ENO - SoloPod Hammock Stand

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I bought this to take to Bonnaroo with me. It was absolutely perfect!! I also tried out the nomad stand, which is much lighter, but this stand is super sturdy and made my first stay at Bonnaroo so comfortable! It's definitely not a hiking stand. The parts are extremely heavy. So it's best for car camping or to use on your back porch. Im going to leave this set up on my balcony and can't wait to use it again next year!

I just picked up one of these at REI Ann Arbor this weekend. I was kind of surprised to see it sitting there. They just got it in the store the day before. Already have it set up in the basement. Very easy to set up. All joints are snap in quick disconnects. Took longer to unwrap the tubes than actually setup. This is very heavy built like a tank. Tube walls are thick and comes with 2 D-Rings, 2 carbineers, and 2 extra quick disconnect springs/button for the tubes (nice touch ENO). Little on the expensive side but after feeling it, I understand why. I am a 300+ guy and sitting in this is just fine. Like I said built like a tank. Minimal flexing. Also easy to add a ridge line for the bug net if needed. Also easy to break down and transport. This will get lots of uses this summer. Worth the extra money. If the 3 person is the same, which I assume it is, then I might look at getting one of those too. Just don’t have the room right now.

I bought this as I have no trees in my backyard and love it. It's very convenient and seems very sturdy. It's rather easy to move when I cut the grass - you just tilt it until you can push/pull on the curved portion. It will stay in my backyard until late fall and then will be moved into a spare bedroom so I can use all year. So far, it's holding up to the elements...hoping extended exposure does not have negative effects. I ordered during the Memorial Day sale so price was great as well. I would recommend purchasing in-store to avoid the $20 over sized shipping fee. Overall, very happy with the purchase!

My husbands job brought us from the Texas hill country to the Texas desert. Even the “parks” don’t have a place to hang. Purchased this stand for the backyard! Just set it up tonight and used it for about an hour. So far absolutely love it! Hammocking is my relaxation and now I have it back! Very sturdy and super easy to put together. I put it together by myself. I was even able to score the stand with a 20% off coupon.

This is a very well made hammock stand,and is very stable on grass or other surfaces. Goes together by one person without difficulty also. I took it to my son's,and set it up. He now has one. It accommodates a ridge line,and bug net too. At 58 lbs you can pretty much bring it along with you.

Well built sturdy stand. I'm not sure it is worth the $250 price but I got mine with 20% off and $50 in REI rewards. If you own a longer hammock like grand trunk, just be aware that the hammock will hang very low as this stand is made for shorter length hammocks like the ENO. It will still work with other brands just fine and I recommend it for patio, indoors and car camping.

I bought this hoping to avoid having to put any holes in my wall to mount the hammock. This hammock stand is GREAT! It's easy to assemble/disassemble (just little buttons that secure each piece in place). It's very sturdy and it's perfectly sized to coordinate with my ENO double hammock. It would be a bit cumbersome to bring along on a camping trip, since it's heavy and the pieces are rather lengthy, but it would be worth it for a several night stay. A bit more expensive than some other options, but it's a quality product.

We camp out on an island off the NC coast that has no trees to hang a hammock. But a hammock and the beach go hand in hand. Can't wait to use this on the island. It is somewhat heavy but I trust it more to hold me and not blow away. I guess we will just split the pieces in different packs to keep from carrying 58 lbs. by myself. Tried it out at the house and it is sweet.

I've had this in my online Save For Later list for awhile, but was tentative about purchasing due to the price. Today I went to the nearest REI store (50 plus miles) to pick up ordered merchandise. On my way out, this hammock stand was set up. I looked around and thought, okay, I'm going to give it a try. I slid into the double hammock and don't remember closing my eyes. I was awakened from a near slumber state, ( yikes! I hope so, as I've been told I snore...) by my mobile phone's very distinctive ring. Had my daughter not called, wondering why I hadn't arrived at her home, I think I might still be snoozing away, providing a free demo for the other REI customers! Not kidding! The stand is amazingly sturdy and upon examination, appears to be easy to assemble/dismantle and transport. Obviously, today's experience provided pure comfort. Recently, I purchased the Deluxe Double Nest Hammock for camping. The stand is now in my cart, and I plan to set it up in my home. Why wait for camping?

