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I've had my boots for about 5 years and use them only several times a year for backlaing and rainy days (it doesn't rain much in Los Angeles). I loved these boots, rugged, comfortable, but just got back from a 4mile training hike with a 40lb pack and found that almost the entire sole on my left boot had separated! Funny, I had just read the reviews about this happening to this boot and BAM! There was my boot sole flapping around. I also thought, "I haven't had any problems with my great boots", but these reviews are true - heed their advice and look for another boot.

This is my second pair of these that the soles fell off of. I thought maybe the first pair was a fluke...liked the boot look and seemed really good when hiking but really didn’t come close to getting my money worth on these. I’m done with Asolo. Plenty of other choices out there.

For a boot this expensive, I should be able to wear the soles out rather than having them fall apart. The soles pulled off while at a scouting car camping event so I wasn't even abusing them at the time. Cobbler wants to replace the entire sole structure and not just the vibram because in the current style the vibram is fused to the larger foam sole structure. It appears as though the foam may be rotting because it is "flaking" or pilling underneath the vibram. Cobbler wants $150 to repair.

REI is a great retailer/CoOp but may need to rethink carrying this boot. These were great boots for my first few uses - backpacking Mineral King and throughout the Minarets region of the Sierra Nevada. They seemed to be very sturdy and broke in easily.

I bought these boots several years ago. They were honestly one of my most cherished hiking/backpacking possessions. Then this year, about three miles into a 20 mile loop (enchantments, WA), they completely self destructed. This has to be a known manufacturer defect. Both of the soles just fell off, and the innards just spilled out. How convenient for me... only 16 miles to go. By the last few miles I was stopping every half mile to tie the soles onto the boot with 550 cord. My feet were destroyed. I hopped online upon returning from my trip to find I certainly was not alone. I would never, ever, ever, ever, buy this boot again.

These boost failed when I needed them most, during a strenuous back-country expedition. Right sole separated during the descent from a Colorado 14er, medical tape and paracord rescued me. The next day on the left sole separated. Like clockwork they failed within 12 hr of each other. Used paracord on both boots to secure the soles for the outbound 7 mile hike. By the end of the hike I had total separation on the right and 90% separation on the left.

Had these boots for a few years and used them lightly. They sat in my closet most of them time other than a handful of trips. I wore them on an overnight this past weekend and like the others have said, the midsole fell apart. Don't waste your money.

I backpack an average of 1 trip per year, overnights... These boots were just fine for years, then the boot separated from the heel... basically tore open below the heel. As it's been years, neither REI nor Asolo would do anything for me.. even though I consider this a serious manufacturing defect. (No, I don't leave my boots out in the rain/snow when I'm not wearing them; I've always treated them carefully.) How it happened to both boots simultaneously is beyond me. My previous (heavy, old Swiss style) boots lasted through 2 sets of Vibram soles. Not this one; the sole looks great. Time to find a better investment that I can rely on in the outdoors.

I had a lot great miles of trekking with these boots over the last decade. I will say they served me well until the funniest thing happened on my hike up a mountain summit in New Zealand yesterday. Both soles fell off within seconds of each other. Needless to say this left me walking down the rocky trail rather gingerly (shoulda had some trusty duct tape) and stranded for the rest of my trip without leather hiking boots. I think a leather boot in this class should last a long time with expectation for re-soling as needed, but the soles were still in good condition. This seems like a manufacturing defect when you look at the other reviews where this has happened. I am satisfied where my Asolos took me—very comfortable and sturdy boots, but I will not buy them again given this experience.

I bought these boots 7 years ago and am very disappointed with the build quality of the sole. Now before you go," their seven years old!" let me tell you I've got hiking boots in my closet that have seen a hundreds of pre children miles on the trail that look better than these. Most of these boot's life was spent in a nice closet hanging out with other shoes. I, like another reviewer, experienced the sole's delaminating. I've worn soles out before, but never had them just come apart. I expected a lot more from a 300.00 plus boot. Another bummer is that I was told by my local cobbler that getting soles to repair the boot is next to impossible. I didn't expect them to last forever, but I also didn't expect them to fall apart on their own.

I purchased these in 2014 and they’ve been enjoyable and reliable for every hike, they have lasted through (multiple winter hikes in the Himalaya, Summer in the Andes, Blue Mountains in Australia and hot, wet Hawaii)

Asolo hit the spot creating this amazing boot. I started looking for a boots in preparation for a significantly large backpacking trip in Wrangle- St. Elise National park in Alaska. Through glacier streams, snow, rocky moraine, and every condition possible my feet stayed dry warm and incredibly comfortable. I put 50 miles in them before my trip and found they were broken in enough to be comfortable. everyday they get better. Hiking 20 plus miles with a pack I found my feet felt great and well supported. Definitely recommend this boot

Same as others: soles separated and fell off on a hike.

I've had these about 5 years ago, so lets say that they have been very good boots until recently and by no means did I expect them to be indestructible. Like multiple other reviews though, the polyurethane midsole is like a ticking time bomb. it will be good for 3-5 years and then BAM you are out $300 bucks! I wore these about 30-40 days/year with maybe 10 days per year while backpacking 15 mile days over rocky, sometimes wet terrain. Otherwise it was while being out in local parks doing short 3-5 mile hikes with a toddler on my back.

It took me a few tries to find the perfect boot for me but these boots are it. Extremely well made which results in a very solid feel with maximum protection when hiking over loose stones which is like, always for the trails I hike. This quality construction comes with a little extra cost and weight but the trade-off is more than worth it for me. The boot feels bomb-proof and even after very long hikes over rough terrain your feet feel completely undamaged and not bruised. I had an earlier version of this same boot for a few years but be aware that the sizes are slightly small per US standards. If you are a 13.5 by US standards go with the 14 instead of the 13.

I’ve had 2 pairs of these boots over the past decade. My father has had more pairs over an even longer time. They are the best hard hiking boots I can imagine. They do wear out after lots of heavy use. I’ve never had the sole separation problems that I see other people having.

I was skeptical about buying these boots at first because of the cost, but needed a solid pair of boots for all day walking in the upland country guiding pheasant hunts. These boots have lasted me 4 whole seasons, guiding about 90 days per season and walking an average of 12 to 15 miles per day. While the other guides have had to buy new boots once or twice a season, these ones held up nicely and stayed waterproof up until last week when the leather finally wore through near my pinky toes. I did have the toes coated with rubber during the second season to try and prevent it, but it was only delaying the inevitable. I will be buying them again.

For over a decade I have bought Asolo TPS 520 EVO hiking boots, but they recently started using much cheaper leather (it got deep scratches and huge chunks knocked off on their first time out, and I wasn't even going off trail*). Also the "wide" isn't any different than their normal pairs (I checked). Even the person at the REI returns verified that people have returned their newer models, and said that her father also complained about the tighter new fits on his "wide" size.

I bought a pair of these boots after foot surgery required that I wear the stiffest book I could get. I have never experienced the support and protection these boots provide in my 40+ years of hiking and backpacking. One note, however: Asolo does NOT make a boot with the "GTX" moniker in its name; this is "creative description" on REI's part to let you know the boot is made with Gore Tex (what boot isn't, these days?), and you should go to the manufacturer's site to get the lowdown on this boot. In 2015, Asolo redesigned it, and for the better as far as I can tell. Tough, great traction, and excellent support at the ankle and footbed make this worth the price. Highly recommended, but do your homework.

These are great boots, except for sole construction. I have maintained them well and they still look great. But...on a recent backpacking trip on a steep climb I felt the back of the sole on the left boot flopping around. I tied it up quickly to finish the climb. Within a mile the cord job failed and the whole sole separated from the boot. Tied it up again, a little better, and within another mile, I felt the back of the right boot flopping. Looking at all of the other reviews here, the attachment of the soles must be a design flaw. Perhaps the 2016 redesign of the soles addresses this issue?

Unfortunately I loved the boots and I actually give it 3 stars despite the sole. IT is an insanely comfortable boot.

Headed to REI to buy my second pair of these boots tomorrow. The first pair did wear out. Eventually.

Bought these on May 25, 2017 (in-store) and have put probably 700 miles on them all over Washington in the Cascades (wet and dry sides, including on snow) and some in Oregon. Most of these miles were backpacking, so they were loaded down as well. They've been perfectly waterproof to date. I typically clean with saddle soap every couple trips and will treat with leather conditioner and mink oil. I paired mine with CurexSole RunPro medium insoles. These boots replaced a pair of LaSportiva Trango Cubes that were killing my right foot (plantar fasciitis) and these boots seemed to have relieved that greatly. The boots seem to run true to size. These boots have a great fit and I find the laces very easy to lace to different levels of tightness. The square laces are far (far) superior to round because they stay tight without double knotting - always. Granted, the laces are prone to fraying (fuzzing out) and grabbing onto things because of their material, but they more than make up for that in function. I typically kill a pair of boots in just over a year due to wear, so I won't speak to multi-year durability, but on sheer use they live up. I have not experienced any of the delaminating others have mentioned. The exteriors seem like they can take a lot of wear, but inevitably the miles I put on them will wreck them in some way (e.g. gore will leak, etc.), so I've become used to replacing boots every year. I do not find them overly hot (and I run sweaty), which is saying something for a full leather boot; perhaps the insole replacements help. Full disclosure - I also wear liner socks. Easily the most comfortable boot I've yet owned, and I've been through a lot of them both good and bad.

This is my second pair of boots. The first pair last me 11 years. I'm 6'4" and 320 lbs. This pair has over 500 miles on them and I hike with a pack weighing about 45 lbs. I've hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and all over New England this year. These boots handle whatever I throw at them - rock face scrambles, muddy ravine climbs, mountain ascents, and the occasional water crossing. It does not matter if it's 96 degrees or 35 degrees out - my feet always stay comfortable on all day hikes.

