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I've had these boots for several years and loved them. Fit like the proverbial glove from day one and protected my feet for many hundreds of miles of hiking in them. This past year I had been using them for conditioning walks because they are rather heavy and weigh too much for the kind of hiking I do now. Unfortunately, during all the rains we had in California last winter, I didn't re-waterproof the boots and the soles started pealing off. When I took them in to be re-glued the cobbler said the inner layer of the sole had begun crumbling and the only way to guarantee the soles wouldn't peal off again would be to rebuild the boot (at half again the cost of the original boot). So, great boot but keep it waterproofed.

I have had these boots for over 10 years. They have hundreds, if not thousands, of miles on them. I have used them for everything from environmental consulting to backpacking, and they have never let me down. The break in period is tough, and due to the age of them I wanted to start breaking them in. Upon inspection, the soles are so similar I can't believe it. My leather is beat up, but the soles have incredible traction. I can stand on wet rock at a 45+ angle and NOT MOVE. After the break-in period, and give yourself a few months to do that, they are like slippers (stiff slippers, but slippers).

Loved these boots, super comfortable. Feet were never moist, no blisters. But soles of both boots started pulling off at same time, one sole completely came off after descent third day of just 18 miles of hiking total. Online reviews show multiple complaints of same problem for Asolo, apparently just come off after regluing as well. Left boots in garbage of hotel. Will never buy Asolo again, sadly.

I have worn these for several years. Make sure you put water proofing seal on the outside before your first trip. I know it is hard to cover the beautiful leather, but it is a must. You will stay dry and protect the seam from water damage that shortens the life of your boot.

I bought these in-store, but I wish I had read the comments first! I bought these specifically because they were “indestructible”, but my left sole started coming off around mile 20 and the right one came off all together 15 miles later. Alone on a trail beforna thunderstorm is not where you want this kind of thing to happen. I ran thru my supply of gorilla tape and had to hike the last 4 miles to town thru the mud, without one sole while the boots were even heavier now soaked through. These definitely shouldn’t be used for backpacking - maybe some gardening? What a mess! And just a painful, crazy waste of money!

These boots have great ankle support, a comfortable fit, and keep your feet dry. I can hike an entire day with no adverse effects. I recommend them to everyone I know that are buying hiking boots. I even recommend them to people I don't know who are shopping in the store. There may be other great brands out there, but Asolo has my heart AND my feet!

I bought these in 2014 - hiked the heck out of them (including the approach on Aconcagua and the Haute Route, Switzerland. I bought a new pair this summer (2018) because I figured I should with all the miles my first pair have seen. I bought the exact same pair and I love them just as much (just summited Kilimanjaro in them). I see reviews on here that they didn't do well after 5 years of use, etc. I wouldn't expect hiking boots to last 5 years, but that is just my opinion. My old boots from 2014 are still in great condition and I'll donate those while adding up the miles on this new paid. I love them. Asolo for life.

They fit like a charm and are so comfortable. I've owned about four pair of these boots and over the years have purchased a larger size as I age. They have always been my boot of choice.

I bought them for hiking on Rocky terrain/seasonal mostly spring/summer.

About 15 years ago, I purchased my first Asolo boots. I did not wear them often because I live in a temperate climate, but when I did I really liked the fit and foot protection. However, about 8 years into my ownership, boots that I thought would last forever failed me completely. In the middle of a backpacking trip, the sole peeled off of the shoe completely and without warning. I used straps to fix the boots in the field because I was miles away from the end of my trip and had no other shoes. I had purchased the boots at REI. They had the integrity to stand by the sale and replaced the boots with no cost to me. Clearly the product failure was not caused by wear and tear. I walked out with a new pair of Asolo boots, same model, and I was happy to try again.

The soles on both boots started delaminating in the first year. It’s an expensive boot for such poor quality.

I'm really frustrated about the Asolo boots that I bought a year ago. Soles came off.

My second pair lasted only about 3 months of city walks, not even hit the trail yet and the foam/rubber material which the Vibram soles were fused are crumbling. What the heck. My first pair lasted 3 years, Asolo's QC has declined significantly. Too bad.

I love these boots. They are sturdy, well made, and extremely comfortable. I've been stoked to take them out on the trails as often as I can. Well worth the price; highly recommend.

I have hallux rigidus, which means my big toe's joints stick up and hurt if rubbed. These boots are great since the toe box is tall enough. My feet stay dry, they are great on rough terrain. They weigh a ton, and I'm always so happy to put on my camp shoes when the day is done. They look beat up, and the rubber at the front of the shoe has separated about 2 mm from the leather. I just stuck some shoe goo in the gap, so they look even worse. Best shoes in my closet.

