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I got these as my first pair of climbing shoes as I was tired of paying the rental fee. Have worn them for about 6 months now. They were "comfortable" from the start (as comfortable as climbing shoes should be) and have molded to my feet since. I tape a few of my toes due to the uncomfortable rubbing of the seam where the rubber meets the leather, but this is not an inconvenience to me and it doesn't bother me once taped. I boulder and top rope/lead in these, and even leading on 5.11 routes in the gym these are more than capable. I have also worn them outdoors on two long days of trad climbing and they were comfortable the whole time and I was able to get my toes on those tiny bits of rocks in the Gunks. Solid shoe, and I don't see myself needing anything more advanced until I start doing a lot of overhung routes with tiny feet.

I’m about 2 months into bouldering and absolutely love it. So I had to have my own shoes. I was getting tired of the rentals. This shoe is great. It was easy to break in and just plain out feels like a second skin. I believe I only went down a half size from my street shoe size. I read a bunch of reviews while trying to figure out how small to go in size. I found them very helpful and only went down a half size. I love that the majority of it is leather and laces. So it really adapts to your foot and you can tighten it while it breaks in. Looking forward to testing them on some outdoor bouldering soon.

My first day climbing in these shoes, I told my boyfriend, "my shoes hate me."

I've been gym climbing since November; bought these and started using them about 5-6 months ago. Today I noticed the toe rubber had split on one shoe. To me, it doesn't look like "normal wear", it looks like a defect...because the rubber isn't worn, it's split right at the seam. I see two other recent reviewers had the same issue. I'm on my way to REI to find out if they'll exchange for another pair, but if not, or if they split again in a few months; would be hard to justify buying these again. They've been comfortable to wear and reasonably good climbing shoes; but at almost $100/pair, for the amount I've used them, they shouldn't have worn out so quickly. Will update or add another review when I see whether REI will allow me to return/exchange them.

I bought these shoes back in February, I've climbed in them 5 or 6 times, about 3 climbs an outing. I know Joshua tree is notorious for being sticky, but after a few sessions at the crag, the rubber on the toe is gone. I expected longer durability. definitely will be getting a replacement.

I am so happy with this shoe. I'm normally a size 6 (37) but had to go all the way up to a size 39 so I would recommend going into the store to try on before you buy. So far no complaints, I love the fit and the color.

Switched from La Sportiva to these as an advanced beginner. HUGE difference in arch support! I can stay at the climbing gym without taking these off 2+ hours! Great for fellow flat footed friends. I recommend Vibram Rubber soles (as they definitely feel stickier).

I tried on several brands and sizes of climbing shoes (I'm a novice indoor climber), and these are the ones that in the end qualified as snug but not painful. They are comfortable on my wide foot. Also love the color!

I bought these to begin rock climbing so I was unaware of what the positives and negatives of any rock climbing shoe features were. I think shoes are personal and what may work for one will not the other, as far as these they are a great beginner shoe for me. I will probably purchase a Velcro option for the next so my feet are able to flex more than with the lace options.

I just started climbing in the gym for one month, i tried almost all the beginners shoes at REI, this is the only shoe that is tight but doesn’t hurt. I wear 6.5 for regular shoes, i bought half size down at 6. The first one or two times, i had to take it off in about 10mins. Now i can wear it for one hour straight for climbing, so comfortable and tight for bouldering and top robing! Im glad that i went half size down!

My first pair of shoes stretched too much. My second pair I bought very small with the thought they would stretch out. They didn't and I have been in pain. This pair (at least thus far) has been perfect. I bought true to size and have been using them in the gym. I am very excited to take them outside when the weather is nicer. I have been very happy with them!

I've had these shoes for less than six months and they have been great! They molded to my foot and I can really press down on small holds and trust my feet. However, the leather on the toe area has already got worn out! Seems a bit fast. If they didn't wear out so quickly then I would give them 5 stars...

I've been indoor climbing for a few months now - mostly 5.9s and low 5.10s, in the shoes available at my gym - and decided to take the leap and invest in my own. I tried on every pair in-store, and these felt *just right* immediately. The rubber seems to be a bit thinner than other shoes I tried on, and these feel more like a natural extension of my feet than clunkier shoes. I headed to my climbing wall right away after buying them, and I couldn't have been happier with the comfort and precision they gave me.

I have been climbing indoors for about 3 months and these have been great for me. I wear a size US 8.5 and got the 40. I'll probably go down a size for my next shoe, but as a beginner, these are incredibly comfortable and help me feel secure even on the smallest of footholds!

New to climbing. Took a couple climbs and the shoes broke in nicely and are fairly comfortable. This is coming from someone who has a hard finding comfortable shoes jus to wear. I don't think I'd be able co continue climbing if my CDF were to suffer. Now the feet are happy.

This is my third pair of climbing shoes. I was looking for a more comfortable shoe to use while my Vapor Vs were getting resoled.

My girlfriend was extremely pleased with her new climbing shoes! She has taken them boulder in and sport climbing in Yosemite as well as our local crag in AZ and she loves the comfort and performance.

Overall really great indoor climbing shoe. Plenty of traction for bouldering, they just begin to exhibit wear surprisingly quickly. They do, however, seem pretty high quality.

Replacement for my La Sportiva Nagos. Edging is great, but less ideal for smearing. Order 1 size up as run tight.

Nice lace ups, affordable and sturdy. I've had them about 2 months and am happy with them

Perfect first climbing shoe. Awesome fit, rad performance, IM IN LOVE


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