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Great starter shoe, very durable and comfortable. The straps pull very tight for that solid fit. Can't beat this for the price.

I bought this pair of Scarpas because it was the only one in my size and it was also the cheapest on my budget. I'm primarily a gym climber and as such have used them fairly extensively for the past 2 months. Few things, the soles aren't as grippy as I'd like and they wear almost like a pair of flats. These do have really nice support and comfort around the heel so I've been able to heal hook a lot more. These are a nice starter pair of climbing shoes although I'd go with something with a little more grip on the soles.

Before I got these shoes I was climbing a strong 5.9/weak 5.10 in the gym. After I got these shoes, I was down to a weak 5.9 with no hopes of a 5.10. After I got rid of these, I was back to a weak 5.10. The main reason is the rubber on the shoes. It is slippery, and dos not allow for smearing on the wall. The shoes are also really stiff, making it very hard get a foot onto small foot holds. The shoes did not last long (less than a year of climbing about 500 feet of wall per week in the gym).

This is my first pair of climbing shoes (previously I didn't wear climbing shoes or used rentals) so I am by no means an expert but I like these shoes. They broke in fairly quickly which took them from painful to the cusp of uncomfortable, which is exactly how climbing shoes should be. Because they are new, they have been staining my feet, but it comes off in the shower so that isn't a big deal to me. Time will tell on durability, but so far, I'd recommend these to others!

Like other folks purchased this as first climbing shoes. They were ok till they wore out. Bought a 2nd pair same size, but they are slightly bigger/too large (sizing slightly inconsistent pair to pair.) Staff at my gym say Origins don't edge well. Returning them in favor of $10 more expensive Scarpa Helix. Scapas are the only brand I've found to fit ok on my slightly wider feet, albeit a 1/2 larger size than I wear on street shoes.

Bought these to get back into climbing after being out for quite a few years. I wanted to shoe that would get me started again without breaking the bank and these were the option at my local store. I had never used any gear by Scarpa, but I'm glad I gave them a shot. These shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day in the gym, but aggressive enough to tackle some more challenging climbs. If you are looking for a good beginner/intermediate shoe I highly recommend giving these a shot. As with any performance shoe take your time and get the right fit. If you split two sizes, go with the smaller size and check out some videos on how to stretch the leather online. I got the 1/2 size smaller and now have a shoe 'custom' stretched to my foot.

These are great, mellow, beginner shoes that work better for sport climbing. Every time I boulder in them I slip off certain foot holds (which is partially my beginner technique...but I didn't have this problem once in my Sportiva shoes). They're extremely comfortable to have on for hours and hours with the added bonus of the velcro fastening for easy removal. Good non-aggressive climbing shoe.

These shoes are perfect for novice/intermediate climbing. They're comfy and also fit my wide feet quite well unlike other models. For just over 1 year I have used them a few times each week on my home wall, indoor and outdoor climbing. Only now are the edges on the toe starting to round-out and not hold the tiniest of edges anymore, but there's lots of life still left in them. One thing that makes these more affordable than other models is that they lack as much hard rubber on top of the toe/foot. Climbing pink granite outdoors involves a lot of foot and toe jams in cracks which is making the suede leather upper bobble and thin-out and is mean on your toe knuckles. I think that might be there first point of failure in the future. Very happy overall and would recommend!

These are my first climbing shoes I’ve ever owned, I’m about 6 months in and I still love these things. They are unbelievably comfortable and take on the job any beginner climber could throw at them. These shoes are running strong for me and I will wear them for as long as I can.

Thought it might help to have a longer-timeframe perspective on these shoes, since most reviews are from a few days or weeks after purchase.

These are my first pair of shoes and I've been very happy with them so far. They fit nice and snug even with the velcro and I've been able to stand on the tiniest of edges which has been pleasantly surprising. The heel pocket also feels really nice; snug, but doesn't bother my achillies. The only question is how long they will last but so far things are looking good!

I am a beginner climber who has been climbing for about 2 months and this is my first pair of shoes. I bought them mostly because they were my size in the store and a good price. But after having these shoes for a month I am very satisfied. Very easy to take on and off with the Velcro and very comfortable (as far as climbing shoes go). I climb for about 2 - 3 hours every session and have them on the whole time. Would definitely recommend them to anybody.

I bought these shoes in December and by six months the soles were wore down to the inside of the shoe. Also, other parts of the shoe where the rubber meets the cloth began to peel away. Really surprised at how fast these things wore out. I on average 3 times a week at an indoor gym. At my gym there was another guy that had the same shoes who did the same thing and he had had them for less time then me. I would recommend not to buy!

