Jetboil - Genesis Basecamp System Camp Stove

Category: Camp Kitchen

I purchased Jetboil Genesis system after reading many reviews. So, I knew what to expect in terms of cooking time and how well it was made. But when I used it, it was much better and more than what I initially expected. Cooking speed was tremendous but was blown away with simmer ability. To my test, I was able to cook rice from the Jetboil pot very well. I was able to control the fire as I needed exactly and the rice came out great. It is quite common to but the pot when you cook rice not properly but rice was great and pot was awesome. The pan was also beyond my expectation. Nothing sticked and cooked everything well and evenly. Even though this system was costly but it was worth every penny.

I actually felt compelled to write a review, because I was shocked that the rating was low on this. I love mine, I've had it almost a year, it's the best stove I've ever cooked on, and that includes my Gas at home. it's super controllable and the pans are the best camp ones I've had too. Love the way it packs up, just perfect

Our family was flying to Yellowstone/Grand Teton for a 10 day vacation and I was attracted to this stove for it's size and packability. While it's definitely NOT a backpacking stove, it does fit easily inside a large suitcase so we were able to bring it along with us in our checked baggage (just don't try to pack propane tanks in your checked baggage - that's a no-no). The Jetboil Genesis performed flawlessly for us during the trip. You can really crank up the burners for a quick fry and also pull them back down for more of a simmer. Overall it seems well thought out and designed, except for the windscreen. As others have mentioned, the windscreen seems a bit flimsy but we were never forced to use it on our trip. We found the included pot and skillet more than adequate for our needs. In fact we had brought along another set of MSR cookware and we never pulled any of it out once we tried the Jetboil. There just wasn't any need to. We never had any problems with food sticking to the skillet as long as we hit it with a little cooking spray each time we added something to it. We cooked everything from veggies to eggs, pancakes, burgers, chicken and fish in the skillet with great results. The stove fits inside the large pot for storage and as others have suggested it's easy for the stove to scratch the inside of the pot. It comes with a piece of fitted cardboard in the bottom so we left that inside to protect the bottom of the pot. If you put the lid on the pot properly for storage it should also prevent the stove from banging the sides of the pot. Overall we loved the Jetboil Genesis system and highly recommend it.

The handles of the fry pan could be constructed a bit better, and got partly melted after cooking bacon. There was a lot of sputtering from the jets at full power. I made sure the pan was centered, so.... also, some kind of substance appeared near the igniter and took a long time to remove, so we went back and replaced it. After one camping use (5 days), the value for the price is still making us shake our heads wondering if we made a good choice. The heat output seems good but cook time for the bacon was longer than I hoped it would be (2400ft elev.). It does boil water fast, and propane usage was really good overall. This should be a fantastic, unbeatable, incredible stove, so time will tell. It does pack well for travel and in the case, but be aware that the rubber handles which hold the unit closed also are the only things preventing scratches on your large cook pot when you pack it up, as it all fits together. REI is incredible at taking care of its Customers however, so we know if we are not satisfied there may be an alternative for us, and so far that's the bright spot here. We are on the fence of recommending it, its more yes than no, though. Hoping for a better future with this stove, especially for the price.

I have to admit spending $350 on stove system was not what I wanted to do but after all the reviews and research was done, this is by far the best stove out there for exact simmer control and cooking. This stove can be for the completely inexperienced camp chef to the master chef. The regulator has been a area of contention but no problems for me. When paired with the Luna satellite burner the stove is complete for everyday cooking!

Heavy... Not going to throw this one in the pack and head out. Would be great for car camping or river trips. Pot, pan, and lid are very light weight for size, worked great with backpacking stove. Dig the built in strainer.


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