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I absolutely love it you lay inside and it instantly is very very warm. I got the blue floral. the colors are great I never really look for fashion when buying camping stuff but it's so adorable I couldn't help it. I gave it four just because it's so big like really big it's even hard to find a place for it since I live out of a bedroom. I wish I can bring it backpacking but since there will be times I can use it I'm going to keep it anyhow.

I recently bought this for a camping trip to Yosemite in April and it worked perfectly! It was raining and cold and this bag kept me comfortably warm all night when the temperature dipped into the 30's. When they say oversized, they weren't joking. Granted, I am 4'11, so it was way more than enough room for me to toss and turn inside this bag. Can't wait to take it out on another camping trip!

My wife hates mummy bags, and she hates being cold. This was the solution to both of those problems. The first night was a little warmer at night so she left the foot area unzipped all night, and the second night left it closed. She loves how much room is in the bag and that it fits her normal pillow. It does not pack small!!!! Do not expect it to!!! It is meant for car camping and comfort. If your wife hates her current bag; then definitely get this for her.

I have taken this on three camping trips already and love it to bits. It is warm the second I get inside. It is fluffy and feels like a cloud and I notice the poor quality of my sleeping bad a lot less.. I can sleep with my hands above my head and still be warm in the sleeping bag.

I bought this bag a couple weeks ago because I needed a new bag for car camping trips. I was really interested in this style of bag because I went crazy when Sierra Designs released their Back Country Bed, but I didn't want to spend that much money, for another backpacking bag. When I saw that Kelty was jumping on board of this style train I was stoaked (I love Kelty), the bag is half the price of the BCB, but still seemed to offer the same perks.

I love this sleeping bag! Since I experience night sweats, it is fantastic being able to easily alter the amount of coverage I have multiple times a night.

We've switched from backpacking to car camping in recent years, after having kids, and the first couple of seasons I was still using my old backpacking bag, which is getting old and pretty packed out, and I was getting cold at night. Since we are now car camping, I decided the extra bulk would be worth the trade off for added comfort. Just took our first trip and this bag was so comfortable! It's early season still and the temps were getting into the 40s and I was toasty warm in this bag. Also, the added space from my traditional mummy bag was noticeably easier to get in a comfortable position. Side sleeping was no problem and I was able to arrange myself that I could have the hood over my head even though on my side. I have a feeling I'm also going to love being able to remove the added blanket when we camp in the mid-summer and it's warmer out. Very happy with my new bag!

I love that there are so many options for colors. It keeps me very warm. So the option to zip open the foot is a great addition! I can even put my full size pillow inside top top and zip up easily. Love that. Great bag!

Things I love about using my new bag the first time 1- I could use the interior blanket as the main cover and flip out the outside layer since it was warm 2- stick out my feet from the bottom 3- did not slide around on my sleeping bad 4- I could roll up the bag and get it back in the sack.

I went (car-)camping in the Canadian Rockies in August, when it can get down to 4*C at night, and I was super comfy and cozy in this sleeping bag (without needing to wear my sweatpants and fleece to bed)! I tend to toss and turn a lot but I didn't feel constricted by the leg room (I didn't get a tight mummy-style sleeping bag for this reason), and the built-in top blanket was nice and snuggly. The head part held my camping pillow well so I didn't lose it in the middle of the night, and I could lie on my side and tuck my e-reader in there for hands-free reading. I'm looking forward to many more camping trips with this sleeping bag!

I've used this sleeping bag twice and find it so comfortable. It is very comfortable, soft and I really like the pillow pocket. I like that it seems to adjust to the temperature (temperate). Right zip. Love it, zipped out the extra layer as it's not very cold right now.

Wider than most sleeping bags, and easy to personalize warmth level, and very comfortable for car camping (does not pack small). Good at 40 degrees but not at 12 degrees.