The SoloPod isn't something you'd want to have to carry any great distance but for car camping and safe indoor hammocking it's great! It's heavy and well constructed. It's also surprisingly simple for 1 person to assemble. In fact, I found the most difficult part of the initial assembly to be removing the parts from all the packing materials.

This is a great stand, especially if you don't have to move it a lot. I have slept four nights using it now with my double ENO hammock, a bug net and rain tarp. It works just fine with the hammock, but not really well for the net and tarp. The best solution is to string the support line between two trees so it keeps the net and tarp tight and high enough. They can be attached to the stand in a pinch but really have to squat down to get under the tarp. I got the following response from ENO which explains a lot. "The metal stands (Solo, Tri and Roadie), unfortunately, weren’t designed with our other components like the tarps or bugnets in mind. The Nomad, being a more portable stand for camping, does work well utilizing the ridgepole to accommodate a tarp and bugnet. The height will still give you a good amount of head space and you can easily tie off to each end of the stand. Due to the height and length of the SoloPod, there simply isn’t enough to keep a tarp taut and up and off your face more than a few inches. "

I’ve had this for a few years but only had it set up on our roof deck for the last 1 year. It started out very sturdy but after 1 year on the uncovered outdoor deck it has become quite wobbly and the connecting joints have rusted. No rearranging of the spherical feet seems to help. A bit disappointing as I thought stainless steel would stay stable despite 4 season weather.

Definitely met expectations. Sturdy design and feel. Also very easy to set up no tools required. It is portable but extremely heavy and awkward for one person to pick up and move. This hammock stand is perfect for a patio without trees, I use this on my back patio and I love it. I was debating on whether it was worth the money (a little pricey), I definitely think it was.

A great buy!!! They product is worth it for a portable hammock placement. It's a little heavy but I would recommend to all travelers

This stand seems pricy at first, but it looks so good and it feels really solid! Ideal for our new ENO Double Nest Hammock. We have it on our roof deck and couldn't be more happy with it. Set up is easy. For the price of a fancy lounger for one, we now have a super comfy hammock that works great for two or even one adult and two kids under 10. Would not have been able to hang the hammock on the roof deck without a stand, so this has been a great solution. And did I mention it looks great ;).

Easy to assemble. Weighs about 65 lbs in the box. Pretty good angle when set up.

I’ve had this stand for over a year. It makes me so happy that I decided to write a review to let everyone else know. We have it set up inside our house in what used to be a kids playroom. Now it’s my meditation room. It’s very sturdy even when I’m swinging in it. I don’t think it would be very good for portable use.

This hammock stand is a beast - in a good way. Solidly built, cool end caps for hanging items, looks great, will last a life time. When used indoors it's like a big piece of furniture. With my ENO single nest attached I'm floatin' on cloud nine! No regrets with this purchase!

It weighs 60 pounds so...portability is maybe a a little lacking but it does come apart and back together pretty easy if you have a way to deal with that, but we keep ours mostly on our deck for a comfy place to put up a hammock on nice days.

I ended up buying this with my dividend because it is a bit pricey. I hung my double nest in the stand and it's super comfortable. Well made, super solid, but heavy. We have the stand set up in our sunroom for year round hanging.

New house doesn't have any trees for hammock hanging. Husband loves this hammock stand. Really easy to assemble and sturdy. Expect to have it for years to come.

Absolutely love my eno stand. It is one of the best purchases I have made for myself and my home so I can relax in my eno whenever I want to

I've had an ENO complete package for about for five years now, and I really love the addition of the Eno stand perfect product.

I set the SoloPod up in my house with a Eno doublenest hammock. Somehow, when getting in to test it out, the hammock flipped me out and my head and elbow hit the wall. It happened so fast! Fortunately there is no permanent damage to either myself or the wall, but now I am afraid to fall asleep in the hammock. Would I fall out again if I turned in my sleep? Falling on the bottom metal bars could cause serious injury. Other than padding the wall (haha) and covering the metal bars, does anyone have suggestions? Thank you!

