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This shoes were comfortable out of the box, good on snow and dry so fast. But they lasted just a few months (I normally wear shoes for at least 3-5 years, running 3 miles a couple times a week.) I found the cushion was too soft for me. The sole has worn out in less than a year and I now have holes in the upper mesh by both my big toes and the sides. The worse part is the heel's support which is null. Even for stretching, putting my leg flat at 90º on top of any surface feels like my bare heel hitting that surface. Besides, the ultra-thin material inside started crumbling after three months! I was literally finding crumbs of plastic inside my shoe! I wanted to love this shoe but not sure I'll buy again. I'm considering other Topos, hoping they improve quality and durability, but definitely will not buy the MT2 again.

When I was trying this shoe on, I was looking for a runner to handle everything from road use to moderate trail use. I liked the weight, carbon rubber outsole, low drop and minimal (yet effective cushioning). My only concern was the length of the shoe; these tend to run about a quarter/half size too small. Because of this, I ended up with a half size higher than my usual size. However, I have not felt any adverse effects due to the size increase. So far I have taken them on gravel, pavement, mud, hardpack, sand and hero dirt (the dirt you get about a day after rain, soft but not slippery) and it has performed to the point that it exceeded my expectations. The low drop propelled me forward, while helping me maintain a natural stride and avoid heel striking. I have had problems in the past with knee pain, but I ran 10km (just over 6 miles for my imperial friends) today and have had no problems with pain at all, despite the minimal cushioning. This is a great shoe for an experienced trail runner who is looking to make the step to a minimal, low profile shoe, that not only works on varied terrains, but also doesn't stop you from enjoying your run.

This shoe fills the bill for a road to trail shoe. The shoe is relatively light (under 10 oz.) with a good fit through the midfoot and heel. The toe box is wide, but because the back half of the shoe is snug, that freedom for the toes doesn't bring slippage. There is a small (3mm, I'm told) drop which seems to work well for me. The midsole provides significant cushioning without losing much feel; it's comfortable for longer runs of 10 plus miles - I haven't gone much further in it but feel like the shoe would be kind to my foot over longer distances. The outsole seems rugged enough to be durable. It's a full outsole, to provide good protection. The grip has been good on the dusty, dry surfaces I've run on including pavement, gravel and singletrack. It's also even enough to be comfortable on the 2-mile stretch between my front door and the trailhead. The colors are pretty boring, but the shoe isn't ugly; I guess that's about the only negative for me.

There are just right for my runs, which take me through a mix of city streets and forest trails. Enough traction for the trails and enough cushion so that the tread blocks are not annoying or painful on long road portions. 3mm drop is fine for a forefoot striker like me. Rubber is pretty good, and better than some others I have used. Durability is about the same as other lightweight trail runners I have had, meaning they blow out on top where the foot flexes at about the same time the tread blocks begin to wear thin.

Bought these for work and these pass for smart footwear with smart casual wear. They look comfortable and they are; the most comfortable footwear I think I've worn. Nice low heal makes walking feel more natural. Thinking of buying another pair, different color, because they are so comfortable. Too nice to wear up the mountain!

The lacing system, low profile, and wide toebox make these shoes awesome for downhill running. They are great for overall running as well though, they are very comfortable. I have run approx 50miles collectively in wet and dry conditions, and the shoes have held up great. I would definitely get these shoes again.

The MT-2 has been my shoe of choice for the last couple years and I'm now on my 5th pair! Each shoe has lasted me well over 400 miles with a couple lasting upwards of 600. For me, it's the perfect shoe. It's relatively lightweight, cushioned without feeling too pillowy and gives a great ground feel. I've run ultra technical mountain races in the MT-2's and have yet to have a stone bruise. Alternatively, I've run a few hundred road miles and they aren't too clunky. Definitely like the wide toe box and the toe guard.

These shoes aren't the most supportive but they are beyond comfortable. I was looking for a gym shoe that would fit loosely but still feel like I had a substantial shoe on my feet. These fit the bill perfectly. The toe box is a little wider than other shoes and they are incredibly comfortable from heel to toe.

Bought these 3 weeks ago and have put in 7 good runs in. They have just enough protection while running on the trail and are very comfortable. They do run small as other reviewers mentioned, I got a half size larger and they are great.

... light weight, roomy toe area, nice cushion. These are great for every day wear as well as trail running. I withheld one star because I can’t speak to how durable they are.

These shoes are very comfortable. I like the wide toe box without the duck foot look. There is enough cushion to handle the terrain without feeling too squishy.