These were about 8 years old at the time of failure. The boots were great until then. I did about about 3-4 backpacking trips (avg 3-4 days each) per year in them, with occasional casual wear on wet, wintry days. They failed after about 12 miles on a 3 day trip this spring. Both soles failed within hours of each other. The right sole nearly separated entirely after stepping in some mud. I hiked the last 5 miles out in Keen sandals. Like others have suggested, repair options are limited, and apparently not reliable. For the price of these boots, I expected to wear them until the tread wore down, not until the tread failed and separated. I've never had a pair of boots fail like this before, including other brands that cost far less. By comparison, I have a pair of Oboz hiking shoes that I purchased about the same time as these Asolo and they're still running strong, with greater use. I've replaced the Asolo with a pair of Vasque from REI and hope for a better result with those. I will not purchase Asolo again.

This boot is heavy duty and seemed great for heavy loads while backpacking for 2+weeks. I first used these on a 28 day backpacking trip in Alaska and they performed well. Although after 2 years the glue on the sole started to separate. After another year the sole material started to degrade and large chunks started to fall off. I wish this was the only case I had with Asolos but my other pair of Asolos (fugitive) had the same sole issue after about 2 years. It seems the glue used is inferior. When the boot was new and not falling apart it did perform well and enjoyed them though.

I bought this boot 5 years ago and only hiked in it twice. The shoe feels amazing and provides great support and stability. Unfortunately, the sole completely detached from the boot during a hike on the AT. The failing glue/foam midsole seems to be not uncommon with Asolo.

I am a geology professor who does field work in remote locations. I can be several hours to several days away from civilization and as such I need boots that are not going to let me down. Unfortunately, my pair of Asolo TPS boots did indeed let me down earlier this week (see attached photos). These boots are six years old but the have only been used for just a few field trips of a few days each. From the wear on the soles and the uppers I think it is clear that these boots have not been abused or overworked (the staff at REI agreed with this). Nevertheless, on my second day of field work this week, on a hike of about 4 miles, first one then the other sole separated from the boot in such a way that I had to rip them off in order to keep walking. Fortunately, I only had about a two mile hike back to my truck over relatively easy ground. Things would have been much worse if I was higher up the mountain.

These boots have been awesome. I work in the Heavy Construction and Mining Equipment business and need boots that look professional for meetings in the morning and can support me while climbing around earth moving equipment and various types of job sites after lunch. Much like another reviewer, I am a big dude at 6'3" and over 300lbs and it is amazing how well these have held up. At over 3 years of ownership and countless miles of use I am just considering the purchase of a new pair and only because the tread is getting thin. I figure my cost of ownership is somewhere in the $.35 to $.40 per day of use. Thats a bargain!

I have bought numerous pairs of these boots, because they are SO comfortable and easy to break in, and keep my feet as dry as I would expect in extremely wet terrain. However with the last two pairs, they have only lasted half a season of work at Isle Royale National Park. The rubber tread becomes detached and no amount of shoe goo and time in clamps will hold them on. I am so disappointed that this keeps happening and wasn't just a one time flaw. I am actually heartbroken, but I can't afford to spend $300+ twice a season! Asolo, please fix this, and let me know, because I'll be buying more then.

These boots were great when new. Comfortable and durable. Scuffed them up 1st time I wore them, but always treated them with nikwax & polished after use. In ten years they received light use because I had some health issues & they sat in my closet for the past 7 years. Used them once again and the soles came apart on both boots like you see on all the pictures in the other reviews. Had to duct tape the soles to the boots. A layer of the boots above the soles had the consistency of chewing gum - at first look I thought it was mud. Defective materials that rot by themselves. Maybe Asolo has improved the materials in there boots - but they've made both themselves and rei look bad.

Falls apart like you bought it at the dollar store instead of $300 at a reputable retailer. When I bought them they had rave reviews it wasn't until users had them a couple of years that the problems popped up. Only used them for 50 miles at most. They were reserved for backpacking trips. This is a first usually boots and shoes last me many years and miles. I've had soles wear out but this is a first. Multiple reviewers have a similar experience yet REI continues to sell these subpar expensive boots. And they refuse to stand by their products any longer. This would've been a perfectly valid use of their lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Disappointed in both Asolo and REI.

So, reading the reviews and I have to say I’m concerned about all the bad stuff people have been experiencing with these boots. They all seem to be relatively recent, so maybe that’s part of it. Did the factory get changed, perhaps? I’m seriously on my fifth pair, and If I get four years out of a boot I’m satisfied. When I briefly worked construction my boots lasted three months. When I hiked just part of the PCT I wore out a pair of ol Raichles in one month.

A very comfortable boot for general hiking and snowshoeing. Unfortunately, the mid-sole is made out of a softer rubber material and has rotted out. The vibram sole then delaminated. These boots are supposed to be resoleable but my shoe repairman can only glue the separated sections back together. Maybe REI knows how to get them fixed. The boot that lost 1/2 the tread is at the cobblers being glued back on. The photo shows the other boot which has started but I can fix myself with some 3M5200 adhesive.

This boot is the worst, Even with low cost boot i have never have this situation, the soil separate from the body. I hope that somebody contact me. Reí please dont sell this garbage. Looks New i only use 5 times

REI is great....Asolo not so much!

I've had ten pairs of Asolo boots over the years--yes, ten pairs. I work as a surveyor for a general contractor and easily put 1000 miles on a pair of these boots a year before I replace them, usually because the soles are worn. These boots give me great support while seeing uneven terrain, mud, water, snow, and wet concrete and I've never had any sort of structural failure or Goretex leak in these boots. I do purchase a pair of green or orange Superfeet insoles with each new pair and wear a Merino wool sock (light or medium hiker) and my feet still feel good at the end of the day. $300 a pair seems like a lot, but I make my living on my feet all day long. For me, these boots are worth every penny.

I purchased a pair of 520s maybe 10 years ago (yea, I know... a long time ago). They were very comfortable from day-one. I noticed, recently, that cushioning above the sole has a large chunk missing. It is about one and one-quarter inch deep. The surrounding area shows no significant marks that would imply some trauma or mishap. I guess, though, I am luckier than many reviewers whose soles delaminated while out in the woods. I am a long-time REI customer, even back to the day when they had only one store in Seattle (which was more like an old warehouse; and our family's REI number was only three digits). I'll continue to shop at REI, but I think I'll go back to buying Vasque boots. My Vasque boots lasted much longer.

Ive been wearing these for a decade. I use them for work. They get put through their paces but Im certain there are others out there that put them through more than I do. Normally I can get two years out of a pair. This last time I experienced delamination at the soles within 5 months. this is completely unacceptable for a $300 boot. Especially when I have a two year old pair that is in better condition simply because the soles remained intact. I have read about this being an issue in the past. Reviews on this site made me believe Asolo had turned a corner and the issue was no longer prevalent. Unfortunately it still is. I purchased the boots Aug.1, 2016. By January they had started to come apart.

This was a fantastic boot, comfort in all conditions and situations. My pair served me faithfully for many years and carried me over countless miles, but I too experienced the soles just falling off on the final 5 mile stretch

Soles separated on a very lightly used set of boots. Don’t waste your money .

These boots are great. Super comfortable out of the box. Cushioning on rocky trails is incredible. Totally waterproof.

A nice looking boot from the outside but would not trust them to hold up in the backcountry. Leather quality is not bad but the sole material and attachment is inferior. Boot lasted a few seasons and then the glued on sole turned to dust. These Asolo Wilderness boots are not the boots of yesteryear and are overpriced for what they are...

I'm on my feet 12-14 hours a day. Walk between 3-5 miles on concreat and loose dirt. These boots are made to to last. I love them!!!!

my boots were about 7 years old, but only worn once or twice a year. very comfortable, uppers in good condition, original laces still had miles to go. the soles were worn, but still appeared to have a lot of life in them based on a visual inspection. but the soles began to delaminate on the rocky trail that led to our backpacking destination this year. i was forced to rely on repeated applications of duct tape to hike back out safely.

Warm. Waterproof. Breathable. This is my 9th pair in over 20 years and I only had 1 minor problem that was easily fixed. (slight separation of rubber from leather near toe- bonded it with silicone). I work outdoors in harsh New England Winter weather and these boots take a beating. They offer great support and stability even while walking on uneven, slippery surfaces. Keep feet warm and dry with just a thin wool or synthetic sock. Over 45 degrees outdoor temp and they seem too warm. Then I switch to a lighter, low top boot. The only drawback is the are expensive. However, I have never found anything better for less money. Wait for a sale.

For me, these were an that they fell apart, I'm left with passion and the reason I get up everyday is to be in the back country. The insides crumbled and the leather split wide open on the toe and it might as well have done the same to my soul. The only currency we have in this world is time, I'll never be younger or in better shape than I am today, I'll miss 4-6 months because of my poor investment. Is there any way possible to get a discounted pair from REI or is there any way I could work around the store in exchange for a better pair of boots?

I would have rated this boot 5 stars in the first couple of years. But after very mild use on what I would expect for a $300+ boot, the sole came completely apart. REALLY disappointed as there does not seem to be any recourse with Asolo. The boot itself is in great shape, but I will need to find a way to try to re-glue the bottom or pay someone to do it. I have boots half this price with way more wear that are still holding up. I have not mistreated these at all, and in fact kept them clean and in good shape.

I bought these a long time ago. I think it was around 2007. I've hiked hundreds and hundreds of miles in them, and for years at a time they were my daily drivers around town. Yes, about 5 years ago the sole came unhinged. I got them resoled for about $75. Money well spent to keep a good boot alive. They aren't magic, but if you take care of them then they will take care of you. This picture is a pair of 12 year old boots that have been worn hard and well loved. And yes, re-soled.

Great boot at first - bought them in 2010 - used them on long hikes - stored in closet and worn out hiking locally. Never mistreated (for a boot). 2019 - tread fell off one side and other side starting to do the same. Took it to a cobbler after my Shoe Goo try failed and he told me these boots are DONE. Horrible. Why pay $300 for a pair of boots that fail? I have so many other boots, shoes, etc without this issue. Called REI and they told me "too bad" and the "this happens to this brand pretty often". If enough people say something maybe they will fix this issue. It's not just the $$$ - these are environmentally horrible to the environment if you can't use them as boots. I'm going to send them to a recycler if I can. Can't recommend these.

