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I love these boots! LaSportiva, thank you for making a supportive, lightweight, and precise boot for backpacking with moderate weight for many miles and multiple days. Such boots are hard to find in the current market, and I have been waiting for over a year to replace my old backpacking boots - the LaSportive M-Hike. I just purchased these and their maiden voyage was a 6 day trip in the Grand Canyon, carrying a 40 pound pack (ncluding water). They fit great, gave great ankle and knee support, and I had no blisters or crunched toes. They fit like a climbing shoe, and the climbing zone on the toe is perfect for steep ascents. I am looking forward to climbing peaks with them this summer, and they have great traction in the snow. At first the color seemed quite bright but after a day in the dirt you don't even notice. I would love to see this boot made in a leather or synthetic non-GTX version for enhanced breathability and use in hot/dry climates, but I can't say my feet felt any hotter/sweatier than they would have in my other boots.

Despite the other reviews I didn't have issues with waterproofness. However, the sole of my foot simply hurt at the end of every hike. I went through two different Superfeet insoles to see if that would help...nope. Steep climbs and partial scrambles to Mt. Si and Granite Mountain, flat walks through the forest and down Shi Shi beach... At the end of the day I was always cursing my feet and ecstatic to take these off. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect shoe, La Sportiva and I work well with mountaineering (I own and love my Nepal Cubes) but this shoe and I are no longer speaking.

marvelous supportive feel, snug lacing.

Took these fresh out of the box for a serious test run this past weekend. A 9 mile hike on old rag. There was rain, sleet, snow, and ice galore.

I bought these a week before doing the Annapurna Circuit (not wise, but had to). It took about a day to break these in, and they kept my feet comfortable and dry the entire time (including hiking in deep snow and crossing creeks) 65 miles in these over 10 days - no blisters, no achy arches/ankles. The lacing system is highly adjustable and convenient. The shoes are extremely light. I purchased 0.5 size up from normal shoe size.

When I went to REI looking for replacement boots I was highly disappointed in their variety for women. It had been over three years since I looked at boots last and my old Asolos were only offered in men's. I really like aggressive boots and am preferential to solid leather uppers. The sales associate threw me a couple of women's boots that he thought would be comparable to my old ones. I was shocked that all the boots I tried on were more "fashionable" than "functional". This boot was the last one he picked up. I had heard good things about La Sportiva, but had never even considered a composite boot. First try they were comfortable and gripped well on the rock display in the store. We went to Alaska where I would give these their first trial run. Much to my surprise they did great! My feet could feel more than my old boot (which was also a backpacking boot), but they toughened up within the first few hikes. The composite uppers mold nicely to your foot and ankle which gives them an amazing balance between flexibility and rigidity. The Vibram soles were sticky and performed well on rock, hard pack, snow, and ice. I cannot comment on longevity since I have only recently broke them in. Sticker soles tend to wear out faster because they are a softer compound, but so far I cannot see any noticeable wear on the soles. To say I am pleased with these is an understatement. They definitely exceed my expectations and will be my new trusty boots on various trails, mountains, and canyons from Colorado to Utah!

My wife loves this boot for the fit and light weight while providing support more inline with heavy day-hiking. They breathe very nice since they are sans-leather. They lace well and even have a nice toe-tread that grabs spring snow well. On the downside, we buy these understanding they are 1 (or 1/2) season boots. Other reviewers are correct about about the softer tread and thin rubber rand. I've had a pair too and we find that the waterproofing gives out within a season as well.

I needed new boots and tried every pair on in the store. These felt the best. I am prone to blisters and knew I'd need to break them in. These have given me the worst blisters any boot has ever given me even after several break in trips and numerous blister prevention methods, some so bad I opted to walk barefoot. I think my issue is my feet got too hot and got sweaty causing the blisters. Overall a quality, well built boot that did well staying dry even post holing in snow. I'd recommend others try but they are just not the boot for my feet.

I bought my Trangos after a frustrating run through a number of styles and boot types. My boots are now 1.5 years old - they have gone through two seasons training in PNW, snowshoeing and on two rather large adventures - to Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp. From the moment they came out of the box, they have been the most comfortable hiking boot I have worn. Lightweight but durable and strong. I went into REI this summer to get a new pair for Nepal, but the sales associate assured me they were in good shape and would do fine - and she was correct! Although everyone's foot is different , this has been one of the best boots I have ever owned. I have not foot problems since wearing this brand. love them!