This is quite possibly the best purchase I've ever made. It has upped the comfort level of my patio massively and I read more books now, great side effect. As far as the frame itself - super sturdy, but saying it's portable is a stretch. It's heavy, but that is what makes it super sturdy. I'd only take this thing for a long car camping trip if I didn't think the campsite would have any trees. I really only got it for my patio so portability is not a major issue to me. The rubber feet keep this thing really steady on uneven concrete - this was ultimately why I went with this model over some others I saw out there.

I love the compactness of this hammock stand. I had another brand that took a lot more space on the ground. Another reason I love this stand is because there is no center bar; my other hammock end rope broke and my bottom got the biggest bruise ever. I have every confidence that my Eno fastners will not break.

This hammock stand is easy to put together, easy to move out of the way if needed and makes your hammocking experience so much nicer. It is light enough and packs down small enough so that we can take it car/truck camping. Everyone that has a ENO hammock NEEDS one of these in their yard!

Solid construction and good looking. Light enough to drag around to the shady spot of the yard; easy enough to break down for storage in winter. Use with ENO double hammock. Only wish there was a way to extend the anchors for bigger hammocks.

I bought this hammock stand a few weeks ago and I love it! It came in a very heavy box but I was able to open the box and move the individual pieces. I set it up in no time and I was enjoying my hammock. Awesome!

Bought this online & love it! Got cold after purchasing this but spring is on it's way :)

I treated myself to this stand despite having some great hammock trees nearby. The downside of trees is your primary sight lines are A TREE. With this awesome frame you can take the relaxation anywhere and enjoy 360 degree views while you're there. Pro-tip: ENO hammocks are the perfect "length", I tried another brand I have and it hung too low to be used.

Hi there bought this at the end of summer and stored in garage. Just pulled it out today and it has rust spots on frame. Very disappointed.

We purchased one earlier this year in the winter and another in May. We absolutely love them and the kids are in the hammocks all the time. Each stand is very solid in material and design. Could not be more pleased.

I bought this last spring had it on my deck all summer use almost every day. Very easy to store away for winter. Recommend to buy for home use.

Amazingly simple to assemble and very sturdy. So simple that we will carry it with us while traveling in our RV this year.

It allows me to relax in my double wide ENO in the backyard without taking up the backyard.

Perfect addition to our deck for lounging during the summer!



Will an REI flash air hammock fit this stand? 

Yes, you need to use about a foot of cord or hammock straps at the ends of the hammock to secure it to the stand, since the hammock hangs at approximately 8 ft. 6 inches long.


Is this hardy enough to leave on patio through summer? Would love to have it but hate to set up and take down every day.

The manufacturer recommends storing your gear indoors when not in use as elemental damage can degrade the product.


Will this stand work with a hammock that has a spreader bar? 

This depends on the length of your hammock. Hammocks with spreader bars are typically 11 to 13 feet in length, and the Solo Pod is 112 inches between the hanging points to work well with camping hammocks that are 9.5 to 10 feet long.


Can this be used with the ENO OneLink Shelter System with DoubleNest Hammock?

This hammock stand is compatible with the ENO DoubleNest Hammock, but it is not designed for use with the ENO OneLink Shelter System.


Can this be left outside seasonally (summer specifically)?

It will really come down to the climate of where you live, but I'd say the stand itself would probably survive just fine due to the gauge of the steel tubing. Realistically though, I don't leave mine out where I live in Alabama when I'm not using it due to the humidity (and insect activity). The inside of the tubing does not appear to be treated or painted so rust would definitely be a factor. Maybe in the desert southwest where it's really dry leaving it out wouldn't be a problem. Just so you know, the dark coating really heats it up when left in the sun, too.


What are the size and weight of the box it is shipped in? Thank you!

​The stand has a shipping weight of 58 lbs. and the following boxed dimensions: 13.20" L x 6.46" W x 3.86" H.


Will the stand work with the eno double nest hammock?