I do a lot of trail jogging and hiking and bought these shoes because of the high ratings, and at the time, the price was discounted. I am very disappointed in them and regret the purchase. The fit is okay, except that the forefoot is extremely boxy. They are light, seem to have minimal padding, and are extremely soft in terms of feeling rocks and such under foot. Finally, they are the most unattractive shoes I have owned in memory--looking like rectangle blocks on my feet (ala Frankenstein). It's not that I am a fashion focused person as I rarely even see more than a few people when I am on the trails, but the shoes clunky look makes me feel "blah" and slow. On the plus, they are well constructed, and have worn as well as most trail and running shoes I have owned. (I kind of wish they would fall apart so I could go ahead and ditch them with a clear conscious!)

Bought this same shoe last October. Feel great. One of the best shoes I’ve had for walking. I walk about 25 miles/ week. This pair was a replacement since the last pair were beginning to fall apart by May. Disappointed with the poor durability, but I bought them again on sale since they are so nice to my feet. Truth be told, I’d probably do it again.

Very comfy and very light. I use them on 10 miles runs over gravel, asphalt and non technical trails. True to size. For more technical trails I would prefer more support and after 15 miles I may need more cushion. But they are great for my weekdays training

I’m just getting back into running after taking a few decades off from serious training. I’m ramping up my mileage slowly with plans to run a marathon in about a year. I live in the Front Range of Colorado with access to open space trails nearby where much of my running is done. The remainder of my running (about a third) is done on pavement. In search of the perfect shoe I tried on some of the major brands. Being between a size 9.5 and 10 with a D width, I was disappointed that each of the shoes I tried on felt cramped in the forefoot, even in a size 10. I eventually tried on the Altra Torin (a great shoe) and it felt great, especially in the forefoot with the roomier toe box. I probably would have purchased them had I not, on a whim, tried on the Topo MT-2. Although I had never heard of Topo, my interest was peaked when it had the same feel (comfortable toebox) as the Altra but had a bit more aggressive outsole which seemed well-suited for both trail and road. Now, with about a month of running with the MT-2 (size 9.5), my initial report is very positive. I love this shoe. It’s something I can have confidence wearing throughout the winter in whatever conditions, trail or road. So far so good. The 3mm drop feels real good. It’s a little adjustment for me but somehow with the extended layoff, I’ve gone from being a heel striker to a midfoot striker. As for the conditions I’ve taken this shoe on, this week alone I’ve encountered packed snow, ice, wet and icy roads and mud. I usually run at easy to moderate paces for me and it was no problem to maintain that effort in the MT-2’s in these conditions. I did slip a tad on sheet ice but that’s to be expected. So, mission accomplished – finding a shoe that feels good, that’s relatively lightweight, good on trails and roads, and something I can be confident running in throughout the winter (and all seasons) in Colorado. The bonus: it’s only $100. Now, my message to Tony Post and the Topo Athletic Team. First of all, thank you for designing a great shoe. With the exception of maybe two things, please don’t mess with it much in your next update (summer 2019?). My only suggestions – the shoe feels light. Please don’t do what Hoka did to the Clifton and add weight with each update (so I’ve read). It would be remarkable if this shoe were the same weight or even a skosh lighter with the next update. Please offer a few other color options for the men’s shoe. One other thing, I’m a mid to forefoot striker. Every now and then when running downhill on pavement and heel striking, I wish there was just a tad more cushion. This might be partly due to me not being as light on my feet as I once was (and plan to be again), however would Ortholite insoles in the next version be the solution for this? Finally, who is this shoe for? If you’re a runner of any ability looking for one shoe that excels on trails and roads and feels great, this may be the one. Try it on and give it a spin. If the shoe fits…

This looks like a great shoe, but it's sized too small, about a half size too small. They don't yet make a larger size than 13, so had to return them. Too bad, looks very promising. Maybe a larger size will be coming soon.

Very comfortable sole, and you really do not notice you have anything on your feet. A bit of snow the last month, so I've not been able to test out the traction of the shoe, but by the looks of the sole, I'd say decent in light mud.

I'm a walker, not a runner. I walk mostly on hard surfaces. Considering this shoe's light weight, I am very surprised and pleased by the support and comfort it provides.

Bought these shoes in March 2016. Great support and comfort. I use them for high intensity interval training three to four days a week and they still look new.

I've worn mine for many miles on the trails and many hours at work. So comfortable on rugged trails and/or casual wear.

Very comfortable and nice wide toe box. Sizing is otherwise quite standard. My current go-to shoe.


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