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Spent 3 nights in this tent in Yosemite on a 4 day backpacking trip. Light-weight, easy to set up and has plenty of space and ventilation. Of the 3 tents used with my group of friends, this is the only one that kept the interior dry after about 6 hours of heavy rain. Best tent I've purchased for the price!

Took this tent out on its maiden voyage for a rainy backpacking overnight. We were one of 2 in our group of 6 tents that didn't get soaked through, and we stayed warm and dry all night. Even though some water pooled underneath the bottom of the tent (we used a tarp, but maybe it would have been different with the supplied footprint), it didn't soak through into the tent itself (#blessed).

I use this tent almost every weekend on climbing trips. Even when brand new every time it rained or there was a lot of dew the fly will absorb water and water will drop through the mesh part of the tent soaking whatever is beneath it. I contacted marmot and they want me to ship the fly back so they can test it. If they deem it worthy of replacing I will get a new one sometime around three to four weeks later the representative said. I do not have time for this- I use this tent every weekend. I do not think I should have to pay to buy waterproofing spray for a brand new tent fly that is supposed to already be waterproof.

This is a new tent with hardly any reviews on it anywhere so hopefully this helps out. First with the negatives and concerns. The biggest thing I noticed is the lack of ventilation. The back side of the tent is a fabric rather than mesh. I haven't tested it in warm or humid weather yet, but I can imagine it being an issue. Same with the rainfly, it doesn't have any vents so same story here. The front vestibule with the brow pole has plenty of space, but the rear is much smaller. It will be a tight fit to put a full size pack in there. Last gripe is the design of where the main body poles overlap. They are not insulated from each other and rub together with a poor attachment to the peak of the tent. Now for the positive. First off the orange is not near as bold as the pictures, it is a more muted color which I find nice. The interior has plenty of space for two full grown adults. It's quick to assemble, could easily do it in the dark. Mine came a few ounces under weight so definitely can't complain about that. Overall I would say this tent has great value for the price. It does lack some features, but if these are not that important then it can't be beat.

My main issue with this tent is that it takes slightly longer to set up than one-pole designs, which is an issue in pouring rain. I work with teens and would have to oversee setup every time, which is a hassle. The extra pole is what adds extra weight to the setup, and because the fly is not symmetrical you have to make sure it is lined up properly for it to work. The "back" vestibule is too small to fit a pack but good enough for boots. 3 sides are solid fabric, making visibility from within an issue, but great for privacy if that's what you're looking for. This could cut down on wind entering the tent, but also cuts down on cross ventilation. LOVE that it comes with its own footprint (Thank you Marmot). I would have liked a vent in the fly to prevent condensation buildup. Overall good design, good seams, solid zippers.

Bought this tent for backpacking and backwoods camping. Iv'e camped in the desert, mountains, beach, and rain forest in this tent and it's held up awesome. This is my first nicer tent so I don't know how it compares to more expensive ones but it is by far the nicest tent I have ever had. Packs down super small especially when you set the poles aside. Perfect for two people. No condensation build up. I will update once i'm able to use it in the snow. I will say I wish the rain fly would set up a bit more taught all around but that could be a personal issue I have used every stake out point to try to make it happen but I just cant seem to get it "perfect"... could be ocd. Cannot beat the price for having an included footprint though.

Condensation is a pain with this tent. I had to move everything away from the sides of the tents since the water from the condensation was dripping on them. In addition one of the poles broke, but luckily I was able to use the tent repair sleeve. I am still trying to find exact replacement poles. Also poor ventilation; if it rains then you must deal with being very uncomfortably warm (feels like 80 plus) even when it is like 60-70 degrees out there but nice when I leave the flaps open. I am looking for another tent that is just as light or lighter and able to ventilate (and less or no condensation).

I bought this tent when it was on sale. Previously, I had a tiny one-man tent that is great (and UL), but I'm getting old and now want a little more space, and it's also nice to have your stuff in your tent with you. The tent is quick to set up - I had to race a downpour once - and quite sturdy. I had to adapt to having half the top be mesh, so I just make sure that if there a bitter wind, I set it up so the solid wall faces it. It's been through a downpour, rain all night, and light snowfall, with no problems.