My boots are about 6 years old but were subject to pretty light wear until last summer when I used them constantly for about 3 weeks and they fell apart. The foam just above the sole dry-rotted and fell completely apart. Contacted ASOLO and they basically gave me the "tough break" response, informing me my boots were too old for any sort of refund. Re-soling/regluing the sole on the boots did not work because the entire layer of foam continues to flake off

I've been buying the Asolo TPS 535 for years and tried the TPS 520 once which was a mistake. They are basically the same boot except that the 520 has Gortex. Why is this a problem? The Gortex makes the boot more expensive, hotter, less breathable, heavier, and it wears out fairly quickly. Ultimately, it is pointless. Just water-proof your boots if you get them wet. The Gortex is on the inside, so it won't protect the leather from getting wet. Sadly, REI stopped carrying the 535s years ago, so unless they bring them back (which hopefully they will), you'll have to get them somewhere else.

They held up for my first few trips, but then on day 1 of a 3-day backpacking trip, the soles completely detached except for the very end of the toe box. Luckily I had some nylon cord, so I was able to tie them in place for the remaining 23 miles, which actually worked pretty well. Could have been a lot worse, had it been wet or snowy. Needless to say, I will never buy another pair of Asolos again.

This is my second pair of these boots. In the first pair, the liner started separating, the Gore-Tex either didn't work or didn't exist, and they were really easy to beat up. That was after only 600 miles. Another bummer is that the soles are weak. I've owned this second pair for about two weeks and already the soles are starting to shred. Not a problem because they're re-soleable right? No. If you care for your boots with a beeswax based care and waterproofing product like Hubards, it's impossible to re-sole them.

I purchased these boots in early 2015 and as I write this in early 2020 the boots finally succumbed to their last steps. Just like many others posting reviews here, it was the soles that began falling off. However, perhaps I was much luckier than others because it took over 5 years of heavy usage for that to happen. When I say heavy usage, I mean that quite literally as I've taken these boots with me on many week-long backpacking trips, used them for work every day (I work outdoors), and walked thousands of miles in them. I should also add that I have severe flat feet and these boots did their job at times when I needed them the most.

I've only put 100-200 miles on these boots and the sole is falling off. Not from abrasion just very poor quality adhesive. The leather also scuffs extremely easily. I'll go back to Zamberlan's.

I tried many types of books.. these fit perfect right off. And perfect comfort down hill or up hill. I'm on my third pair ..2 tps 520 gv non evo and 1 evo.

I should perhaps begin by saying that Asolo produces a comfortable hiking boot. In fact, these were by a wide margin the most comfortable hiking boots I have ever owned, and I see no way in which to deny or to minimize this positive aspect of these boots.

The sole of these boots completely came off after only wearing on about 5 weekend Boy Scout camp outs. No real hiking or backpacking, just wearing for car camping as the troop makes us wear boots. Had another scout leader with this exact same pair of boots and exact same issue.

I had some success with these boots for a number of years until just recently. Both soles came off on a hike up a southern Ohio creekbed. It was rugged terrain, and muddy at times, but I never expected the first sole to fall off and was even more surprised when the second one came off minutes later. I walked about a mile over cobbles and shale without the soles.

I owned these boots for nine years and found them comfortable and suitable for rugged terrain. They held together while backpacking and hunting in the Rockies. At over 800 miles the sole separated from the upper, as mentioned and is pictured in other reviews. Unfortunately, because the two are joined with adhesive—not screws or thread—the cost for new soles is quoted over $110, and requires repair at the manufacturer. My local cobbler estimated this process to take six weeks. While this is a fine boot, I’d advise purchasing one that is more readily reconstructable, especially since there are many available for a similar price.

I have owned two pairs of these boots. They are comfortable but after about a year the sole separates from the boot and Asolo will not take any action to repair or replace the boot. No proof of purchase and Asolo will not even talk to you. Extremely poor customer service. Would never purchase another pair. To many other good boots out there.

I love this boot. It is comfortable and stays dry in all conditions. But, as other reviewers have pointed out, the soles come apart. I have had two pair and the same thing happened each time. The last pair I brought to a local cobbler who glued them back together. Doing this preserves the boots for local use but no way I will trust them on an extended trek in the back country. I gave three stars because I really like them but despite being a loyal Asolo customer I will now be switching manufacturers.

I will second other reviews that the sole just comes off and boot is useless. Wrote to Asolo and no reply, no customer service, nothing. Very disappointed .... with so many good shoe vendors out there, save yourself the trouble and AVOID Asolo ... can't believe REI even other to still stock them ... just read the reviews!

This is the second pair of Asolo 520's I have purchased from REI. The first pair performed well and outlasted any other boot I have used in my professional guide/forester occupation. This second pair of Asolos has suffered a complete delamination of the right boot after seven months of similar use. The failure occurred mid-hike and resulted in my walking several miles over A'A lava, barefoot, to get back home. I would never recommend that any outdoor professional use these boots for their work.

I owned a pair of these boots for 5 or 6 years. Initially, I had no problems. They were always stored in my closet with all my other shoes. Then, my family and I went on vacation to Canada. While hiking on very non-technical trails, one of my soles completely came off. These $300 boots ended up in the trash. Until this happened, however, I loved the look and feel of these boots. However, I cannot see spending another $300 on hiking boots that very obviously have problems in their construction.

These boots failed me after 4 uses. The soles separated from the rest of the boot. Asolo would not honor their own manufacturer's failure. DO not buy these boots or any other products from Asolo. They do not stand behind their products.

I loved these boots out of the box, super comfortable. I wore them on a couple multi-day trips, they were great. However, about four months in, I noticed some separation of the heel, which rapidly spread to be the entire rear half of the sole.

left sole completely fell off...right was almost all off..electrical tape was how i was able to return to trailhead...i will never buy these support from either rei or manufacturer...sooo sad...ruined my planned trip...

These boots are very comfortable and well made - down to the sole. Both boots delaminated after less than 200 miles of mild hiking and no heavy backpacking. They did not last nearly as long as my 1993 pair. Nor do I intend to spend $100 to re-sole a $300 pair of boots. At that price I expect better. I'm done with Asolo.

I am about to return the pair of these I bought and try some Zamberlans instead. The Asolo 520 was a pretty comfortable fit, broke in fairly easily and is a very sturdy boot. The problem in the end (and could just be my anatomic makeup) was that there was too much pressure on the midlace area on my right foot. I tried lacing my boots more loosely and it didn't help. Sure it would have stopped if I made them VERY loose but there is a point to which I am willing to sacrifice support for comfort. The other reason I am not a huge fan was that they were very heavy. Yes, sturdy, but in the end I think there are boots that give you the necessary support that dont weigh so much.

These boots are great while they last, however the issue with the soles separating is a real problem. I had both soles come off the boots this week in a remote area of the Pyrenees and duct tape and screws weren't good enough to fix them. Luckily, a Spanish Refugio had a pair of boots my size, otherwise I would have had to hike 10+ miles over 2 mountain passes without soles. For the money, not worth it!

so, I bought a pair of these in July of 2016. I am a big guy and hike mountain trails, through streams, and along rocks often. The boots were comfortable, rugged, and fit very well, until the sole separated and disassembled in a non-preferred manner.

With approximately fifty miles on these boots, one of the soles just about completely delaminated, The other sole not far behind. After reading about other people's experiences now, this is clearly not an isolated incident. Never purchasing another product from Asolo. Caveat Emptor. What a waste.

I used to love this boot. First pair wore out so I bought a second. The second set did not hold up like the first. Like other unfortunate reviewers, the soles fell off both boots.

I’ve had the same experience as the others with a complete sole separation. I have to say that it’s such a shame as these boots are wonderfully comfortable and the soles and uppers haven’t worn much after some serious use. I tried to glue the sole back on, but it only lasted about 15 miles. I’d love to buy another pair, but given the number of reported failures I’m going to pass.

I like the other reviews I read had my soles delaminate after 3 years and light customer satisfaction after I called. NEVER ASOLO AGAIN..........

Soles come off and the boots were stored correctly. This boot was not used much and the soles came off within five minutes of each other. Chemical failure.

The main problem I had is that the wide version is almost exactly the same as the regular version. I'd bought the regulars initially and went to exchange them for the wides, and when I held the soles and insoles next to each other I could not see a difference at all. If you have wide feet, go with something else. I was working on rugged terrain (spending a lot of time walking on loose boulders and cobbles) and the soles were already starting to flake after about 60 miles of walking. Plus, the lack of toe guard made the leather on the toe start to go quickly. They may be decent for folks with narrow/regular-width feet walking on trails, but unfortunately not for my needs.

This was a five star boot until the sole fell off towards the end of a 6.5 mile hike. Five stars because these are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. Full disclosure, I have had the boots for several years but regardless, the entire sole coming off? I am going to try to fix the sole myself since these boots are now so incredibly expensive. We shall see.

Boots have been great up until yesterday when sole of boot came loose at back of heel. I had read the same reviews when I purchased them regarding the sole coming free but was assured the problem was solved. Asolo still asks for $+300 for a boot that has had same problem for several years. I've been fooled once by these boots and it won't happen again.

My first pair lasted 5 years before coming apart. Very comfy and I loved them, so I bought a backup pair after two years. Well both pairs have now started to separate from the soles. Will not be buying this boot brand ever again.

Like others I had the soles separate before meaningful treadwear. Very expensive lesson. Only wore a few times a year for the last few years. Should have gotten many more hikes from these. Changed to new brand.

Bought these for my son who has a terribly time finding boots that fit his oddly shaped foot. He said he never knew what comfortable boots were until he got these. He will be doing a few hundred miles of backpacking this summer and I am confident that these will hold up well and give him the most comfort of any alternative choices.

Same problem as others. I had a prior pair for 6 years with no problems. This pair lasted two years before the soles came off entirely. Asolo doesn't make repairs. Going with a different brand.

