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I originally bought choacos with a toe loop and double straps. My feel felt suffocated so I went for the more minimal straps and I'm so glad I did. These felt amazing the second I put them on! I'm a pretty true 6.5. I went with the 6 because the 7 felt too floppy and heavy. The six fits great and they're cute! Highly recommend!

I am posting a review because I only bought these shoes after reading positive reviews and hearing good things and after 6 months of wearing them, they are still the most uncomfortable shoe I ever owned. I decided to try these out when I forgot my Tevas on my trip a trip home and since they were like 10 years old decided it was time to get a new pair of sandals. I had an overnight kayaking/hiking trip coming up so I got them a month in advance and wore them as much as possible to break them in before the trip, they were never comfortable but many reviews mentioned it taking a while to get used to them. Prior to my trip I never tried to hike with wet feet/through water in this shoes which was a horrible mistake, these sandals gave me so many blister and on top of that my arches and the area above the arches felt like they were bruised. The second day I was limping on both feet and went barefoot whenever possible because my feet were in so much pain, they definitely ruined the trip a bit for me :( It took a week before the pain in my feet went away.

Easily the best footwear I own. Curves perfectly into the foot of the arch, highly comfortable, I wear it as often as I can. Not the best for sandy terrain though, so avoid wearing in places where you have to hike long through coarse sand. You get used to it after a while though!

I have tried three different sizes in Chaco sandals, and now I have finally found the ones that fit!

I suffer from reoccurring plantar fasciitis, and these sandals give me the support my foot needs. I wear them 6 months of the year and my last pair lasted 10 years!

I just returned from a 40 mile hike of the Paria River Canyon and I am amazed at the performance of these shoes. Mine were purchased at an REI garage sale for cheap and are about 10 years old. I love them, but never thought they would be up for such major stress so late in their lives. Boy, was I wrong! I wore my Chacos the entire way through a muddy, rocky, silty river while carrying a heavy (40 lb pack). They worked on the dry parts, the "we got lost and can't find the trail" parts, and the "sandy slog" parts as well as the river parts. I was convinced that I would break an ankle or be in intense pain on the trip and kept thinking about switching to my hiking boots to be safer. But with hundreds of river crossings to complete every 5 minutes, I stuck with my sandals and they stuck with me. Don't ask my why I even brought my boots, since they were tied to my pack the entire trip. Of course, there were times that super small rocks got under my toes and arches and I had to stop, but sand wasn't an issue and the straps stayed wonderfully comfortable throughout the trip. I think the arch support is was saved me overall. The product is simply amazing and I'm retiring mine and putting them in my personal gear museum as All Stars. Thank you!

I struggled to find a shoe I could go on day hikes and climbing with during the summer. I actually bought a pair of closed toe shoes with side cut outs, but they were almost as hot as my boots. These are perfect! I suggest trying them on the various styles. I would have ordered a small strapped pair for aesthetics, but these were so much more comfy and still cute!

I bought these because of the arch support. The sales person I was working with suggested them because I wear orthotics. I wanted a sandal to support my shoe (and my back). She was spot on. These sandals are comfortable, supportive, and fashionable.

Love Chacos, I've been wearing for years. Wear them walking, kayaking, or for every day

I absolutely love my new Chacos! I have owned two pairs of the Chacos with the toe straps and had a serious love/hate relationship with them. I always felt like they were trying to strangle my big toe no matter what I did. Since buying my new Chacos, I have worn them daily without fail and have gotten tons of compliments on the pattern. They have been hiking, camping, rafting, and swimming since then. So so happy I gave up on the Chacos with the toe strap.

I love Chaco sandals. This pair is my third. One sandal decided to offer itself to the Colorado River spirit so I needed a new pair. Still use my first pair when traveling. The REI associate suggested I get a size 6 instead of 7. My old pair is a 6 also. The size 6 fits better.

I was told these were amazing an a must have commodity. I went on a river trip and both of my feet were trashed. I’ve worn them since and I’m honestly afraid to wear them longer than a few hours. Definitely for aesthetics and not practicality.

I will never purchase from REI again because I’d their horrible return policy. I had to pay to return this item bc I wasn’t satisfied as they didn’t fit me properly. Plus the refund takes weeks to be credited back.

I wish they came in half sizes, but these are comfy for high arch feet and the way they tighten / loosen is easy to figure out and adjust. haven't worn them into water yet but great around the campsite

Best sandals I have ever worn! The first pair I purchased had the toe strap, I struggled with the adjustment of them and became so frustrated on our trip to Fiji that I ended up returned them as soon as we got back to town. I then purchased this style, without the toe strap, and I love them! They are so easy to adjust and extremely comfortable. I wear them as water shoes AND every day sandals, they are that cute! In fact, I like them so much I just ordered another pair in a different color and at 20% DISCOUNT...what a bargain! These sandals are very high quality, I'm sure they will last a long time! I also want to note that they are great for wearing on long flights because you can easily adjust straps to allow for foot swelling or if you need the warmth of socks on the plane you can loosen the strap and still have the sandals on. I absolutely love them. I know they are pricey but after having a pair and trying them out on a couple different trips I can honestly say they are well worth the money. Great foot support too and very rugged. I even wore them versatile!

My daughters have owned these for a few years. I decided it was time to get my own. They take some getting used to (slightly uncomfortable) but after a month, they are broken in.

I love my new Chaco sandals. The arch is great. I don’t have to worry about getting the shoes wet. The only issue I have is the left over material once I lock them in place.

Bought these after much debate, and am still incredibly happy with my decision. Even wear them with socks sometimes!

This is the second pair of Chaco sandles. First one exactly same but a different color. Support are great!

My daughter simply loves these sandals, wears them all the time. Very good selection of designs.

My first pair lasted ten years through a lot of hikes. Very comfortable and strong.

I love these shoes, great arch support and great open toes.

I have a high arch and these shoes are great for outdoors.



I wear a women's 12N. Will the strap over the toes be too loose for me? I don't see that it is adjustable.

​Yes, the strap on these sandals adjust as the webbing is one integrated system that you pull to tighten or loosen.


What is the actual width measure-how many inches wide? Does a regular men’s Chaco width equal the woman’s wide Chaco width? I tried on a men’s Chaco and a men’s wide-no women’s wide were available to try on-the employee suggested a man’s shoe vs wide w. 

​The standard width is a D and the wide width is an E. In terms of inches, the width will vary by size.


I have narrow ankles... which means the tightening strap has a lot of material. Any ideas of what to do with all that extra strap? 

​We recommend contacting the Chaco about tips on shortening your straps


I'm normally a 6.5. Should I order 6 or 7?

​We recommend rounding up to the nearest whole size for the Chaco Z/1 Classic Sandals.


I have been wearing these for years and have always worn an 8 with space at the end, in other shoes I am an 8.5 or 9. Should I continue to order an 8? There are contradicting responses to previous questions . Thanks.

You should feel confident that a Chaco size 8 will fit the same today as it has in the past.


When ordering a Wide model of this sandal, is it recommended to order a half size up or down? So, for 7.5, should I order a 7W or an 8W? Thanks!

The footbed on these sandals runs a little long, so half sizes can size down. We suggest a size 7W.


is this a z1 unaweep?

These sandals are the Z/1 Classic Sandals and they are slightly different from the Unaweep.


I wear a 7.5. Do you recommend ordering up or down for this shoe? Thanks!

Based on your US shoe size, we recommend rounding up to the nearest whole size in the Z/1 Classic Sandals.

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