These boots have carried me through many hikes through many National Parks around the country for five years without a single blister. My first use of them this summer was a rocky, steep hike, and the left sole suddenly came completely off right before the end of the hike. Thank goodness they lasted through the rocky parts, otherwise the hike out would’ve been miserable. One would think this is the most important part of the shoe to attach extremely well...still deciding whether to repair them or replace.

I've had these boots for about a year and a half. I used them as a daily work boot in Antarctica and they performed well. I wore them every single day for over a year of work, plus a moderate amount of hiking and backpacking before that. The laces wore through at about the year mark, but I replaced them and the boots are still in good condition. After hearing about vibram soles freezing and being really slippery in extreme cold weather, I was surprised to find these shoes pretty grippy even on the ice. They're probably too heavy-duty for most people's common hiking needs, but I like hiking with a super sturdy boot with ample ankle support. I'm also impressed with how easy they are to lace up. I'm hoping to get another couple years out of them, at least, considering the price. But so far they look like they'll probably hold up.

These were the best boots ever and after 15 years of occasional use the soles fell apart. Unfortunately I was traveling and needed boots, so I managed with light hiking shoes instead. I was going to buy another identical pair but decided not to because obviously the manufacturing problem has not been solved. What a disappointing product from such a good company. I wonder if the men's boots have the same problem?

I am a landscape designer and use these boots every day for 9 months a year, in mud, water and rocky sites. I have had no problems and I do not even treat them. They have a great cushion insole and ankle support, both of which are great for my ankles each of which has a 2" screw in the joint. I have been using 520s for 6 years, only updating when my ankles need a new boot for support and cushion. Highly recommend.

By far the most comfortable boot I've had. I used these for day hiking and backpacking, and snowshoeing too. I tend to roll my ankles when my legs get tired, but these boots saved me from a nasty rolled ankle multiple times. The boots lasted me about 11 years before the soles began to tear off the heel. I let them go too long and can't really get them re-soled so I'm buying a new pair. Aslos are made for my feet.

These are the only boots I've worn/purchased for over 25 years. For me, they are MY boots. No break-in needed. I put my feet in them at the store and ooooo! Heaven! I live in the desert, so I haven't experienced the sole separation noted in other reviews.

I bought these a couple weeks ago and wore them while hiking in compact snow (with microspikes & gaiters) and ice climbing (with crampons & gaiters). They kept my feet warm and dry. I was a bit hesitant to spend so much money on new boots initially but after a few uses, I definitely think it was a good buy. As they are very sturdy and durable, I'll definitely be using them for many more years to come.

Like multiple other reviewers, the midsoles of these boots completely failed! The soles separated on mile 25 of a 55 mile loop in the Winds and I was forced to limp out with them tied and duct taped together (but I still finished the loop!). My complaint to Asolo was basically met with them telling me they hadn’t been cared for properly. Buyer beware!

The shoes are fine. I wear them because I have stretched out tibial tendons in both feet, not because I hike a lot. The problems was that I could not locate my $60 coupon, based on my spending $600 at REI during 2016. Your system showed that I had spent only $300. I would appreciate getting credit for the other $300 that I spent.

Bought these 11 years ago to hike to base amp at Everest. So comfortable and while a bit heavy, kept my foot stable over rough terrain. About six months ago the soles came off and repairman tried to fix. Lost the sole completely last night and just ordered another pair

I hike everyday, at least 4 miles. Usually wear out boots in 6 months. I have had these boots for 1 1/2 years and they still look like the day I bought them. Except they are dirty!

I like this Boot and for it’s like you own an SUV truck.


Asolo TPS 520 GV Evo Hiki

The Berkeley REI store does not have my size (8 1/2). Can I order a pair and return them to the store if they do not fit?

You are more than welcome to order these boots and return them to any one of our retail stores if they do not fit.


How high are these boots?

​The shaft of this boot measures 6 inches in height.


My perfect size is 9.5 wide. Does this run true to size

​Yes, most people find this boot runs true to size.


Recommend these boots for winter (~2500' ascent) hikes using mountaineering snowshoes+microspikes?  Trying to find good boots similar to my old ones (Merrell Whiteout).  I have Asolo summer boots and LOVE them- hoping there is a good Asolo winter boot.

These boots are a great choice. They will also accept strap-on mountaineering crampons.

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