Have been a member of REI since 1976. I will say that these have been good boots overall, very comfy, supportive and excellent traction. I replaced my old Vasque hikers from 1977 with these Asolo TPS520 in 2009. More comfy than the old Vasques, but not nearly as durable. We day hike most weekends in NC so these boots get plenty of use. This past weekend, while hiking Stone Mountain State Park, both soles delaminated. Luckily we were just day hiking and not on an isolated backpacking adventure. Kind of disappointing for a $300 pair of boots, especially since there is plenty of tread remaining on the outsole, even though they are now 8 years old. . I called REI Charlotte and they suggest shipping the boots to Dave Page in Seattle to be resoled. They estimate $75 to resole plus about $15 each way for shipping, so about $105 to give them some new life. I'll probably do this, but now I don't have any hiking boots for the next several weeks, so I'm a bit unhappy

I loved these shoes until the soles fell off, just like happened to others it seems. I had them for years, but the uppers still had years more left in them.

My boots held together for 3 yrs then the soles delaminated. Cheap construction and expensive boot. Live and learn! I will find another brand :(

The soles on my Asolo boots separated in less than 15 months. My boots were in great condition with little sign of wear. I bought them in November 2016, wore them for a couple hours almost every day (light use), and kept them in great condition, yet less than 15 months later the soles separated.

I finally wore through the sole after wearing mine EVERY day for over four years. I'm very happy with them and am looking to get a replacement pair. Never had any issue with the sole separating as described in other reviews. It would be helpful to know when they bought theirs. (Is this a recent problem? Because again, I can confirm the 2014 version doesn't have any sign of that issue. I'm actually pulling on the edges now and they're firm.)

I have had these boots for about a month now and I really like them, but they did require some break-in time for me, which I expected. Since most reviews I read mention break-in but don't describe what it feels like, I thought I'd add my experience. When I tried them on in the REI store, they felt very comfortable with no pressure points. So I bought them. I wore them around the house for a bit and then took them out for a few five mile hikes at a local nature center. The trails were fairly flat, so they were more like walks, actually, and I noted some discomfort in the heels and soles of my feet. After my first hike, the sole of my left (larger) foot was painful and it hurt to walk. I went back to REI and picked up some Green Superfeet, hoping they'd make a difference. Well, those need a little break-in as well, so the next few hikes weren't entirely comfortable, with some discomfort in my heels, the soles of my feet, and over my left big toe. Part of that discomfort was probably the boots and insoles, but part was probably my feet adapting to hiking again. (I haven't hiked in a number of years.) The discomfort usually sorted itself out by the end of my hikes, so I wasn't too worried. And having REI's return policy (one year!) took away any anxiety about being stuck with boots that didn't work for my feet. Yesterday, I went for a two-hour "real" hike with some pretty significant changes in elevation, and the boots performed flawlessly. I was huffing and puffing on a steep incline, and my hips and knees took a pounding on the descent, but my feet were happy the entire time. So I think these things are finally broken in, and they feel great. (I should add that I bought several pairs of Darn Tough wool socks, which are the best socks I've ever worn. They're expensive, but worth it.) I think these boots look great, the leather seems very durable, and I love the ankle support. (I have a bum ankle, and these have already saved me from rolling it more than once.) My foot is fairly wide, but the normal width works fine for me. They are easy to lace and stay tied. If I had to find something I don't like, I'd have to say that I wish it had a rubber rand to protect the toe area, but that's a very minor quibble and obviously wasn't a deal breaker for me. These are great boots that are supportive, look great, and seem to be very durable, although I guess only time will tell. Again, buying from REI is a no-brainer. Where else can you use a product for up to a year before deciding whether or not to keep it? If you pull the trigger and buy a pair, just be patient and give them at least a month or so before deciding whether they will work for you.

I seem to have missed out on any problems with these boots. I wore them hard, for hiking, doing rock work and landscaping. I loved them because I would be on my feet for work and play for 12 hours a day and my knees, ankles, whatever would not be sore. I have tried other shoes, and they jus don't measure up to what I put boots through. One popular brand did not even last a season. They are not cheap, but I got them because they are worth the money, so I can't imagine if something was defective that they wouldn't be returnable. Maybe I am just lucky.

Had the boots for over 12 years. Took about two years to fully break in. This is something I worn those who admired my boots and I was told prior. The other thing to consider is boot weight may be heavy but walking weight less an issue, but packing /luggage weight is. They are good tough boots that keep your feet dry. Wore mine in the heat and deep snow and cold without temperature issues, just by adjusting sock. Over the years I used them traveling all over, in Mexico deep mud and snow in Canada and Alaska. Sadly the sole started to split and resole was not an option due layers between sole and boot failing which causes the split. I tried to have professional fixed but no luck.

Hiked the Crow Pass Trail in Alaska this weekend, and the boots were amazing. They held up to the rocks, roots, brush, water, mud, anything we came across. Having recently rained for a couple weeks here, being waterproof was essential. Quickly dried the few times they got wet, moisture wasn't an issue.

I boot Asolo boots recommended to me by a mountaineering shop in Upstate NY back in 1999 for my Nepal trip.. Those boots were the boom. Comfortable, made well, and lasted years and years, and I used them daily for work too. I bought others and they lasted as long. I then started to notice the Vibram tread patter changed and they were dangerous in the snow. No traction whatsoever. I was an Asolo guy but was forced to buy Zamberlan boot almost exactly like these. Traction in the snow and mud is much better.. I will come back to Asolo if they can fix their sole and tread pattern issues.. Otherwise Zamberlan is the boot of choice. Come on Asolo, dont let this boot die a slow death

Had a pair for many years. Just getting broken in. Love the fit and the upper portion of the boot is solid. Then the soles started delaminating from the uppers. They look hardly worn in the bottom. Maybe a hundred or so miles. Given the other reviews, it seems to be a long-standing problem. Seems to me, a boot that cost this much would have a better sole adhesive.

I’ve now owned three pairs of these boots. I wear them daily as work boots in a huge variety of outdoor conditions. My first pair lasted 4 years, the second lasted 3, and I’m working on my third that’s a year old. I work in wet and muddy conditions. I’m also an avid hiker.

I don't know how the other soles gave them problems..but I'm on my 3rd set... Put many many hard miles on these in NH's mountains and out West in the National Parks....First two pairs are still fine... leather is getting scraped and beat from rocks I climb in and on. I use for hacking around... I still use them for hiking but bought a new pair to wear in the summer... old ones will be winter and stored in my camper so I have them when I take the camper..

I’m one of the upset customers who thought that they were buying a great long lasting boot only to find after A relatively short time that the soles COMPLETELY FAIL. The soles come off!!

A few years ago I purchased these for a outdoor event in Las Vegas. When I returned home I exchanged them for a less expensive pair of boots. Since then I’ve wanted them so a few weeks ago i went back and picked these up. I’ve put about 100 miles in them in the trails of Lock Raven Reservoir and the Big Gun Powder River. I absolutely love these boots! I will definitely always own a pair.

I’ve been wearing Asolo 520s for about 10 years. They’re terrific. I wore my first pair all over creation. I oiled them too often, which was a mistake. The leather got too soft and the sole glue finally delaminated because of the oil. Totally my own fault, so I’ve no complaints. Lesson: Don’t use too much oil! The next pair was great; I got some good use. I bought a new pair in April 2017, and they’re better than ever. The sole is a better design, and the leather is still the same quality. I’m stoked. They’re perfect for fall, winter, and spring, but they’re too hot in summer. In summer, I go with a mesh/breathable boot and skip the Goretex. I bought during the REI members sale, so I got 20% off, and I used my REI credit card so I get points. Total score!

I bought these boots 2 months ago from REI. Already both soles fell off. Sure I hiked for 6 weeks straight, but a pair of 300 dollar boots should be able to take it.

Very comfortable and waterproof. First pair, soles came unglued after about a year of fairly steady use. Lots of wear left. Just a few backpacks over mountainous terrain. Decided to try another to see if just a bad production run. Even less use, soles almost new, falling apart again. Treated them pretty carefully.

Love these boots ! I use them on rough approaches .I find that I can actually climb quite well up to 5.7/5.8 in them. Knowing the dangers of a back country loss of sole I had bought a 2nd pair 2 yeas ago for a trip to the Tetons. Sure enough a year ago I started to see the older pair starting to delaminate on the inside front edge where I stand on tiny holds. I peeled the soles and totally reglued them and will use these for short hikes now. I am rough on foot where and for any boot to still be useful after 7 years is good.I hope Asolo has fixed this on my newer pair.

Like many other reviewers I just found that my soles had delaminated. I only wear these are real hikes or in winter when there is snow on the ground. I would estimate that only have a few hundred miles on them and for the price I would expect them to last until I wear out the soles.

I've owned 2 pairs of these boots purchased at separate times. I have large feet and often find my size hard to find. But REI was able to get the needed size from other stores in a matter of days. Right out of the box these boots were comfortable to wear and minor hiking. With sufficient break in period these boots were great for overnight trips. For use as a uniform boot for the National Park Service they work perfectly. They can be polished easily and can be worn standing for long periods of time. So far, both boots have held up for many miles of hard backcountry hiking and scrambling with no issues. They are easy to repair scuffs and scratches, with polish. I have no hesitation in recommending these boots for any type of trail and or front country wearing.

I had the same problem as many others. The boots were several years old, but had limited use and almost no wear. Next thing I knew, both soles separated from the shoes. Very disappointing for a 300.00 pair of boots. Don't buy Asolo if you want a boot that lasts.

5 years of periodic hiking. Broke in easily. Great support and comfort on long hikes up steep terrain, snow, mud & trails. I expected better life for a $300 boot. There is still plenty of tread. I still wear my Red Wing work boots from 1977.

These were the most expensive comfortable pair of boots I have owned. The soles have separated after a few years of light use- the treads are in great shape. I would strongly recommend against purchasing these boot. I am very disappointed REI continues to carry them. Obviously all of these boots are defective, the company continues to sell the same boot and takes no responsibility for the situation.

