Mountainsmith - Day Lumbar Pack

Category: Backpack

Bag is too small in the height dimension could use another few centimeters. The shoulder strap is thin and gets twisted easily and it bears into your shoulder through the shoulder pad. The shoulder strap should attach at the hips and not the top of the bag. This impedes swinging it to the front. The shoulder strap should be wider and include a clasp to release it and to adjust the length. The waist band does not carry the load as well as I would like. It is too light. It should be like a pack frame that conforms to your torso. The should strap should only prevent the load from leaving your back while using the waist strap. The pocket in the waist bag is not useful since it falls away when you undo the waist belt. I find it hard to strap extras onto the webbing like an eagle creek clothes folder. Stuffing the small pocket infringes on the larger pocket space. A stiff divider is required here. I have little or no use for internal pockets as I prefer to mount things on boards or in bags and put those into the bag. I find this bag size about right. I wish I could attach things easier so I could expand temporarily if needed, like when I need to bring a small set of clothes with me. Side loops or straps would be good. I used to have a Dana Doubleshot that was like a lumbar bag with a single over the shoulder sling. That bag by Dana Designs has set my standard. I wore it out. Mountainsmith has made a nice large lumbar bag but it doesn't really work well at slinging to the front. And it barely fits my 13" MacBook requiring extra effort to tuck it in. With the Dana bag I could unbuckle the waist belt and swing the bag to the front for access. The Dana bag would have been better had they put the zipper on the side instead of the top. I commute to work daily in all weather. I would not recommend this bag for what I do with it.

I bought this so I don't have to use a big pack for day skiing.

These packs are great ideas. This one falls desperately short in execution.

Holds more than most lumbar packs but needs the shoulder straps when it is full as it becomes too heavy for just the waist belt. Good for hikes where you don't need to carry too much and keeps the weight off your back.


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