We were very happy with this tent. It was comfortable, with lots of head room, and having 2 doors made it very easy to get in and out with 2 sleepers. Wonderful star gazing since we didn't need rain fly. No condensation at all occured

This tent weighing in at 4 lbs 11 oz is by far the best bang for your buck. That includes the weight of the footprint which is included and costs $170! If you use the 20% off you can get for $135 and for that price you just cant beat it.

This was my tent on the AT for over a month and I loved it! It has a great price tag, it is easy to set up, it looks nice, and the quality seems to be commendable. One side of it is white and not see-through while the other side (as well as most of the top and flanks) is see-through. It comes with a good foot print and a good rainfly as well. Whenever my tent was set up in rainy weather with the rainfly on, the tent stayed dry for the most part. I didn't have to worry about being wet or dealing with wet gear. Even though it is 2 person, I would only recommend it for singles and for couples. I had ample room for myself and for my gear beside me, but I would not want to share it with somebody other than my partner. I recommend this tent!

This tent was the first one I’ve purchased to use for a couple on a backpacking trip. I have to say, it was a large enough space for two people and provided shelter from 30 MPH winds and some serious rain. We camped on sand and grass and it remained dry and cozy. Highly recommend, but I’ll probably end up getting a larger one if I want to camp anywhere in a non-backpacking situation.

I've extensively used this tent since I bought it last September, it's stood up to multiple week-long downpours on the Oregon coast and days of high wind in the Columbia Gorge. It's been the "last tent standing" when other folks tents have flooded or rain flies have come unstaked and blown away. I line the inside floor of my tent with a small tarp, and beyond that it doesn't need any more waterproofing as long as the rain fly is properly attached. It does come with a footprint which makes it an even better value for such a well built tent, however you will need to get at least 2 extra stakes to properly stake out the rain fly. It's really easy to set up, even in the dark. The orange isn't so offensive in person, it's more of a rusty color that has really grown on me as I've used the tent and it's really visible in dark rainy forests.

I spent August 2016 in Iceland for 11 days, all camping. This little beauty was great in all the changing weather I faced. One night I faced extremely high winds and rain, and she held fast. I changed campsites almost every night and it was a breeze to put up and down. Very happy with my purchase!

Just used the tent for the first time this past weekend. I knew there would be a chance of rain, but it ended up raining both days and had strong gusts of wind at times. One of the reasons I choose the tent was the full rainfly and it didn't disappoint. I knew I would need extra stakes, so had them with me and they paid off. Ultimately, the only water that got into the tent, came in on me, not through the tent. The walls remained dry and I had no puddles under the tent (used the footprint). I was very pleased with how easy it was to set up (sunny and clear) and take down (in the rain). This is a two person tent, but It'd be a bit tight with two people. Gear would most likely have to remain in the alcove. My shoes were there and even with the wind, remained dry overnight.

Bought this to use as my camping tent for trout fishing and deer hunting trips alone with gear or car camping with my wife. Very quick and simple setup and all materials seem very durable and well made. Has stood up well in light rain and winds but haven't had to test it yet in heavier storms. For the price is a very good tent from a great company.

The first night I used this tent, rain poured down all night and the wind gusted, but we stayed completely dry. Had wind and rain (not as heavy as the first night) a few other nights and always stayed dry. There was enough room for an average sized adult male and female and our backpacks, which we used as pillows. This is super easy to set up and take down. Highly recommend!

All around it’s a good tent. My hubby was happy to have the extra awning head room when he was attempting to put on his mosquito proofing while not getting eaten alive while camping backcountry in Yellowstone. Then it thundered & poured huge rain drops (not like PNW) we stayed dry with night temperatures in the 30’sF no condensation. Finally, when the sun came out & it was almost 80’sF, so being able to open both sides of the vestibules allowed it to air flow with no worries of sudden rain storms. I took away a star due to mesh so fine it gets snagged easily. I’m not sure if it’s fixable but I now carry mesh mender just in case it gets a whole. The mosquitos would just eat us alive if it got a whole in it!