I absolutely love my sleeping bag, keeps me warm and my feet can stick out if need be (I hate when my feet get hot). It does weigh over 5 lbs which I wasn't thrilled about and it definitely isn't compact but I won't be backpacking anywhere so I have no complaints.

Went to Joshua tree. Weather report said 45 degrees at night. Woke up and it was 23 degrees and would of never of know it. I was warm and toasty.

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend who needed a good three-season type bag for the tent camping trips we take. She likes it so much she pretty much crawls into it every time she gets cold at home rather than turn up the thermostat.

Bought this a month ago and used it camping in 40 degree weather and it kept me toasty all night! I love the blanket that comes in it too! It's not a mummy but very roomy and comfortable!

I applaud Kelty for thinking outside the box, and trying to design a new type of comfortable camping sleeping bag for women. This bag might be a good option for some women, but for me, the fact of its overly bulky size was a turn off. I ended up returning the product to REI

Kept my daughter cozy and warm. She loves the removable blanket inside. She didnt slide out either.

This is my first mummy bag ~ was tent camping last weekend and this bag kept me toasty warm!

I originally bought this bag for my 6 year old daughter. My wife (not into camping) liked it so much that I had to get her one too. They love that the blanket is integrated allowing you to keep the bag more open. It's less constricting, but still warm. THIS IS NOT A BACKPACKER'S BAG!!! This bag does not compress small at all, and it's a bear to get it back into it's storage bag. This is a 5 STAR item for car camping. Don't be misled by negative reviews about the size or weight when stuffed into its sack.

Took a two week car camping trip with my littles to the rockies. We encountered snowy Temps and warm pleasant nights. This bag served for all temps. The light weight blanket was so useful for extra warmth and for warmer nights as a light blanket. Love it! So happy with the purchase.

Purchased 2 of these for my wife and teenage daughter. Both liked the color choices and layout of the bag. Unique design having a blanket act as another layer. The included stuff sack appears to be the same material as the bag itself which is not a good choice and will never hold up to years to stuffing and unstuffing the bag. Cord lock on one of them broke the first time trying to put the bag back in the stuff sack. I don't want to invest more money in aftermarket stuff sacks when Kelty should have included a heavier duty one from the get go. These will be going back to REI.

I love this bag. With the extra room in the hips and the built in blanket I love being able to unzip and stick out a leg or unzip the blanket to use separately. I just spent two nights in it up in Grand Canyon and it was perfect. I wouldn't want to backpack with it, but for car camping it is perfect. Highly recommended if you sleep hot and want roomy options to zip or unzip.

I used this bag on a camping trip to the Black Hills National Forest over Memorial Day weekend. The temps dropped to freezing and I stayed warm enough. I'm also a stomach sleeper and this bag is fabulous for sleeping that way, my arms fit in the hood as well as my camping pillow.

My husband bought me this sleeping bag for Xmas. I Love it! I have used 3 times already and it’s wonderful. I love how the throw blanket inside removes and how easy it is to stick my feet out of the bag. The first time I use it, I was at 34 degree environment. I was not cold. I’m about 5’6 and 175 pounds.

I really love the weight, the warmth and extra inside blanket. I also love the lower zipper. It does make a lot of noise when turning over...enough that my camping buddies commented. I'm still thinking about returning it but it's perfect in every other way.

A Christmas gift for our grand daughter. Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but looks to be a quality bag, and with the removable liner, should be good for a range of temps.

I usually always use on of my husbands bag when I need one. At 46yo I finally decided I could buy my own. And I LOVE this sleeping bag. I love the extra down blanket, and the fact that I can open the bottom and let my feet out. I can't stand mummy bags as I always feel claustrophobic. This was perfect for me. No more feeling strangled, feeling like I can't move. And I stayed warm and comfortable.

I'm a side sleeper, left and right sides equally. I Love this bag! I love it having the inner blanket which allows me to throw one side or the other over me when sleeping on my sides, left or right. I don't like my feet hot so I can leave them out or if I get cold simply tuck them easily back in to the foot pocket. Perfect!!! I have a sleeping bag for cold weather when the temps are really low. This bag is perfect for all the rest of year. It's made well, it's snugly comfortable, and has a great design. I have no complaints.

