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I've use this product weekly for 8 months, taking my drinks etc to stand up paddle board (SUP) on the lakes of AZ. It's hot here but the cooler keeps everything nice and cold. I like that it floats (tested on a river). My contents stayed dry. My issue is the premature de-lamination. Friends have the same product and have owned it 3x longer without issue so I'm hoping this is a one-off issue in quality control. I plan to return and get the same thing.

My wife and I live in Alabama and do many short 1-2 night trips throughout the spring and summer so having a smaller cooler that is easy to transport is vital. I took the IceMule Pro out for a test run this past weekend while visiting the Horse Pens 40 Campground and loaded it up with all our food and a couple of ice packs for the weekend. Although we weren't in the heat of the summer it was still a warm weekend and we had several perishable items such as mayo and cheese that we wanted to bring along. Loading up the cooler at home was a breeze since the flexible shape lets you easily squeeze everything in then you just fold the top closed down to the top item. I added some air using the valve on the side and popped it in the car next to our tent and climbing gear. We opened and closed the cooler all weekend while cooking and it was so easy to carry from the car to the site. When we got home on Sunday afternoon all of the ice packs were still mostly frozen and the food had stayed cold. Overall, I would highly recommend this cooler to anyone who needs an easy weekend option with great transportability.

My husband and I do a ton of activities and now bring our IceMule along to all of them. When we travel for surf trips we either use the bag as our personal item and put clothing, etc in it while on the plane. When we get to our destination we'll dump everything out and conveniently use it as a cooler during the trip. We love that it goes on your back, leaving your hands free for doing more important things like carrying your surfboard and taking cool trip selfies (duh!).

I have been abusing this thing in numerous environments for a long time now. From a boat cooler, to a venturous back country hike, this thing has performed tremendously. No zipper to worry about. Even floats.

Can’t recommend this enough! Take this from somebody who lives and dies by the YETI brand. I have had my YETI tundra cooler for two years, and love that thing, however during weekend climbing trips or short day hikes it is hard to load and unload that thing with ease. I loaded my IceMule with a 5lb bag of ice and a 30-rack of my favorite beverage on a Friday and still had ice on the drive home Sunday! It’s perfect for packing food and water on a hot day hike or for a weekend trip, very comfortable as well! Only downside is the wait times because they’re back-ordered, for obvious reasons, but if you’re impatient and would rather spend $300 on a YETI..i’d recommend waiting for the IceMule.

As a “Ranger” for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time – this weekend I tested the ICEMULE Pro backpack cooler. This cooler was the large model (23L) in my favorite color green! Product was put through it’s paces on a hot spring day in Florida while kayaking on the Peace River. We packed a couple frozen water bottles and a few chilled bottles and everything for breakfast casserole for 11 the next morning, 2 small ice packs and a quart size back of loose ice cubes. Everything held temperature. We barely had room to fold over top 3 times as suggested and we did inflate just a small bit to add to the insulation properties per instructions using small valve on side of bag. Backpacking straps were a bonus for carrying to the launch and back to camp! This cooler is so well built and tough! All seams are well put together and sturdy exterior fabric will surely last though quite a bit of abuse. I did not test to see if it floats when full as advertised. This cooler rolls up nice and small when empty and for storage – but mine will not see much storage time – this cooler will be going out on the water with me all summer! The ICEMULE Pro outperformed 2 other coolers persons in our party brought… they will be purchasing one like mine soon!

After breaking many hard coolers off roading in my Jeep I decided to try a soft style one. The other brands are very pricy so we gambled on the reasonably priced IceMule. I've taken this pack to Mt Baldy and the Monterey Pops festival where it was dropped, dragged and stood on without any issues. It lives in my Jeep.

I love this cooler! It keeps your ice frozen and all your drinks and food cold for days! I tested its buoyancy in both salt and fresh water, and I am happy to report that it floats in both forms of water. The bag is super easy to use, my mom who has neuropathy, was able to easily roll and close the top of the bag. It takes a little testing to get the right amount of airflow to ensure the ice stays melted. The backpack straps were comfortable and did not cut into my back at all. After a camping trip, I was able to rinse it off with a hose. I highly recommend this cooler!