The Marmot Catalyst would be fine for non-ultralight backpackers or someone looking for a durable tent. The third pole is not very fun to set up for the first time in the dark. Practice first, and get the bigger vestibule identified so you can line it up the first time. The design of the two asymetrical vestibules is to give one side greater protection from bad weather. Semi brilliant. The fabric is heavy and durable. The Catalyst seems like a 3.5 season tent in some design aspects and materials use.

Well I have had this tent for a little while now. I have tested it in rain, snow, and any other type of weather you can think of. And just recently the fly has started letting in some water. Other then that the tent is ok. It’s a bit heavy compared to some other tents but is a alright tent for maybe someone starting out and won’t be using it much in rain.

This tent is great! It's a roomy 2-person. Laying side-by-side, there's plenty of room at either your head or feet for your gear. I love that the tent comes with a footprint instead of buying it separately. My only complaint is that the footprint doesn't fit well with the tent poles. It's too loose to attach to the tent poles and won't reach if you tried to stake it out with the tent. But that's a small con.

I've had this tent now for 3 years so I can write a decent review on it. I'll start by saying that I love this tent. It is so easy to set up, cozy and stays extremely dry. There's plenty of room inside the tent and the design is sturdy in the wind. My boyfriend and I are both very tall and we fit in the tent together, no problem.I would absolutely recommend this tent of you are car camping or if you plan to divvy the parts while backpacking. That being said, this tent is pretty heavy. It's cumbersome to carry and does not pack down small. I wish I had known when I was first purchasing backpacking gear, that 5 lbs is heavy for a tent and requires that you have a pretty huge pack. This year I'm taking the plunge and going for something lighter like the Nemo Hornet. I will absolutely keep using this tent for car camping because I love it, but you get what you pay for in terms of a backpacking tent.

This seems to be a nice tent for the price; easy to set up and seems sturdy enough for most weather. Have not actually used it yet but plan to test during a Florida rain storm before I take it on a hiking trip. I'm a little concerned that front part of the rain fly top does not have much slope so I may want an extra rain fly over the tent in a hard rain. It is a little heavy for a hiking tent but it's worth carrying a the extra weight to have a tent I can actually sit up in.

I bought this tent 2 years ago and have used it in Washington state in La Push and I am now currently in Michigan. I love this tent! Total times I have used it is 34 nights. Including Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore areas. Fits my wife and I perfectly and I have so much extra space. The vestibules even add more space than needed. This tent has been used for car camping and backpacking so it is light weight and sturdy. I bought this tent on an impulse and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made!

This Tent has great value for what comes with it , two doors , light weight and it comes with a foot print , super easy set up , the cheap steaks that they give you are fine unless you are in a pretty moderately heavy to severe winds then I would suggest getting aftermarket steaks

This is a really great tent with the way it sets up, unfortunately it doesn't pack down to carry on a backpacking trip, it's pretty bulky. If you want to use it for car camping or don't have to hike into camp it's great.

I don't typically use a tent out in the woods (I prefer a hammock) but I got this tent as a just in case. I was able to set it up in less than 5 minutes and was very impressed with how durable it was throughout the trip.

First trip with the tent, spent three days in the Manistee National forest during hard down pour rain. Myself and equipment remained dry. Good to excellent ventilation. The included footprint makes buying simple.

Easy setup and roomy. Like that it has two vestibules to keep boots and packs dry. Held up well in the rain, no leakage at all. Only suggestion I would make is to add air vents to the rain fly. Overall great tent.

Definitely not ultralight, but a great free-standing tent. Goes up easy with no stakes if you're in rain storm and the fly attached in seconds because of the built in buckle. Super tent!

