Big Agnes - Fly Creek HV UL 3 Tent

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I purchased this tent and used it for a three week John Muir Trail trek in 2015. Loved it. It was light weight, durable, and had some great features. So why one star? I used it this past summer on a backpack in the Wallowas in East Oregon. All was going great until it rained on our last night and we woke up the next morning with a puddle INSIDE the tent. Water got onto the tent and under the tent in between the tent floor and the ground sheet. When I returned home I called Big Agnes customer service assuming that this great company would fix this problem. Instead I was told that the leak was because the water had to go somewhere so it went into the tent instead of soaking through the ground sheet (this was their groundsheet). In other words they said that it going to leak in this situation. They did offer to take a look at it and found nothing wrong. Then they offered to sell me another one. Not helpful since it would just leak again in a similar circumstance. I would hope that a Big Agnes tent that cost around $400 would be waterproof. Very disappointing in Big Agnes product and customer service who were pretty darn rude to boot.

I expected this tent to be crammed with 3 people based off of the reviews but it's actually very roomy and fits 3 people and a dog nicely. we aren't the biggest people but we didn't feel crammed at all. It is super easy to set up, my 9 year old can do it on her own! It has great pockets in each side to store things. It's very light weight and packs down very easily. I am thrilled with this purchase and couldn't be happier!

We own a 7-year-old version of this tent, not the "HV" but very much the same as far as I can tell. We've used it all over the world for hundreds of nights. Even in torrential rain and wind we have never been wet. We use a piece of visqueen underneath, not the "footprint". It is still holding up well and we'll keep using it! Light, roomy, and quick to pitch.

I love this tent. I purchased this when it was on sale on REI Garage, and got a great deal... and honestly have ZERO complaints about it. It is light weight. I purchased it as a 2 PERSON tent, knowing that for the most part, 3 person are great for 2 people (we are 5'10" and 6'1"). It was SUPREMELY easy to set up and take down. It is incredibly light weight, and folds up nicely into the bag that is easy to carry inside or outside a backpack. It is freestanding. and the cover provides extra protection and warmth if you need it or want it. We have not used a footprint with it, but will probably purchase one. I highly recommend this. ... and I also recommend that you watch the sales and get one when they are on sale. The Big Agnes product are pricey, but I think they are worth it. Before this, I used a cheap tent that was purchased I think at Walmart or something. It wasn't really that awful, and served the purpose, but was simply not as compact or portable or easy to put up or take down (and it was heavier). GOOD TENT

This is the best tent I've ever owned. I took it on the John Muir Trail for a month, and it kept me dry and comfortable through wind, hail, heat and cold. Perfect for two adults + gear! I would recommend this for any backpacker.

I bought this NEW online and it came with a ton of dog hair and dirt inside.

Plenty of room for 2 plus a dog, pretty light for its size. Easy to set up. I haven't put it through any rough windy conditions but it keeps you dry.

Very Light tent for it's size, fits 2 adults and 2 dogs perfectly. Keeps us dry and breathes well. Very easy setup?

I've had this tent since 2013. It's been to the Sierras, Montana, New Zealand, and up and down the CA cost. It is easy to set up, the fabric is very light, yet water proof and strong; however, there is a major con, the DAC poles.


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