I bought a pair of these boots a few months ago. So far I guess I have worn them for 100 miles or so, and have found them to be very comfortable. They lace up easily and snugly, and the padding in the tongue and around the ankles is nice. I'm a little worried about the reviews that say the soles have fallen off (which I had not seen at the time I bought the boots), but so far mine are doing fine.

Bought these boots about 3 months ago and the soles are already starting to come off. I've owned 4 pairs of fugitives by Asolo which are great boots and last for a year or two of everyday use, but these have an obvious flaw since I'm not the only person this has happened to. I was already hesitant about buying these after reading the reviews and I think I should have listened to my gut on this one.

My second pair the sole separated after 5 years. I still have the first pair over 10 years old. My wife just bought me my third pair, but I’m going to return them. Supper comfortable. But the sole is a serious problem.

I bought these boots in 14 wide 10+ years ago and swear they are the best. I wore them in all sorts of tough New England conditions (ski racer parent) and never have I been cold wet or uncomfortable. Wear like iron. I walked my dog every morning in the woods for 5 years. Now the soles are worn and coming loose. After ten years I consider that ok. However I am worried about recent reports of delamination and I worry more about the lack of warranty/fix from REI and the manuf. what should I do? Change brands? Don’t want to because I have very challenging feet to fit and these were like slippers. Sad but likely to double down and be a repeat buyer. Will do some research to find out what the manufacturer is doing about this issue.

I've bought several of these boots, they're great as long as you plan to discard them before the sole tears off the of boot, this is due to rubber right above the sole disintegrating 2-3 years after the boot is made

It will be 4 years in March since I bought these boots and they have held up very well. I use them for hiking, working on the farm and they also worked great riding a motorcycle. I frequently wear them to work too. Some of the coloring wore off but I just used some dark brown shoe cream and they look like new again. They are still going strong. I will take them next month hiking in Iceland.

Rubber sole (toe area) began to separate from boot after my first hike. Ive only used the boots on 4 five mile hikes and now one of the soles has completely separated. I do not recommend buying these boots.

Bought these in 2008. Cared for them like they were my baby. The leather part is still like new, but the soles have begun to separate even though the lugs are like new too. It brings me to tears to see these degrade in such a humiliating way. Will never recommend buying this Romanian trash! I'm done with purchasing consumer grade footwear. It's all military boots and shoes from now on!

5 years and both soles have fallen off. Have tried multiple cobblers that Vibram recommended. Both have said poor design or manufacturing defect. One actually attempted repair. Lasted a month. Comfortable boot while it lasted. To get perspective on how poor this boot is, the last pair of REI purchased boots lasted 25 years.

Shelf life will kill these boots. I only use these for heavy packing (over 35 lbs) once a year or so or on really dense and rocky trails, so I've only put 200 miles on these boots in the last 5 years. I was unaware until recently that it is NORMAL for the glue in these boots to decompose and cause delamination of the sole in 2-3 years. This happened to me recently and I plan to fix it with shoe glue since it is not covered by any warranty, but will still replace with a reliable substitute. If you are dropping $300 on a boot, consider the construction. I've had other boots from a local boot maker here in Portland that are still going strong after 15 years and can easily be resoled. I would also consider a direct molded boot where delamination is impossible.

Most of the negative reviews I read centered around the tread falling off of the soles. The water proof and durable leather uppers are great. At almost 3 months of use, the tread has begun to separate on the 'evo' tabs of each heel area. One has also begun separating at the inside forefoot area. I like them for my line of work, so I will be looking to get a replacement.

Catastrophic failure. The soles fell off 4 miles into the backcountry on a backpacking elk/deer hunt. I had to end my hunt early. Can't hunt without boots.

Would not recommend these boots for two reasons. One: the soles always felt too narrow for the boot. Two: after several years the soles completely detached from the boots. A quick web search will validate this is a known issue. Not acceptable for a $300 hiking boot that does not come with a lifetime warranty or any kind of repair option backed by Asolo.

For more than 10 years, I have been in love with Asolo boots. We currently live and work in Africa. We loved that they can be conditioned back to looking perfectly new, and are waterproof.

Soles inner foam core dry rotted and vibram rubber layer peeled off, can not be reattached . Very poor design that MOST manufactures are now using I can only assume to sell more or reduce cost .Nothing makes me more furious than paying over 200.00 for footwear and maintaining the leather in perfect condition, only to have them fail in 2years.

This is my third pair. Each has lasted about 6 years and over 1000 miles. I mostly hike in New Hampshire, which is wet, rocky, and rooty. My last pair did delaminate, but I figure 6 years and 1000 hard miles is pretty good. I'm hoping the new EVO technology fixes this issue. I'm 6'2, and with my average pack, push 250 lbs on the trail. These shoes are great for snowshoeing (warm and dry). And, I love the ankle support I get which is critical in NH when you are either hopping from granite boulder to granite boulder, or from root to root. I probably would have sprained my ankle several times if I had a cheaper boot. There is plenty of room in the toe box for a good pair of socks, but definitely recommend upgrading the insert (I use the Powerstep Pulse). Takes me about 50 miles to break in a pair.

Had these boots for approx. 5 years, they do fit good and provide good support ans stability while hiking with a loaded pack...recently, the sole on the right boot begant to separate while on a short hike, soon, the same thing was happening with the left boot. After reading the reviews and checking with Asolo’s web site, I went directly to the recommended cobbler who at this time does not know if they can be repaired or not. Not a good value for the expense of the product.

I used them to hike Chile's Torres del Paine "O" and "W" trails. At first the boots were comfortable until I crossed a shallow creek then, the soles under the ball of the feet became unglued. I had to stop, go back to the base, hire a ride back to Puerto Natales, spend three days in a hotel waiting for the repair, pay to have them re-glued, hire a ride back to base at a cost of $200 for the cab, $50 for the regluing, and $150 for the hotel room and $50 for meals. The next day after crossing another creek the soles became unglued again. I never finished the trails--it was a very frustrating and expensive experience.

I loved the fit and look of these boots but coming back from an easy hike yesterday I found the soles on both feet had separated from the leather at the heel and chunks had broken off from the rubber. Reading through other reviews here I see this is a common problem. Terrible quality. Don't buy them.

Worked well the first year of use. Wore them for the first time in a while and found the outsole flapping loosely on the boot on a return leg of a hike. Same issue as others, the midsole crumbling away and delaminating from the outsole. Very disappointed.

I wanted to keep my review short. However, like other relationships with emotions, my relationship with this boot is complicated. I am on my fourth pair.

Like many of the other reviews, one day this winter the soles on my boots started crumbling. When walking home from work later that day I almost lost both soles during a blizzard.

I've owned several pairs of Asolo boots. Always got a quality product. These were super comfy. With occasional use, at 4 - 5 years old, the glue failed, both soles came completely off, and they are now in the garbage can. I probably didn't have 30 miles on them. This is what I expect at Walmart for $30, not REI For $330

I’m on my sixth pair. They used to be the greatest boot ever in the history of boots but now, not so much. I used to find them a perfect fit but now they seem to run a little more narrow which was confirmed by a couple REI workers but denied by Asolo. I find that the newer boots soles are separating from the shoe and in one case, the heel has separated. With that said, I wear these boots as everyday shoes and for hikes except for the summer when the boots with shorts aren’t as a cool look running to Target as a hey are hitting a trail. I’ve never had a blister while hiking in them and my feet never really seem to sweat in them. Whatever magic was used to make these boots ten years ago, I wish it would be sprinkled onto the production of them today. In the meantime, I keep buying them wishing the quality would return to greatness.

Both boots had the outsole separate while on a SAR callout—not the ideal time to have a blowout but luckily it was in a location that wasn't too far from where I could get back to my vehicle. I went to REI the next day and bought a replacement pair of the Asolos without looking at the reviews (or whether these could be resoled). After reading the reviews, it appears a lot of customers encountered the same issue.

This boot is amazingly comfortable. Unfortunately it has a fatal flaw: the midsole will dry-rot even when the user exercises every precaution, and Asolo refuses to provide OEM resole products to address the issue. I recommend Danner boots instead.

So sad about these boots. I've loved these boots for about 10 year and hundreds of miles, but after taking them out for the first time in a few years the soles went from fine to completely delaminated in 10 miles leaving me to hike out in sandals.

Utilized shoes four years. Kept same in excellent shape. Shoes were not abused and not worn excessively. Soles came apart without any warning.

Boots were barely used and very little wear on sole when the soles of both boots had the soles falling off. Duct tape got us back out but our trip was ruined. Since I no longer had a receipt Asolo customer service said there was nothing they could do and they were very rude about it. I will never buy an Asolo product again!

Boot quality has gone downhill. POOR customer service. The sole separated on the first hiking trip. I do not recommend these boots. I have used the for the past 10 years showed all my receipts and they would not repair them

I’ve had these boots for several years now and put in many miles of hiking and snowshoeing with them. Great fit, never a blister and only in the last few snowshoe trips did they let water in.

I have owned 3 pair and also bought my wife a pair and every pair I have owned the soles have come off. Way over priced for being junk! Buyers beware! I have since replaced them with Vasque and will never buy Asolo again.

An expensive boot, I went with it for what appeared to be a rugged, durable boot with Gore Tex for dry and breathable performance. After wearing for a few years, I've had the same experience as many others posting here - the soles fell off. Just separated from the boot, and were flapping along as I walked. Unacceptable for the cost and few years that these were owned, and worn only infrequently. Will go to a different brand next time.

When I first bought my Asolo TPS 520 Boots at REI in 2003 they were great. I paid only $150 for it brand new. However, with use and time the soles became brittle and quickly deteriorated. First to deteriorate (and crumble) were the heels around the circle claimed to be the "Shock Absorber". Then the rest of the sole followed. This happened at the same time with both pairs.

I use these a couple times a year for hunting trips and haven't put very many miles on them. The soles separated from the boots in the middle of a trip, lucky only 1/4 mile from the truck.