Spacious 2 person tent. Had enough room for 2 w/ gear. Only issue I have with the tent are the spikes. They are nice lightweight spikes but they bend pretty easy in hard ground

Good tent for a novice especially. Easy to set up, and packs easily as well. Pretty small for 2 people, but perfect for 1 person when you don't have to squeeze in.

Bought this tent for a backpacking trip with my daughter and all went well. It was easy to figure out how to pitch, plenty of space for 2.

Just recently bought this tent and the day I put it up, we had snow and then major winds and heavy rain for 2 days. Inside stayed dry. It was easy to set up and there is a lot of room inside. I take my pup with me, she is a sm breed, so its plenty of room for her to run around in and play, as we wait out the rain. I had extra stakes which helped because I used the guy lines do to the high winds! Footprint comes with it and that makes this a great deal! Would recommend!

This tent was great for moderate use for no more than a year. If you like to use your gear often this is not the tent for you. Both of the main poles splintered after I had had the tent for just over a year. After I had sent them back to Marmot after they eventually snapped, it took over two months to return the poles. The main crack in the pole was gone, but they returned me still splintered poles

Bought this for over night kayaking trips with the old lady it's going to be great!

Purchased two for backpacking trip to Philmont. Was supposed to split weight of tent, however, carried complete tent entire trip. A lot of room, kept me dry, not bad on condensation, and held up!

I am so frustrated!! I can not get any assistance in finding a replacement pole. I will end up buying a replacement kit- and having to cut a section to make it fit in length. what a drag.

Good compromise of weight of tent with the features it has. Materials and workmanship seem high quality and durable.

I bought this tent for a 2 week trip with my daughter. Easy set up, nice canopy and a great value.

I purchased this MARMOT CATALYST for a 10 day trip to Colorado. It was fairly straightforward to set up in windy conditions and in the dark on a few nights. The weather was in the upper 30's at night. I stayed warm. No rain at all, so no condensation. My disatisfaction comes from a couple if issues: 1)2nd night using the tent, I set it up in daylight-no issues. The tent and rainfly were fine. When I awoke the next morning, as I lay there looking up I see a 3 INCH LONG TEAR in the peak of the rainfly! How this occurred is baffling. The tent poles had no sharp edges, I never had to force anything setting up the tent, taking it down and I always kept the stakes and poles stored separately from the fabric items, i.e. tent/fly/footprint. So the only thing I can surmise is that it came to me sent with a defective rainfly, with a small rip or cut which I wasn't looking for or aware of and by the tension of the fly over the poles caused it to open up wide enough to notice. In any case, I'm rather put off that the product is defective. I don't want to bother sending the tent back for an exchange or refund, so I'll just try to make a repair. It's just annoying. 2) The storage pockets inside the tent are odd. They are small triangular pockets with the opening on the diagonal to the side, so items like wallets/cell phones/eyeglasses tend to fall out very easily if you happen to roll over at night or move around inside the tent. Why they aren't a rectangle with a top opening-which seems practical, is beyond me. Perhaps a rectagular pocket added too much weight?? Overall, this product was adequate, but in hindsight, for the same $$$, I should have chosen an REI tent or an MSR. Oh, and 3)It's fairly heavy and bulky for serious backpacking and though I was solo, I can say that unless you and a companion are short and no more than 130 lbs each, this is going to be very cramped.



Is there ventilation integrated with the fly?

​No, the rainfly does not offer a vent.


What are the major differences between the Catalyst 2P and the Tungsten 2P? 

The Tungsten has poles that are vertical at the bottom and this offers more useable space at the floor level. The pole configuration between the two is a little different. Aside from these features, the weight and floor area of the tent are very similar.


Is the third pole actually needed? Or can it be shed for lesser weight?

For proper set-up of the tent, all poles are needed.


Are there two vestibules?

Yes, there are 2 vestibules.


Is it possible to order (or purchase in store) just the footprint?

​We do not have the footprint available separately. Please contact Marmot directly.