Icemule coolers are perfection! This is the Extra Large and it is huge! I was very surprised at the quality and size for the price. I love this cooler because it is super easy and comfortable to carry. No more big, heavy, bulky coolers to cart around. On this trip I used it as my main cooler. I froze 14 bottles of water to use as ice. I kept bacon, sausage, chicken, ground beef, hotdogs, butter, syrup and coffee creamer plus all the water bottles and soda in this bag. It was heavy, but held up to the challenge! It kept those bottles of water for 3 days before I had to buy ice. There is a compartment on the front for picnic supplies. I have also used this just as a dry bag. It's got great versatility and it even floats. I am 100% an Icemule cooler fan and recommend to anyone, whether a car camper or hiker, you will enjoy this cooler.

Bought this for canoe trips mostly, but its performance has given it applications to other events.

The fact that this cooler is a backpack is something I really like. The mesh on the back is comfortable, the bag itself has a lot of room, and it keeps things cold for a very long time. For example, I wanted to keep my frozen water bottles frozen, I tossed them in the cooler without any ice, and sealed it. Hours later, they were still 90% frozen. I would definitely recommend it.

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I sometimes have the opportunity to review products that I use while camping. On this trip I got to test out an ICEMULE Cooler, specifically the ICEMULE Pro Large (23L). This trip seemed like a great opportunity to test a cooler because Colorado was finally warming up enough for us to want some cold beer while camping and rafting! By the end of the trip, everyone from our group was jealous of my awesome cooler and wanted to buy their own!

Bought this as a cooler to take to the Boundary waters and put 8 lbs of dry ice , wrapped in newspaper at the bottom. In a matter of hours the bottom of the pack was covered in frost and in a day the dry ice was gone. I would not recommend this as a longterm cooler for that matter I'm not sure I could recommend this as a cooler period.

I camped in hot Florida and I love, love how well the IceMule holds up. It kept ice for a few days and everything stayed cold even after the ice melted. It is so great to be able to put the cooler on your back and not have to carry or tow it. It also folds flat or rolls up for easy storage. I can't wait to use mine again. Such a hands free cooler.

As a Dyrt Ranger I got the opportunity to test out exciting camping gear from time to time. For this camping trip I was provided an Icemule Pro Large backpack cooler to review. I was extremely excited to try this out because the only cooler that I have is a cheapo 6-pack holder that you can pretty much just use to keep a few drinks cold for an evening. I liked that this was a backpack instead of a traditionally shaped cooler or a tote bag since lugging a cooler full of consumables AND ice isn’t the most ergonomic thing in the world when you are carrying it on one side of your body or if you need to hoist it up in front of you. Wheeled coolers are also great when you have a smooth surface to pull them across, but you definitely wouldn’t bring one on a trail!

I wanted to love this cooler, and everything about it is great (backpack, roll down, etc), but ice melted quickly and then leaked out the bottom.

This is the best cooler backpack for sure. I was going to buy another popular brand but didn't because of the many bad reviews the others had. The Icemule had all good reviews so I gave it a try. The reviews were all correct on this product and the others. This is another great product by REI as expected.

I wish I could say I bought this cooler to take beer on a hike, but it was great at keeping food cold during all day volleyball tournament days. It is far larger than I imagined and swallowed everything I threw in. It is also far more comfortable than expected. A solid bet.

We bought this for paddleboarding. We have yet to use it given it is winter in MA. The construction looks solid and a quick try on proved it to be comfortable. We are sure it will hold as much as promised.

This cooler is everything I wanted it to be and highly recommend it. I threw away 2 other coolers after buying this because I knew I’d never use them again.

Bought it for kids athletic events. Easily holds 20+ drinks. Retains ice well & very durable given weight of drinks & filled w/ ice

I travel pretty far for some of my adventures and this keeps all my food and drinks nice and cold.



Can you use dry ice in the Ice Mule?

Ice Mule does not recommend use of dry ice in their products. The dry ice can cause damage to the lining. The do recommend Artic Ice:

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