I take 11W in other brand boots, so I got 11W in these also. But they are too narrow. This is the second time I have tried, and returned, Asolo boots: it is clear their last, even in the "wide" is too narrow for my feet. Also there is alot of heel lift because of too much width in the heel. The rubber toe guard is pretty skimpy: doesn't protect the leather as much as I would have liked.

I like the fit, feel, and look of these boots. I am/was skeptical after seeing so many poor reviews with the sole detaching but I’ve gotten into some good mountainous, scrabble from AZ to WY, PA to WA (maybe not as many miles as others) but they’ve held up well. Some TLC every now and then and they look like new. I bought them with gift cards + REI dividend so price wasn’t a determining factor, as it could be for most.

These were very comfortable boots but after a few years and 15 or so hikes the soles completely separated from the boots and appear to have dry rotted

Resoling capability, a quality leather upper, and comfortable out of the box were the main reasons I made a purchase. Cheap material or poor sole to upper bonding of past hiking boots (Keen Durand & Targhee) led me seek the durable Asolo upper leather construction with resoling means I'll get more than a years worth of use out of these boots. At 4 lbs these boots are noticeable heavier but the rigid sole give my senior feet the support I need to hike in comfort. Susceptible to blistering, I experienced zero foot issues after a 5 miler right out of the box. Four stars on grip over rocks, could be better. Yeah, I'm hard on hiking boots. I put 'em thru the ringer. We'll see how these hold up. The most expensive hiking boots on the REI shelf.

This is my second pair and I expected to get 8 years out of them, but the sole separated after 3 years. I want be buying a 3rd pair.

Waste of money. Lightly used boots, less than 200 miles, the left sole totally failed.

Te soles fell off. That is a deal breaker for any boot. From the reviews I see this in a common issue.

An REI boot specialist recommended these to me after I had returned three pairs of Zamberlan Vioz GT. The Zamberlan's hiked great, but did not last. The Asolo fit slightly tight, but fit exact. But I ended up with low back injury and planter fasciitis in one foot after 60 miles of hiking in them. The boots never loosened up and gave me that "groove" you get from a classic pair of boots.

I purchased these boots about 9 years ago, or at least the version they were selling at the time. I use my hiking boots for lots of hiking and backpacking so one might think that 9 years of use is not bad for the soles to begin falling off of them. For me, I have higher standards for $300 boots. I guess I was just expecting as high a quality as my Vasque boots which these replaced. I hiked, backpacked, and worked in the yard in these boots for 18 years and they were literally falling a part from extreme use before I had to lay them to rest. I used those boots twice as much as these as I did more hiking in my younger years and they were amazing. I thought Asolo was touted as fitting the same bill. I guess not. They did fit like a glove though.

For people that work in the backcountry, hike 10+ miles a day and need a tough pair of boots that stand up to jagged rock, brush just about anything else Asolo TPS's are second to none. The sleek all-leather exterior and lace eye-holes that sit flush with the leather do not provide a surface for anything to catch to the boot, and minimizes the risk of the boots failing in locations where fabric is sewed together on the exterior. Even though these boots are tough as nails on the exterior they are ventilated on the interior and are great in warm weather. If you put serious miles on your boots you know that lower priced models and brands are not good enough to stand up to the rigors of daily extensive use. Even other high-quality all leather models will wear out way before these. Nearly every professional I know that work in warm climates put thousands of miles on their boots a year exclusively buy these boots.

I've owned 4 different pairs of these things in the last two years. I'm super thankful for rei return policy. This thing is worth the money but just know that the soles might come undone. I wear them pretty heavy (around 8 months out of the year). Nothing beats the comfort and ankle support but he reason I didn't give a 5 star is because the soles constantly become undone :(

I wear this model Asolo 7 days/wk. On construction sites, hunting, hiking, stomping through swamps and bogs. My first two pairs (about 5 years old) are just staring to de laminate, but the Vibram soles are almost smooth from countless miles and they are still comfortable and waterproof. I could not ask more of any boot. They give me the support I need without excessive weight or bulk. I have to say that one reason I ignored the recent bad reviews is that I trust REI to take care of me. My latest pair don't have enough miles on to judge long-term durability, but the support and comfort is exactly the same as what I've become addicted to and I don't look quite so conspicuous wearing them in church! If there is a better boot at this price for everyday /go anywhere use, let me know.

I bought these boots back in 2011 to prepare for a backcountry trip in Denali NP. It is now 2018, and these boots still get me through heavily-loaded and/or rocky hikes, and snowy Michigan winters.

Boots fit great and are really comfortable. For the most part the boots have held up good. However, in my opinion they do not have very good traction and just like others have reported, the soles began to separate from the boot. Luckily , I was on a day hike and not too far in. If I was on an extended trip and miles in, it could have been bad.

At first I loved these boots - very comfortable and durable ( I thought ). But after about three years, I noticed that the gray foam layer of the sole was starting to degrade and on my next hike this layer just disintegrated and the soles basically started to fall off. I had to cut short my trip and limp back with the soles duct taped on.

Just try them on and see if fit is right for you. Many boots are a bit too narrow for me in the toe box, but then the wides are too much. This one was spot on for me in the regular fit. Of course needs a break in period. Have had for 4 years with moderate use and no problems with the soles. Am starting to unevenly wear on the soels from too much time on concrete. LOVE the buckle system definitely best system I have seen for keeping strings evenly tensioned. They are on heavy side but great protection and worth it for me.

For five years I have worn this boot over every type of terrain imaginable. Jagged rock trails, swampy mud, long days, chain saw days, you name it. Worn every day during Peyongchang Olympics and never cold. Quality leather which only requires occasional treatment. Cheaper boots I have tried last maybe a year or two. Best of all is fit and support as I have difficult feet to fit. One tip (for any boot) is to try on multiple sizes and don’t pay any attention to the number but buy the pair that fits. Pricy but

I have purchased two pairs of Asolo boots from REI over the past 15 years.

Need to get your exact size and width. Stiff boot that you need to break in thoroughly before using for hiking mountains. This boot caused blisters on my big toe, little toe, and ankle. Tried several times with different methods of liner socks, Darn Tough boot hiking socks, and blister bandages but no success avoiding blisters. I recently switched from the regular width to wide width which helped hiking up mountain but friction returned when hiking down mountain.

I have at least 2500 miles on these boots with approx 500 while carrying a 40 lb backpack. I bought them approx 7 years ago prior to backpacking the Chilkoot Trail, which is In southern Alaska and Northern British Columbia, I have never had a blister and my feet have never been wet, in spite of all the mud and snow. they have been absolutely excellent. The soles are starting to show wear and should probably be resoled soon.

I bought a pair of these boots from REI in 2004. I almost literally wore them everyday for 14 years. Barely any heel wear. Still have sole tread left, however, the finally just separated from the boot. 14 years!!! And they could pass as “slightly used”. I’m buying another pair for the next 14 years.

This is my 4th or 5th set of these boots. They last for 3-5 years and are great in any type of terrain, (limited rock climbing also) with a full pack or daypack, especially off trail, (like on the Grand Canyon North Rim, etc.). Sure they are a bit heavier then these light weight boots/sneakers which are all about, (which I have tried off trail) but the sole and exterior construction is better made, stronger, lasts longer, and allows one to step on almost anything without fear or hurt. Good in the rain, water, and mud also. Better ankle support is a plus especially for loose and steep terrain. Cactus resistance is also better. They are a bit heavier on the foot, (and thus total load) but the security of the foot placement makes up for it-I look at it as good exercise. I would recommended them for any type of off trail and all around hiking. Always buy in store to try on and they come in a wide size which I need. Worth the price as your feet are so key to your enjoyment and survival off trail.

Like many others who purchased these boots, the sole came off. Less than 150 miles of day hikes of 4-10 miles. My first pair were great with no problems over several hundred miles.

I have now had 5 pairs of these boots over the last decade. I love the comfort, they have been the only boot I can put on and do miles in without a break in. I do around 700-1000 miles a year, around 2013 there quality went down a bit (When manufacturing left Italy and went to Romania). My first 2 pairs were great, the leather cracked early on my third pair, and the insides of my last pair tore up before they were done, plan to send those to Dave Page. I have never had the soles bust apart on me like a lot of the reviews show. This last pair got me 3 years, 2 is probably average though, I never buy them without the 20% off and use of the dividend, so when you get these boots down for around $200 the 2-3 years of good comfortable use are good enough for me with how much I beat them.

I have had mine since 2007 and they are still in great condition. I as thinking of getting more but after seeing all these reviews about soles falling off from the new style I guess I will stick with the 2007 Asolo's til they can't be worn any longer!!

I bought these boots when I moved my Daughter to Washington. I use them primarily as motorcycle boots and some hiking. They were great on my 2,200 mile trip to North Carolina! Help up to wind and water. They are the most comfortable boots I own!

The soles on these boots lasted about a quarter of the length of time as did my Zamberlins or Solomons. these were my first Asolo boots and I’m definitely going back to Zamberlins, starting this afternoon.

Second pair of these boots. Should have learned the first time. Had them a few years but only wear about 10-15 times a year. Soles came of both pair that I owned. No excuse for the price I paid for these.

I bought a pair of these boots several years ago and only had light to moderate miles on them and the soles peeled off. I took them to my cobbler and even he couldn't re sole them because the FOAM sole was deteriorating/rotting. For what I paid for these boots (over $300) and given the upper was still absolutely useable when the soles rotted off, I would never consider another boot from this manufacturer.

I'm on my second pair of this boot, and while pricey, it will take just about anything you throw at it. Know that this is a backpacking boot, not a day hiker or "trail" boot. Heavier than your average boot, it has a stiff insole for those of us who need that, and excellent ankle and heel support. Definitely find these in the store and walk around in them before ordering, as they are not for every foot. Still, if you are packing 30+ lbs. on rough trails, this boot will get you there.