Hello I was wondering if this tent would be suitable for a 1month backpacking trip around Europe for a college student? I'm looking for a good tent that will hold up, but don't want to spend a ton of money. Since I still need a pack, sleeping bag, ect. 

This is a good option for a budget conscious, 3 season backpacker.


How much does the footprint weigh, and is it included in the minimum weight?

The included footprint weighs 6.7 ounces. This is not included in either the packaged weight or the minimum trial weight.


What is the minimum trail weight including the footprint?

The included footprint weighs 6.7 ounces. With the footprint, that brings the minimum trail weight up to 5 lbs. 2 oz.


Will this tent accommodate a camp cot?

This tent is not designed to accommodate a traditional cot. Some low cots that stand 6 inches from the ground fit inside the tent, but may damage the tent floor over time.


Product specs list the fly as having air vents but one of the reviews contradicts this statement. Does this tent and/or rainfly have vents?

​This tent's rain fly does not have venting ports. The vestibule needs to be guyed out completely to create cross ventilation through the tent's mesh body, or you can open the vestibule zipper slightly for venting well.


What size compression bag do you recommend for use with this tent?

If you remove the poles and stakes to carry separately, you can stuff this into and 6 liter compression sack (approximately 6 X 15 inches to start), then compress it down smaller.


Does this tent come with a carrying bag?

Yes, this tent comes with a stuff sack.

Daniel 27

Hi, I just bought the catalyst 2p and I wonder if it's possible to set up the fly only with the footprint

​Unfortunately, this tent cannot be set up with just the footprint and fly.


Can this tent be put up quickly by one person?

Yes. Takes me about 8 minutes to set up this tent in ideal weather conditions. Probably the easiest tent I have ever used in this regard.


Does this tent have loops to hang a gear loft?

​There are gear loft clips to hang a gear loft.


Hey! I am looking for a tent which is suitable for a 14 day hike in the mountains. Is Catalyst suitable for possible heavy rain/wind? Thank you!

This is a 3 season tent that will hold up to rain and moderate winds (with the presumption that it is staked out properly).


I am looking into buying this tent but I am worried that I may be too big for it. I am 75" tall and the tent length is (88"). With a small air mattress or pad and the overhang of my sleeping bag by a few inches or so, would condensation be an issue? 

Since the tent is 88", you will have no issue being too tall for the tent, however you may hit the end walls with your feet and head since the walls are not vertical. This tent has a lot of ventilation which will help prevent condensation.


Will this tent be suitable for a 10-day hike with potentially high wind?

This tent is a fine choice for a 10 day hike with potentially high winds. This tent comes with 6 stakes for secure tie down, and you have the option to purchase more stakes to attach to tie points for even more wind protection.

Sam C

The "Packaged Weight" for the Marmot Catalyst 2P is 5 lb 3 oz. Since this tent comes with a footprint, is the footprint included in the packaged weight?

The footprint is not included in the packaged tent weight.


Two questions: Is the mesh "no see um" proof? Is the rainfly waterproof? Thank you

The Catalyst 2P Tent has 40-denier Polyester No-See-Um Mesh. The rainfly is waterproof.

Dan Lockwood

I have a Marmot Ajax 2, which I really like. I want to get a similar one for my son. Is this the same tent as the Marmot Ajax 2?

​The Catalyst 2P Tent is a suitable replacement for the Marmot Ajax 2 Tent.


I bought this tent new, and was just wondering how many stakes should have come with it? (Original factory packaging)There were 6 with mine. I was thinking there should have been 8. (4 for tent and 4 for the rain fly and vestibules?) Maybe even an extra?

The Catalyst 2P Tent with Footprint comes with 6 stakes. Additional stakes are recommend for guy points.


Would this tent be a good fit for a 6' 3", relatively thin person? Or should I go with a larger length dimension?

Based on your height, the Catalyst 2P Tent would be a fine choice. The tent measures 88 inches in length.


How many sides of the tent have mesh? 

All four sides have mesh. The long sides are made of all mesh. The ends are mostly fabric with some mesh toward the top.

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