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I bought this for use with an REI Flash air pad and was surprised how easily and quickly (less than 45 seconds) the pump worked - which is also testament to the quality of the Flash pad. It takes up very little space/weight in a pack and keeps one from having to use moist breath to inflate an expensive air pad. I'm very happy I picked this up.

Bought in Dec, 2016 used on trip to Tortugas on an Big Agnes Insulated Air Core air mate with the screw out air valve and as told in store it would work using the adapter, well i can tell you DON'T waste your time using it. Neither of the 2 possible connectors would fit the Agnes valve snugly. Now if you have a stratus (only) i guess i would recommend it, but otherwise ITEM not compatible.

I bought this hand air pump thinking it would work with my Big Agnes Q-Core insulated pad. Well it does provide an adapter to fit the pad valve but doesn't hold it securely. It tried just holding the pump to the valve but just didn't work well enough. The tag on the pump said it was made specific for REI pads. I was tempted to jury-rig some sort of adapter but decided just to return it and get something that was designed for the Big Agnes pad instead.

I bought this to air up my Big Agnes sleeping pad. At first I was skeptical at the design, but it really worked well! Packs down small enough to not worry about the extra weight.

Very happy to have finally found a pump for both my BA Double Z mattress and S2S Aeros pillow. Works like a charm, with a side order of CPR training.

Disappointing. If you own a green Stratus Pad do not buy this product, it will not fit the valve.

i have a Nemo cosmo with built in pump and i love it. i recently got a Neom Tensor for backpacking , and i have been looking for a pump for it since i dont like blowing moist air from my lungs into a pad. iorder this pump and it works perfectly with my Nemo tensor . i even tried using the pad while inside my MSR hubba solo and was a able to inflate my pad inside. love this product hope REI doesn't discontinue this one.

Works well for inflating Therm-A-Rest pads that are suppose to self inflate but take what seems like forever when you are ready to "hit the sack." Lightweight and compact so doesn't add much to my backpack. Would have given it a 5 star but the plastic pulled apart at the end where the "neck" is secured. It was easy to fix using several dabs of super glue.

We have come a long way with air pumps and I think REI has nailed this one. I used it with the Stratus Sleeping Pad and could not be more pleased with it. It took about five minutes to inflate with the air pump. I would highly recommend both the Stratus Sleeping Pad Air Pump with the Stratus Sleeping Pad.

Great idea, but this would take forever to fill up a sleeping pad. I bought this on my way out to a hike, and carried it for a week. I only used it once, and within 5 minutes I gave up went back to the normal way.

I was worried about compatibility with my pad but am pleasantly surprised at how well it fits the valve and works to inflate. The price is great too.

It has the right adapter to work with the new Air Rail Plus mat's one way valve. This makes inflation so much more pleasant! With every dollar.

Bought this for my REI pad. It also works on my Exped pad and my Sea to Summit pillow. Packs nice and small.

A non needed item for backpacking made for sales. Try blowing it up with your lungs.

A great gadget that saved my lungs at hush altitude.



Will this work for a Nemo astro air lite 25l long sleeping pad?

Yes, this pump fits the Nemo Astro Lite sleeping pad.


Will this pump work with the intake valve of Exped Megamat?

​Yes, this pump works with the Exped Megamats.


Will this work on the REI Kingdom dleetping pad?

The valve on this pump is compatible with the REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Sleeping Pad. It is not compatible with the REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Bed.


Will this work on the Big Agnes Air Core Insulated Sleeping Pad?

This pump is designed to be used with REI sleeping pads. We recommend the Big Agnes Pumphouse for your pad:


Does the pump work on the NeoAir?

​The pump will not work on the NeoAir sleeping pad.


is this pump compatible a rei lite core 1.5 pad

​​This pump is not compatible with the REI Co-op Camp Bed 1.5 Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad.


Is this pump compatible with REI InCamp sleeping pads and, if so, will it inflate them more quickly than using the hand pump that is built into the InCamp?

​We're sorry, but we are unable to confirm if this pump will work with the REI Co-op InCamp Insulated Air Sleeping Pad.


Does this pump work on the Klymit Sleeping Pad?

​This pump is not compatible with Klymit sleeping pads.


Will this work with the Big Agnes AXL Insulated Air pad?

No, this air pump is designed for the REI Co-op Stratus sleeping pad only. The Big Agnes Pumphouse Ultra is a better choice to use with your pad.


Hello, will this pump work with the new Big Agnes Q-Core SLX (green) sleeping pads?

​This pump is not compatible with the Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad. The Big Agnes Pumphouse Ultra is a better choice.


Will this work with a Big Agnes insulated air core mummy with the brass valve?

​No, this sleeping pad air pump works with a flat valve and does not work with the twist, EZ-Flate plastic-coated brass valve.


Will this work on an Exped Synmat Hyperlite?

​The pump is compatible with Exped's Synmat Hyperlite lineup of pads.

michael in sb

Is this pump compatible with the REI Self Inflating 3.5 sleeping pad?

​This pump is not compatible with the REI Co-op Camp Bed 3.5 Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad.


Hi Will this pump work with - REI Co-op Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad

​Yes, this air pump is compatible with the REI Co-op Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad.


Does the pump fit the valve on an ExPed Megamat Duo 10?

​This pump works with the Exped Megamat Duo 10.


Will this pump work with a klymit static v pad?

​This pump is not compatible with the Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad.


Will this work with a sea to summit sleeping pad?

​Yes, this pump does work with Sea to Summit sleeping pads.


Will this pump work with Nemo Tensor?

The reply from REIservice is not correct. This will work very well on a Tensor pad. I have a Tensor 25R and purchased this pump for this pad and have used it many times. Pull out the adapter that is connected with a short string and connect directly to the pump. The Big Agnes Pumphouse Pump Dry Sack will not work on a Tensor. I have tried that also. The BA Pump Sack does not have a check valve. It will pump air into the pad but once you get any amount of volume in the pad, it leaks right back out when you open the pump sack to let in more air. I bough a garden hose check valve that miraculously slips over the Tensor valve and used the BA pump sack for a while but this hack job was not ideal. Once I found the REI pad pump, it worked much better. Yes on a NEMO Tensor. Not on the larger plug that is used for quick deflate but on the screw valve with the red tip. Works great.


Will this pump work with Klymit static V?

The Stratus Sleeping Pad Air Pump is not compatible with a Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad.


Does this provide an assistance to the Cirrus line of REI pads? Might be easier than performing CPR for 30 minutes to get that pad inflated.

The Stratus Sleeping Pad Air Pump is compatible with the Cirrus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad.


Would this work with the Nemo Astro Sleeping Pads?

Hello, RLandquist. I have two sleeping pads, a Therm-a-Rest Trail that is about 22 years old and a new Nemo Astro Insulated 25L. This little pump works with both. Don't let anyone tell you different. The REI pump come with an attached adapter. For your Nemo Astro pull the adapted off and push the pump outlet onto the Nemo valve, it is a snug fit but will go on and makes a very tight seal. I can fill my Nemo Astro in about 3 minutes. The adapter can be used and fits over the Therm-a-Rest standard valve, seals well and allows for a very full, hard inflation. I was really looking for the Exped mini pump but am more than satisfied with the performance and value of the REI pump. Don't hesitate to pick one of these up.


Would this pump also work with the Therma-Rest Neo Air Dream sleeping pad?

The Stratus Sleeping Pad Air Pump will not work to inflate a NeoAir Dream pad.

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