I've been reading the reviews on people who are having issues with these boots. I'm on my 3rd pair and just ordered a 4th pair. I use these boots everyday when I go for my morning walk. Last year I put 2,200 miles on a pair of boots with no issues. My first pair did separate and Asolo did send me a new pair free of charge.

sole delaminates - like for soooo many others. boots are several years old but with no more than 30 miles on them. glad I checked them before a camping trip!

This is my second pair of these fantastic boots. Had the first pair for over 10 years. Yes, they are slightly heavy but they are so comfortable and durable.

I was very disappointed to find the soles of my boots rotting after about 3 years of what I would call light use for mountaineering boots; 3-4 times a year for 2-3 day trips over about 3 years. So I wore them about a maximum of 36 times. Even if I wore them 50 times, or 100, what is a reasonable amount of wears one should expect from a shoe sole? Wouldn't it be reasonable to expect better than average performance from a $300+ boot, compared to $100 ones I used to wear? Shouldn't a Mountaineering boot be more rugged than an average one?

I love these boots. I read reviews about sole delamination. I had soles de-laminate on another brand of European boots. It was caused by that spray silicone garbage they promote for footwear. After I watched it destroy my other boots, I bought a pair of these. They are sturdy, yet comfortable to wear anywhere on the planet. It would be hard to twist your ankle in these! They run small! I normally wear an 11.5 and needed 13 in these to allow for shrinkage over the years.

I purchased these boots 2 or 3 years ago. They have been up and down numerous volcanoes in Oregon, in snow, lava scree, and 5th class sections, and probably 300 hiking & backpacking miles. The bottoms of the soles have started wearing through under the toes. The soles have lasted longer than many other boots I've owned. (I only got about 50 miles out of a pair of Fugitives that included a climb of Borah Peak.) I periodically treated the leather uppers to keep them from drying out, but when I sent them to Dave Page, Cobbler for re-soling, they told me that the leather was too soft to re-sole. I am now looking for another pair of boots and was sure that I would buy another pair of these Asolos until I read the reviews about soles delaminating from the uppers. I would recommend these boots to a friend. but they are so expensive that I might ignore my own advice and try a less expensive pair this time because I'm worried about the issue with the soles.

most comfortable boot ever, right up until the sole blows out and they fall apart. I have had probably 10 pairs of Asolo's over the years. I used them as work boots in an industrial setting and they performed very well until this pair, total junk and REI doesn't back them, and no repairs in our far reaching part of Colorado locally.

After a few years they self destruct whether you wear them or not. I've had 2 pair. They fit me well and are comfortable. I only use them for short weekend backpacking trips maybe 15 days a year, after 3 years they came apart. First time REI helped some on getting another pair. No help this time. Disappointed with Asolo and REI.

Feet are important and I'm not sure why I waited so long to accept that. I hacked around with intermediate hiking boots, rationalizing why an insert was just as good, a gel heel pad would solve my issues, there was no need as my boots were just fine.

About eight years ago I bought these boots because I was backpacking as much as I was hiking. I quickly realized I needed more solid boots than my regular hiking boots and shoes. I read a lot of good things about these boots and everything I was promised was delivered. The only letdown came when I, proudly, walked into a cobble shop because of a detached sole, and the craftsman said, 'these boots are done'. At first I thought he meant they were so easy to fix, consider it done... but he didn't. He said they can be resoled but that wasn't the problem. I was so stunned that don't recall the problem, other than him saying, 'this would be like gluing the soles to sand'.

I have had these boots for more than 5 years and after an initial break in period of 20 miles they are my go to, trail mostly sometimes work and urban only when it's raining. As of this last atmospheric river downpour in Northern California, I'm proud to say this investment is holding up strong especially after walking through flash-flood streams- my feet remain dry!

I'm on my second pair, and they are a very reliable boot. I'm in AK and my feet are perfectly warm in temps down to -5. I wear them summer and winter and my feet stay warm and dry. Wore them yesterday for a 10 hour bike ride in cold temps with no issues. My girlfriend use to complain about cold feet. I got herbs pair, and she's agrees. The soles are peeling of my old pair, but I've put them through the ringer..

This is the second pair that I have purchased for my son to use both as everyday/manual/skilled labor boots. Wearing them everyday into school, work, and generally everywhere, it is time to replace them. They held up incredibly well and I am super pleased to say their durability actually managed to keep up with him!! I would rank these right up with made in USA Danner, Red Wings and Chippewa boots.

Bought a pair of these this season. Wore them on walking to and from work each day for break in. About 40 miles. I am 55 with past knee problems. These boots are very solid for surefootedness and ankle support, Just took them to Isle Royale. 30 plus wet miles on the Feldtmann Loop. Dry feet all the way, and handled slippery mud well. Good on wet rock too. Easy on and off. So far so good.

Bought mine in 2000 and lasted me until this year. Included daily use in Afghanistan for a six month period as well as hand over hand rock climbing. Finally died and bought a new pair which are doing great.

I am on my fifth pair of the 520 TPS but only my first of the 529 GV EVO. I purchased my first pair in December of 2015. I used to have various foot problems ( Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, etc) which limited how far I could hike. These boots essentially fixed everything.

I bought these boots from REI about 4 months ago. I walk regularly over rough terrain, and decided that I needed a decent pair of hiking boots. As soon as I put these on, I knew they were the right ones for me. They hold my foot, snug without being tight, and the fit is true to size. They also feel light and very good quality. The Vibram sole has excellent grip, although I haven't tested them in very wet or snowy conditions yet. It took about 60 miles to wear them in so that they didn't feel stiff. I made the mistake of lacing them too tight, resulting in an ache along the top of one foot, so I took a break from wearing them for a couple of weeks and then laced them a little more loosely over the foot, keeping the same tension on the ankle. I have had no problems since then and now, after about 200 miles of walking, they have become part of me and I don't really notice that I'm wearing them. Perfect!

I purchased these in late 2015 and they are still in great shape although I am wearing them a lot. I was looking for leather boots with as few seams and little stitching as possible because that's where most previous hiking boots failed on me. I use these in the snow and in the desert heat and everything in between. I am very happy with them and have absolutely no complaints.

Like an ex - how can a boot feel so right be so bad? Like all the other reviews, great feel, shiiit soles. I guess I don’t need to post a duct taped boot holding it together.

I got these boots at REI about 2 years ago. I have used them for mountain hiking and also for normal city walking. Recently I went on vacation and walked about 12 km. a day, for a week. No problem at all.

Going light is all the rage. Trail runners are popular for backpacking and you hear the old adage that "a pound on the feet is like five on the back." I have tried several brands of lighter boots and trail shoes, but was never quite happy. Sand worked its way through the mesh of some. With others, the shanks were light and weak revealing the details of every pebble on the trail. Some had proprietary soles that were worn in a short time and felt unsafe descending slopes.

I purchased size 13 and the pair weighed 5.4 lbs ~2.5 kg. I wore them in the house for a day and had to return them since they were too narrow and rubbed on the outside of my foot by the little toe..that would blister as my feet swell on a hike.

After 21 years, these boots are still in great condition. I finally broke down and bought another pair of Asolos. They are super comfortable, durable, waterproof, and will handle all conditions you throw at them. I still keep them as work boots and they still get a lot of use.

Lots of reviews are talking about the soles separating on these boots. I hiked continuously in them for almost 2200 miles and the soles only barely started to separate towards the end of my journey. They're pretty stiff at first, but that means that they provide excellent ankle support, which is a must for me. Couldn't have made the trek without these.

I wish I hadn't discarded my Asolo boots. I admit to being frustrated from the sole separation on both boots, but I could have photographed the condition to verify my review. (sigh) Amazing that the cost for these things does NOT indicate good quality. I gave Asolo one star because they exist. They're bad news so save your money & look elsewhere.

Worst boots I ever had. Both soles came off after 25 days of everyday use.

I have had these boots for 4 Years now. I use them for Colorado backpacking with hundreds of miles year. Many without a trail in gnarly back country. These boots have been indestructible and comfortable. I am surprised to see all the bad reviews about the sole seperating, but for me if I ever wear this pair out, I’ll buy another.

It's July 2017, and the soles on my Asolo leather boots started to come off on a weekend trip to the Sierras. Thanks to REI's purchase history, I know I bought them in April 2012, and loved them all along the way for being waterproof and giving great support. I think 5 years is fair enough, and I'm getting an "Evo" replacement.

Almost lasted a year. There water proofing was amazing. Stiffness was good maby 4 out of 5. Gortex cooks your feet so if you are working hard or in a hot area you will switch out socks every 1 to 2 hrs or you will hate life. Stock insole sucks dont leave without super feet. Euro design so even the wide did not save me from a long painful break in.i wair an 11d in custom made boots. And even the 12 wide was too tight. So went with a 11.5 and biy did it take a lot of blisters to break them in. 1 week and 110 hrs on my feet later they started to mold to my foot. 1 week later the back seam near heal cup broke could not restitch 2 fold, 1 gortex 2 plastic foot cup. Soul of boot lasted a good amount of time *however grip in wet clay was a tragic image of a toddler trying to ice skate the first time. Ankle suport was next to non existent. And the inner cushen as a pile of shooe dust behind. Though it did make them a 5 star item they are great. Personly i finly hade to get wights instead. The money hert but the more i wair them the more i did the right thing. I would buy again if they offered without liner and leather instead of ev phomeome.

Lasted me a long time. TPS worked as advertised. No leakage or delamination here. Mine were pre-2016 update - they fixed the only issue I had by making deeper lugs. Two new models in this series now, including one with cordura/suede upper and another with a rubber rand. Will definitely buy Asolo TPS boots again! Great value!

Logged more than 130 miles with no blisters and water proofing is still working in water several inches deep.

I just bought my third pair of Osolo boots. The same model has been available over the years and I keep going back because of comfort and durability. I have other boots but these have been my go to favorites it seems forever. Keep up the good work and don’t stop making this great product. Thanks for asking

I have been wearing this boot since 2006 or before. I have only ever had one pair that the to cap started to come off of. Asolo sent a replacement pair to the post office at Delaware Water Gap as I was on an AT Thru Hike at the time.