Shoe has an overall great fit. This is my first pair of climbing shoes as I am new to the sport, and the origins have a more nuetral curvature of the sole providing comfort to those not use to wearing these types of shoes. I find the rubber soles to stick well when climbing, while still providing a durable sole. Some say laces provide a more customized fit, but I find the Velcro straps to be a convince when taking on and off.

It's been a solid shoe for me. I generally climb 3-5 times a week and the shoe has held up to a lot of abuse. Very comfortable shoe, I can wear them for a couple hours without taking them off. Sizing wise I had to actually go up from my street size oddly enough.

Bought these as my first climbing shoe and was not impressed. The comfort was average after being broken in but my biggest issue was the rubber. While wearing these I had very little confidence in many foot holds and a difficult time with harder foot movements. They made some holds feel like slippery plastic. The first time I took them outside the gym i knew i wanted new ones.

Chose these over other options in-store because of the large padded tongue and the slightly wider toe box. Settled on a half size smaller than my street shoe size and it is perfect. Only complaint so far is that the rubber isnt so sticky. Hard to complain with the velcro easy on and off. Very satisfied as my first climbing shoe though and love scarpa as a brand.

these were my second pair of shoes i've ever owned, they're comfortable and look great but i noticed my feet would slip and slide off of everything at my gym, where with my butoras i had never had that problem. good as a very basic beginner shoe but when it comes to harder problems with crucial heels and tiny feet theyre not so great

I bought this shoe so that is fit snug on my foot in store; However when I went climbing the downward curve on the rubber that covers the tops of the toes caused blisters on my middle toe in both feet. If you have long toes I would try the black diamond momentum shoe which has not caused me any problems even while clmibing barefoot.

Don’t take it from me, but they’re an excellent beginner shoe. Although tight, can be comfortable. Velcro makes it nice when you want to rip them off after failing a frustrating problem. I have a size 13 male shoe and I’ve decided I’ll continue buying this non made in China brand. All the black diamonds I tried couldn’t say that.

I really do like these shoes. They are fairly comfortable for me (but everyone's feet are different). Velcro straps are actually really nice, they seem to be more secure than laces. The shoes could use a bit more grip, I might be a bit heavy @ 195, so they slide on occasion from holds that have fairly adequate protrusion.

I really do like these shoes. For the most part they feel great and work well for indoor climbing. However there's a line of stitching at the rim of the opening that I just can't seem to stop from rubbing against the back of my Achilles' tendon. For that reason I have had to replace them with a pair more well designed.

An REI employee recommended these to me during my visit to their store in Winter Park, FL. This shoe fits great on my wide feet, performs well, and was far less expensive than some of the other shoes I was considering. I've since noticed this shoe is pretty popular at my local gym.

Purchased these as my first pair of real climbing shoes. Take this through the eyes of a beginner, but so far I've enjoyed how these feel and the durability seems quite good. Fit wise I have very oddly shaped volumous feet and these were thebonly shoes that fit the bill for me.

Solid first shoe and they're crazy comfortable, but dont expect any wow-ing performance out of them. The rubber is pretty slippery and they really struggle in the less than ideal footholds. That being said, they do the job and the price is great too!

This climbing shoe seems to run small. I sized up. It's best to buy climbing shoes in person instead of online because every climbing shoe fits differently. I love this climbing shoe and had a comfortable first climb in them on the rock in Kentucky.

The fit is good and the quality is right on. These are great for the casual climber. I’m already seeing it’s limits as I push my own. I would get a more aggressive shoe next time if I knew my goal was to climb 5.11’s.

Have used 4 times and have had no issues. They provide plenty of traction and flexibility and are good for a rookie climber. I recommend being fitted in-store because I might have bought too big of a size otherwise.

I live in the high Rockies and climb a lot of the local routes up here. I picked up a pair of these to replace a pair of instinct vs'. That were too small. As a result my whole life is better.

I've been climbing in these shoes for a few weeks now, and they've been a great shoe to help me get into indoor climbing. It helps to learn with the right tools. Not a fake review. Tote legit.

Great all around shoe. I bought it mainly for using at the gym, but will definitely take outside as well. The relaxed toe box fits comfortably, and still works well for edging/smearing.

My friend recently got into climbing and he absolutely loves these shoes. Great for intro level climbers.

Shoes fit and climb well. A great shoe for beginner/intermediate climber like myself.

First pair of shoes for a novice climber and they do the trick.

Great grip for the price. Purchase for indoor climbing

They STRETCH OUT WAY TOO MUCH!! They no longer fit me


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