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My sister has a pair of these boots and recommended I get some as well. We Kayak and boat a lot and spend LOTs of time in the outdoors all year around. These boots are super comfortable and I Love the thick rubber soles for stability. If you want your days of cold feet to be over, get these! I purchased 1/2 size larger for wool socks.

These are really nice paddling boots. They are warm, waterproof, comfortable and the have some nice features. I especially like the molded thick heel cup that provides a nice cushion for your heel when you are in your kayak. The soles are thick enough that walking on rocks is comfortableThey are a bit fragile, thorns or even twigs can puncture them so watch where you walk. Easily repaired though with neoprene repair cement. As nice as they are, I'm not sure they are better than a good pair of rubber boots.

Great boot. Very comfortable. Wore them with thick wool socks in temperatures in the low 30's. My feet stayed warm except my heal that was resting on the bottom of the kayak. No arch support, i wouldn't want to walk real far in them, but work great for exploring gravel bars. 100% dry.

I ordered in my shoe size (8) but they are way too small, I need at least a size 9 or 10. Winter kayaking requires socks, but even in bare feet these were too small. Other than that they felt really comfortable and supportive. I'll keep trying.

No river trip is complete without a portage or two. This boot kept my feet dry and the soles are sturdy enough to traverse branches and rocks. I followed sizing recommendations and found them to fit sloppily even with a heavy sock.

I bought these to go on a kayak trip it was cold and the water was very cold

Waterproof and warm. Recently purchased, have used 8 times with temperatures in the 20's. Wearing socks inside the boot feet have remained warm and dry.

I needed these, and they worked. They kept me dry and were comfortable to walk and portage in. They dried overnight every night.



If the river is deeper than top of boot does water flow in , or is the boot snug enough to keep it out

You should expect water to enter the boot if the water level is higher than the boot.


I have wide calves and am concerned about how wide the calf section of these boots are....can anyone tell me the width they accommodate?

​The calf circumference of these water shoes measure 15 inches.


I paddle Michigan rivers all winter, usually 30 to 40 degree air temp. May step in water entering and exiting the kayak otherwise just paddling. Looking for warmth, are these the right boots?

​These water shoes are a good choice to keep your feet warm and dry.


I wear women's size 10. What size boot should I get? I may wear with wool socks.

Based on your US shoe size, and the size chart provided by NRS, we recommend a size 9. If you have thick wool socks, a size 10 is the better way to go.


Would these boots work well for portaging in the BWCA? Rough terrain, rocks, roots, slippery, etc.?

​These boots will offer great weather and water protection and even solid traction but they are not designed for long distance walking.


I'll ask what's already been asked. I usually wear a mens size 10. I have large calfs and plan on wearing these with socks and or an insole. Size 11 adequate ?

We recommend ordering a size 11 considering these fit snug.​


I am a size 11.5. I plan to use these (or something similar) for offshore winter sailing. Will these fit over my dry suit?

​These will fit over a dry suit. We recommend ordering the size 12.


How much do they weigh?

​These water shoes weigh 3 pounds.


Do you make custom sizes? I need size 15 .I would love to have a pair of Boundary water boots

These shoes are not available in size 15.


Confused about unisex sizing...I am a female who wears  size 8 8 1/2. Should I order up or down? A 7?

Based on the size chart, a women's 8 corresponds to a men's 7, while a women's 8.5 corresponds to a men's 8. These do run fairly snug, so a 7 may be the best choice for you.


Are these non-marking soles? I would be using them on a sailboat, and don't want to mark the deck up.

​These shoes do have non-marking soles.


Would this shoes be good for hiking the narrows in Zion? where the trail is walking on the water?

The Boundary Water Shoes are a good choice for hiking in water, but water may leak in the top of the shoes if you submerge them for long periods of time while hiking The Narrows.


Can these be worn with stocking foot waders?

The Boundary Water Shoes can be worn with stocking foot waders.

Nevada Hikier

Do you normally wear socks of some kind with these? This is absolutely new to me. If so, what socks are recommended? Thanks

You can wear socks with the Boundary Water Shoes. Merino wool socks would be a good choice. The thickness and type of sock can depend on temperature.

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