The boots are comfortable however they loose traction on wet surfaces. Everything from the steps on the truck to a wet rock. These boots are hiking trail boots. You cannot rely on them to keep your footing on wet surfaces. Asolo has some good products this is just not one of them. Happy hiking

I never had a problem with the sole of these boots. I wore them in British Columbia for mountaineering trips that didn't require any crampons for two summers. Other people had more expensive shoes but their feet got wet from being in the snow. Mine were bone dry and comfy.

The uppers on the boots are really nice but I also have had the soles delaminate. This totally unacceptable and I will NEVER buy another pair of Asolos. There is no way I am going to waste my money having these resoled when I can buy another brand new at sale prices.

The fit of these boots is fantastic! I have 50 miles on the boots at this point. I experienced no hot spots during the break-in, the grip on rocks is very good, and the fit around my ankles is very comfortable and secure. I was hesitant to purchase the TPS 520 GV boots due to reports of sole delamination. I wrote Asolo directly via email and they warrantied the boots for 2 years beyond the date of purchase. Also, Asolo provides a one-time resole for boots purchased within the last 5 years. I normally wear a size 11 street shoe, so I purchased an 11.5 in the wide size. Again, the fit could not be better!. I am very pleased with the boots. In looking for good backpacking boots for long treks and some off trail travel, I also liked the Scarpa Kinesis. However, the fit was not as good through the toes; hence, I opted to purchase the TPS 520 GV's in a wide size. I waited until after the break-in period to write this review in order to give the boots a fair shake. The more I hike with these boots the better I like them. So far, the boots are fantastic!

Many years ago I bought these boots for backpacking and backpacked for years. I still use them for my daily walks and hikes because of the excellent ankle support. I use SuperFeet in them for extra arch support and comfort.

If I had to describe these boots in one word it would be “workhorse”. These boots are solid, comfortable and everything I had hoped for in this purchase. Very expensive but very worth it. You get what you pay for with these

I haven't had these long enough to comment on their longevity, but the sole has been redesigned, so hopefully some of the separation issues will be resolved. In any case, I have never had any boot I liked enough to wear last me more than 3 years, so that should not be an issue for me.

I bought a pair of these shoes in late 2010. They fit great and I always loved the comfort. I have hiked with them in many placed and took extra care of them - regular polishing, etc. The shoes for the most part look very good. Unfortunately, on my last trip, one sole disintegrated! In the meantime, the lifetime warranty was reduced to 1 year! In early 2011 I also bought a pair of Merrell which still look good. Not sure if I should expect the shoes to fail that way, but I also ride motorcycles, and I bought a pair of booths at the same time that take a beating in the rain and they still look great. I will let the reader decide if this is a worthwhile investment. This is the first time I need to get rid of a pair of shoes against my will (I'm over 50). At this stage I do not plan to replace them with Asolo shoes. I really expected to keep on using these shoes longer. When I tried to return them to REI, I was told that the shoes had not been stored properly. I store all my shoes in the same way & I don't have issues with my other shoes & maintain them as best as I can.

As a professional gardener, I rely heavily on good foot and ankle support year around. I Have three pairs of this boot and it is an amazing treat for my feet to be i them all darn day. Won't hesitate to add a forth!

This is my third pair. THere is no break in and they are ready to go out of the box. I get about 2,500 miles per pair. Waterproofing once yearly helps maintain the leather.

I’m on my feet all day delivering packages, when I’m not I’m landscaping. My feet never get sore, never get cold. These boots are the best! Highly recommended!

They are worth it. They fit great. I bought these boots to last. A friend of mine has had the same pair for 10 or 12 years now and swears by them.

So, I bought these for my first true backpacking trip. It was a week long trip in the middle of nowhere Canada. Worked great. Got a landscaping job, wore them all summer long. Worked great. Used them as my snowshoes while walking to class in Michigan winters. Stayed dry and comfortable. Got a job and these became my daily work boots for years. I had them for so long and wore them so often I can't believe they were still in one piece. 13 years later a piece of the sole started to come off on the tip of one shoe and sadly it deteriorated from there.

Replaced same boots I have had for years. The original boots fell apart but not before many hard miles. Most comfortable boots and best fit ever.

I highly recommend this boot to anyone who is looking for comfort and protection! Also I like the fact that they can be re soled

This is my 4th pair over the last 12 years or so and hope I never have to change. Thank you Asolo and REI!!

These boots are so great they could build a great wall; and nobody builds walls better than me.

11 pairs, tough, look good after a year, no failures, everyday use

High priced, but worth it. This is my third pair of these boots.

One of the best boots I've packed in!!!!

Needing to replace my Asolo Drifters after 2.5 years and 1000 miles plus the inability to resole for 2nd time it was time to find a new set of trekkers. Having loved my Drifters aside from the early side stitching failure I was focused on another Asolo product. With open mind still explored other high end backpacking boots. Settled on another pair of Asolo boots as they fit my foot the beast. I have only completed 3 small backpacking trips totaling 50 miles but have been happy so far. As these are a heavier duty boot than the Drifters they will require more break-in time than the Drifters. I believe they will require about 100 miles plus to fully break-in. At this time I am extremely happy with the construction and comfort (added new SOLE inserts as in all my boots) and trail performance. I had some initial concerns about breathability but have been pleasantly surprised (Arizona hiker) so far and have not found the boots to be hot. I purchased these boots in planning for some long, heavy weight pack adventures planned for the next few years to include high Sierra's and Alaska and am confident these will perform as expected. Only issue so far was some small blistering above heels on back of foot but I believe that could be a result of figuring out best sock configuration for this boot.

Have been wearing the Asolo 520 series since before it had GoreTex. Probably on my 5th or 6th pair in 25 years. Boots see many a miles, from Alaska to the Rocky Mountains to New England, in all kinds of conditions. From hard~pack, to rock scree, to butter, to mud. Always reliable. Having always taken primo care with sealing, drying, pulling the insoles out after every wear. Although this sole~separation does not sound like a maintenance and care issue. I have tried one other boot company (Z), just so I could say I tried another. Having done so, I went right back to the boot that felt the best on my feet, most reliable, and plenty of support, the 520. My most recent pair is about 4 years old with no issues. I have to admit, I did not like the new sole design or composition. The tread seems too soft, and over (what seems like a shorter amount of) time and many miles, (approximating in the 300-400 mile range), rocks will wear them down similar to the bottoms of your favorite bunny slippers. But probably most soles would wear similarly over rock.

These are the most comfortable and longest lasting boots I've ever owned. I use them for both work and for hiking and they have never failed me. My last pair lasted 2 years of heavy abuse outdoors and exposure to strong organic solvents and other corrosive chemicals at work. My only possible complaint being that they could have a bit more grip on wet surfaces.

I wear a size 15 boot. The leaves me with very few options for true hiking foot wear. I work in the woods, off trail, on steep, rocky, often briary and wet terrain. I'm hard on boots and don't go out of my way to take care of them.



I need a wide in 14 US. Does Asolo manufacture this size?

​As of August 2018, we are out of stock of these boots in a size 14 wide and do know when they will become available again.


What length of laces does this boots need?

​The included laces are 70 inches.


Is there a full length shank in these boots?

​Asolo uses a full-length AsoFlex lasting board that is made from a composite nylon material.


Are these boots electrical rated

No, these boots are not rated for that.


Is there a formula for estimating the exact weight of the boots? It says the "average" pair weighs 4 lbs. 2 oz.  Which size is "average?"  I take a size 13, which, I'm sure will weigh more, but how much more?

There is not a formula. Size 13 weighs 4 lbs. 9.4 oz.


How do you properly measure your foot for proper length and width. It seems that today sizing is all over the place.

​The most reliable way to measure the length and width of your feet is to use a Brannock foot measuring device (found at most footwear stores).


I just purchased a pair of the TPS 520 GV MW boots at my local REI brick and mortar. I don't see EVO anywhere on the box. How do I insure these are the latest version? (Delamination addressed). Is "EVO" anywhere on the box or boot? thanks rch

The box itself does not say "Evo" on it, but the boot lists "Evo" on the heel below where "TPS" is inscribed. This can be seen in the second image above on this page.


this site says that they can be re-soled, how would I go about doing this? I have a pair that Ive put roughly 1500 miles on in the last year and I'm wearing through the sole

We recommend Dave Page, Cobbler to resole boots;


Warranty on this boot?

When you make a purchase from REI, you’re covered by the REI Warranty:


What is the difference between the wide vs standard fit? Is it just with of the sole or also volume? On a size 42 what is the difference between them?

A wide fit is wider at the ball of the foot, but it is not higher volume. Unfortunately, we do not have a measurement of the difference between a standard width and a wide width in a size 42.

Stuart Kaplow

Is the Asolo TPS 520 GV Evo crampon compatible?

​Strap crampons with flexible bars can be used with these boots.

Dr Alan

When Asolo says "few if any" which is it?  Regarding reports of outsole layers seperating?  How many layers in the REI picture above? So REI is ok with the "problem" then if what should never happen does happen, in a year +/-, will REI refund the boots??

Unfortunately, we are unable to quantify the number of delamination reports Asolo may have received. As of October 2016, we have not noted any trends ourselves.


Purchased today (9.24.2016) at REI Eugene the Asolo TPS 520 GV MW. 1. What is the significance of the MW suffix? 2. Reviews here and on Amazon indicate sole problems with some of these boots. Are mine from this lot?

The MW signifies that it is a Men's Wide shoe. We talked with Asolo, they said they have seen very few, if any reports of soles separating on the new TPS 520 GV Evo. It is possible that the reviews you read were actually about the previous version of this boot (The TPS 520 GV) and were mistakenly submitted to this item page. Having purchased your boots recently, they should not have any quality issues.


What is the difference between the TPS 520 GV Evo, and the TPS 520 GV?

The TPS 520 GV Evo was updated in 2016. It has an improved outsole with deeper channels, providing better traction with less debris build up.

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