can sort by size on the left of the category page here:


Does this jacket have a 2 way front zipper?

The Torrentshell Jacket does not have a two-way zipper.

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