Marmot - Trestles Elite 30 Sleeping Bag - Men's

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Just took this bag out camping in Colorado and it dipped down to the 30s and it kept me plenty warm.

Packs down about the size of a loaf of bread if you really cinch down on the straps. Really lightweight but super warm when it’s zipped up all the way. Have used this for everything from winter mountain camping to summer beach camping and have had positive experiences all around. felt I had a lot of temp control based on how much I zipped it up.

More than a sleeping bag... comfort in a tiny lil pkg

This bag will treat you well if you treat it well. I’ve remained cozy down to 33 degrees Fahrenheit in it, and the tall length suits my 6’2” height quite well. My biggest complaint is that my shoulders can feel constricted and my arms are allowed very little movement when zipped. It does have some nice features though, such as the ergonomic footbox, insulated hood bib, ventilation zip, and inside pocket for storing small items.

This has been a great bag, I purchased it a couple months ago and it has held up at 20 degrees Fahrenheit even though it’s not rated for it. It is also very durable, light and compact which we all know makes a world of a difference when you’re out backpacking for a few days! REI puts Marmont on sale every once in a while, so if you are looking for a new bag at a decent price then it is perfect.

I really like this bag. It definitely kept me warm in temps just below 30 degrees. Though every time I've used it I've had to use it like a quilt. It's too tight for me when zipped. I have a long size and I'm 6' 3" and 220 lbs. So this will only apply if you're a big'un. Great value. Light weight. Packs down small.

Bought this for my boyfriend, but honestly wish we would have just sprung for the down. It was nice at first but flattened out after a few uses and being in its travel bag for a week or so during a trip. My down sleeping bag underwent the same treatment and is still fluffy and warm.

On 2nd night, it took me 30 minutes to fix it for a cold night 30 degree! On the 5th day, my husband could not zipped his sleeping bag too, it was cold and he couldn’t sleep! Both sleeping bags had bad zipper!


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