Im a trail dog so shoes are important. This pair of boots saved me! Working in a creek 6 hours feet still dry. Hiking 25 miles no blisters. Been raining for 5 days straight outside of boots soggy, inside dry as can be. Up at 7,400ft it's mid 80s for 9 days feet can still breathe. 11-13 hour work days no problem. over 200 miles put on them and they are only a little scuffed up.

I bought these boots for a week-long hiking trip in Slovenia that included some extended distances on steep, rocky terrain. They were perfect - very comfortable, great support, not too heavy, and excellent traction on the soles. Unlike the previous reviewer they did not need a break-in period for me. I was worried because I was only able to wear them once before the trip, but I didn't get one blister the entire week. I love the bit of flair in the design too. My first La Sportiva purchase - very satisfied. Only wish I had more time for hiking to wear them more often!

I bought these boots because I need the extra ankle support I can't get from hiking shoes. I went back and forth on the Trango or GTK. At first I was concerned they would feel bulky, but they don't. After 2 days of canyoneering and an 8 mile hike the next, I'm incredibly happy with the fit, weight and feel. Plus my feet stayed dry over 21 water crossings. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good multi-season hiking boot that will take you the distance.

Don't be fooled, these boots are definitely not waterproof. I wore them snowshoeing, and while they started out warm enough (with the right socks!), my feet were in little puddles inside my boots by the time we turned around. I had to wring out my socks and mop out the bottoms of the shoes so I could make it back down (a futile effort; they re-filled with melted snow within 30 mins).

So far the best hiking boot I have experienced. I also have Asolo's GV hiking boot but after 8 mo of irregular hiking, I found they were slipping on rock surfaces. The LaSportiva seems to have a very good grip on all surfaces and I have not slipped yet. Also I have previously had at least 2 near ankle twists in the Asolo's each time I hike, but with the LaSportiva's, I have not ever had a near ankle twist over the last 2 months that I have been wearing them. I love this boot and feel very safe and secure on any surface and will purchase another pair so I can alternate them and hopefully they will last longer. Although I have a new pair of new Asolo's, I will now only wear the LaSportiva's as I usually hike very rocky mountains in Phoenix.

I had great hopes for this boot. After 125 miles, the soles separated from the boots. The boots were only a year old and looked like they were 10 years old. A real shame. I exchanged the two pairs I have for the Lowa Mauria (omg is this boot well made!) La Sportiva's customer's service is excellent. I am rough on my boots, but still I usually get 3 years out of my boots.

I really wanted to love these. Bought my first pair and was on a long hike in the brush, it rained and despite wearing gators, my foot was soaked. Returned them to REI and they were great in the exchange. Was just getting my second pair broke in and was out this weekend... and wet feet again.

My wife got these because we travel a whole lot during the summer and at breaks and do a lot of hiking as we live out of the van. She was a minimalist until developing rheumatoid arthritis about seven years ago and has had to go with shoes since, kind of a bummer. She wanted something waterproof as an upgrade from regular running type shoes for times when we are in the PNW or crossing streams or rainy stuff. They tore up the back of her foot right above the heel on our first hike of significance, she wore them around for a bit before this 12~ish mile hike but obviously you don't really know what it's gonna be like until you actually get them out and wear them. I did notice the back of these boots have a very significant arch, like they are literally curved like a "C" along the spine. I'm not sure if boots are supposed to be like this or not, neither of us have ever worn boots before. She applied some second-skin type bandage the following morning and switched back to regular shoes for a 17 miler and decided that hiking boots are unnecessary.

These boots have a fantastic fit, I was replacing a pair of La Sportivas that were @10 yrs old!

I wore these for the JMT, Huayhuash trek, Santa Cruz trek, the Lost City, and a bunch of smaller hikes, covering 600+ miles. They still look barely used.

I had not intended to spend as munch money as I did but it turned out it was well worth it. After the REI staff in Isaquah WA spent much time helping me get fitted correctly and trying on a variety of boots, I choose the La Sportiva and have worn them twice hiking (8-10 mile hikes ,rocky surface, wet conditions, 4000ft climb) and they are great. In the rain my feet stay dry and they handle slippery conditions well. On rocky surfaces the boots are very sturdy, hard sole with great tread on the bottom. They grip well. the boot is also fairly light compared to others I tried without compromising the support around the ankle. My feet don't hurt and my knees get good support with my heavy backpack. I have a very narrow foot and these are perfect for a narrow foot. Also they way the lace up allows you to get them just right around your foot and ankle.