​This hammock stand is compatible with the ENO DoubleNest Hammock.


is the stand compatible with a clark nx-270 hammock?

​This stand is compatible with hammocks that are 112 inches long. If your hammock exceeds this it will not work.


Do you ship this stand to FPO, AE. With out putting the country on it. I attempted to put in my direct FPO address and it would not let me put in the AE only the country poped up so I don’t want it to get lost in the regular mail in this country.

Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for questions about shipping to an APO/FPO.


Will this stand work with a kammok wallaby hammock?

​This stand works with the Kammok Wallaby.


There seem to be a couple of questions about using a net and a tarp, with conflicting answers: ProFly Hammock Rain Tarp would be a fine choice" but "not to be used with tarps or bugnets". Can you clarify?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will be sure to correct this information as soon as possible. 


What is the distance between the feet in the long direction?

​The distance between the feet length-wise is approximately 40 inches.


What is the distance between the two top poles? Will this stand fit someone 6'5 comfortably with the accompanying hammocks measuring up to 112 inches in total length?

The distance between the two poles is 10'6". The distance between the hammock attachment points is 9'4". This stand can accommodate a person that is 6'5" tall using a hammock that is 112 inches long.


Will this stand work with a string hammock?

If your hammock measures up to about 112 inches total length, then it will work with this stand.


would this work with a matrimonial hammock used by people in the Yucatan for sleeping? I have my hammock, it can sleep two, hence the name and would love to have a stand like this for it.

This stand is designed for hammocks measuring up to 112 inches in total length, if this matches your hammock length or shorter it will work.


Can this be left outside indefinitely in the backyard? It rains daily in the summer months here.

We do not advise leaving the stand outside for extended periods of time. Long term exposure to sun and rain will cause premature wear and corrosion.


Can I use this stand with a Caribbean style hammock?

As long as the hammock is similar in length to an ENO hammock, you are able to use this stand with a Caribbean hammock.


Do you need to purchase the suspension hammock straps with the stand?

For ENO hammocks you will only need the carabiners which are included with the hammock.


can two of these be used together like the one that sells for 499.99

ENO does not make an accessory that connects two of the single stands together.


Hi, Can anyone recommend a convenient travel case or bag(s) for unassembled ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand? Thanks

​As of May 2017, we do not have a carrying bag for this hammock stand.


Hello, I have lost one of the shoes for the hammock stand. Where can I find a replacement?

Unfortunately, we do not have replacement shoes for this hammock stand. We recommend contacting ENO directly.


Will this work with the doublenest, guardian bug net & the profly rain tarp?

​The SoloPod is designed to work with the Doublenest and Singlenest hammocks, but it is not to be used with tarps or bugnets.


Could I use this stand for a regular fabric hammock? 

The SoloPod Hammock Stand is designed for hammocks measuring up to 112 inches total length. If your hammock is this length or shorter, you can use it on this stand.


Is it alright to leave this outside (not in winter) in the back yard and exposed to rain?

We do not advise leaving the stand outside for extended periods of time. Long term exposure to sun and rain will cause premature wear and corrosion.

sugar bowl skier

Does this stand work with the Byer Ceara Hammock?

​Byer does not (as of October 2016) make a Ceara hammock, only the stand.


Will this stand work with the Bayer Amazonas Barbados hammock?

The SoloPod Hammock Stand is designed for hammocks measuring up to about 112 inches total length, any longer and the hammock will not fit the stand. The Byer Amazonas Barbados hammock is 134 inches long and therefore will not fit.


Will this work with a hennessy expedition and rainfly

Yes, the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip Hammock will work on the SoloPod Hammock Stand.


Is this stand easy to move around once it's assembled? I would like to be able to move it around my property without disassembly each time.

The stand is fairly stout and weighs a decent amount due to the sturdy build. It is easy to move with one person on a deck or patio without disassembly. Would not be easy to move assembled over large distances.


From experience, can this stand handle two people in an Eno DoubleNest Hammock?

The SoloPod Hammock Stand can hold two individuals in a DoubleNest hammock provided they are within the 400 lb. weight capacity.

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