Not an avid camper, but might do more with this bag! I hate how mummy style bags make me feel clausterphobic, but this one is pretty roomy. The blanket attachment was perfect around the campfire and allowed for just the right amount of layering when I was sleeping. Highly recommend!!

I took this sleeping bag tent camping. It got down to 34 degrees. I was SO cold. I could not get warm. If I extended my legs out, my toes got so cold I couldn't feel them. I was forced to curl up in a ball in order to keep my feet warmer. I was never able to get warm enough to actually fall asleep. Also, a normal sized pillow does not fit if you want the top to com up around your head.

Used this sleeping bag over the weekend near Yosemite where temperatures dropped to 40 degrees. It kept me very warm and cozy, the removable blanket was a bonus. I sleep on my stomach and I was able to comfortably stretch out. I fit a standard pillow inside of the hood with no issues. Great sleeping bag.

Warm, ample room for pillow, curves around head to retain warmth. When it did get damp from condensation in the tent, it dried quickly.



Can this bag fit into a smaller stuff sack? The one that comes with it is 22" tall, not the 10.5 x 17 size reported in the specs for the stuff sac.

We do not recommend going with a smaller stuff sack for this sleeping bag. If you are looking to save room in a pack, a 20 liter or bigger compression sack is a better way to go.


What are the grey elastic straps for on the bottom of the bag? Ive had sleeping bags before where the elastic is used to keep the bag rolled up without the sac but I can't figure out how to do it with this one.I have so much trouble rolling the thing up!

​The loops at the bottom of the bag are for hanging up the bag for drying, airing it out or for storage.

Sam R

Could this fit a sleeping bag liner like the Reactor Plus from Sea to Summit and work with a Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Sleeping Pad/Stormbreaker Tent?

The Sea to Summit Reactor Plus Thermolite Compact Liner and the Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Sleeping Pad are great options to use with this sleeping bag. Also, all of these will fit in The North Face Stormbreak tents.


What is similar specs to this bag for backpacking? 

Due to the unique features and overall design, we are unable to recommend a similar backpacking sleeping bag. Please give us a call so we can determine the most important features for your adventures. We can be reached at 1-800-426-4840.


Can this sleeping bag be waterproofed with a waterproof spray.

You can spray this bag to improve the water resistance, however, it will never be fully waterproof.


Will a 20" wide sleep pad fit inside this bag?

A regular length 20 inch wide sleeping pad is compatible with Tru.Comfort Zip 29 Sleeping Bag.


Does this sleeping bag withstand temps in the grand canyon?

The Tru.Comfort Zip 29 Sleeping Bag is EN temperature rated to 29 degrees Fahrenheit. The link below will provide you with more information regarding temperature ratings for sleeping bags.


Is the sleeping bag water proof?

No, the Tru.Comfort Zip 29 Sleeping Bag does not have a waterproof cover.


The description for this bag mentions a pad kit to help secure the pad to the bag. I have the bag and pad but where can I find the pad kit? I think it would be useful.

A specific pad kit is not made by Kelty, but one of our sets of nylon straps should work just fine;


What are the washing/care instructions for this sleeping bag? 

We recommend the following article which details how to care for any sleeping bag:

Ella A

Does this come with a bag to store and carry it in?

The Tru.Comfort Zip 29 sleeping bag comes with a stuff sack only. We recommend purchasing a storage bag separately so the bag can be stored loosely while protected from dust and debris.


I saw this in the store today and it looks awesome. But I'm 5'10", which is 70", and I'm really sad there isn't a longer fit. Do you anticipate bringing out a longer version?

As of June 2016, Kelty only offers the Tru.Comfort Zip 29 sleeping bag in one length.

Sofie Lindberg

How long does it take to ship?

In stock items usually ship by the next business day.

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