I bought this boots last week because I needed boots to my Kilimanjaro hike on January and I needed to try it before then, I went to mount Marcy in Adirondacks and it was full of snow, 20 degrees F, 30 to 40 mph winds, my hike was amazing and my feet felt comfortable and warm all the time even I didn’t had the proper socks, the best boots I have bought so far, very light, So happy I found this boots and it was on sale in REI.

I love my La Sportiva Bushido trail shoes because they're not too wide or sloppy. I wanted that same type of fit in a hiking boot so I was drawn to these. After wearing them 2-3 times they have stretched out and now feel sloppy. I purchased a 1/2 size up from my normal size yet my Bushidos are a full size up so it may be the shoe materials or design. Unfortunately, I am looking for hiking boots again. :(

I purchased this boot as well as the Trango Tech. Ultimately I liked this one better because it has a wider toe box which let my foot sit comfortably inside the boot. The Trango Tech is narrower in the toe and has a somewhat pointy shape. On the downhill, the narrow shape was a toe-crusher for me, but it's probably great for someone with a narrow forefoot. Overall, both boots have excellent features, a quick break-in, and are lightweight for what they are capable of.

Amazing boots that did not need any breaking in. Fit like a glove! Very light weight and comfortable. Tested well in the rainy weather and stream crossing. I am in between 8 and 8.5 sizes, went with 8.5 and could not be happier- while the heel stays in place there is nice wiggle room for toes (esp. at the end of the day when my feet tend to swell a little bit). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

I bought these boots because I was tired of packing in snow boots to high altitudes in order to cross snow fields. These are three season boots that will work for the hike in, as well as for snow traverse. I have not yet worn them on a long hike but I have taken several short day hikes, some in snow and ice. They are exceedingly comfortable and have excellent traction.

I recently went with a research group to Cameroon to conduct a biodiversity assessment in the Dja Faunal reserve and these boots held up to the test. Through Rock climbing, tree climbing, swamp traversing and bush wacking, these boots proved to be comfortable, waterproof, and resilient . I will be purchasing another pair once these finally give up the ghost.

These shoes are really nice in every aspect. This is my first time to use this brand and really happy with it. The ankle support is really good and flexibility too. Like any other hiking shoe you need to break into them. I used them the first time and didn't get any blisters or anything of that sort. I love them.

True to size, I wore these to climb Mount Whitney Mountaineers route. These boots are Crampon compatible. I did not have much time to break them in before our climb. No blisters. As usual La Sportiva makes a comfortable light boot. So happy I purchased them. Would definitely recommend.

No break in time, no blisters, great ankle support. Wore these from 8am-8pm the day I got them, hiked Mt. Yale the next day, and recently took them for their 3rd hike on castle and conundrum. Love the burly rubber sole and how supportive and bouncy it feels even on loose shale.

Good vegan boots are hard to find, but these are very comfortable. I paired with no blister socks and was good to go right out of box. Still wearing them a year later. Fit was true to size even with socks.

Best pair of hiking boots ever, super light, comfortable, breathable



Is this boot crampon compatible? Does it need break-in? for Adams summit in Washington? for Hood summit in Washington? for Rainier Summit?

This boot is strap-on crampon compatible. Breaking these boots in before a hike/expedition is always a good idea. The boots are a great choice for both Mt Adams and Mt Hood. These might not be the best choice for Rainier as they do not have any insulation.


Do these boots have a fully gusseted tongue?

These boots do have a fully gusseted tongue.


Where are these boots made?  Thankyou.

​As of March 2017, this item is made in China. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.

Alison F

I used to wear Lowa. Renegade was comfortable with terrible durability. 1. Do La Sportiva Trango TRK GTX Hiking Boots survive more trekking and junior snow mountain summit? 2. For Lowa boots 42(EU) fits me, what size should I consider for Trango?

We have heard a lot of feedback that these boots are extremely durable. We recommend ordering about a half size up from your normal shoe size. If you have worn a 42 in other boots, a 42 will most likely be the correct size in this boot as well.

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